Chapter 6: The final act 

Both Toby and Jonathan had been fucked hard by Vince Josh and Jim, and Jim had been fucked hard by Josh twice as well as by Vince’s huge cock.

The two hour session began to round down and everyone with the exception of Sam was naked and seed spent.

Sam had a grin like a Cheshire cat as he sat still fully dressed and pondered on the visual feast he had witnessed before his eyes. He loved the contrasts of Dad and son, Uncle and nephew, the big brute build of Jim getting fucked and turned out by cute younger Josh, and the forty year age gap between Uncle Jonathan and Vince’s stepson Joshua.

“Well this is fun” Sam announced
 “I hope you are being entertained” Vince responded
 “I would clap but I am not sure the performance is finished yet”

Vince knew only too well what it was that Sam wanted to see. The duo he had been aching to watch and that had brought him to Vince in the beginning with his schemes and plans in the back of his mind.

Vince turned to face Josh with a serious expression on his face as he held out a small bottle of lube.
 Josh needed no prompting or coercion. He stepped forward and dropped down to his knees and looked longingly at the hanging flaccid member that even in its soft state was 6 inches in length and had a considerable thick girth.

It was time to awaken it once again and Josh took the bottle from his stepdad and poured some of contents onto his palms.

“Make sure you grease your Dads tool fucking good lad cos your old man is going to shove it all deep inside your arsehole” Vince stated with a menacing wide eyed stare
 “All nine inches of thick fat cock stuffed in your tight little hole!” Vince added as Josh began to add the lubrication, his hands barely able to wrap around its circumference as he stroked in a downward motion.

Josh pulled gently as he added more lube and felt his stepdads cock begin to firm and stand outwards. Aware that Sam was watching intently sat on the edge of his chair, eagerly watching Josh handle his stepdad’s growing manhood and clearly enthusiastic about the moment when Josh would be penetrated roughly.

Josh knew this was not going to be a delicate affectionate affair. That was not what Sam wanted to see and certainly not in his stepdads nature.
 But Josh was fine with that, he had experienced his share of sensual romantic anal sex in his time and his bout of brutal arse fucking by Sam had stimulated him greatly to the point that he had shot his load without touching himself.

 Now the thought of his stepdads goliath hard cock slamming into him forcibly was enough to get Josh’s own cock expanding in eager anticipation. He wanted to feel stretched open wide and driven deep, he wanted to cry out as sheer agony and ecstasy were combined.

“You want that big fucking cock son?” Vince asked through gritted teeth as his cock reached its full extent
 “Yes, fuck me please Dad” Josh replied
 “You sure son? You sure you want that faggot hole of yours shagged hard?”
 “Yes please. Fuck my faggot hole please Dad” Josh this time pleaded
 “Get the fuck up and bend over and show me that cunt” Vince ordered.

Josh jumped to his feet and turned around and bent forward as he grabbed his rounded cheeks firmly and spread them apart giving both Vince and Sam a good view.

“Finger that queer hole lad and show me how much you want it. Let me hear you fucking beg for your old man’s hard cock”
 Josh pressed his already greased fingers against his hole as he turned to see Vince stroking and gripping his Dad dong firmly, his gaze fixed on Joshua’s hole as a single finger slid inside quickly followed by a second.

Joshua had performed this act multiple times before in the shower with soap suds as his stepdad had stood taken a slash at the toilet, listening to the roaring torrent of piss that hit the bowl and almost drowned out the sound of the shower. Josh had felt his fingers deep within and had attempted to glimpse the manhood through the fogged up shower door glass.

He had yearned for his stepdad to notice his teasing actions and to be aroused by his display, but there was never any indication he had ever even realised as Josh stimulated his hole and imagined that cock inside.

Sam stood up from his chair unable to keep his distance and keen to get a closer look. He approached and watched Vince’s tight fisted two handed grip slowly working his slippery swollen schlong as Josh stuck a third finger in his hungry wanton hole.

Sam could tell the lad was eager, he was fucking gagging at the bit to get that hard Dad dick rammed deep in his man pussy.

 He must have been dreaming about that beast of a cock in his rear end from the first moment he witnessed it swinging like salami between his stepdads chunky thighs, the sight of a mammoth man sized member mesmerising and alluring him, giving him fantasies of what it would be like to handle and explore.

“Oh yeah you dirty lad you want that so damn bad” Sam said excitedly as thoughts and images run through his mind of past present and future.

Josh moved his fingers out of the way, spreading his cheeks in readiness and he did not have to wait long before feeling the large moist nib of his stepdads cock, nudging against his opening and ready to spear him through.

