It was on July 4th, and I was on my townhome front patio enjoying a cup of coffee while debating on going to the pool.  I noticed a U-Haul truck pulling through the parking lot, then stop in front of the townhouse next to mine.  The front patio would only accommodate two chairs but the back patio was much larger and since all the townhomes were one story, it was totally private, which I loved.

The truck backed up to the walk and soon two hot extremely muscular studs emerged both wearing military fatigue pants.  The removed the padlock from the rear of the truck before unlocking the front door of the townhouse.  I stood and introduced myself to the two men.

"Hi, I'm Mark Waters, your neighbor," I said, offering my hand.

"Nice to meet you Mark.  I'm Clay Davis, your neighbor and this is a buddy of mine, Rex Sims.  I bribed him into helping me move."

"Well, I'm here if you need any extra help," I told him. "And I have plenty of cold beer."

"Now that sounds like a winner," Clay responded.  "We just might take you up on that later."

Before they started, We talked a moment, and I found out that Clay had just been transferred to town as the Marine recruiter, and Rex was a bud from his previous assignment who took leave to help him move.

The move-in began and as the day went on the temperature began to rise. I had decided to forego the pool and stayed on my patio.  It was shortly before noon when I saw Clay and Rex emerge from the apartment to retrieve more items and were both shirtless.  I gasped softly at what I saw.n  Both were beautifully built with very distinct pecs and abs.  Rex was totally smooth however, Clay had a nice medium dusting of light brown hair covering his chest and forming a thick treasure trail which disappeared into his fatigues. 

As it was nearing noon, I offered to provide lunch and we all agreed to barbecue sandwiches.  I left and returned with eight sandwiches  and as they began eating, I brought out the beer.  As we ate, I found out that Clay was twenty-six, and single.  He was raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, where his dad still lived. 

Clay got moved in and we became friends.  When I'd see him leave in the morning or return in the afternoon in his uniform, my heart raced wildly.  He looked so fucking hot.  Our friendship grew and he began inviting me to join him at sporting events.  We had made plans to go to a football game and when I knocked on his door, I heard, "Come on in.  It's open."

As I entered his place, he stepped out of his bedroom and into the hall where I stood and said "Sorry, I'm running late."

"Hey, no problem," I managed top say as I composed myself.  Clay had emerged from the bedroom totally naked as he went to the spare bedroom for his clothes.  His legs were unbelievably muscular and his but round and firm.  The most impressive thing was his cock which, even though soft, was at least seven to eight inches in length.  it appeared that he had no problem with being nude in front of me.

As e headed for the game, he commented on the fact that he was nude.  He said that being in the military and living in barracks that you get used to being nude in front of other guys.

"Hey man, that's cool with me.  If you ever just walked in n me, you would always find me nude.  I fucking live that way."

"You're fucking joking, right?" he asked.

"Hell no!  I'm totally serious.  I live that way. Why?"

He started laughing and said, "No one else know it, but so do I.  It's hard to do in the barracks, but I grew up on the farm and was nude three-quarters of the time.  Dad used to laugh at me.  I used the excuse that it kept my clothes clean."

"Well, when we visit each other, at least we know we can just be ourselves if we want to," I said.

"You know it," he replied.  After the game we had dinner then hit a bar.  After a couple of beers, the music got louder and Clay suggested we leave.  I quickly agreed.  We returned home and shortly after we arrived, my phone rang. It was Clay.

"I just found another game on TV.  You want to come over and watch it? I got plenty of beer."

"Be there in just a sec," I replied.  "The door is unlocked. Just come on in," he replied. 

I changed into some shorts and tank top before heading next door.  Without knocking, I opened the door and walked in.  After shutting the door, I turned and saw Clay emerging from the kitchen with chips, dip and beers.  He was totally nude. 

"Make yourself at home," he said. 

"I think I will, I replied and kicked off my shoes before dropping my shorts as I removed my tank top.  Looking at me, he laughed and said, "I like a man that knows what he enjoys."

As I walked around to the sofa, I noticed him glance at my swinging cock for just a moment.   We watched the entire game totally nude with each of us remaining flaccid.  We did however glance casually at each others cocks.  I knew I wanted his and wondered if he wanted mine or was just curious.

After that day, whenever we visited each other, we were nude.  It just seemed natural.  Only once, while discussing past girlfriends did either of us get a boner.  We just laughed it off and let it go down. 

A few months later, he introduced me to Karen, his new girlfriend.  Our outing grew less frequent.  There were times however, that the three of us would go out together.  After a few times, when there was the opportunity , Karen would place her hand on my thigh and began to gently rub it, moving closer to my cock.  I preferred men, but when a hand starts slightly running against my cock or balls, I'm going to get boned.  I still on occasion fucked cunt.

Then, one Friday afternoon, Clay invited me over to have burgers with he and Karen.  After we ate, he directed me to the back patio while Karen cleaned the kitchen. Once out on the patio, he asked, "Mark, what do you think of Karen?"

"Well, she is hot, I have to admit.  Why do you ask?"

"I'm sure you have figured out that I'm fucking her on a regular basis," he said.

"Yea, I figured that out a long time ago," I replied. "What's up?"

"Karen likes to swing," he said.

"Hey buddy, I figured that out a long time ago.  I'm not sure if you know it but there have been many times she has been rubbing my hard cock under the table or when she and I were alone for a moment."

"I know,  She has told me.  Now, she wants both of us to fuck her.  She said she loves a three way.  Are you game for it?"

"Hell yes," I replied, knowing that it would give me the perfect opportunity to see this stud and his cock in action. 

A moment later, Karen emerged from the kitchen and said, "Dishes all done, guys."

"Thanks," Clay said and as he did I noticed him nod his head slightly. 

Karen smiled and excused herself saying, "I'll see you guys inside in a few."

We finished the beers we were working on and went inside.  A moment later, Karen called from the bedroom, "Hey guys, I need some help."

We headed for the bedroom to find Karen totally nude in the middle of Clay's king sized bed.

"Whoever gets naked first gets to fuck me first," she said with a smile.

Clay beat me by just  a second and slid his hard cock deep into her cunt.  She motioned me toward her and began sucking my cock.  I got rock hard watching Clay slide his cock in and out of her cunt as she sucked my cock.  After a moment, she had Clay lay on his back and when he did she got into position and put his rock hard cock back into her cunt.  She then turned to me and said, "Shove yours up my ass, Stud."

I did and it was awesome to feel Clay's cock working her cunt as I worked her ass. Before long we both shot our wads and extracted our cocks. 

"That was fantastic," she said.  "After you two reload, I want you to trade holes."

After a brief rest and some making out, I was in her cunt as Clay buried his cock in her ass.  It took a little longer for us to cum a second time but we did simultaneously. After that round we all three showered together.

Once back on the bed, she alternated sucking our cocks,  she would suck me a few minutes then suck Clay.  Eventually , we both became rock hard again and she looked at Clay and told him to start fucking her.  He did and she motioned me toward her face.  She kissed him passionately as she moved my hips closer, then they parted lips and she said, "I want to watch you suck him as you fuck me."

He paused and said, "You want what?"

She repeated herself and aimed my cock toward his face. "I've never done that before. I'm not sure I can." 

"Yes you can baby.  There is nothing to it.  Do it for me, please," Karen begged."

Clay moved his face closer to my cock and looked at it,  then he looked up into my face.  I smiled slightly, wondering if this hot stud would suck his first cock.




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