I was just coming home from the Mall, had been shopping for some much needed groceries and house supplies. I rounded the corner of the Apartment complex and I noticed Toby, My little buddy, walking down the sidewalk with a young good looking black guy.

I didn't give it any thought, just thought it was a friend of his from school or up the street or something.

I pulled into the parking lot, got to my space and parked, got out and went into my apartment with my bags of groceries and other supplies.

I went into the back room and started to get out of my nicer clothes and change into a pair of Shorts, some house shoes, and a pull over shirt, just getting comfortable.

I had just finished putting the things I had purchased away when the front doorbell rang.

It was not locked so I just yelled from the kitchen 'Come on in, the door's opened,'

The door opened and in walked Toby, smiling from ear to ear like a kid with his hand in a cookie jar, standing next to him was his buddy, Bryson Collier, the same handsome black boy I had seen him walking with.

I looked Bryson up and down like I was checking him out, which I was, and there was this stirring in my stomach and groin.

My thoughts went racing thru my mind, and I had memories come flooding back into my mind of a black basketball player I had sex with while in College, Jarod Miller.

Jarod was one gorgeous well built athlete that lived in the dorm room straight across the hallway from my room.

It was on Christmas Holiday Break, I stood there in a daze as the memories came flooding back.

Jarod and I were both Juniors, and for some reason we both remained on campus for the Holiday break, and If it hadn't been for us making that connection it would have been a very boring Holiday Break, it seemed the whole college campus was deserted, almost all the students had gone home for the break.

Now Jarod was an awesome player on the college team, and I was an avid lover of Basketball, I went to every game and I had Jarod as a sort of hero to me, he was about the most awesome player on the team, and the more I watched him play the better looking he was, I found myself desireing him in a sexual way.

I did my best to make him my friend, which he was fast becoming, but this year I had found out he was living in the Dorm room across from me.

I remembered, it was Christmas day, they had a nice Christmas Dinner fixed in the School Cafeteria Dining room, and I was just getting my tray when Jarod came up grabbed his tray and started filling it with Turkey, dressing and all the trimmings.

He smiled and said, 'Hey man, wanna set with me?'

'Sure, I'd love to,' I said with a smile,'by the way, Merry Christmas,'

'Yeah man, same to you,' he said.

'Well what have you got planned for the rest of your Christmas Break, I've done just about everything there is and been really bored' I said.

'Not really anything, Hey man, would you like to go to the gymnasium and play a game of one on one basketball?' he asked.

'Hell yeah man, I'll bet I Lick your ass!' I said.

I didn't realize what I had really said, Jarod almost choked on his glass of coke, and busted out laughing, Now thats something I ain't never had was some dude lick my ass,' he said.

I blushed and said, 'Well shit man, I meant Kick your ass.'

'I sorta figured thats what you meant.' he said with a smile.

We played several games and worked up a sweat and enjoyed the companionship and friendship, when the afternoon was coming to a close Jarod and I went down to the locker room and had a shower, thats when I got the shock of my life, Jarod was about six ft 4 inches tall, muscular but not heavy but muscles were defined and his black skin was shiny, and he was so fucking hot looking and when Jarod, stripped off his shorts and jock, I saw this set of black ball hanging down like they were baseballs in a gym bag, his nuts were awesome but that black drainpipe he had hanging down almost halfway to his knees sent me into a state of almost shock.

We went into the shower room and stood next to each other, 'Hey man, would you mind doing my back?' he said.

It was like a dream come true, I took his soap and began to wash his tight, rigged muscular frame and his back was like the muscles on a a race horse, defined, tight and thick.

I felt sensations running thru my body like crazy, I was almost afraid of Jarod turning around and seeing my cock standing out stiff and ridged, and as he leaned his torso,tight, and beautiful Very dark bronze, over with his hands against the wall, water drizzling and spraying down his back, I washed his back and then I felt faint as I washed his buttocks and when I slid my hand into the asscrack, I felt the heat of his asshole and I felt his ass sorta press back against my hand or was it just my mind playing a trick. I even thought I heard a slight moan.

Then he spoke up and said, 'While your back there why don't you go ahead and do that ass licking you said you were going to give me.' then he started giggling.

I reached around his muscular chest and began to soap his chest and stomach, and as I touched his nipples I did hear a moan, I looked up at his face he was biting his lower lip.

I washed his chest, tight, muscular and then my hand went down to his ripped washboard stomach.

I was washing his stomach and I could feel the tight curly hairs around his navel, and the hair trail leading down to his, Oh my fucking god, his cock was standing straight out long and thick like a tree limb.

I reached down under his sack and began washing his balls gently massaging his nutsack to his light moans.

I then worked my hand around the base of his cock and it felt like my wrist, and I began to pull the skin back exposing his sheathed cock head and soaping his ridged cock, not really believing that Jarod was letting me stroke (wash) his cock, he just leaned against the wall and let me have at it.

In about ten minutes of working his cock and balls over and finally going down on my knees I spread his ass cheeks and went into the crack for a full dinner plate special of awesome asshole which I licked and tongued like a starving man.

I gave him that ass licking I had promised and had Jarod about to explode.

Finally I felt his body turn around and there just about two inches from my lips was the biggest Cock I had ever seen. It was Long, it was thick, and it was shiny black and veiny.

I took about four inches into my mouth and was licking and enjoying his cock flavor Like mad, it was awesome.

After about five minutes of sucking his awesome cock, really wanting to taste his nut seed.

Jarod, spoke 'Stop man, lets take this to your room, o.k, I know you want it, and I fucking sure want it.' he said.

