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Chapter 4: Confessions and plans

 Josh was in his room sat at his computer when he heard the front door bell, shortly followed by a loud commotion in the hallway downstairs. He jumped from his chair and dashed down to see what was going on to witness Vince pinning his mate Toby against the wall by his throat. Toby’s face was going from red to beetroot as he struggled to breath with two hands pressed against his wind pipe

“You’re a loud mouthed mother fucker you really are Toby!”
“Dad please” Josh begged as he tugged at his stepdads arm

Vince loosened his grip and Toby gasped for air
“What the fuck was that for?” Toby managed to ask as he caught his breath
“Your big bloody mouth” Vince responded his face red and angry as he huffed and puffed fuelled with an adrenaline rage.
“I don’t understand” Toby responded causing Vince to raise his hand 

Toby went to back up to get out of the way but he was already against the wall“Dad!” Josh shouted in protest

Toby looked at Josh and back at Vince as he held his hands up, his palms facing Vince as a means of defence

“OK, calm down” Toby said
“Don’t tell me to calm down you cunt” Vince responded with no sign of a dampening of his temper
“Look yes I might have mentioned to Sam your son was a poofter” Toby acknowledged his hands still held out stretched as if expecting a second imminent attack.

“Dad it is OK” Josh said putting his hand on Vince’s shoulder and rubbed gently

“And what else spouted out of your mouth?” Vince said lunging forward a little and making Toby press himself flat against the wall

“I might have mentioned a few other things” Toby admitted looking more than a little fearful
“Certain camping trip events, and your Uncle, tell me Toby did you tell Sam the whole story?” Vince asked before adding
“Or did you tell him the version you wanted him to hear and left out the other bits”
“I err well” Toby stuttered
“Get on your knees” Vince ordered pointing at the floor
“Sorry? What?” Toby asked sounding confused
“I said get the fuck on your knees bitch!” Vince shouted raising his fist in the air

Toby immediately dropped down and began to beg pathetically
“Please Vince mate, I did not mean anything by it. I was drunk mate you know what it is like buddy. A few drinks loosen the tongue and...”
“Get your dick out Josh” Vince demanded as his gaze remained fixed on Toby 

“Sorry” Josh said unsure what was happening
“Is there a hearing loss problem that is contagious here. I said get your bloody knob out” Vince said as he clenched his fist and continued to look at Toby with a steely look

Josh undone the zipper on his jeans and fumbled at the button before pulling free his soft flaccid cock.

“Suck it!” Vince ordered Toby looked up at him helplessly and then up at Josh, and then looked at Joshua’s cock
“Listen you have had your bit of fun Vince mate”
“Fun, my fun has just begun, so don’t go fucking tell me I have had it already... Mate!”

Toby looked up and saw the look of seething rage in Vince’s eyes.
That look that said he was at boiling point.

 Toby leaned towards Josh and opened his mouth reluctantly as he closed his eyes, the feel of the tip of the soft cock touching his lips and slowly passing into his mouth.

 Josh felt the warm moist tongue on the underside of his shaft and felt the lips close around his cock as a gentle sucking motion began, Toby’s hand reached out and held the base as he suckled away and soon Josh felt his cock begin to awaken and fill out, expanding and lengthening down in to Toby’s mouth inch by inch until his full firm six inches extended fully outwards.

