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 Chapter 1: Cock sucking stepson

 Joshua arrived home from work to find his stepdad still in his work suit sank in the chair watching soccer on the box, his tie pulled loose and the top two buttons undone exposing a tuft of dark curly hair.

He was to engrossed in the game to even acknowledge Josh as he entered the room so Josh just sat down on the sofa quietly and sniffed the aroma of fragrant cigar smoke as his stepdad puffed away on his favourite indulgence. 

 There was a number of empty beer cans on the coffee table indicating his stepdad had been drinking.

 A few loud guttural shoutsof come on and yes suggested it was his stepdads team winning, not that Joshua knew much about soccer. A bunch of guys kicking a ball around a pitch just had never seemed that interesting or stimulating. 

That had been the start of where their connection as stepdad and stepson had failed many years ago, when Vince his stepdad had realised his new stepson’s lack of interest in soccer and sport in general. 

 Josh liked to participate in and watch swimming and diving but Vince had been quick to state that those were not sports, just something for poofs to do so they could parade around in skimpy queer looking swimwear. 

 It seemed whatever Josh liked or did not like came as a disappointment to Vince, so they had drifted further apart over the years and just happened to inhabit the same house with Joshua’s mother, and even she got fed up and just left one day leaving a quickly scribbled note that gave no clue as to if she planned to return.

 Josh sighed as he looked at his stepdad and longed to have a closer friendship. But it seemed they were like chalk and cheese and it was destined for them never to know a close bond. Especially since Joshua had come out as gay a few weeks back, which had gone down like a lead balloon.

 Vince punched his left fist high in the air as he yelled and then his hand dropped down to his groin where the palm of his hand began to rub and stroke at the bulge in his trousers which instantly caught Joshua’s attention.

 “Come on you great bunch of tossers!” Vince shouted as his hand gripped at his man package giving it a few good healthy tugs through the grey fabric of his suit trousers.

The palm of his hand began to stroke up and down against the shaft of his expanding cock that could be clearly seen as it stretched the material, and Josh was mesmerised, his attention absorbed at the lap of his stepdad as his hand slowly moved and caressed the silhouette of his stiff prick. The head became as clearly visible as the shaft as it stretched over towards his hip and suddenly Joshua’s trance was broken by a deep gruff voice

“What the fucking hell you looking at?”

 Josh instantly looked up but out of periphery of his vision could see his stepdads hand still rubbingup and down the length of the bulge in his trousers. His stepdad held up the cigar to his mouth with his free hand and a plume ofsmoke bellowed from his lips as he glared directly at Josh.

“What is it you want? You fucking poofter” Josh sat silent just staring back

“Is this what you want!” Vince said grasping his bulge firmly

“You want my fucking big knob in your mouth do you?”

“No” Josh quickly responded, but his gaze briefly dropped back to his stepdads groin giving his curiosity away

“Fuck! I bet you have been spying on my dick all this time haven’t you, you dirty queer cunt”

Josh felt his face flush red with guilt and knew nothing hesaid would be heard so said nothing.

“Is that what you want, you dirty little bastard” Vince said through gritted teeth as his face scowled and he stood up, still gripping his fist tight on his shaft as he pulled the fabric of his trousers.

Joshua’s silence seemed just as incriminating as any words he could have spoken and his mouth fell open as he watched his stepdad lift thetab of his zipper between chunky thumb and finger as he stepped towards Joshand began to slide it down. 

The teeth of the zipper were disengaged and the opening gaped apart under the strain from the bulge beneath.

 Joshua could feel his heart pounding as his breathing paused, the fly of his stepdads trousers undone and his fingers now slipping out of sight beneath the fabric as he stood just inches away, his breathing like an enraged bull as his eyes grew wide and  his chest puffed out and broadened.

“Well if you are going to look at me like that you had better fucking do something about it” 

Josh watched in amazement as his stepdad hauled his erect cock free of the opening of his trousers and then felt the back of his head being grabbed and pulled forward

“Open wide fucker and take it all!”

Josh smelt the musky nine inch cock even before he felt it being thrust in his mouth. The back of his head grasped roughly with both handsand tugging him closer, forcing the thick swollen member down into his gullet making him heave as it quickly reached his gag reflex.

