Gavin rode along wide sidewalk weaving around the other students coming to or leaving classes. It was just after two and he had left his last class and was heading back to his apartment. He made his way to the edge of campus, caught the light to cross the busy four-lane street and headed into town. He rode his familiar route cutting through town till he came to Hillside Avenue where he turned heading toward the old residential section of town where students could find apartments cheap enough to rent.

He rode the five blocks to his building, a five story walk-up, and pulled up in front. Carrying his bike he made his way inside and up the stairs. Once he got inside the apartment he saw the mail on the small dining table that was wedged between the small kitchen area and the living area. He hung his bike from the clips in the wall and leafed through the mail.

He heard water splash, the sound coming from the bathroom and he laid his backpack down and headed that way. The door was partially closed and he eased it open. To the right of the door was the small wall hung lavatory, next to it the toilet and on the opposite wall the tub. The faucet end of the tub was on the far wall so as he opened the door he saw Wade's legs, then his lower torso until the door was all the way open. Wade was lying back in the tub. His tall frame didn't really fit the short tub and his knees were up allowing him to get his torso down in the water. Wade's eyes were closed and his arms were lying down along the side of his body. Gavin looked at the muscular form, the way it filled the tub. He looked at the broad shoulders, down over the narrow waist and the cock that floated over its sac. Even after three months of Wade living with him, now transferred to the university, Gavin never tired of looking at his body.

He glanced around in the mirror and realized he had changed in the last year and a half. He wasn't skinny anymore, but still lean and his face showed the need to shave more and more as time went on. He was still so fair skinned he had to be careful in the sun but Wade found him desirable and in the end that was all that mattered to him. He eased back into the bedroom and quietly pulled his clothes off. He felt aroused by his secrecy and he tugged on his cock feeling it stretch out within his hand.

Easing back into the bathroom he saw Wade was still lying back with his eyes closed. He eased down by the tub on his knees and reached over and let his finger skim the water's surface, so close to Wade's skin he had to suppress the desire to snicker. He moved his hand over Wade's cock and started to slip his fingers down into the water and touch it when suddenly, without warning, Wade's hand flew up and grabbed his wrist.

"What are you doing?" Wade asked in a mischievous tone.

"Nothing" he lied.

Wade pulled his hand down letting him touch it, let him wrap his fingers around it and fondle it while Wade rose up and kissed him.

"Sit up and make room" he said to Wade as he moved up and got into the tub. It was a tight fit but they had done it before, letting their legs slip along the side of the other enjoying the cool water. They let their hands roam over each other, barely touching skin or gliding over the skin just touching the hair of a leg or arm.

"How were your classes?" Wade asked as he leaned forward and took Gavin's cock fondling it, holding it up and pressing his own growing erection next to it.

"Okay; I got an eighty-seven on the psych exam and I have a paper due next Monday" he replied as he pushed up with his hips sliding his cock along the side of Wade's feeling it grow erect in Wade's hand. He pushed his body down till he felt his ass push up tight to Wade's as he ran his hands up and down the calves of Wade's legs. "How was your...classes" he asked struggling to keep focused.

"I got an eighty-two on that paper for that English seminar and I have another paper due on Friday. Can you help me with the opening paragraph? I always struggle with how to start" Wade asked as he sat up, slipped his hands underneath Gavin and lifted him up placing him on the side of the tub.

"Yeah" Gavin replied breathlessly as Wade moved up on his knees in the tub. Wade got between his legs and held his cock up as he moved down to it. Gavin felt Wade's mouth slide over his cock, the warm slick feel of it moving down his shaft made him gasp.

One leg in the tub and one on the floor, Gavin spread them wide giving Wade all the room he needed to suck his cock. He leaned back against the wall, his lean body spread out before Wade feeling his cock sink into the warm recesses of Wade's mouth as fingers toyed with his ass. He spread his legs a little more and felt a finger rub over his hole, felt it circle around it and as he shoved upward into Wade's mouth he felt the finger penetrate him.

"Fuck...that feels good" he exclaimed as Wade fingered his hole, "Oh...oh...oh...Wade...Anton called ear...ear....earlier. He's having...a night" he added stammering with every word. Wade rose up his cock shaft putting a hard suction on it.

"Okay" Wade whispered as he held Gavin's spit slick cock in his hand then he licked the head, slowly, dragging his tongue over it knowing how this drove Gavin insane.