 Toby continued, his head bobbing up and down in an uncoordinated awkward manner

“What is it Toby, been so fucking long that you forgotten how to suck cock” Vince commented as he watched

“I remember how much you used to love sucking cock... buddy... mate...” Vince said with a sarcastic tone Toby’s eyes remained tightly closed, his face grimacing as he continued his ungraceful sucking

“Bet you did not tell Sam about that part of the story did you. How when we shared a tent you would open the sleeping bag in the night and play with my dick... get it all big and hard and then suck it. Honestly did you think I was asleep, like I would be able to sleep through getting noshed off until I shot my wad down your eager throat, and the way you swallowed all the evidence and lapped up every bit, did you tell Sam about that mate”

Toby continued to suck, his rhythm improving slowly as Vince carried on speaking

“Bet you did not tell him did you. Well how about I tell him you sucked my poofter son’s cock until he shot his cum in your mouth” Toby’s eyes suddenly opened but he continued his journey up and down the erect shaft of Joshua’s spit gleaming six inch cock

“Oh yeah mate! That is right. You’re going to milk my son dry” 

Josh looked at Vince with a look of surprise. Not because he was going to get his buddy to swallow his cum but because he had referred to him as son.

 In all the years he had been married to his mother he had never called him son, and now during the process of watching him getting his dick sucked the word slipped from his lips with ease, and he was getting a bona. The light blue tracksuit bottoms could not conceal the evidence of his member that was swelling and stretching beneath the fabric as he watched Josh get a blow job from Toby.

“How does that queer cock taste Toby?” Vince taunted as he crouched down and watched closely
“Bet your fucking loving it really. Well when you are done your going to suck my cock too, see if that mouth of yours needs stretching from something other than telling people things you shouldn’t” 

Josh felt his cock pulsate at the prospect of witnessing his stepdad fucking Toby’s mouth. The thought of his stepdads large member thrusting into that gullet coated with Joshua’s fresh seed.
The thoughts triggered something inside and Josh felt his muscles suddenly tense up as he groaned loudly, his thighs quivering as he felt his cock ready to release a premature load.

“Don’t stop Toby, and don’t spill a single drop or I will beat your fucking arse into next weekend buddy” Vince said as his eyes widened and he edged a little closer whilst still crouching down.

“Go on son, fucking bust your nut in his cum hungry mouth”  Joshua gasped for air and felt his deluge of juice spew out and before even the last drops were set free his stepdad stood upright, pulling forward the elastic waistband and hauling his own achingly hard cock out. Pushing his huge member towards Toby allowing only a few gasps between cocks before his mouth was filled again.

 Toby’s eyes widened as he got to the midsection of the thick throbbing schlong and Josh stood with his still stiff prick dripping on to the floor as he watched in wonder, his stepdad’s cock struggling to get any deeper with its impressive girth.

 “Come on Toby, I remember you getting a lot further than that. You remember don’t you, all those times you sucked my dong, fucker you could not get enough” 

Toby heaved as Vince pushed the back of his head encouraging more of the colossal cock down his gullet
 “Even getting me naked and hard in front of your Uncle when he was asleep on the river bank, but he was never really asleep was he Toby. You knew he was not asleep and it was all part of your scheme”

 Josh could not believe what he was hearing and he felt his throbbing cock still as stiff as before he had ejaculated.
 “Did you and your Uncle scheme that one together from the beginning did you?”

 Vince face fucked Toby hard and fast, his full length not fully able to penetrate Toby’s tight oesophagus 

“Get your best mate all horned up and open to suggestions. Well maybe I have a few plans in mind too which I am sure you are going to love. You’re going to help me get debt clear buddy, a clean fucking slate”

Josh continued to watch Toby struggle as drawl run down his chin and his eyes bulged swollen with tears. His stepdads stride not slowing or showing and signs of diminishing until after a good 15 minutes when his breathing become more laboured, his groans more urgent.

 Vince gasped and grunted loudly, his cries primal and his thrusts jerking erratically.

“Come on you fucker!” Vince shouted as his hands clenched at the back of Toby’s head propelling his cock in one last time and going even deeper.

There was a chocking sound and the unmistakable sounds of swallowing as Toby struggled to swallow the abundant torrent of spunk that flowed forcefully into his mouth. Vince pulled his member free and gave Toby a hard slap around the face before stepping back as Toby spluttered and coughed. Toby fell forward on to his hands as he continued to gasp

“Don’t you think your done yet buddy, you may have taken care of me but my poofter son has still got a hard on. Take five and get back to fucking work until he is soft”

Toby never even looked up or replied. He just nodded his head.
“Fucking big mouthed cunt” Vince said as he pushed his softening wet cock back in his tracksuit bottoms and walked off.

