They rough housed in the lake, wrestled around and pushed each other under as they swam in the cool waters. It was the first really hot weekend of the year and as they did each year the boys of Jasper County came to the old Rock Creek Lake. The small manmade lake was nestled among the pine in the north end of the county where the creek cut through the rolling hills. There was a boat ramp for fishermen and at the picnic area a dock that cut out over the cool calm waters for nearly fifty feet. The waters were clear, so clear the bottom was visible in nearly eight feet of water but the end of the dock the waters were deep, too deep for even the bright light of the sun to penetrate.

Gavin climbed up on the dock and sat on the edge, his legs dangling over the side with his toes grazing the water's surface. He felt the water trickling down his lean body and the heat of the sun as it bore down on him quickly drying his skin. He watched the other boys, his classmates from high school, as they continued to play around in the water. Jack and Bobby were diving down to see who could stay down the longest. Gavin knew there was no way Jack was going to best Bobby. No one had for all the years they had been coming to the lake, even back when they relied on their parents to bring them. He watched their bodies come up to the surface and arcing downward slip into the deep waters till only their feet were still visible.

Cody moved out away from the others and floated on his back. Gavin let his eyes roam over his body, as he did each of the others, looking at the masculine form, the way his body was maturing and he scanned down the lean chest and flat stomach to the baggy swim trunks that lay tight to his body, bulging upward at his cock. Gavin found his eyes locked on the bulge knowing what lay beneath. Cody was fair skinned with reddish brown hair and with his arms held straight out from his sides Gavin could see the thick underarm hair. Looking down Cody's chest and stomach he let his eyes roam down till they followed the trail of hair that began at Cody's navel and traveled down disappearing inside the swim trunks.

The dock shook and Gavin turned toward the ladder watching Wade climb up on the dock. Wade looked over and smiled as he made his way to the end of the dock. It made Gavin hold his breath for Wade was the one. He looked at the other boys with sexual desire, a longing to have bodies like theirs or a longing to feel their bodies, to let his hands move over their firm skin, to feel the developing muscles, the way their chest filled out from a lean straight torso of little boys to the changing bodies of teenagers becoming men. Gavin knew he was skinny by comparison to the others and he had to be careful in the sun, his pale skin so prone to burning. But it was Wade who fueled his fantasies. Wade, with his golden skin tone and light brown hair that grew lighter in the sun and his body that had grown tall, over six feet. Gavin looked at Wade's back watching the water cascade down over the broad shoulders and narrow waist, down over the old cut off jeans Wade wore in lieu of swimming trunks, the white threads matted down to his legs at the frayed edge of the legs as water continued to drain from the denim and trickle down his thighs and over the muscular calves lightly covered in light brown hair. Gavin looked at him with longing, feeling the futility of his desire till his stomached knotted up and he felt his heart race inside his chest.

"Hey guys...CANNONBALL!" Wade yelled as he jumped off the dock pulling his legs up tight to his chest as he fell to water's surface and splashed through loudly, roughly, sending water spraying out in all directions.

When Wade surfaced he swam lazily along the edge of the dock coming in front of Gavin only a few feet away. Gavin watched the smooth rhythmic motion of his movements, the way he moved his arms and legs pushing his body along the surface of the water. Gavin slipped off the dock and let his body sink into the water and when he rose up he slowly swam along with Wade, keeping a slight angling away so as not to appear to be following him so deliberately.

Every opportunity Gavin would steal glances at Wade's body, the way his nipples rode high on his chest, the smooth tapering torso and the way the wet cut off jeans rode so low on his waist the white waistband of his briefs were visible. When they were sitting on the dock Gavin sat next to him and the closeness made him all too aware of their differences. Cody pushed Wade over horsing around and Gavin felt the weight of Wade's body, its warmth as it pressed down on him and he felt the firmness of Wade's muscular chest and bicep as he pushed Wade back up. He watched Wade's legs kick back and forth with his toes skimming the lake's surface and when Wade turned to talk to someone behind them their legs came into contact making Gavin grip the edge of the dock tightly suppressing his suppressing his desire to reach over and touch him.