 “Don’t fucking besick you little bastard!” came the less then sympathetic response to Joshua’schocking sounds

Josh struggled to breathe as his stepdads stiff prick was wielded like a weapon and rammed deep down his throat like a sword into its sheath, all the way to the hilt.

“Fucking take it all, I know you want that you dirty queer fucker!”

Josh felt his eyes welling up with tears as the oral  assault continued, the pace picking up as he felt the tightened grip of his stepdads large hands at the back of his head and the feel of his hefty hanging bollocks landing with a sweaty slap against his chin.

“Come on cock sucker, work that dick, you know you been wanting that stuffed in your gob for fucking ages!”

Josh groaned as he struggled to relax his throat, he knew that he had indeed desired this to one day happen. Although somehow he had fantasised about it being less aggressive and less hostile, yet there was no denying the fact he had a hard on right now that was throbbing harder than he had ever felt.

 The feel scent and taste of his stepdads own achingly hard prick pushing down his throat as it leaked a plentiful supply of salty pre cum like a steady flowing brook. The taste and smell he had only ever experienced previously by means of his stepdads worn underpants and boxers shoved against his nose and mouth as he masturbated furiously with secretly held desires.

“Suck it you dirty little faggot!” 

 Joshua felt the gripof his stepdad’s hand loosen and then release. Josh continued with eager gusto,his head bobbing up and down as his head tilted from side to side, every inch of manhood being engulfed in increasingly fast repetition. 

He could hear the loud grunts and groans as his stepdad stood motionless with his hands behind his head. Occasionally cursing and swearing as Joshua sucked and drawled over his long meaty phallus.

 “Come on you dirty bastard!”

“Fuck yeah...! You cunt... Keep fucking going... Don’t fucking slow down!”

Josh could feel his stepdad trembling as his groans got louder and more urgent, the sign of inevitability that the dam was about to burst and a torrent of man seed was about to flood Joshua’s willing gullet.

“Oh yeah...! Oh you filthy dirty fucker!” come the loud manly cries as his body went into spasm.

  A thick salty load shot into Joshua’s mouth, a thick jelly like consistency that was like swallowing an oyster as it slid slowly down his oesophagus and left a slimy trail before another fresh batch was quickly released from the throbbing swollen head.

“Fuck yeah! You dirty cunt!” his stepdad cried out, hislarge hands grasping firm on the back of Joshua’s head, skewering him as deepas his pulsating cock would go until his ejaculation finally began to abate.

Vince gasped as his body quivered and his grip loosened.

“Well at least we have found one job your fucking good at”his stepdad commented breathlessly as he pulled his dripping cock free beforehe pushed his softening wet dripping cock back in his trousers.

 Joshua watched as his stepdad slouched back on the couch and resumed watching the soccer as if nothing out of the ordinary had just occurred.

 Josh had retired to his bedroom and laid on his bed, pulling his still stiff pecker free he began to gently stroke as he closed his eyes and visualised the erotic event, the flavour still lingering in his mouth and the scent hanging in his nostrils.

 The use of insults had not offended or upset Joshua. After all if a man gets off on having his dick sucked by another man that makes him equally a poof, a queer, a faggot, and there was no denying Vince had enjoyed it. His face had been a picture of ecstasy, a testament to his true nature.

 This made things complicated though. Not just because Vince was still married to his mother but because Josh had become involved with another man, a married man named David.

 Joshua quickly rubbed one out and felt his own load shoot up over his bare torso before he drifted off to sleep with his cum turning into a crusty coating.

 Chapter 2: Vanilla and other flavours

After five nights of getting home and servicing his stepdads oral needs and being verbally abused Saturday night Josh had gone to visit David whose wife was away.

The large dining table had been laid out immaculately and David had gone to a lot of trouble with cooking dinner. Tall stemmed red candles stood perfectly upright in tall candelabras and created a romantic setting along with a single red rose that lay across the crisp white linen napkin where Josh was seated.

 David was handsome and perfect in every way, well apart from technically being spoken for. He wore smart tailored trousers and a white fitted shirt with gold cufflinks, his brown and slightly greying hair neatly groomed and his face freshly shaved with a dab of aftershave that wafted with a clean fresh odour on the air. 