Toby looked up at Josh and spoke still breathless
“I am really sorry man, really”
Josh pushed his cock away in his jeans and done up the button unsure what to say
 “Listen I better take care of that or he will give me a serious grilling” Toby said looking at Joshua’s crutch

“Looks like you have had enough” Josh responded trying to sound compassionate
“No seriously, let me finish you off properly, please”
Josh looked at the big sorrowful blue eyes and realised, this is how he liked it. In his way this is how he justified to himself what he really wanted to do, and Josh wondered if he was not the only one. 

Josh watched as Toby reached up and undone the button on his jeans and slowly pulled them down along with his underwear before he eased himself forward, his mouth slowly taking Joshua’s full length inch by inch until he reached his sagging nut sack.

 Josh rubbed the back of his head and brushed his fingers through his straw coloured hair as he looked down and saw this man in a whole new light. But Josh recalled his last session with David and reminded himself what this man really desired.

“Fuck! Suck that faggot cock dry you useless shit” Josh said through gritted teeth as he tugged at Toby’s hair roughly and felt his eager mouth take his erect cock with new invigoration and gusto.

 Josh was usually the shy quiet cute bottom type, but now who knew, there could be a ruffty toughty top trying to break free. Truth was he was getting a real buzz from his use of verbal abuse. Joshua’s mind began to wonder, what if Toby was that devious that he understood the consequences of his words to Sam at the time, if he had planned this whole scene to be the potential outcome. Was it possible?

 How would he have known that Vince would just not have gone off the rails completely?

Yet by chance fate or planning he had just happened to turn up at the house the morning after Sam’s visit and now was on his knees. That seemed a bit much for a coincidence.

 Josh looked down and saw that Toby had undone his own zipper and had his right hand inside giving himself a good ole rub and fumble as he continued to suck excitedly.
“Suck my queer cock you fucker” Josh ordered putting his mind back on the task at hand.

 Josh spilled his load after about twenty five minutes or so, and Toby had been persistent, not once slowing or pausing the whole time, even when he had shot his own load discretely within his underpants some time earlier.

Vince heard Sam’s voice as he answered the phone in his usual manner
“Yeah what”
“Sam, it is me Vince”
“Vincent, how is that cute son of yours this morning?”
“Yeah he is good thanks. Actually that is part of why I am calling”
“I am intrigued, go on”
“Well I was wondering about your offer to clear the debt and what you had in mind”

There was a moment of silence before Sam responded
“I was thinking that I would like to see the pair of you together, being intimate, like only a father and son can be”
 “Oh right” Vince replied giving nothing away in the tone of his voice and purposefully leaving his own silence

“Well OK, fine, just that I thought you might have something more... Well entertaining in mind”
Vince smirked to himself as he felt like the bait had been taken and the fishing line was being tugged
“Oh really” Sam said his voice going up in tone to suggest his interest in hearing more
“Well I was thinking more of a Dad and son team up with a third party on the receiving end of both of us"
“Like a tag team” Sam chimed in quickly
“Yeah, yeah like a tag team” Vince responded his smirk widening

“Hmm well, you surprise me. Who exactly do you have in mind as the third party?” Vince left another pause and could almost hear the cogs turning in Sam’s mind as he waited patiently“

I was thinking of Toby” Vince dropped casually in
“I like that idea... Will he do it?”
“Let’s just say he owes me. By the way if I throw in an extra surprise is there something extra in it for me”
“Depends what the surprise is” Sam replied sounding a little cautious
“Trust me Sam, it is one you will like”

Vince said his goodbyes and hung up the phone. The plan was set and Vince had one more trick up his sleeve to work the extra money into the deal.
Vince redialled another number and waited as it rung...
“Is that Jonathan Brown?”
“Yes speaking”
“This is Vince, Toby’s buddy, you remember you used to take us on camping trips...”