All afternoon the guys swam and horsed around and all afternoon Gavin day dreamed, let his eyes look at the others, especially Wade as his mind fantasized about how he would do anything for him.

Their senior year started with Gavin finding himself in P.E. with Wade and he didn't know whether to feel excited or some sense of torment by this fact. It was troubling enough for him just to be around the guys in their day to day routines. There were only sixteen of them in the class and at the end of each class they had to rush to get a shower, changed and out the door. The gym sat back away from the main buildings and they had to jog to get to their next class on time. This gave Gavin some relief for their showers were so rushed, each one racing in, washing off quickly, rushing out, toweling off and getting dressed. He still felt self-conscious about being naked in front of the other guys, especially those who were more mature, more developed but there was none of the banter he feared, everyone in the same rush to get cleaned up and heading to their next class.

But Gavin did look himself, every class, every chance he got, and more often than not he was looking at Wade. Wade seemed even taller than he did last summer, and his body more developed. Muscles bulged with every movement as he showered, toweled off and got dressed. Gavin looked at the way Wade's skin would seem to glow golden in the harsh fluorescent lights, the smooth satiny look of its surface, the way a few moles lined around his sides and a couple near the base of his neck. And Gavin stole glances at Wade's cock, the way it would be half hard after the shower and drying off with a towel, the shaft rising up ever so slightly over the sac and the head flaring out a little wider, a little thicker.

It was a temptation he tortured himself with all during the school year fighting with the inner turmoil of his feelings and how he wanted Wade so bad he found himself avoiding him more and more as the school year wore on.

Graduation night found a third of their small class sitting around a bonfire at Jack's parent's farm. They had set up at the back of the pasture near the woods away from prying eyes. They were soon inebriated and passing around joints, laughing and cutting up as they reminisced about the last twelve years. Gavin sat back to one side just out of the main circle and he listened to the others as he considered his own future and the changes he was about to embark on as he left this rural area for college. He listened to the others and realized how much they had in common in so many ways and yet, just beneath the surface, there was something very different about their experiences, the way they had dated, the sexual relations most of them had experienced and how they were being themselves while he had kept to himself and never tried to find someone who felt the way he did, someone he could discover his sexuality. He had been online so often but as a high school kid in such a rural region it always seemed somewhere out there, somewhere else, this place where two guys could hook up.

Gavin got up and headed over to the cooler for another beer and he deliberately went the long way around just so he could walk behind Wade who was sitting between Elizabeth and Cody and he looked on enviously at the way Elizabeth's legs lay over Wade's. He stumbled and nearly fell suddenly realizing how drunk he was getting. He staggered over to the cooler defiantly reaching into the cold water and ice for another.

"Hey man, get me one too" Wade said and he jerked around surprised to see Wade directly behind him.

"Here take this one" Gavin held out the cold beer and he felt their fingers touch as Wade took the beer. Gavin turned and reached into the cooler again pulling up another can. When he stood pulling the tab he realized he was rocking back and forth unable to stand up straight. He saw from the corner of his eyes Wade's arm rise up taking a drink.

"Shit I really shouldn't be drinking another" Wade said in a low whisper, "and neither should you" he added in a light tone of voice.

"Probably not" Gavin responded as he fought the urge to turn to Wade and tell him how much he wanted him, how he would do anything for him. He needed to get away, knew it was futile to think anything could happen and he was tired of torturing himself with his fantasies. "I've got to piss" he stated as he turned away from Wade heading toward the woods.

"I do too" Wade said as he headed toward the woods behind Gavin.

Gavin tried to suppress his thoughts, not formulate the ideas that were trying to form within the fog of his mind. He was almost to the edge of the woods when Wade come up next to him and put his arm around his neck.

