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Chapter 2

The confusion

Atul is the last person I've ever wanted to see on earth. But I can't help not to think about him. Even though I was mad at him I keep thinking about a guy. That's too weird. But for one reason I cannot fathom why he had tricked me. I can't find a solution for myself. That's why I actually think about him.

Next day I went to school I tried to confront him. Try and knew what his problem was? But he wasn't present that day. This made me anxious. No one really cared about him. When I asked my best friend Vipin about him he replied "Who the hell is Atul. I don't know anyone with that name."

But my other friend Ryan knows about him. He was actually surprised when I mentioned about Atul. Ryan said; "I didn't know that you two knew each other."

"It's complicated". I grinned.

"Actually I am more interested in complicated stories. Ordinary stories are kind of boring. I hate that." Ryan doesn't let this matter go. He is such a dick. He is actually a news channel. That's why we call him BBC.

"OK do you know anything about Atul?" I asked Ryan.

"Not much. He comes from, you know where. He actually is full of himself. Zero friends. Doesn't have any girl friends till now. There is something weird about this guy." He grinned.

I cannot stop thinking about him. I knew from the start that there is something wrong with this guy. Now I desperately wanted to know about that. I didn't concentrate on my classes. Everyone was surprised when they saw me thinking at the lunch table. Ryan had a piercing look on his face. That dick suspects something, I was sure about that. I sat frozen in my seat, staring blankly at him.

When I got to the bicycle, it was almost the last vehicle in the lot I sat on it for a while, just staring at the windshield blankly. I headed back to home, with a sad mind.

The next day was better...

It was better because he was there, sitting in his seat. A sudden joy passed through my heart. I can't explain to myself that why am I happy. But I was pretty sure about just one thing. I was happy to see him. I walked inside, actually I walked towards him.

"Hey. Good morning." I wished.

He raised his head. "Hey. How are you" he smiled.

"I am okay, where were you yesterday?" I can feel the anxiety in my own voice.

"Oh! It's just because I was tired yesterday so I decided to take a day off." He said.

I started to realize that I am staring at him. I wanted to talk to him more, but there is nothing much to say. I don't know what to say. All the anger I have had for him was melting down. He smiled at me.

"What?" I asked

"You are the first person in this class who noticed that I wasn't present yesterday." Now I really blushed. He catches me with red hand. 'Oh oh slow down. What have I done? I hadn't done anything wrong to feel like this. I just asked a classmate why he was absent previous day. There is nothing wrong with that. Moreover he is a boy.' I tried to confront myself.

My mind was spinning with confusion. Had I made up all this? He was perfectly polite now. I had to speak; he was waiting. But I couldn't think of anything conventional to say.

But god's grace is great. Our teacher enters into the class. I hand over a bye to him and took my place. I can't concentrate today also. How can I? I just forget about everything else. It was just him. I can only see him. What is this? I was really confused. I never had any feeling like this before.

My thoughts were interrupted when I noticed that Ryan is looking at me. What's wrong with this guy? I really started to hate him. Even though he is my friend he is a bit annoying. I raised my eyebrows towards him indicating 'what's the matter'. He turns his look from me.



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