Chapter 5: What goes around cums around

Vince was twenty one at the time, his chest arms and thighs of his muscular body already coated in a layer of dark hair and he had been aware for some time that one part of his anatomy was larger than the average.

 He had felt so used and manipulated that evening by the lake.
 It was not that he had not enjoyed it, he had. Yet it felt staged and set up, every moment from the very suggestion of going camping to the sharing of the tent and the late swim at the lake.
All orchestrated by Toby and his Uncle and played out with precision.

 The first nights sharing the sleeping bag in the tent Vince had been aware of Toby’s hand moving slowly down his muscular hairy torso, the unzipping of the sleeping bag and Toby’s hand stroking his cock till stiff. The warm moist sensation of his mouth struggling to engulf his erect member enthusiastically attempting to take as much as he could, both occasions Vince had shot his wad and pretended to remain asleep.

 Then the third evening, the heat and the humid air had made the proposal of going for a swim a welcome one, but the true intent behind it was hidden as Toby’s Uncle accompanied them and watched their wet gleaming youthful bodies from the sandy bank.

 The pair had returned back to the bank in their wet clinging swimwear their torso dripping as they grabbed at each other in a bout of friendly horse play. Jonathan was lay out on the soft sand deep in slumber, or so Vince had assumed. The two continued their friendly rough and tumble and it was Toby who first peeled off his speedos and stood naked in the night air where a welcome breeze had developed.
“Your turn” Toby had said 

 Vincent had swim shorts on that almost went down to his knees and he hesitated as he glanced over at Jonathan
“Don’t worry bro, he is sparko. He won’t wake up any time soon”
Vincent looked back at Toby who seemed confident in his claim as his stood stark bollock naked in the twilight

 “Come on buddy, it will be fun” Toby had goaded him with his usual charming smile Before Vincent knew it they were wrestling, their naked bodies pressed together and rolling on the sand as each attempted to get the upper hand. 

 Their genitals rubbed together and began to quickly awaken but that did not dampen their mood or enthusiasm to grapple around, if anything it added another element to the game they played.

 They become wrapped up in their game and at some point the wrestling had turned to a rubbing thrusting and grinding against one another, the sensation of firm hard cock against firm hard cock as they celebrated the manly features of their bodies and looked into one another eyes laughing playfully.

How long Toby’s Uncle had been watching Vince was unsure but he had glanced over and seen him lay naked, his stiff cock in his hand stroking as he watched the pair.

 “Please, don’t stop” he had said as he smiled Vince felt anxious and nervous. 

Their game had taken a new twist that made him feel uneasy and unsure and yet he continued to play anyway, aware of the audience of one which made every touch feel sensual and magnified, his own nudity heightened, and his arousal increased.

 Toby slid down over the top of Vince’s body and Vince watched to see his soft lips perched at his swollen gland. His tongue protruding as his mouth slowly opened and threatened to continue.
Vince froze instinctively knowing how all this was going to pan out, as if having a premonition, and he was right.

  It was exciting, exhilarating, felt dangerous and daring, naked in the open air with two mouths exploring his body in every nook and every private place. His body never as alive as when the night air brushed over him like a fourth unknown person that was caressing and engaging in their sordid deeds.

 Vince had ejaculated not once or even twice but three times that evening and yet as the feelings of sexual liberation and excitement abated he felt something dark inside eating him away.

  All that had felt so wonderful now felt terrible, he felt ashamed and disgusted at what he had done. Funny how even those feelings had come to pass next time the opportunity arose to have his dick sucked by Jonathan.