 After dinner the pair retired to the bedroom which was awash with candle light and the cream silk sheets on the bed were scattered with rose petals. 

David stood behind Josh and planted kisses on the back of Joshua’s neck tenderly as he reached around and began to unbutton his shirt slowly.

 Joshua felt him nibble gently on his ear lobe and heard him whisper sweet words of poetry and all in all it should have felt wonderful. And yet as David caressed his bare chest Josh just wanted to be thrown down on the bed and shagged hard without mercy.

 Josh realised what his friend had meant when he had described his sexual taste as vanilla.  Plain, predictable and somewhat dull onthe pallet compared to the manly episodes he had experienced on previous nights that week.

 He knew that the sex would as always with David feel safe sensual and secure. David would constantly check with each whimper or groan that Josh was not in discomfort as they engaged in making love, but tonight Josh wanted to feel that discomfort.

 He wanted to be hammered hard in the arse without mercy and compassion.

 He wanted to claw at the headboard and bite on the pillow as he was rammed hard from behind and slapped across his arse cheeks.

“Are you OK?” he heard David whisper softly as  David's finger's began to unbuckle Joshua’s belt

“I am fine” Josh replied as he looked up to the full length mirror and caught the reflection of David’s sweet smile

“You seem a little distant tonight” David commented as his hands paused

“Just been a hectic week that is all” Josh said looking over to the dresser where a wedding picture stood of the once happy newly married couple 

 Josh placed his hands on the back of David’s hands and rubbed them reassuringly and David continued with the sensual ritual of undressing Joshua.

 Joshua climbed out of the bed and pickedhis underwear up off the floor

“Where are you going?” David asked looking up at Josh from beneath the sheets

“I better get home”

“Oh, I thought we might just cuddle for a while naked in bed”

“I really should go”

 “It was great sex tonight. Hope you enjoyed it too” David commented as he looked at Josh with big puppy dog eyes

“It was wonderful” Josh lied. 

 How do you tell someone so sweet and handsome that you were bored even before it had begun?

Josh arrived home with a thousand questions going around inhis mind, and yet not one answer

 His stepdad was having poker night and this was the only entertaining the dining table ever saw in their house.  His stepdad and five of his buddies sat around holding their dealt cards close as they swigged on spirits in tumblers and smoked fat cigars.

 Josh stood at the doorway watching the pack of men curiously as the scent of the second hand smoke filled his lungs and he could see a dwindling pile of cash next to his stepdad which meant he was losing.

Joshua decided to go to bed and leave the men to their game.

 The sound of the front door closing pulled Joshua out of his light sleeping state and as he started to drift back off to sleep the sound of voices ascending the stairs and getting closer awoke him again. 

 Bright light from thelanding bled into his room as the bedroom door swung open and Josh looked up to see Sam, one of his Stepdads buddies stood in the door way grinning.

 Sam was certainly no oil painting. He was tall and slender with thick set eyebrows and grey hair thinning. He had a smart executive look about him and there was an air of confidence about him that Josh had always found alluring.

 His eyes were glazed over from the alcohol and his words slightly slurred as he spoke

“You better make this fucking good sweet cheeks, your old man owes me a fair amount of fucking cash”

 Josh sat bolt upright as Sam stepped into the room and closed the door behind him bringing the room back into darkness. 

Josh heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being pulled down and a belt being undone.

“Let me see what you got for me” 

Josh felt smooth large hands grabbing either side of his head and then felt the nib of a loose droopy foreskin at his lips. Josh opened his mouth and felt the already firm member thrust into his mouth with eagerness and a sign of pent up frustration.

 The head felt much larger than the shaft it was on and the foreskin clung tight around it refusing to retract as the swollen manhood pulsated.

 There was a distinctive taste to his cock that was certainly not unappealing to Josh as he felt his throat being fucked hard, his nose pressing into the thick tangled bush of hair with each stroke down.

 Josh felt one hand release its grip on his head and then felt it push back the bed sheets. Then ahand grabbed his own stiff prick, grabbing and groping in an awkward manner asthe erect cock continued to be pushed down his throat.

