From Part 2.....

When I asked what was so funny he told me that he had told Josh about me and that I wanted him.

"What happened?"

"Well, first he asked if you had sucked me before and I said no.  Then after a while he confessed that when he was younger a guy had blown him and it felt great.  He said he'd let you suck him if I let you suck me first."

"What did you say?"

"He coming to my place Saturday for dinner."


Part 3.............................

Saturday evening I waited until; after Josh had arrived before I went over to Clay's apartment.  When I entered, Josh was cordial and friendly but slightly withdrawn.  He was dressed in sport shirt and slacks, both of which were slightly snug on his muscular frame.

Clay handed me a beer and after some small talk, we ate dinner.  once dinner was over and we were seated in the living room, things became unusually quiet.  Clay broke the ice by saying, "Okay, guys.  We all know why we're together  this evening." 

I looked up and said,  "Yes, we do, but I think that we should all get naked first."

With that, I stood and immediately began stripping and Clay did the same.  In just moments, Clay and I were both totally nude, with Josh remaining clothed.

"I said I'd agree to let you do me after you did Clay.  Go ahead.  get started," Josh said.

"Yea, that's what you said, but I'm changing the rules.  I know Clay and trust him.  I don't know you that well, and for al I know, after I do Clay you might just decide to report him and get him booted out of the Marines.  The new rules are that I do you first then Clay."

"Hey man, the rules were set up in advance," Josh shot back.

"You know, even though you are a Marine, I don't think you have the balls to remove those pants and go first.  I thought Marines were so gung ho!"

I could tell that Josh was pissed as hell and didn't know what to expect. After a moment, he suddenly began stripping off his clothes and was soon totally nude with us.

"Maybe I was wrong about you," I said as I stepped closer to him and grasped his slowly stiffening cock.  Once his long slim cock was in my hand, it quickly became rock hard.  I smiled and led him to the sofa.  Once he was seated, I got between his legs and began to lick his cock and balls.  I heard him moan softly. 

Clay came closer and sat next to Josh, watching me suck Josh's hard cock.  Clay's cock was rock hard, and I reached up and began to fondle it.  Clay also moaned softly.  After a few moments, I released Clay's cock and concentrated on Josh.  As I did, Clay reached over and began to tease Josh's nipples.  After a moment, he took Josh's hand and placed it on his cock.  After a short moment, Josh closed his fingers around Clay's cock and began to gently stroke him.

It wasn't long before Josh reached his climax and filled my mouth with his hot thick huge load.  Once I had milked him dry with my mouth I pulled off and as I looked him in the eyes, I swallowed. I gave him a smile and moved over to Clay's hard leaking cock.  I soon received Clay's load and hungrily swallowed it also. I knew that after Josh left, Clay would quickly go after my load.

Josh watched as I sucked Clay and ate his load, then said, "What makes you think I won't still report Clay.  I can deny ever having participating."

"I don't think that will work," I said, before revealing a hidden camera I had installed for evidence in such a situation.  Clay knew it was there and smiled.

Clay looked at Josh and asked, "Was that as good and the blow job you said you got as a kid?"

Knowing there was nothing he could do, he looked at each of us and said "Better."

"Well, if you want it, this can become a regular thing," I said. 

"We'll see," Josh replied as he began to dress. 

He left and as expected, Clay immediately got between my legs and sucked me dry.  I spent the night with him.

When Clay got home Monday evening, I asked how the day went.  He said that at first, Josh was real quiet before admitting that he had enjoyed the evening and asked if we could do it again. 

"Tell him that next Friday is a repeat performance at my place," I said.

On Friday, Josh and Clay arrived together and I answered the door nude.  josh looked surprised when he saw me and I quickly told him that in my place no clothing was allowed.  He hesitated a moment then quickly stripped.  Clay was already undressing.

The three of us visited and chatted during the meal; preparation and soon Josh seemed as comfortable as Clay and I.  Periodically, his cock would slowly begin to stiffen then return to it's normal state. 

While dinner was cooking, I suggested that we have one session before dinner and another afterward. Both agreed, and as they sat side by side on the sofa, I began with Clay this time and as I did, I noticed Josh fondle Clay's nipples as Clay fondled Josh's cock.  I got Clay off them moved to Josh.  After devouring Josh's load, we ate dinner.

After dinner we had a couple of glasses of wine before the next session.  I started with Josh,  but instead of being on the sofa, the three of us were on the floor.  As I lovingly sucked Josh's cock, Clay began to fondle my cock and balls. I could see Josh watching him intently.  O hungrily swallowed Josh's load then began working on Clay. 

After a few moments,, I felt a hand on my cock and looked over and saw Josh stroking my cock.  I changed position to give him better access.  Soon, he was stroking me eagerly, quickly working me up to a climax.  Clay watched and quickly climaxed and fed me his load.  As his hot load began to flood my mouth, it sent me over the edge and I began firing my hung load out onto my chest and stomach.  Josh was deeply engrossed in milking me dry.

Our sessions became a regular weekend event.  Clay had admitted to Josh that during the week, I was giving him blow jobs.  Clay had told me that when no one else was in the office, he and Josh would sometimes jerk off together. 

