First Memory

I don't actually remember when I saw him. Actually I don't remember when I started noticing him. I was so busy flirting with girls. These Indian girls are so stub born to admit 'they needed sex'. Who doesn't want it?

Most Indian boys struck luck at their 20s. Till then they are virgin (not everyone)!!!!! A typical Indian women is always had concern about so called Indian Culture but the truth is they hate it. :D Let's come back to the story. The guy I mentioned above has nothing special. No one really does care about him. He had zero friends, zero girl friends; during the leisure times he can't be seen anywhere near the play ground or in the class. He doesn't even talk to anyone. But he has a plus point. He is extremely gorgeous.

One day I decided to go back to my home through a different path. On the way I saw him. Even if I saw him before (during the classes), I think this is the first time I noticed his glamour. Holly cricket! Is that the guy? Why girls aren't into him? There is a reason why I noticed him. Because he has something in his hand and it wasn't some 'thing' it was a squirrel. It seems hurt. We were almost walking side by side.

"Ahem..." I cleared my throat. He doesn't even look up.

"Hey". Still no luck.

"Hey. You are at my school, right? " He looked at me as if he was watching an alien. That look kind of freaks me out. 'What a freak?' I thought.

"Ya, I think so". He muttered.

"Mind if I walk with you?" I asked him.

"Hmm". He replied.

"By the way I am Rohit; I think you don't know me." I said.

"I do know you" he said. "You are at my class, Back bench student." What in god's name!!!! How the hell he knows me??

"HOW DO YOU KNOW ME?" I almost screamed.

"You stay near my area." He sounds like he is not interested in the talk. We continued our walk without saying anything more. But the silence really freaks me out. So I broke it again.

"So is he gonna be okay?" Mentioning about the squirrel in his hand, I asked.

"She is a female." Poop. There we go again. "I am taking her to the veterinary hospital."

Now I get why everyone avoids him can't blame them. I got relief when we reached his home. I say a casual bye; which he doesn't seem to be interested but I got a bye back.

Back home I was thinking about this guy. What was his name? I felt myself ashamed when I realize that I forgot to ask his name. Hold on a second; why am I thinking about him?? He is not even my friend. He is just a freakishly gorgeous freakishly freak classmate. It was the first time someone avoids me. That may be the reason why I can't get him out of my head. I told myself. But everything about this guy amused me.

I never thought that this guy would make me realize my sexual orientation. I never thought that I would lose my virginity for this guy. I never knew that a man can be in love with another man. I never knew that he will love me and I'll love him back. Being gay is considered as a sin in Indian society. My state Kerala may be 'god's own country' (nick name of my state) for the so called 'normals'. But for gays I bet it is devil's own country.

I think that after this incident, I started watching him. I call him Mr. Mystery man. I found out that at leisure time, he was going to the library, a place I've never been to my entire life. Anyway I decided to go after him. I signed on the register immediately after he signed in it. I read the name on the register. Hmm so his name is Syam. I can't speak to him right now because 'SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY PLEASE' board seems to keep yelling at me.

When classes are about to start he left the library and so do I. I called him "Hey, Syam." He stopped and turned towards me. "Whatsup?" he replied.

"Nothing dude, I just saw you and thought that we could go class together." I said. "Okay with me." When we are about to enter the class room, he said.

"By the way my name is not Syam it is Atul." He walked inside while I was standing there unable to move. Fucking freak I thought.

"I was just checking that whether you know my name or not." He now has a smile on his face while he said that. I really, really hate that fuckingly gorgeous face and freakishly beautiful smile. Son of filthy little bitch!! He tricked me!

(For my readers. I am new to English. This is my first story in English. If there is any mistakes in my grammar or in the spelling, please let me know about that.My stories will have sex. But I can't promise that every chapter'll have sex. According to me, Sex without romance is just like circus. So please be patient and I'll assure you that I will include eroticism as soon as I can.So plaese plaese plaese let me know about your feed back.)



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