"Damn, this is some party, isn't it?" Wade said in his ear and Gavin felt the warmth of Wade's breath, every exhale as Wade spoke.

"'s pretty good" he replied.

They moved into the woods till the light of the bonfire was barely visible. Wade pulled Gavin toward an open area between two pine trees and stopped. For a moment Gavin just stood there watching Wade fumble around with his jeans trying to get them undone. It was too dark to see with the light of the fire behind them and he resigned himself to the fact he wasn't going to be able to see Wade, see his fingers pull out his cock and hold it as he pissed. He was relieved to know the same was true for Wade as he finally reached down and unzipped his jeans and fished out his cock. Wade's stream hit the ground hard followed by Gavin's and they stood side by side, so close they bumped into each other as they rocked back and forth. Wade finished first and Gavin was aware of Wade just standing next to him not attempting to put his cock back inside his jeans. As he finished, the stream slowing, he sensed Wade waiting, watching his stream of piss come to an end. Gavin shook his cock and boldly stood still, cock in hand, wondering what Wade was up to, if Wade was really trying to see his cock. He wanted to turn, to face Wade and bring the front of his body into the dim light and he took a deep breath wondering if he could do it.

"Hey assholes, you pissing or playing with it" Jack said as he stumbled into the woods. Gavin quickly put his cock into his jeans noticing how Wade did too with the same urgency.

As soon as they neared the bonfire Wade broke away from Gavin and went back to Elizabeth and Cody and Gavin, as confused as ever, made his way back to his spot.


Gavin had much of the stuff he was taking to college packed. Video games, music, most of his clothes and a box of books he wanted with him, books that meant a lot to him when he had read them. It was all labeled and stacked neatly in the corner of his room. The summer had passed quickly with his father keeping him busy and his trips to the university to make final arrangements. He felt some nervousness and a feeling of things left undone but more than that he felt this sense he was about to be freed.

He wondered how the others getting ready to leave were feeling, if they felt like he did. He had seen Jack last weekend and had gone to the movies with Cody, Bobby and their girlfriends on Wednesday night, driving up to Greenville, and Bobby and Jack talked how they couldn't wait to leave. Cody was staying to farm with his father and told them how they had already pulled in additional acreage. They talked about their classmates, what some of them were doing and Gavin couldn't help but bring up Wade going to the community college with plans to transfer in two years. Wade had tried to get a scholarship but his grades were not as good as they needed to be so he had changed his plans. To Gavin it felt like he was escaping and in doing so abandoning some of them, leaving them behind to their fates, none more so than Wade.

Gavin came into the kitchen midmorning pulling the pitcher of tea from the refrigerator to pour a glass. His mother came in from the garden carrying a small pail nearly full of peas she was going to shell for dinner. She set the pail on the kitchen table and pulled her sun hat off tossing it next to the pail.

"Gavin, there are some items I need from the grocery store. Do you want to go get them for me?"

"Sure" Gavin replied as he went to corner of the kitchen getting the pad they used for lists and pulling a pen from the coffee can that his mother used for pens, pencils and scissors. There was even a tire gauge in the can.

List in hand Gavin drove into town. He let the music play not really listening as he reflected on the passing scenery, the neighboring farms, the general store at the crossroads, the church his mother made all of them attend every Sunday and he realized this time next week he would be in a city living in a dorm on the college campus. It made him smile, the thought of his escape.

He pulled his SUV into the parking lot and made his way into the grocery store. The list wasn't long but he grabbed a shopping cart anyway not wanting to carry everything and he pushed it down the aisles, one after the next searching for the items on his list. He was in the last part of the grocery store, the frozen food section and he turned the corner to move down the next aisle and nearly hit a shopping cart coming from the opposite direction. Without looking up he started to apologize.

"Gavin?!" Wade's voice called out.

Gavin looked up surprised to see Wade in the grocery store and he quickly saw Wade was with Elizabeth.