 That was when the words began, like self hatred that bubbled up inside until it overflowed from his lips. Queer, faggot, poof... All words used out of his anger at himself for enjoying these forbidden passions. Neither Toby or his Uncle took offense, it was to them part of the game, the role Vince had taken, or that had taken Vince. 

 Now it was time for him to manipulate the scenario, and clear his debt to boot.

  Of course there was a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that it was not all about getting even and paying off debts. A sense that he was doing this for erotic gratification, but the debt was a justification. There was no justification for why he had been getting his stepson to suck his cock other than the fact that he had found a willing available mouth when he was feeling horny.

 The truth was more than that though. A scary truth, the feeling that he had wanted to have men pleasure him as he had always done, and that secretly he wanted to pleasure a man. For one brief moment he had thought Sam was going to have him suck his cock, and secretly he had desired and wanted that badly.
 His heart had sunk with the reality that to Sam he was just the life support system for an impressively big cock that Sam wanted to touch play with and suck.

 Josh was sat in the back of the car sporting his new short number one cropped hair that he thought give him an edgy appearance. Toby was in the passenger seat expecting Vince to be driving to a sports bar but the penny dropped as soon as they approached the cul-de-sac where Sam lived and his face was a picture

“Sam lives around here doesn’t he?” Toby asked looking at Vince who was driving and then at Josh who was sat on the back seat

“Yeah” Vince responded giving nothing more away but knowing Toby sensed something

 “So is Sam coming with us to the bar too?” Toby asked trying to understand what the plan was.

 “Not exactly” Vince replied keeping his eyes on the road ahead as they found a spot to pull in and park outside the large house

“So what is going on guys?” Toby enquired looking a little uneasy about the revised plan

“Got to pay off my debt mate remember” Vince stated with a smile and a wink as he finally looked at Toby

“How?” Toby quickly asked

“Too many questions Toby. Now get your fucking arse out of the bloody car”
 Toby looked at Josh and saw Josh smirking giving away that he was in on whatever plan Vince had. 

 Sam was sat on a black leather recliner with a large glass of red wine in hand as one of his big gorillas guided the three into the room. A bloke named Jim who was at least 6’6” with stocky build and a Neanderthal like appearance.
He certainly did not look like the sharpest tool in the box but no doubt he was not hired for IQ.

  “Gentlemen” Sam said smiling broadly and raising his wine glass
 “Sam” Vince replied nodding his head and returning the smile
 “Let the games begin” Sam added as he appeared to make himself comfy.

 “Err guys” Toby said as his attention went between Vince and Josh
“Time to put that mouth back to some good work Toby” Vince said pointing to the floor and giving Toby that don’t mess with me glare.

 Sam sat fixated on the show of exhibitionism as Jim stood at his side of Sam’s chair equally fixated on the three men. Toby’s kneeled now naked, his already aching mouth moving frantically between the two stiff swollen pricks of Stepdad and stepson. Slobbering and dribbling drawl as he struggled to keep up with their demands.

 “Fucking get up” Vince ordered
Toby pushed himself up and looked a little sheepish, his own seven inch circumcised pecker rock hard and curving like a tensioned bow, giving away his own excitement at the unfolding events of the evening.

Vince and Josh were still dressed with their cocks pulled free of their undone trousers and both eyed him with hungry eyes like a hunter eyes its prey.

 “Suck my fucking dick” Vince barked loudly causing Vince to bend forward and begin to suck the monster cock.
Josh moved to the behind and slipped a finger in his mouth before he placed it between Toby’s cheeks and located his hole causing Toby to tense up quickly.

 Vince grabbed at Toby’s head forcing his mouth on his cock and preventing any verbal objections as Josh pushed and penetrated inside the soft pink walls that clamped tight around his finger.
Even with his mouth full you could hear his muffled groans at the inserted finger but that was not going to make a difference to the designs they had on Toby.