We got back to the room and I went down on Jarod as he lay back on the bed and I was able to take about three forths of that big Georgia Black Snake into my throat, it was awesome, but the best part was when he had me flip around and he took my cock to the balls into his mouth and sucked the cum out of my cock, I was so excited and turned on, it took about three minutes for us both to unload, his load was like just like his cock and balls, huge, I swallowed it like a starving man after a bowl of creamy soup.

We both lay there speechless, 'Wow this makes staying on campus for The Holiday break worth it.' Jarod said.

We lay there for what seemed like an hour, and then we got into the bed and just began to make out, almost like it was an automatic response, without saying very many words, we just knew what we both wanted, it was about twelve thirty that night, I got up and went to the bathroom and went back to bed.

I felt Jarods muscular body rub up against mine and I began to get turned on again, the next thing I knew he was spooning with me kissing me on the back of my neck and licking around my ears, telling me how much he wanted and needed me.

I felt his hard cock pushing into the crack of my ass and I wanted him inside me.

I felt myself leaning forward, spreading my ass cheeks and getting into position and I felt his pre-cum slicked, very wet cock pushing against my sphincter, and I pushed back to receive the onslaught of that huge cock, when it broke thru, I gasp for air as I felt a pain I had never felt before, but it was a good sort of pain, I wanted his whole cock inside me, I wanted his manhood penetrating and fucking me wildly, uninhibited, un restrained.

I felt my body shove back against his and I felt his thick, long cock slide deep into my intestines, Holy fuck was I full of cock, and then he just held me very lovingly and began to fuck the living daylights out of me, his cock was tight inside my body and I felt every inch of Jarod's manhood, the pain had finally subsided and there was just amazing, pleasureable feelings.

I was feeling so excited and yet so full, I had never felt like this before.

Jarod was go gentle and loving but he never relented, I honestly believe that no woman could have taken this cock, not all the way into her body.

I was so full, I felt his cock rubbing against my prostrate with each thrust and I was quickly coming to a climax.

Before Jarod finally shot his huge load deep inside my body I had cum three times just from getting fucked, Now that was a memory I won't soon forget.

I came to my senses when Toby finally said, 'Hey Ken, are you o.k?'

I looked up from staring at Bryson in my dreamlike state, lost in Jarod's Memory, 'Oh sorry, Just thinking back to my college Days, Bryson reminded me of a classmate I had.' I said.

'Well Ken, I was just wondering if you would be up for giving us both a blow-job, Bryson is like me, never had sex with anyone before and I told him about getting sucked off, and he is interested in seeing what one feels like.' Toby said. 'And of course Im always up for a head job.'

I smiled and led them to the bedroom, hell I was sorta hoping for it. Bryson was smiling this sweet longing smile.

It didn't take Toby very long to have all his clothes off but his boxers.

Bryson was a little more reserved and I began to give Bryson a hand as Toby watched.

I got to Bryson down to his boxerbriefs and 'Holy Fuck,' shades of Jarod, This kid was blessed I mean really blessed.

I slid down his boxerbriefs and there stood a younger version of Jarod, Damn, did I want this kid!

I leaned him back on the bed and Toby lay beside him and began to kiss his chest and suck on his nipples, I began to suck on his nutsack and watched them begin to tighten up into a big round ball against his cock, as his swollen tight cock bounced upward with each heartbeat.

There was one difference between Jarod and Bryson.

Bryson had a neatly cut cock, his cock was black up to the circumcision scar and then the color lightened to a lighter bronze color and the beautiful shaped pinkish bronze colored spearhead shaped cock head, with a noticable flared bell rim.

It was a handsome cock, worthy of being worshipped.

I leaned over and when I had finished licking and massaging those nuts, I went to work licking and sucking on this kids cock, it was like concrete hard, and tightly swollen.

Bryson was moaning something almost unintelligable as I sucked this kids cock to the balls, almost gagging as I did, It was not quite as thick and long as Jarod's but it was way above average.

As I sucked his cock with all I was worth, I looked up at his face and noticed a very pleased look, his eyes were glazed over as I sucked his cock, and his eyes just spoke volumes of that 'oh yeah baby, that's it, suck that cock, swallow that dick,' Look about them.

Bryson didn't take very long and as I began to pour on the heat, sucking his awesome cock, It was then I felt Toby's cock penetrate my asshole and began to hammer into my body, it was a threeway love fest, and I was totally into it.

As I sucked Bryson's gorgeous black python, and I felt Toby's cock sliding to the balls deep into my ass, I felt his warm hand reach around and grab my cock and began to stroke it, damn that felt so awesome, Toby didn't know it but I have alway felt the strongest cum shots when I had a guys cock in my ass, for some reason my climax is always stronger as a result, but it was always one fucking awesome climax.

I felt Toby's climax building up as he picked up speed and I felt his hand going faster on my cock and mine was building up too.

Just as Bryson began to buck and fill my mouth with his thick rich cum, I shot a load all over the bedspread, and I felt Toby's cock sind to the balls and start filling my intestines with his warm cum.

We all three lay there and just felt the afterglow of one hell of an afternoon.

We lay there almost an hour and then we hit it again. only this time Bryson sucked Toby's cock as I fucked Bryson's beautiful Black ass and filled him with my seed.

I was way after Dark when Toby and Bryson and I sat down and ordered a Pizza and had some soda and ended spending the night together they both called their parents and told them they were spending the night with a friend.

Well that was the most exciting night I had spent in a long time and I loved the feel of guys rubbing all over my body and intent on makeing me happy.



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