"Oh shit" Gavin exhaled as he pumped his hips working his ass on Wade's finger and his cock in Wade's mouth. Wade slipped his finger from Gavin's hole and pushed two back in, slowly, feeling the tightness stretch loose. He twisted his fingers around, worked them in and out till Gavin was fucking his ass on them. Wade let his mouth slip off Gavin's cock and he dipped down putting his tongue on Gavin's stomach and ran it slowly upward across his chest up to the right nipple. Gavin nearly slipped off the tub as Wade bit down on it and he cried out shoving his ass down on Wade's fingers, hard, roughly trying to get more into his ass. "" he begged as he moved up and got into the tub facing the wall. "Come on Wade...fuck me" he pleaded and Wade moved up behind him with his own cock so hard it was drooling, the head slick and wet. Gavin spread the cheeks of his ass showing Wade his hole, showing Wade where to put his cock, where to penetrate him.

Gavin felt Wade press against him, felt the warm breath on his neck, then the soft touch of lips and tongue and finally, after what seemed far too long, he felt Wade's cock penetrate his hole, felt it stretch open as inch after inch pushed into him. Wade hugged their bodies together and pushed Gavin up against the wall as he fucked him, drove his cock inward all the way.

"Jesus" Wade uttered as he felt the way Gavin's hole squeezed his cock as he pushed into it. Wade worked up a smooth rhythm, slowly pushing inward feeling every inch of his cock as it sank into Gavin.

Gavin felt the way Wade's body covered him as it pinned him to the wall. He braced his hands on the wall and pushed his ass back to meet every thrust by Wade letting the feel of Wade's cock sinking into his hole drive his arousal. His own cock pushed up against the cool tiled wall, sliding upward slickly on every inward push by Wade. Every touch of their bodies was electric, the way Wade's chest and stomach pressed against his back, the way he felt Wade's tongue and lips move along the back of his neck, comb through his hair and rim his ear. He pushed off the wall hard and Wade backed up giving him room to move, to work his ass, to pump it back and forth fucking himself on Wade's cock. He felt Wade's hands rest on his waist as he increased his pace, drove himself faster and faster till he was grunting and moaning noisily, his cries echoing off the walls in the small bathroom.

"Oh fuck..." he cried as he felt the exertion of his efforts and Wade moved up and hugged him, turned him toward the open side of the tub and pushed him over. He leaned forward resting his hands on the side of the tub as he felt Wade's firm grip on his waist. "Yeah...oh...oh...fuck me" he pleaded as Wade began to fuck him with renewed energy, to drive all the way into his hole till their bodies smacked together. Wade's breathing was getting louder, his pace faster and he pushed back against Wade's forward thrust.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming" Wade uttered as he shoved inward and ejaculated his load deep inside of his hole.

Wade collapsed on his back breathing hard and he felt Wade's hand slide down his chest and stomach and take his cock. Wade stroked it a few times before rising up.

"Come have to do me now" Wade said as he led him out of the bathroom and to their bedroom. Wade lay back raising his legs up resting them on his shoulders. He pushed forward folding Wade over till his ass rose up spread open. He nudged his leaking cock to Wade's hole and pushed against it.

"Fuck me...don't tease me Gavin...fuck me" Wade begged and Gavin shoved his cock into Wade. Wade cried out as he grabbed Gavin by the ass and pulled him all the way into his hole.

Gavin knew how Wade liked it, how he liked to get fucked and he drove his cock into his hole forcibly, roughly sinking all the way each time. Wade liked it physical, liked their sex to be exhausting, to drain them of everything and Gavin rose up over Wade and fucked him as hard as he could. He piston his cock in Wade's hole so hard the bed rocked and squeaked, every thrust downward so hard the bed bounced them back up.

"Jesus...fuck me" Wade pleaded as Gavin shifted to his side holding up one leg and drove cock into his hole relentlessly. Gavin couldn't last, never could when Wade fucked him first and he felt the cum race through his cock and explode in Wade's hole. He kept pumping his hips, driving his spurting cock inward with every ejaculation till he was pumping through his slick load.

Gavin let Wade legs fall back down as he shifted up beside him snuggling their bodies together. He felt the contentment of their relationship, one that rode out some rough times during the two years Wade was back home going to the community college and he was here, working his ass off. Now they were together with Wade's transfer at the beginning of last fall semester.

Wade rolled over and moved up close to him face to face and Gavin watched him slip into a light sleep.



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