 Like it or not he was about to learn what it was to be spit roasted and Sam was leaning forward on his chair with excitement. Josh had packed some sachets of lubrication in his pockets and he tore a couple open with his teeth and applied the cold feeling water based gel.
 Josh forced two fingers inside feeling Toby trying to move forward but being prevented by Vince who bent forward and held Toby in place at the hips. Three fingers probed inside Toby’s slowly opening arse hole as his mouth too was being stretched to its limits by Vince’s erect cock ramming in and out of the mouth where spit frothed free.

 “Fuck him in the arse hole” Vince demanded as he felt Toby gag

 “Oh yeah” Sam could be heard saying excitedly.

 Josh pushed his freshly lubricated cock head against the puckered hole and could feel the resistance even before he had began to try and push. Josh looked up at his stepdad who just smirked and nodded and Josh lurched forward making Toby’s entire body shudder as his feet almost left the floor completely.

 Muffled groans and whimpers could be heard as Toby was pile driven at both ends simultaneously and the only saving grace was that it was not Vince at the rear end splitting him in two.

 “Take it fucker. You want that bad don’t you, two throbbing cocks in either end, come on queer boy” Vince said loudly with an evil grin as they both continued to pound Toby with dynamic force.

 The door bell rung out and Jim looked at Sam
“Well, get the bloody door then” Sam said abruptly
 Jim reluctantly left the room, his head turning to see more action before he was out of view.

 Jim returned moments later with a very confused looking Jonathan who stopped in his tracks at the sight of his nephew getting hammered from both ends.

“Ah the final piece of the puzzle, the infamous Uncle, welcome” Sam said as Jim leaned forward and whispered in Jonathan’s ear
“Take your clothes off”

Jonathan turned and looked up at Jim’s imposing appearance and began to fumble at the buttons on his shirt. Vince had lured Jonathan with the promise of a reunion for old time sake and fresh meat, his gay stepson. 

 It had been more than Jonathan could resist and he could hardly believe the surprise call.

Now he was less certain about the seemingly generous offer and nervously he stripped off, his attention continuously going back to his nephew who continued to get slammed relentlessly.
 Vince turned his head and looked at Jonathan. His once blonde hair was now grey and thinning on top but his body was still lean and mostly smooth although the years had taken a little toll.
 His facial features were still as youthful and boyish as Vince recalled, an attractive look that still held an attraction. His cut cock stood stiff and proud and looked identical to his nephew’s own 7” member, that same distinct bow to the shaft and the same rigid appearance, a genetic family trait maybe passed on.

 Josh pulled free and turned his attention to Jonathan and out of the corner of his vision he saw Sam edging further forward on the chair.  Jonathan did not even hesitate and instantly dropped to his knees as Josh approached and opened his mouth willingly, ready to take on his role in the show.

 Sam watched the continual sexual acts in there variations of partners. Josh and Jonathan, Josh and Toby, Vince and Jonathan, Vince and Toby, Toby Jonathan and Josh, every variant apart from the one Sam longed to witness most of all.

 An action packed series of fucking, sucking, rimming, spanking and verbal abuse, Dad and son both continuously taking the active role over Uncle and nephew, bending to their will and sexual demands.

  An hour into the show Jim stripped off his clothing exposing the mass of bulky muscle on his large stocky body. Jim instantly was drawn to Josh and as Josh slowly fucked Toby from behind Jim kneeled down behind and spread his rounded arse cheeks and began to lap and feast, his tongue diving in deep as his strong hands parted the mounds of flesh.

 Next it was Jim bent over, the unpredictable submissive nature of a mountain of a man for whom Josh was going to conquer. Josh wasted no time in sliding his hard prick inside the muscular arse and slapping hard against the cheeks as he rode the guy like a rodeo bull. He felt the guy rearing up receptively as he groaned with heated passion and Josh looked over to see Vince looking at him proudly.

 It was the first proud Dad look he had ever received from his stepdad and Josh could not help but break a smile as he continued to thrust with all his might and strength.

Chapter 6: The final act 

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