 Sam crouched down with his jaw open as he watched the vision of the swollen head press against the puckered opening several times in a teasing taunting fashion. The foreskin pulled tight exposing half of the swollen purple gland, a globule of pre cum connected to the hole as Vince pulled back creating a translucent strand that hung like a suspension bridge between the pair.

Vince hovered, waiting, biding his time as the soft flesh of his sons opening twitched in preparation.

There were no words of warning, just one almighty thrust as Vince gripped his son’s hips firmly and pulled them back onto his hard tool as he simultaneously pushed forward.

Josh let out a loud a squeal that resonated around the room and several whimpers as he felt himself being prised open and skewered and yet he found himself still wanting it more than ever.

 “Oh fuck me please Dad” Josh begged

“Fucking take that big cock you fucking poof” Vince demanded as he heaved more of his meat rod inside the opening that clamped around his throbbing girth.

His son’s sphincter tighter and more restrictive than any fisted grip he had held his prick with

It was a battle of wills as Josh fought to take it and Vince fought to cram it in.
 But with will power nothing is insurmountable, and Josh had will power, he wanted this badly and could feel the seemingly never ending length push its way in filling every part of his cavity.

Josh felt one final firm push as he heard his stepdad’s voice growl
 “Oh yeah, fucking get right in there”
 That was it, Josh felt the hefty sweaty bollocks against the rim of his hole and now he knew things were about to get more interesting.

There was a momentary pause as the large cock filled his void and Vince continued gripping his hips holding Josh in position. Then slowly the motion began, like a well oiled piston that is slowly picking up in speed as the engine gets warmed up.

Josh grimaced, his teeth grinding as his eyes clenched tight and in that moment he had a flashback.
 The first time he had witnessed his stepdad come out of the bedroom in the morning naked with a lazy lob on swaying impressively from side to side. His eyes had fixated as if hypnotised by the movement, the king size cock semi engorged and puffed up, offering a true insight into its full length.

Josh had eventually been taught the full extent during the evenings of forced oral action upon it leaving him horse and his voice croaky from the tissue scars at the back of his throat. People at work put his voice down to late nights of drinking and smoking but the truth would have sounded darker than they could have dealt with... But Josh had loved every moment of brutal manly attention.

Josh felt a hard slap to his arse snapping him from his memories and felt the momentum and motion picking up as Vince got into his stride. His sphincter muscles relaxed to the size and the pounding yet still he felt every inch as it pounded in to him.

“Yeah fucking take that” Vince shouted as another bout of slaps landed on both arse cheeks leaving tender red glowing hand impressions
 “Oh fuck me with your big dick please Dad” Josh whimpered
 “Getting it right up the shit chute from Dad” Sam added in vulgar fashion as his hand rubbed against his groin

The arse fucking continued as did the spanking and verbal abuse from both Sam and Vince alike and there were times when Josh felt like he was floating away in an outer body experience, the physical exertion and pleasure more than his body and mind could deal with as he gasped and groaned and threatened to hyper ventilate.

It was a blissful state like an intense high and Josh could not stop his memories jumping around to various key times in his past that hinted at his stepdads sexual nature. Moments he had ignored at the time and now that shone like beacons in his storm of thoughts.

At some point in proceedings two new guests had entered the room but had gone unnoticed by Vince and Josh even as the two men had stripped off their clothes.

The shagging continued with no sign of letting up, both Dad and son sweating profusely as they groaned and grunted loudly.

“Fuck!” finally came the very loud guttural cry from Vince as his brow continued to drip with sweat and his intensity increased once more
 “Yeah go on” Sam encouraged aware of the imminence of the stepdads load
 “Fill his arse hole with your hot Dad spunk” Sam added, his eyes bulging from his head.

Josh felt his Dads sweaty bollocks slapping with force with each stroke into his clammy hole, his hands gripping firmly on Joshua’s now tender cheeks as the thrusts struck with force.

“Fuck!!!” Vince cried out again as he felt his buck of a son back up to receive his load

Sam watched eagerly as the last thrust paused and Vince’s strong stocky thighs quivered from his release.
 He watched closely as the cum sticky cock was pulled free and immediately stepped forward so as to stick a finger inside the warm spunk dripping hole, feeling the fresh Dad seed sliding over his finger as it coated the inside of the soft fleshy walls and looking over at the slowly softening sticky cock that had filled it moments earlier.

Vince gasped as he caught his breath and watched Sam intently exploring his son’s sodden opening. Vince figured this was the final climax, the culmination, the end to the scene and time to get paid... He was wrong.

 Chapter 7: Awakenings and revelations

Sam could not resist spreading the arse cheeks to see the cum laden hole ooze with its creamy offerings. Sam pushed his tongue against it and licked what contents he could reach like licking out a cream filled donut, the manly savoury fluid blending with musky flavour of fresh sweaty arsehole.