 “Fuck yeah! I can tell you like sucking that cock don’t you. Yeah that is it lad. Get me nice and hard and ready for that nice sweet ass hole”

 Josh felt the hand slide down between his thighs as a slender finger pressed against his clamped hole.

The stiff cock was pulled free and Josh gasped loudly

“Role over on to your stomach” Sam abruptly ordered as Josh heard him spit on to the palm of his hand several times.

 Josh felt the bed sheets fully removed and then the feel of Sam’s naked body clamber on top of him, the tip of his spit wet finger forcing its way into Joshua’s dry hole as his thighs were forced apart.

The scent of cigar smoke and whisky hung heavy on Sam’sbreath as he heaved himself into position, his breath huffing right down on Joshua’s cheek.

 “Fuck you are niceand tight aren’t you” Sam groaned as he pushed the large head of his salivadrenched cock against Joshua’s hole

Josh grabbed at each side of the head board as his teeth dug into his pillow, the searing sensation of his hole being pried open without care or consideration followed by the shaft quickly pushing all the way in, stabbing deep in one quick motion and a moment of sheer agony as Josh fought off the pain.

 This is what Josh had wanted, the feeling of being powerless as a man used his brute force to fuck his arse hole, the weight of his body pushing Josh deep into the mattress with each dominant thrust, his husky groans grunts and growls as he pounded his raw hard cock deep into him.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Sam growled through gritted teeth as he continued the mauling, his right hand reaching under Josh and grasping on his still erect cock

“You like it fucking rough don’t you, having that tight hole torn open by my thick cock”

“Yes” Josh whimpered as he released his bite from the pillow beneath his face 

Josh felt the hand pull away from his cock and then took a deep breath in as he felt it slap him hard across his arse cheek making his arse muscles contract violently

“Oh yeah” Sam shouted as another firm slap landed followedquickly by several more in quick succession, each one making Josh jolt andcontract his muscles

Joshua continued to cry out with a mixture of agony and ecstasy, each one flowing into the other until it was difficult to decipher the difference.

 The arse battering continued relentlessly until Josh finally could hear the distinct sounds of a man in his last thrusts of passion. The deep guttural groans and erratic pounding that signalled he was about to burst his load.

 “Oh shit yeah,fuck... Fuck... Fuck...” 

 There was one almighty forceful thrust that threatened to split Josh in two as Sam’s full weight pushed into him and Josh felt his own cock spilling his juice onto the mattress beneath.

 Gruff sounding huffs and puffs followed as the sweaty heaving body squashed Josh against the bed,and then he felt the pulsating cock as an almighty hot spunky load filled hishole.

 Sam grunted as heground his hips into Josh a few more times before collapsing on top of him

“Damn” Sam snarled in Joshua’s ear.

 A few moments passed as Josh felt pinned to his bed unable to move and feeling the puddle of his ownload, and then he felt Sam heave himself off before he heard him begin to getdressed.

 The door swung open and Josh glanced up briefly to see his stepdad stood on the landing

“Not half fucking bad mate” Sam said doing up his top button on his shirt collar and giving a big sigh

“I will see you back downstairs” Josh heard Sam say to his stepdad.

Chapter 3: Paying down debts

Vince stepped into the bedroom where his stepson laid face down, the light from the landing offering a glimpse of the exhausted face with closed eyes and his bare rounded arse cheeks reddened by a firm hand, his breathing still laboured and heavy from physical exertion. 

 Vince doubted Josh would understand what his dutiful offering had done to reduce the debts he owed. 

Ten percent had been the agreement and it was not a meagre sum of money. Stepping closer Vince placed the palm of his left hand in the centre of Joshua’s back and could feel his heart still racing.

He placed his right palm hesitantly on his arse cheek and felt the heat of the warm glowing tender skin. His fingers slipped down into the still moist crevice and one finger slid into the warm wet hole that was brimming with fresh man juice.

There was so much Joshua did not understand about him. His own trials and torments and the reasons his mother had abandoned them both.

 Vince closed his stepson’s bedroom door and held his finger to his nose and inhaled the richscent that lingered, the blend of fresh man spunk and his stepson’s arsehole.