"Hey Wade...Elizabeth..." and for a moment he stood staring unsure what to say. Elizabeth moved closer to Wade, defensibly putting her arm through Wade's and Gavin wondered if she knew, knew how he wanted Wade. He glanced down the aisle behind them then back to Wade.

"I'm just getting some things for mom" he said explaining the obvious.

"Yeah, we came for Liza's mom. She's is having a cookout for..." Wade suddenly stammering to a stop, "...well she is having it for Liza and me for us starting college."

Gavin understood he wasn't invited and now knew for sure Elizabeth really didn't like him. He saw her smile knowingly and he refused to give her the satisfaction by looking disappointed.

"Hey, well you guys have fun. I guess we're all starting classes in the next couple of weeks."

Wade's expression changed slightly, something almost sad in the way he looked.

"I guess you'll be leaving next week for Atlanta?"

"Yeah, and I can't wait, you know?" Gavin replied and instantly regretted how he responded to Wade.

Wade turned to Elizabeth pushing the shopping cart in front of her.

"Go on ahead. I'll catch up in a minute."

Elizabeth frowned as she put her hands on the cart and walked away. Wade watched her move off waiting till she was around the corner and some distance away.

"Look Gavin...I'm sorry you weren't invited. I told her you were my friend but she..."

"It's okay. It's not like we're going to be seeing each other in the future very often and if she is important to you then..."

"But I don't know if she is" Wade cut him off. Wade moved closer to Gavin, mere inches separating them. "I sometimes don't know what I know. I just wish I had gotten that scholarship so I could have left like you're doing."

"You're only going two years then transferring, right?"

"That is the plan" Wade responded and he smiled.

"Well I guess we should finish our shopping. You don't want to keep Elizabeth waiting."

"That is true" Wade laughed shaking his head, "Liza can be a little controlling. See you when you come into town?"

"Yeah, I'm sure we can catch up then" Gavin replied feeling it was a lie. He pushed the shopping cart down the aisle heading away from Wade not looking back to see if he was watching him walk off or if he had already taken off for Elizabeth.

"Gavin" Wade called out suddenly and Gavin turned to see him still standing at the end of the aisle. "I'm going to miss having you around...ya know?"

Gavin was surprised and nodded his head in acknowledgement as Wade walked off not waiting for any kind of response.


Gavin drove down the interstate his mind racing with all that had happened during his first semester. The traffic was heavier than usual and he found himself mindlessly following one vehicle or another for miles at a time whatever speed they were traveling. He had found the classes not nearly as hard as he feared and the dorm was actually a good place to live with the others there to help with class assignments, always someone ready to take a break and play a video game or just hang out listening to music or watch some movie.

It had been all so great but not nearly as great as the fact he had gone on his first date. It took him weeks to build up the courage to go to a gay and lesbian group meeting on campus and afterward he found himself going to parties or just hanging out with some of the people he was meeting. And he went out with a few guys, the first couple just a dinner date that ended with the two of them knowing they were not attracted to each other. But the third guy he went out with was different. Anton was an art major and he was so different from anyone Gavin had ever met. Anton was from Baltimore and his dark skin and dark hair belied the Spanish heritage on his mother's side of his family. He wore his hair long, typically in a ponytail and clothes Gavin had only seen in movies or television shows. Anton was a temptation Gavin couldn't say no to and soon found himself in Anton's bed. For nearly a month they dated and it was an awakening for Gavin, a time he found himself but in the end he realized Anton was someone who captured his imagination but not his heart and he shocked himself by being the one who broke off their dating.