Sam stood up with Vince’s jizz dripping from his mouth and down his chin and undone his belt and trousers hurriedly.

Vince assumed that Sam was going to slide his stiff pecker in the spunk filled arse but as Sam’s eyes fixed on Vince he knew he was wrong.

“Get here and get on your knees” Sam demanded
 Josh turned around quickly but realised the words were not directed at him.

Josh watched as his stepdad approached and immediately fell to his knees, his jaw dropping open widely as he took Sam’s stiff prick all the way down in one quick action.

“Fucking suck it faggot, now I know where your stepson gets it from, why he is so fucking queer” Sam said grabbing at the back of Vince’s head and beginning to skull fuck him hard and fast.

“Dirty cunt, you want that bad don’t you, you been aching for some cock shoved in your gob” Sam added looking over at Josh and grinning

Josh watched, at first surprised and taken a back, and then aroused by the sight of his subservient stepdad whose hands were placed instinctively behind his back as he remained kneeling and sucking obediently. The stiff cock ramming down his throat with ease as Sam continued his barrage of insults that went unattended and not one denied.

“You’re just a filthy cock sucker too aren’t you?” Sam asked and Josh watched as Sam pulled his spittle dripping cock free from Vince’s gasping hungry mouth.

“Well?” Sam added as he threatened to withhold that which Vince seemed so focused on having back down his throat

“I am a filthy cock sucking poof!” Vince shouted loud enough to echo around the room and no doubt heard across the whole house

The erect cock homed back in on the willing eager mouth and Sam let out a deep satisfying sigh.

Josh wondered if it was the admission or the actions that were making Sam look so smug, or both. Either way Josh could not take his eyes away from the way his stepdad worked cock like a cum hungry whore.

“Get here you dirty little bastard” Sam spoke and Josh knew he was referring to him this time.

Josh approached and dropped to his knees by the side of his stepdad and they began to share the bounty between them, the spit glistening erect cock being serviced by stepdad and stepson at the same time, Sam holding one hand upon each of their heads as he watched.

Their tongues occasionally touched as their spit and saliva combined, exploring cock and balls alike in a joint act of giving pleasure as Sam watched. Their open mouths met at his large swollen head and with released passion they tongued and kissed with the dripping gland between them.

“You both want that fucking badly I can tell. Fuck you are both making me so hard, dirty duo of Dad and son, each as fucking bent as the other. I wonder how long you have both been gagging for this moment of joint explored lust”

Josh heard the words and wondered the same as he tasted his stepdads mouth which seemed more intense and aromatic then the cock they now shared, or maybe he was just more aware of his stepdads flavours because of what that meant to him.

Josh and Vince shared the clearly aroused cock with veins protruding down its full length, each engulfing the stiff cock to the balls before releasing and the other taking his turn, being taken equally between them lustfully as both now had their hands behind their backs.

The pair continued in a seemingly choreographed act that saw them both sucking and licking on Sam’s bollocks and sucking his cock.

Sam motioned his hands and the pair found themselves in the centre of a circle of 6 men in total, 2 of which were complete strangers but all of which were naked and cocks erect.

“I see some other stiff pricks that need servicing by a couple of slutty queers” Sam said looking around the circle.

Josh and Vince made their way around the circle in opposite directions, sucking one by one until the moment they swopped over and could taste where the other had been, the residue of the others spittle guiding there way.

Josh receiver the first load from one of the strangers who pulled his cock free and splattered over Josh’s face like a thick batter mix. Vince then got his own spray of cum from Toby and then Jim whilst Josh got another coating by Jonathan and the second stranger.

Their two faces looked like they had been they had been sprayed in icing, white translucent seed from 5 different men and now the two knelt in front of Sam.

Sam had not cum for a week in eager anticipation of this moment and he looked down as both looked up, pressed sticky cum coated cheek to sticky cum coated cheek with mouths open wide in readiness of his gift as Sam used his hand to finish the act.

“Yeah you both fucking want my load don’t you” Sam groaned as his fist moved with speed up and down his shaft

“Shit yeah you dirty bastards fucking open up wide”

Sam huffed and puffed as he felt his ejaculate build up until suddenly his tightly grasped hand stopped. Sam pointed his cock at each mouth as thick white spunk erupted free, a spray that covered foreheads, cheeks, chins and mouths, an impressive volume of nut juice that he served up to both stepdad and stepson.

Josh realised in that moment of sharing that it had not been what they did not have in common that had kept them from being close. It was the fear of what they did have in common that had prevented his stepdad creating a close bond. Now as the pair shared the multiple loads of jizz covering, from their lips, chin, cheeks and forehead, he knew they would be closer than ever they had been before.



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