  “So that is ten percent off fella, how about you work another ten percent off right now” Sam said as he sat thighs spread wide on the couch as he looked up at Vince who had just entered the living room

“What do you mean?” Vince asked unsure to the price to be paid for such another substantial sum

“Well what can I say, one load spent upstairs, but I still have need of another release” Sam rubbed his hand over the crutch of his trousers as he kept eye contact

“So what you got in mind?” Vince enquired suspecting he knew the answer already

“How about you let me... Give your dick a good sucking too” Sam said bluntly 

Vince scratched his head as he looked at Sam suspiciously.

Not as it happened what he was expecting.

“So twenty percent off what I owe, and you will give that to me in writing right” 

“Sure. But you have to take all your clothes off and shoot your wad, you have to shoot all your cum over me”

“OK. Ok I will do it” Vince replied as he began to unbutton his shirt exposing his hirsute torso under Sam’s watchful eyes.

 He had been introduced to Sam just a couple of years by one of his mates and in that time had loaned money off him for gambling. Vince was convinced the big win was just around the corner, but the debt just kept on rising and spiralling out of control. If this was what he had to do to make a dent in what he owed he would.

  Vince pulled off his boxers and now naked stepped towards Sam and Sam held his hand up, his palm facing Vince

“Stop right there a moment, let me take a good look and getmy money’s worth” 

Of all the things Vince had pegged Sam for a bender had never been one of them but there could be no doubt now

 Sam stood up and moved towards Vince as he looked him up and down

 “I always wondered what you look like with your kit off”

“Is that what you think of to get yourself hard enough to bone the Mrs is it” Vince responded sarcastically

“Don’t be fucking cheeky or the deal is off, including the ten percent off for the pleasure of shagging the arse off your cute stepson”

Vince huffed his disapproval at the threat but knew damn well Sam had the upper hand and the muscle to back it up. Fucker hired some gorillas built like shit houses that would be on him like a ton of bricks if Vince did not pay up one way or another. Either way he was screwed so he might as way take this way out.

 “Put your hands behind your head” Sam instructed as he grinned a big shit eating grin 

Vince complied and felt a hand fondling his flaccid cock

“Not as impressive as I had hoped”

 Vince looked at Sam directly in the eyes for just a moment but decided to keep his smart comments tohimself. Truth was he suspected his flaccid cock was probably the size of Sam’s fully aroused, and Sam would see that too sooner or later, probably sooner the way his hand was groping and tugging away.

 “So you surprised are you? About some of my more interesting tastes” Sam said his hand still gripping and pulling as Vince felt his manhood begin to slowly respond to the attention

“You want me to say I am surprised do you?”

 “Well if you’re not yet you will be I assure you. But be thankful for that, it might be your ticket to pay off everything you owe me”

Vince quickly looked at him again

“Ah, I see, now you’re intrigued. Well in a moment we will start with you allowing me to service your big cock and then we can talk...About other future possibilities”

Vince could see by the look in his eyes he was a twisted son of a bitch and wondered why he had never seen it before. Maybe he had and ignored it, after all the guy had been a secure cash flow and money makes you turn a blind eye to the obvious.

 Vince felt his cock filling out and expanding and watched as Sam looked at it eyes wide

“Well, we are a grower too after all. Impressive piece of meat you have, but then I had heard that you had a decent sized todger when hard”

Vince wondered who on earth would have remarked about the size of his manhood erect.

Suddenly the penny dropped and he muttered under his breath


“Ah yes your friend Toby. The pieces fitting together are they. Our convenient introduction and developing friendship” Sam responded with a sly grin

“Toby told you my stepson was gay” Vince stated

“Amongst other dirty tales of a certain curious past. I must say your camping trips in your youth sounded very interesting. Sharing a sleeping bag with your good friend Toby” Sam said with a smirk

“Well, we have you nice and firm now don’t we, blood pumping and cock at full mast. Must be thinking of those fond memories, his Uncle too wasn’t it?”

Vince felt his cock being squeezed hard as their gaze become fixed

“Let us just get this over and done with Sam, I don’t want to play these games”

“Really you’re no fun are you, OK, well I heard you are all man, with an impressive big cock fucking your best mates Uncle in the mouth and arse”

Sam dropped to his knees whilst Vince remained with his hands still behind his head not looking down as he felt the warm moist tongue at the tip of his cock. Vince figured when this was over Toby would be getting a friendly visit.