It took a couple of weeks but Anton was once again including him in his parties and going out to one of the night clubs. Gavin found the distractions satisfying as the term ended and he found himself thinking of being home over the holidays. Of being back in that rural environment where he would have to put on his mask and pretend to be someone else for a few weeks. He wondered who he'd see while at home and Wade came to mind once again, like he always did when Gavin was feeling lonely, or thinking of the kind of guys he found attractive. He thought of the day in the grocery store, the last time he had seen Wade. He had made it home a couple of times during the Fall semester but they were so rushed, his parents keeping him busy visiting relatives and having everyone over to see him while he was home he had not gotten in touch with Wade, always telling himself it was for the better. He wondered if Wade had known of his weekend visits and if he was disappointed by not hearing from him. He had texted and touched base with Wade on social media sites online but after a few weeks they communicated less and less and Gavin knew it was he who had pulled back trying to give up on his infatuation with Wade and move on. He had not heard from Wade since before he had started dating Anton back in mid-October.

It was getting dark when he exited the interstate and turned onto the rural county road that would take him to his community. The road undulated with the terrain, up and down, and winding around hills and crossing creeks and rail road tracks and after nearly an hour he found himself turning on the road that led to his parents and he suddenly felt like he was home. The headlights cut through the darkness as he drove and he picked up his cell phone tempted to call Wade and he worked his way through the contacts and pulled up Wade's number. His thumb hovered over the small screen ready to press the call button lit up, but he couldn't do it and he exited the contacts section and tossed his phone into the passenger seat.

That night was a rush of getting settled back into his room and sitting around the kitchen table eating a late dinner as he told his parents how the term ended and an edited version of events over the last few days on campus. He was helping his mother clean up the kitchen, the two of them standing at the sink with him rinsing dishes and his mother loading the dishwasher.

"Did you hear about Wade?"

"What? No...what do you mean?"

"Oh it's nothing serious. He got into a wreck the other night coming home from that community college. He had stayed late to do some studying and on the way home a deer ran out in front of him."

"Was he hurt?" Gavin asked trying to suppress his anxiousness.

"Well, he totaled that little car he drove...what was it, a Honda or something like that. I think the deer came over the hood and busted the windshield and he went off the road"

"Was he hurt?" Gavin repeated and his mother realized he was showing real concern, a level she hadn't expected.

"Not too bad...I think he broke his arm and had some scraps and bruising. Don't you talk to Wade anymore?"

Gavin stared at his mother a moment then caught his breath. "Not in a while" and she could tell by his tone that things were changing for her son, that he was slowly moving on and she turned quickly back to the dishwasher closing the door and turning it on, trying not to think of it.

Saturday morning Gavin was up early and for hours he paced around the house, walked around the yard and eventually headed down the lane between the fields that led to the fish pond at the back of the property. The grass was grown up and he made his way carefully around the edge of the pond all the while his thoughts turned to Wade and how they had grown apart and he wondered if it was for good. 'Was this how it happens?' he asked himself and wondered if Wade was still with Elizabeth, if they were still dating, making plans for the future and he thought of how their separation caused Wade not to bother to even call him about his wreck.

After lunch he climbed into his SUV and headed toward town telling himself he would go knock around in town to kill some time but when he passed the highway that led to Wade's place he slowed telling himself he should have turned. 'Maybe on the way back' he told himself as he sped back up.

He cruised around town, went into a couple of shops and eventually went into the old diner in town that served ice cream. Cone in hand he drove around till he came to the small park in town and he parked in the lot next to the tennis courts. It was cool but he lowered the windows and shut off the engine. There were a few families at the playground otherwise the park was empty and he found himself just staring off in the distance. Across the street was the middle school, the campus empty, no sign of life.

He ate the last of the cone and wiped his hands. Sitting back he wondered if he would ever feel at home in this place again. A Volkswagen drove by, an old Golf that was white and so nondescript he hadn't really paid it any attention until he saw it turn around at the next parking lot and come back. It pulled into the parking lot and stopped in the next aisle of parking spaces and he saw it was Wade behind the wheel.

His surprise was exceeded by his joy at seeing Wade. He watched Wade climb out of the car and walk toward him, limping slightly and his left arm in a cast. Gavin could see his face still had bruising when he got close.

