This is based on an actual happening, it was several years ago and I just saw Toby at the Target Store and it brought back memories.

Toby is now married and has two children, so I guess I never perverted him too bad.

I was thirty six years old at the time, I had moved into this apartment complex that had single bedroom apartments on one level, they were very nice, nestled against a back of Woods.

I got to see many deer in the woods along the creek down below my apartment and wild Turkeys were quite prevalent too. It was nice and kinda like living in the country.

The Owners of the complex had a grandson Named Toby, and he had worked for them cutting the grass and doing different odd jobs around the complex just sort of an assistant maintanence man I guess.

I also had this great friend from my work place that was a couple years younger than I, who I had made really close buddies with.

Justin Bradensteiner, was your average male American, who just happen to walk around with a boner most of the time and it of course wanting attention, which is where I came in.

Since I was on the swim team at the local YMCA, I have had this fetish for cum and sucking cock, I love it with a passion, therefore I was available to take care of Justin's boner just about anytime he wanted.

The first time I ever sucked Justins cock was after a ball game and we went back to my place for a beer, and the subject of blow-jobs came up and the more we talked about it, the bigger the bulge grew in Justin's jeans untill I just came out and ask him if he would like a blow-job, to which he stammered and said, 'Well Ken, I don't consider myself 'Gay' but I have heard that guys give better head than gals.'

To which I replied 'Well Justin, there's only one way to find out,' I walked over to him and began to rub his swollen member thru his jeans and he sorta jumped then moaned at the feeling I was bringing to his body, 'Fuck man, that feels so good,' he said.

I looked him straight in the eyes, 'Yeah man, and I'm gonna make it feel better,' to which he smiled, 'Sounds alright with me,' he said.

I led him to my bedroom and I undid his jeans and slid them to the floor, lay him back on the bed propped up on a couple pillows with his feet on the floor, knelt down in front of him and began to rub and lick on his balls to which he began to moan and groan, 'AW fuck man that feels so fucking good,' then I thought he would come unglued as I began licking the length of his seven incher, and then began to work on his cocks head with my tongue.

I watched his body's reaction, as he almost writhed with pleasure, grunting and groaning as I took his cock to the balls deepthroating his thick man meat, I loved the aroma and taste of his crotch and cock, as well as the pre-cum that was gently leaking from the tip of his thick cock.

And after about twenty minutes of taking his cock to the hilt massaging his nuts and sucking his awesome cock like there was no tomorrow

Justin began breathing fast and hard, to the point of almost gasping for air, raised up on his elbows, pushed his hips upward, as his stomach stated jerking up and down, and I heard this loud groan, and his cock swelled up tighter and larger and started that feeling of shooting his cum, and my mouth filled with his musty, sweet, salty, sorta bleachy tasting semen, which I gladly swallow with pleasure.

From that time on Justin showed up at my door, or called for an 'appointment' and came over to get emptied, actually I know Justin has a lady friend but I'm not sure they have any sex at all because Justin still showes up needing to be relieved of his cum, which I glady do on a regular basis, he even told me one time, I figured he was jocking, that he was in love and brought me flowers and a box of candy, but that is just Justin.

It had been almost three years since I first sucked Justin off when this incident happened.

It was a really nice sunny June afternoon, Justin and I were both off that day and he showed up wanted his cock sucked, which I was always up for, acutally he even got to doing a hand job on me after He blew his load down my throat which he thought was only fair, and truthfully he was damn good at giving hand jobs.

I had him naked that afternoon about 1:30 I guess, when I was just swallowing his load and he was pushing his cock deep into my throat and I glance to the side, out my patio door, 'Oh by the way the patio is right off my bedroom with a redwood patio outside, a b-b-q grill, lawn furniture ect. on it,' I was gulping down his cock and cum licking it off and totally enjoying sucking Justin's cock.

I glanced over and there right beside the privacy fence that divided my patio from the next apartments, was Toby, the owner's grandson, standing watching me and Justin thru the patio door.

I got a glimpse of his hand down inside his sweat pants and he was gently stroking his cock, which seemed to be a fairly nice sized bulge.

I didn't make any sudden movement, and I just kept licking and sucking and enjoying sucking and putting on a Show for Toby, who seemed to be enjoying it.

A while later, Justin had left and Toby was cutting my grass in front of my apartment,

I walked to the front door and ask him in for a cold soda, which he smiled and obliged and came in and just sat at my table and stared at me.

Toby was almost speechless, yet he seemed like he wanted to ask me something or say something.

I finally broke the ice and ask Toby how old he was and he told me Nineteen, I aske about his schooling, to which he said, he was going to the local community college.

Then I got more personal, 'I bet you got girls hanging all over you, don't you?' I asked.

Toby blushed, 'Uh, no sir,' he responded.

'What don't you have a girlfriend?' I asked.

'NO sir, just never got around to finding one that liked me,' he said.

Now Toby was as good looking a young man as they come, he was not a total jock looking guy but he had a nice build, not fat or in any way femish.

I then said, 'you mean to tell me you dont date?'

'No sir, I just go to school, and work here.' he said.

'Wow Toby, what about your sex life, you ever have sex, you know at nineteen most guys are sexually active getting laid, or getting blow-jobs or whatever,' I said.

'He smiled, yeah I know but I just never happened to me.'

'Don't you want to find out what sex feel's like with another person?' I asked.