 Vince’s hard salty cock head slid slowly into Sam’s mouth briefly before Sam pulled away and just appeared to admire the goliath cock before him

 “Bet you was stood outside listening to your son whimper like a little bitch and wishing you was fucking that cute tight hole”

Vince tried to filter out the words as he felt his rock hard prick being stroked and squeezed, pre cum already oozing from the narrow pissslit.

 “Did you have your big dick in your hand listening at the bedroom door, listening to your son getting hammered in the behind, he loved it you know, he was begging me for it,but I knew what he really wanted...”

With each firm stroke thrust onto Vince’s cock Sam spoke asingle word loudly and aggressively 


 “I bet the little whore has been fantasising about his hole being turned out by his Stepdad’s horse sized cock. You can’t tell me you have not noticed him lusting after yourdick, bet his even seen you with a lazy lob on first thing in the morning right”

Vince just wished the fucker would stop talking, but he knew Sam was getting off on listening to his own words as much as he was getting offon playing with Vince’s big dick. 

“You have seen him looking at this big dong between your legs. You have seen the way he looked at it longingly, his new Dads  impressively large tool, so close yet so out of reach, paraded in front of him”

Vince looked up at the ceiling as he tried to ignore the words that were being spouted

“Did you ever wank off and suspect he was watching you” 

 Vince could hear the excitement in Sam’s voice as he squeezed his cock with force before licking up the under shaft all the way to the tip until licking away the dew drops that had amassed 

“Yeah you have, stroked that monster cock while he was spying on you”

Vince felt the palm of Sam’s hand slap against his hard member a few times so that it swayed too and throw like a flag pole in a strong wind

“Oh fuck yeah! You knew he was watching hungrily, desiring that which you teased him with, that big meaty Daddy rod. Oh fuck yeah!”

Sam was rubbing his own groin with his other hand through his trousers and he was close now and Vince new it. Words continued to tumble from his lips and the excitement built up in his voice.

 The words became groans and the thrusting motion on Vince’s cock became erratic

“You’re son ever see you shoot your load up over your bare naked manly hairy torso?” Sam asked looking up at Vince in earnest as one hand continued to rub his own crutch and the other jerked Vince’s cock

“He has hasn’t he” Sam said excitedly as Vince tilted his head back and let out a deep guttural groan

   Suddenly Vince felt his load shoot. Four distinct shots followed by a few dribbles until he heard Sam himself gasping and groaning loudly before his hand movements come to ahalt.

Sam stood up and licked his hand free of the fresh dripping spunk coating and the splatters could be seen up over his shirt

“Twenty percent, get me a pen and paper” Sam ordered as he stuck a two fingers deep in his mouth as if he was lavishing the flavour

Vince grabbed his boxers off the floor

“No, you don’t get dressed yet, just get the bloody pen and paper” 

Vince dropped his boxers to the floor and headed for the kitchen, his stiff cock swaying from side to side with each step.

Sam had written out the note and signed it to confirm the payment of twenty percent and all the while Vince had been naked.

 Finally Sam had one last fondle of Vince’s cock before finally saying his goodbyes and that he would be in touch about the remaining debt.

 Vince grabbed a tumbler and poured a brandy and slumped down on the couch still naked with his head spinning with thoughts.

 Sam had hit the nail on the head a few times and that had gotten right under Sam’s skin. He had known long ago that his stepson was gay, well before he had even come out.

He had known from the amount of times Joshua had just happened to need to use the bathroom when Vince was in the shower. The way Sam had lingered at the open bedroom door when Vince was removing his work suit,and when his fixed far off gaze was below the waist when Vince was walkingaround the house in just his boxers or underpants.

 Yes Vince had become aware he was being spied on whilst indulging in his solo masturbatory needs, and the thought of an audience had added to his arousal and experience and reminded him of days gone by.

 It had also left him feeling more than a little guilty afterwards that he had enjoyed Josh watching, but he brushed it off as natural curiosity even though he knew what it meant.

 It all added up tohis son being bisexual or gay and that caused upheaval with Vince’s ownpersonal demons. 

 Chapter4: Confessions and plans

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