Part 1 intro

well like every one knows the big three olympians over through there father and in prison the other titian that fought.

This is the story of the son of poseidon and the son of oceanus the titian of the sea.

Present day mid atlantic. A cruise ship passes through going to the mediterranean. Now one thing to know about this ship it is a gay cruise full of the hottest guys that entered into a contest on demiships.Com a gay cruise site.

Kaleb the son of poseidon was standing on deck looking at the endless water with the beautiful moon light reflecting. He is feeling a peace he has never felt when he was on land. Not that he was on land much due to the fact he was the captain of a fishing boat off the coast of maine. In the back of his mind he could sense a presence of someone close by but could not see anyone on deck. Then all of a sudden he sees a raft and he starts screaming for help to come to the deck and for the boat to stop. Crew and other passengers come running out on deck from there cabins wondering if someone fell over board or what was happening since they was still at least 2 days from the nearest coast. As the boat slows the crew start to yell to see if anyone is on the raft. Travis a guy from atlanta was on the raft trying to find out how he got there and who was yelling for him to answer.

Travis being scared and needing help since he didn't have any water or food on the raft yells and suddenly has a rope thrown to him and they pull him onto the cruise ship.

The crew takes him to the doctor on board and to the amazement of the crew and doctor besides being alone and a little dehydrated he is perfect condition for someone that is 5ft 8in and weights only 130lbs. The doctor of course does a full examination of travis and reports straight to the captain and is allowed to stay aboard until the greek coast guard can arrive.

The captain sam is superstitious by nature and is from crete knows the a person alone on a raft this far out should not be in this good condition is worried what could be at play but keeps it to him self since in this day and age the gods are not believed in as much as 3000 years ago. But this feeling is difficult to ignore and he decides he better look into this person on the raft and the guy that spots a single raft in the water in the dead of night. First thing is first start in the day time and let both men sleep.

Kaleb being a captain himself starts to ask around if there is was any boats that was fishing or private boats reported in the area. Of course the crew knowing there captain knew that he would be talking to each of them and the two men in the morning tells kaleb they will find out and get back to him as soon as possible.

Kaleb knowing this actually means shut up and go to bed decides why not its late and he need sleep.

Part 2 the first meeting of the soon to be lovers coming soon.



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