Dream that changed everything

I start to feel some confusion inside my head. Why am I thinking about a guy? He is not even a friend of mine. I hardly know about him. Every time I make an attempt to talk, ends like a disaster. Whenever he is around me, I experienced a strange feeling. What is happening to me? Is this bad? I am hundred percent sure that in my conscious mind I had never thought about him sexually. But everything was about to change, which started with a dream.

I wasn't feeling sleepy when I got to bed, so naturally these things come to my mind. I tried very hard not to think about it, but how hard I tried to forget him, his face shines inside my head brighter. I think about his smile, his beauty, his talking style and so on. I don't remember when my eyes closed.

I woke up feeling something against me. Something rock hard was pressing against me. Oh my god! I feel naked. Yes I am naked! But I wasn't inside my room. It is so strange place. I can see the moon. Moonlight shines upon me. I am lying on a bed made up of roses. Arches with green creepers and purple flowers on it surrounded the bed. I tried to get up, but I can't. Something soft but yet strong is wrapped around my stomach. Oh god! It's a hand. A man's hand!

I turned around. It was him. But I am so happy to see him there. Why am I so happy? Why I'm not screaming? SCREAM YOU FUCKING IDIOT. I see myself enjoying with a shiny long rod like thing which is fixed in between his thighs. Now he is kissing me, and I am enjoying it. Our tongues fight each other, but no one ever win. He now moves towards my neck. He seems to find a resting place in my shoulder. He now gets up and twisted his position. I am taking something long but strong and thick inside my mouth. But I can't feel its taste. But I wanted to taste it so badly. My mouth is searching for its taste, but I can't.

I felt something in my hole. It's his finger. It was cold like ice, but was creamy like butter. I like the sensation. He inserted his finger inside. It was like something cold and smooth going inside my body. Something escaped from my mouth. "Aaaaahhhhhh"

He now replaced his finger with something bigger. It was his dick. I hate him when he takes it out of my mouth. I don't want to take it out of my mouth. I want it there so badly. I want it inside my mouth. But when he inserted it into my glory hole my disappointment vanishes. I swear I had felt it at that time. I rubbed my hands along my chins hardly. I bite my lower lips. "Oh my god! Mmmm aah hmmm aaaah aaaah haaaa", was all I could say. I stretched my body like a circus master. I was feeling so restless, of course I am restless, and how can I not be?

He took full control and he starts to ride me. Yes! He was riding me. I felt every moment so real. With each thrust going deeper and deeper. It was like exploring new areas we thought never existed. I closed my eyes, because I can't tolerate the feeling. I was in an ecstasy. I was nearing the climax. My seeds were sprouting like I haven't ejaculated for a very long time.

I opened my eyes into darkness. It took me a while to realize that it was a dream. What just happened? Was it a dream? Did I just dream of fucking with a guy? WHAT?

I checked my underwear. It's all wet. What the fuck just happened? Did I really enjoy it that much? It was the first time I ejaculated in my sleep. Even when I start masturbation this hasn't happened to me.

My rest of the night went sleepless. I thought about it over and over again. I prayed god not to end this night. I don't want to see him again. I was scared to see him again. Not that he does something terrible to me; I don't want to happen this to me again. I ain't a gay or something; no I am not a gay. How can it be possible?

Again his thought comes to my mind. I just wanted to get rid of him. I decided not to talk to him ever again. It'll be good for both of us. But I was wrong. I was absolutely wrong.



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