"Goddamn...Gavin, when did you get in?"

"Last night" he replied as he unlocked the passenger door letting Wade climb in. "Damn you look kind of rough."

"Yeah, but I do look better than I did a week ago. Damn I was bruised."

"You okay?"

"Yes...I'm okay. Still hurt from time to time but lucky it wasn't worse. I drove off the road into the woods and scraped by a huge fucking oak. I'm lucky I didn't hit it head on."

"I wish you'd called and let me know."

"I started to call you but then figured you were in the middle of finals and..." Wade replied letting his voice trail off.

"I guess we haven't been keeping up with each other the last few weeks, but... sorry man. Did you get through your finals?"

"Oh yes; my instructors took one look at me and realized I wasn't faking and worked with me to make up the couple I missed."

"Good" Gavin replied and they sat for a moment in silence neither knowing what to say.

"What are you doing parked here?" Wade asked and Gavin just shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah...sometimes..." and Wade fell silent.

"Elizabeth and you still..."

"No" Wade interrupted him, "no...broke it off five...six weeks ago now. How long are you home?"

"Till the third of January."

"Listen...I know your mom probably has every moment planned out for you while you're home but if you have some free me; okay?"

"I will" Gavin replied and he saw that look on Wade's face, the one he had seen before. One he felt he understood himself. "Mom has dinner planned tonight but what about tomorrow night?"

"Don't you have to go to church?"

"I'm not going. So do you want to do something?"


"Come over around four and we'll go into town for dinner and then...we can go back and play video games or something."

Wade looked at him smiling, nodding his head.

"I'll see you tomorrow afternoon" as he opened the door and eased out. Gavin watched him walk back to his car and within a minute Wade was driving away.


They drove into nearby Eustis, the small town that existed to serve the farming communities around it. Downtown hadn't changed much since the 1950's except most of the storefronts were empty or occupied by some sort of consignment shop or resale store. The independent drug store clung on and next door the small diner where Gavin and Wade found themselves sitting in the middle of the room crowded with locals eating dinner prior to going to church.

Their conversation was friendly, catching up with each other, Wade talking about how he broke it off with Elizabeth and the classes he took at the community college and Gavin telling of life on campus, leaving out the entire episode with Anton. The laughed and joked around but through the entire dinner there was a tension between them and Gavin knew it was him, the way he was keeping secrets from Wade, unable to confess to him who he really was and how with Wade it was difficult. He was sure Wade was picking up on his reticence.

On the drive back to Gavin's home music played filling the silence between them. They would pass one place or another that had played some role in their past lives and they would reminiscence for a few minutes. As Gavin pulled around his home and into his parking space they watched his parents getting into their car heading to church.

"Your folks heading off to church?"


"So we'll have the house to ourselves for a couple of hours?"

Gavin suppressed the urge to smile just nodding his head.

Inside they kicked off their shoes and sat in the floor leaning back against Gavin's bed. A box he had packed was open, several video games lying around it. The small television showed the sight and sound of the game they were playing. Wade struggled with the awkward way he had to hold the controller and Gavin played to win feeling competitive with Wade, some need to express his dominance in some way, even if it was just a video game.

They bumped into each other, Wade more often into Gavin, his moves awkward with the controller having to deal with the cast on his left arm. They trashed talked and nudged each other, Wade at times pushing his foot against Gavin's trying to get him to mess up. But all through their banter and Wade's interfering with Gavin's play, it was Gavin who won each game.

"Cheat" Wade uttered.

"Hey...I can't help it if you're in a cast. Besides this is probably the only type of game I could beat you in" Gavin replied acknowledging their differences, he still skinny and Wade so muscular.

"Yeah, whatever" Wade replied jokingly. They continued to play, to bump each other trying to make the other mess up. Gavin pushed back one time a little harder than usual and Wade's eye lit up, the challenge put to him and he was soon wrestling Gavin to the floor. Even with his left arm in a cast he quickly got Gavin on his back pinned to the floor.