'Well yeah, I do, but My family is very religious and, well you know, really strict, Guys at school make fun of me because I'm a virgin and all, but I do, beat off, but don't most guy's?' he asked.

'Oh hell yeah, I'm thirty six and I still give it a good beatin ever few days.' I said, 'No shit,' he said.

I smiled at Toby, and then he sorta confessed, 'Ken, I Was wondering, don't be mad at me but the other day I was walking around behind the apartments picking up tree limbs when I walked by your patio and you was sucking on some guys dick, he looked like he was really enjoying it.'

I blushed and said, 'Well Yes, that was a buddy from work that Like you, has no one to have sex with, so he comes over every so often and I suck his cock for him, He loves it.'

'Wow, that sounds awesome, I wish I had someone to do that for me.' he said.

I looked down at his sweat pants and a wet spot had formed and I could tell from just talking Toby had sprouted a huge boner.

I smiled and walked over and took Toby's hand,led him to my bedroom and said, 'Lay back here like Justin was laying.'

Toby smiled at me and sat down, laying his nice looking body down, I had him pull his tee shirt off, revealing a slighly hairy chest and stomach, which was nice and tanned from the outside work he had done, Toby was a doll.

'Now just lay back and enjoy it Toby, let the pleasurable feeling take over.' I said.

Toby lay back on the pillows I has set for him, I reached up and began to play with his nipples, which made him sligtly moan and smile, 'Wow I didn't know my nipples were that sensitive.' he said.

I leaned up and kissed his chest and began to suck on his nipples, I looked over and Tobys hand and grabbed a handful of bed covers and was squeezing them.

I worked my way down doing my best to make this and unforgettable experience for Toby, one he would want to repeat time and again.

I licked and sucked my way down to his navel, tongued it for a while, licking around the beautiful swirling hair which formed a treasure trail to his pubic region, and then I had him raise and I noticed a quite thick swollen cock pushing his sweats upward substantially, this kid was hung really well.

I pulled his sweats and his boxers down and slid them off and out plopped one hell of an almost wrist thick, long cock.

'Holy Fuck kid, just how big is that thing?' I asked.

I measured it last summer and it's just a shade under nine inches,' he said, 'and it's almost six inches around too.'

'Well I know it's above average.' I said.

I looked at the virgin kid in front of me and almost shot my load as this prospect.

I then raised his legs up and began to lick the most awesome looking young ass I has seen in a long time, damn it was beautiful.

I had Toby hold his legs at the knees and pull them upward and I raised his ass and dove face first in to a lovely shaped ass with slight hairyness around the asshole and crack, I was in heaven with Toby's ass.

I began to lick the little starfish looking opening and gently sticking my tongue into it and Toby let out a slight yell, 'Oh Shit, thats awesome, I had no Idea that would feel so good,'

and before I knew it Toby was pushing his ass upward against my face and tongue, My cock was not like concrete, I was in gay heaven.

I ate his ass out for a while and then went to his nutsack and sucked his balls into my mouth, he was loveing everything that I was doing, wanting more.

I Then began to lick and hold onto his thick throbbing virgin cock, and I heard him moaning, 'Oh yeah, Oh shit, Oh yeah!' as he got into the sex act more, I was so determined to make it a great on for his first time.

I then was a little shocked at a nineteen year old that wasn't circumcised but Toby still had his foreskin, which I just loved, and I began to nibble gently on this kids cock foreskin.

Then I slid back the skin a little at a time and tasted his mild sweet, pre-cum, Toby was almost ballistic by this time, thrashing his head back and forth, grunting and moaning as I took his cock to the balls into my throat, enjoying it as much as he was.

Toby had such a wonderful clean, body odor, and his cock and balls were a little sweaty but no odor but slight sweat mixed with deodorant soap aroma, it was awesome.

Beoing it was the first time for Toby, I knew it wasn't going to take him very long, I got a surprise, I could feel his buildup and it was slow in the coming but it finally did, His cock felt like it was gonna split my mouth open it got so swollen and thick and when He raised upward with a load moan and gruntting sound, I felt his cock jerking in my mouth and I tasted the sweet taste of youth, filling my mouth.

I didn't stop untill I had drained Toby's balls of all their semen, I swallowed his seed with great pleasure too.

Finally Toby made me quit sucking his cock, it was just too sensitive to be touched.

Toby lay there for a while getting his breath back and letting his body calm back down, looked over into my eyes and shook his head and, 'Holy shit Ken, that was the most awesome feeling I have ever had, Damn it was fantastic. I never dreamed it was that good.'

'Now when the guys at school harass me about being Virgin, I have an answer, I won't tell them I got sucked off by a man, but just that I got a blow-job,' He said.

I smiled at Toby and said. 'Well you know now, that any time you want this again feel free to come on over, I will be glad to suck your cock for you.

'Believe me I will be taking you up on that Ken.'

Toby wasn't lying either, he came by for a blow-job almost every afternoon, and I of course being the consumate cock-sucker that I am, was there for him.

After about three months of doing his cock for him Toby finally told me he wante to try and I let him finally suck me off one afternoon, he was a little shocked by the taste of cum but he endured it, I guess for my sake and swallowed, but he told me later that he was getting to like the flavor, I planned to have Toby slide his thick cock up my ass which should be a treat for us both soon.

But that will be in an upcoming chapter.

To be continued:



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