Then, about six to seven weeks later, we were all at my place.  Josh now stripped immediately on arrival and admitted that he enjoyed being nude with us.  I had sucked Josh dry and had began working on Clay when Josh began to fondle my hard cock as he usually did.  Then, after a moment I felt something hot and wet on my cock and realized Josh had me in his mouth.  I paused and looked at him then at Clay.  Clay smiled at me and winked then gave me the 'thumbs up' sign.  I returned to sucking Clay and soon got him off.  As I devoured his load, I climaxed and fed mine to Josh.

To the amazement of Clay and I both, we watched as Josh took it all before swallowing.  When he pulled off my cock, he realized that Clay and I were watching him.  "My curiosity got the best of me.  I just had to do it."

Clay looked at him and said, "You're not alone, buddy  My curiosity got the best of me a long time ago.  How did you like it?"

"It was such a turn on," Josh said.  "And eating the load was awesome.  I liked it."

"Josh, just so you know, after I met Mark and he had blown me a few times, I became curious also.  I quickly realized I was totally gay." 

Josh asked if that what had ended Clay seeing Karen and Clay told him the entire story.  Josh looked at us and asked, "Do you two have sex regularly?"

""A few times a week and every weekend," Clay replied.  Josh soon said that he had heard that guys also fucked each other and asked if we did it.  "Yes, we do," I said honestly.  "Would you like to fuck me?"

"Fuck yea, Man," he said.

A few moments later, Clay was directing Josh into my hole.  I was on my back with my legs pulled up and as Josh began pumping in and out of mu hole, Clay leaned forward and began passionately kissing me as Josh watched.  After a moment, we parted lips and the next thing I knew Josh and I were trading tongues.  After a moment,   Clay moved in and he and Josh began tongue kissing.

Before long, Josh climaxed and filled my hole with his thick load.  After pulling out, he collapsed next to me and said, "That was better than any cunt I have ever fucked in my life."

"Well, I just know that I sure as hell enjoyed it," I replied.

Josh turned to Clay and asked, "Do you and Mark fuck each other?"

"Yes we do.  We both love sucking cock and getting fucked," Clay replied.

Josh looked at Clay's hard cock and said "Fuck me, Clay."

We got Josh prepared and Clay went slow and gently as he entered Josh's virgin ass.  Josh gasped at the initial pain and we convinced him to relax.  He did and Clay slowly eased his cock balls deep into Josh's hole.  Once in, he paused and let Josh get accustomed to it, as we took turns tongue kissing Josh.

Clay began pumping in and out of Josh's hole and Josh began to moan.  "Is it hurting?" I asked.

"Fuck no.  It's actually feeling good.  I think I like it."

As Clay neared his climax, he got faster in his fucking.  As he did, Josh began saying how great it felt and that he wanted to feel Clay bust his nut in his ass.  Clay obliged and Josh loved it.

We all relaxed and Josh confessed that eh sex he had encountered with us was better than any he had ever had.  He finally admitted that through the years, he had been curious about man to man sex.    He ended up spending the weekend with Clay and I.  I later fucked his hot tight hole while he sucked Clay's cock.

Josh now admitted that he was gay also and he and Clay began blowing each other in the store room of the recruiting office and occasionally fucking each other.

Then one afternoon, Clay came over after he got home and said, "You're not going to believe what happened today."

"Oh fuck!  Fill me in."

"I went to lunch and when I got back, the office was locked.  It was Josh's turn to work through lunch.  Well, I unlocked the door and went in and heard something from the store room.  I went in and Josh and a kid were in a cot in a sixty-nine.  The kid jumped up and Josh told him it was cool and I watched them finish. then the kid got on his knees and sucked me off."

"Hell, has Josh started attacking them in the office?" I asked.

Clay started laughing and explained that Josh was at a park late one Saturday evening and saw the kid follow a guy into the woods.  He said a few minutes later the guy came out and quickly left.  Clay said that Josh decided to go in and check it out.  When he got back there, he found the kid blowing another guy.  Josh said he took out his cock and moved closer and after the kid finished the guy he turned to Josh and blew him.  He said that Josh said he nearly shit when the kid walked into the recruiting office.

"Well, did the kid sign up?"

"We talked to him and said that he would have to be extremely discrete in having sex.  He was there over an hour then he asked if he could blow us again.  We locked up the office and turned out the lights and went to the store room  while he sucked Josh, I blew him.  then he blew me again.  Before he left he asked if he could come back later in the week and get us both to fuck him."

"Damn, How old is he?"

"He turned eighteen last week and it turned out that his dad is a state cop but has no idea that his son is gay.  His dad was in the Marines also."

The three of us had regular sex and Josh was transferred to another assignment.  Clay came up for re-enlistment but opted not to do so. Instead, I got him a job with my company and he and I are now lovers.  When Josh gets leave, he will spend a few days with us.  He had found a few others in the corps that are gay and they sometimes get together.

Clay and I are totally happy as lovers and enjoy three ways with guys we meet at the bars.  Everyone is totally jealous of me.

I love the Marines. We have financially aided a few  who are on weekend leave and run short of cash.  We pay cash for their cum.

THE END..............



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