Gavin felt the weight of Wade on top of him and the way their breathing was in rhythm, both breathing hard. He felt the heat of Wade's body, the firmness of it, the way it covered him and looking up he saw a trickle of sweat moving slowly down the side of his face, cutting back and forth over the smooth skin finding its way down.

"Okay I give" Gavin whispered aware of how it made him feel to have Wade on top of him, the way Wade's body pushed down on him, especially the way one of Wade's legs fit up between his own pressing against his cock.

Wade just looked at him, his expression growing serious. The drop of sweat fell to Gavin's cheek.

"You never went out with anyone in high school" Wade said, more as a fact than some sort of question. Gavin grew worried, fearful Wade was going to confront him while he had him pinned to the floor. He opened his mouth to protest but no sound escaped. He didn't know how to respond. He wanted to rise up and kiss Wade, to wrap his arms around Wade's neck and hug their bodies together. Instead he lay there frozen.

Wade stared at him, their faces inches apart then he smiled ever so slightly, almost a smirk and Gavin wondered what he was up to. Wade moved down to him, slowly and just before he put his lips to Gavin's he whispered his name.

Gavin was shocked but quickly kissed back and they moved together, hands roaming over the other, lips moving over cheeks, necks, along jaws and around ears. Gavin felt Wade's hand at his waist, felt the tug on his shirt then the bare hand on his stomach, warm, firmly touching him and he pushed upward against it.

Gavin threw his arms out to his side and pushed upward against the hand that moved up his stomach and over his chest as Wade's lips and tongue worked his right ear.

"I've always wanted to do this...with you" Wade whispered in Gavin's ear. Gavin felt his shirt being pushed up till it locked tightly underneath his arms, his chest and stomach exposed. Wade lips moved over his chest, circled one nipple, tongued it, and sucked on it making its center hard and erect. Wade nipped it with his teeth making Gavin cry out.

Gavin felt Wade's fingers move down one side, moving over the undulating surface of his ribs and along the their lower edge where his stomach was pulled inward. A finger moved down the center of his stomach, circled his navel and as Wade moved to his neck again, kissing and nipping at the skin the finger moved to Gavin's jeans and moved along his waist where the jeans sat low on his hips. Gavin sucked in his breath opening the gap along his waist and Wade slipped his hand down inside Gavin's jeans, worked fingers beneath Gavin's briefs. Gavin felt them comb through his pubic hair, rake through its small fan shape over his cock. He felt his cock flex and stretch out some more with every touch growing more aroused the closer Wade got to it.

Then the fingers touched it, moved along its length till they toyed with the head, encircled it and gave it a squeeze. Gavin pushed upward feeling it flex up thicker, push out with greater hardness. Wade pulled his hand from Gavin's jeans and moved downward lips trailing over Gavin's chest, his stomach then trailed along the waist of his jeans as Wade began to undo his jeans, working the button loose, pulling the zipper down and working them down to mid-thigh.

"I've got to get you out of these clothes" Wade whispered more to himself than to Gavin.

Gavin lay back feeling the way Wade was moving over him. He felt exposed with his jeans pulled down knowing his briefs bulged with his erection and he felt Wade's breath on it, felt lips touch it, move along its length, close over the head and suck. Gavin cried out as he pushed upward against Wade's mouth and he felt Wade suck harder.

Gavin leaned up on his elbows and looked down on Wade, watched the way Wade manipulated his cock through his briefs that were so wet he could see the head of his cock clearly through the fabric. Wade looked up at him, eyes unfocused, lost to his desires and Gavin saw him slip the fingers of his good hand over the waistband of his briefs as he looked pleadingly up at him. Gavin rose his hips up letting Wade pull his briefs down and as he came to the jeans lying at mid-thigh he took them too, pulling everything down his legs.

