From Part 1.....

Once back on the bed, she alternated sucking our cocks,  she would suck me a few minutes then suck Clay.  Eventually , we both became rock hard again and she looked at Clay and told him to start fucking her.  He did and she motioned me toward her face.  She kissed him passionately as she moved my hips closer, then they parted lips and she said, "I want to watch you suck him as you fuck me."

He paused and said, "You want what?"

She repeated herself and aimed my cock toward his face. "I've never done that before. I'm not sure I can." 

"Yes you can baby.  There is nothing to it.  Do it for me, please," Karen begged."

Clay moved his face closer to my cock and looked at it,  then he looked up into my face.  I smiled slightly, wondering if this hot stud would suck his first cock.


Part 2.....

I waited and watched as Clay stared at my cock. Karen continued to coax him and finally he took a deep breath and took the head of my cock into his mouth.

"That's it, baby.  Take all you can and suck him dry.  Make him shoot his hot load."

Clay slowly swallowed more and more of my cock and I was getting hotter and hotter.  I knew I couldn't hold back for long.  Before long, his breathing grew more rapid and I knew that he was nearing his own climax.  just as he began filling her cunt  with his load, I went over the edge and filled his mouth with my load. 

He quickly pulled off my cock and out of Karen's cunt, wanting to spit.  "You mean a big hunky Marine can't swallow a little cum?  Be a real man," she told him, holding on to him to prevent him from getting up.  He paused a moment then I saw him slowly swallow my load. 

Karen told him how proud she was and that instead of making him less of a man, it made him more of a man.  She then turned to me and said, "He ate your load, now I want to see you eat his."  At this point, she spread her legs and took my head in her hands and directed it toward her cunt.  Although I would have preferred to suck his cum out of his cock, I gladly accepted this method of getting it.  I buried my face and began to noisily slurp up his load. Once I had it all, I pulled back and wiped my face and he looked into my face.

The next day Clay came to me and said, "I really can't believe what I did last night. It's nothing against you, but I don't know why I agreed to suck your cock."

"Hey man, I totally understand.  I only ate your load out of her in the heat of the moment."

Clay begged me to keep what happened private and I readily agreed.

Karen began to get more domineering when we were all together.  On our next get together, she insisted that Clay and I have a sixty-nine while she masturbated.  Reluctantly, we agreed and after we had both climaxed she insisted that Clay and I tongue kiss each other passionately.

It was all I could do to keep from telling her how much I appreciated what she was insisting that Clay and I do together.  It was almost as if she knew I wanted him.

Then, she decided to take it further.  She insisted that Clay let me fuck him while he was fucking her. He began to resist her urging when she finally said, "You fucking pussy! If I can manage to take it in the ass, so can you.  Either you take it or I report you for having sex with another man."

With the threat, Clay relented and agreed.  Once he was in her, and I had his ass and my cock both lubed up real good, I slowly made my entry.  As the head popped in he gasped and arched his back. 

"Relax," Karen told him.

I paused a moment before going deeper and then it was very slowly.  After a few moments I was in him balls deep and told him so.  She insisted that she had to see it and had us all roll to the side.  She slipped out and moved closer and looked at his ass with my cock buried in him  "Fuck him so I can watch," she said.

I began to piston in and out of his ass and after a moment she had him mount her again and the fucking started.  Then, as I filled his ass with my load, he filled her with his.  After taking a break and having a beer, she had Clay and I reverse roles.  I had to feign pain when Clay's cock entered my ass.  Before long, I filled Karen and Clay filled my ass.

These encounters became regular with Karen.  More and more she was wanting to watch Clay and I have sex and her not get involved that often. Then she started bringing in one of her girlfriends to watch with her.  Then after watching for a few minutes, she and her girlfriend would either get in a sixty-nine and eat each other out or use dildos or strap-on cocks on each other.

Clay quickly became tired of being her entertainment and told her so. in no uncertain words he told her, in front of me, that he was tired of her demands and never wanted to see her again.

A week went by and Clay and I returned to our previous lifestyle of going to events together and when we visited each other just being nude together.  Then, on Friday, Clay invited me over for burgers.  after eating , we sat on his patio, nude of course, and as we sipped our beers, he said, "Mark, I have something to say and I hope it doesn't end our friendship."

"Buddy, I seriously doubt that anything you say could end our friendship.  What's on your mind?"

"Well, before Karen stepped in, I never dreamed that I would ever have sex with another man. I will admit, that seeing guys nude in the barracks and at the gym, I checked out their cocks.  Then, after seeing one guy blowing another in the steam room at the gym, I became curious. Without realizing it, Karen forced me to experiment with something I was curious about."

He paused and sipped his beer then continued.  "I have come to realize that I enjoy sex with you much more than I ever did with her.  I don't know how you feel about it but I'd love to be able to blow you on occasion or have you fuck me."

I took a deep breath and smiled slightly, then said, "Clay, I have something to tell you also.  what Karen had you and I do together was something I had wanted since the day you moved in.  I am bi, but I much prefer sex with men.  About the only time I have sex with a woman is if it is the only way I get to suck her husband."

"You mean that you wanted me all along?" 

"Yes, and at anytime your and I are together and you want sex, just go for it.  I'm always ready for a roll in bed."

He smiled and said, "Well, I'll be damned," and stepped up to me and took me in his arms and kissed me gently and passionately yet offering  his tongue.  Then, without warning, he picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom and gently lay me down.  Then, in just seconds, he was slowly and lovingly sucking my cock.  It was better than anything we had done in front of Karen.

After taking and swallowing my load, we kissed and I then sucked him to a roaring climax.  After a while of cuddling and kissing, I raised his legs and gave him his first rim job before fucking him.  He went wild.

Needless to say, Clay and I became much closer friends.  We had sex two to three times  week, but on weekends, either he spent it with me in my place or I spent it over with him.

One weekday, I called him and asked if I could meet him for lunch.  He said sure, and I met him at the recruiting office.  He introduced me to Josh Collins, his fellow recruiter.  Josh was the same age as Clay and built slightly better, and just as handsome.  There were a few tattoos showing on his forearms.

WE left the office and as we drove to lunch, I asked him how he managed to not keep a boner around Josh.

Laughing, he said, "I wear a jock that is way to small.  It keeps it rolled into a ball and prevents boners.  I knew you would go ape-shit over him."

"You think he would let me blow him?" I asked.

"I have no idea.  He does know that we are friends.  If you have no problem with him knowing, I can let it slip that you are gay and see what he says.  Maybe at some point tell him that you said that you would love to blow him.  Could see what his reaction is."

"Fuck yea.  Give it a week or so do it and see what happens."

We laughed about it and he said he would. 

The next Wednesday, he came in from work and as soon as he saw me he started laughing.

When I asked what was so funny he told me that he had told Josh about me and that I wanted him.

"What happened?"

"Well, first he asked if you had sucked me before and I said no.  Then after a while he confessed that when he was younger a guy had blown him and it felt great.  He said he'd let you suck him if I let you suck me first."

"What did you say?"

"He coming to my place Saturday for dinner."

TO BE CONTINUED....................



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