Wade sat up and worked his jeans and briefs off each foot. Gavin slipped his shirt over his head leaving him naked. Wade sat back and struggled to get his jeans and briefs off.

"Help me me get them off" Wade pleaded with desperation.

Gavin rose up on his knees and helped get Wade's jeans and briefs pulled down and off each leg. Wade's cock flopped out free already hard showing his aroused state. Gavin reached out and let his fingers glide up its curved length and he heard Wade gasp for breath.

"Help me with my shirt" Wade begged as he worked to unbutton it.

Clothes tossed across the floor they lay against each other their naked bodies touching, rubbing over each other as they kissed, roamed their hands along the other's sides and back, and down over curved ass cheeks.

"Wade...I'll do anything you want" Gavin whispered in Wade's ear as he brought his hand between them taking their cocks holding them together. He pumped his hips moving his cock through his hand and along side of Wade's cock and Wade pushed upward hard jabbing his cock into Gavin's stomach.

"Fuck" Wade uttered as he took Gavin by the neck and pulled them together kissing roughly as Gavin toyed with his cock. Wade rolled onto his back pulling Gavin on top of him.

Gavin felt the larger body beneath him with its firm muscular form and he ground his cock against it, his body undulated over it and his hands move up and down its sides. He shifted upward and felt Wade's cock slip up between his legs and he pushed against it, pumped his hips up and down letting it rub over his ass. Wade struggled beneath him aroused by every touch and the heat between them.

Wade pulled Gavin to him, kissed him roughly then moved to his left ear rimming it with his tongue.

"Fuck me...fuck me Gavin" Wade pleaded.

Gavin was stunned and for a moment he just stared down at Wade unsure he heard correctly. Wade's legs spread apart letting him drop down between them and he felt Wade's hand hold him by his ass pulling them tighter together.

"Please..." Wade uttered, the word escaping like an exhale of breath, desperate, pleading.

Gavin sat up and shifted into position, rubbed his cock along Wade's ass leaving a slick trail in its path. Wade spread his legs further bringing his knees up. Gavin slipped his hands underneath Wade's knees, lifted upward and pushed them back folding Wade in half turning his ass upward as he moved over him. His cock found its target and pressed against Wade's hole and he pushed, slowly, feeling his cock head squeeze into Wade, breach his opening penetrating him.

Wade cried out as his body quivered beneath Gavin.

Gavin pushed inward slowly, the way Anton had done him so many times before, working gently into Wade, inch by inch till his hips pressed against Wade's ass.

"You have all of me" Gavin whispered in Wade's ear as he felt Wade relax to the penetration.

"Fuck me Gavin" Wade said and Gavin pulled upward with his hips pulling his cock nearly out of Wade then he pushed it back in, all the way. Over and over he moved his cock through the tight opening to Wade's hole till he felt it loosen, felt Wade take him easily and he increased his pace, pumped his hips till he was fucking, driving cock into Wade faster and faster.

Wade's right hand moved over his back and he felt the way it moved slickly over his skin. He was sweating with his exertion. He let Wade's legs slip down and around his waist as he fucked Wade's ass with full deep thrusts.

Gavin rose up over Wade on his hands and feet and drove his cock into Wade furiously, all of his pent up desire for Wade driving him, making him fuck harder. Wade was noisy beneath him, moaning and crying out for him to fuck harder and Gavin found the energy to do so. His cock became so sensitive, every touch bringing him to climax and he drove his cock inward hard feeling the surge of cum race through it. He piston his cock inside Wade as he shot wad after wad and he kept fucking till his cock grew too sensitive for any further stimulation. He fell down on top of Wade heaving for breath and he felt the way his sweaty skin slid over Wade.

Gavin rolled over to Wade's side and slid his hand down over Wade's broad chest and flat stomach feeling it slide slickly over his skin. He didn't' realize what he was feeling till his hand found Wade's flaccid cock, slimy with his cum.

"You made me cum" Wade whispered.



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