Yesterday, my boss, Jackie, had fucked my so hard I could barely walk. Today, I was was to begin new training along with the new girl, Tracy.  Tracy is a tall, small-breasted blonde with wide hips. She is very pale complexioned, with sparkling blue eyes. she is not a tranny, however. She worked for Jackie's business partner, But Jackie said she was going to need extra help, so Tracy came to us.

Tracy was already there when I arrived. I asked, "Do you know what we are suppose to do?"

"I'm not sure, but I hope we can fuck each other sometime. You're really sexy."

Before I could reply, Jackie walked in and told us to head to the modeling lounge. She handed Tracy a package and told her to put the outfit on. When she came back she was wearing a blue open push up bra, matching garter and stockings, very brief panties and high heels.  They really brought out her color and eye color.

Jackie asked, "What do you think?"

After I closed my mouth, I exclaimed, "she's beautiful!"

Tracy asked mischievously, "Beautiful enough to fuck?"

Jackie smiled and said' "Now, now! Angie, go put on your outfit."

I opened the box and saw the exact same outfit! I dressed and admired myself in the mirror. When I returned to the lounge, I saw Tracy on her knees sucking Jackie's cock. I watched a couple of minutes. I was getting very hard. Jackie saw me and motioned for me to come over.

She saw my bulge and said, "I believe Angie approves, dear. Stand up so I can see you together."

Tracy stood next to me. I could see she was nearly as tall as I. I looked in the mirror and thought how HOT the two of us looked! While I hadn't had a woman in some time, I really wanted her right then! and I could see she knew it and really wanted me.

Jackie cleared her throat and said, "You'd make an excellent pair of Bookends. Now, This is how we will start dressing for work. Both of you will have matching outfits like these, a different color for each day, Plus extra sets for parties and emergencies. You will also have several cream colored blouses and above the knee black skirts. I've also bought you matching jewelry. I want you to match each other when you are both on duty. I will give you cards on what to wear, and when. If there are no questions, both of you get down here and suck me."

We both kneeled and started licking her shaft and balls. our mouths would slide up the shaft and our lips would meet at the head. Our tongues would tickle our lips and hear head. When Jackie finally came, she filled both our mouths. The cum ran out and cover our faces. We then licked each other clean.

Jackie said, "Go clean up, and put on your full outfits. Let's get an early lunch," She then took us to a nice restaurant a few blocks away. As we exited the cab, I could feel the admiring  and lustful looks Tracy and I were getting. I wanted to go somewhere and get fucked and to fuck Tracy,

After a long lunch, we returned to the shop and spent the day tidying and organizing. Jackie handled the one appointment with an older gentleman and then told us to close shop. She then told us we were going to have a staff meeting that evening at her apartment. We were to wear our outfits. Jackie left before us. Tracy and I posed for each other a while and then went to the local coffee shop. We then took a cab to Jackie's apartment.

Neither of us had been to Jackie's place and were pleasantly surprised it was a penthouse in a very exclusive apartment building! When we rang her bell, she greeted us wearing a very flimsy kimono and invited us in. While she was pouring us some wine. she told us to remove our blouse, skirts and panties. She put on some music and watched us dance. We noticed she had opened her kimono and was stroking her cock.

She then said, "I want to see you kiss. I want you to explore each other with your hands and mouths."

Tracy took my face in her hands and proceeded to kiss passionately. Our tongues were in each other's mouth. We were cupping each other's breasts and running our hands all over our bodies! Tracy pushed me back and started sucking and licking my nipples. She worked her way down and tongued my navel. She kneeled in front of me and kissed the head of my cock. Then she swallowed my entire length and licked my balls.  I couldn't stand it and filled her mouth with my come. She stood and placed her mouth on mine. She shared with me my own come and kissed me deeply till we both had swallowed it all.

She then said, "My turn!'

I started working my way down kissing body as she had kissed mine. When I got to her pussy, I had her lie down on the carpet, legs spread wide. I kneeled and slipped my arms under high thighs and held her legs open as I commenced nibbling and licking. Although I hadn't eaten a woman in a long time, I still knew what to do. While my head was down low, my ass was in the air where Jackie could see it. 

After a few minutes, Tracy started writhing in the throes of a strong orgasm. She squeezed her legs tightly against my head until the orgasm subsided. She begged me not to stop. I kept licking her and was rewarded with another orgasm racking her body. When this one ended, she begged me to fuck her!

Jackie said, "Go ahead, dear, I want to see you fuck her. After all, you should enjoy sex with anyone!"

I kissed my way up Tracy's body. I forced my tongue in her mouth as I was forcing my cock in her pussy. I was so aroused I couldn't help my self. I fucked her as hard as I could and soon emptied my load in her. I could see her pleased-to-be fucked look and lay on her, resting and spent.

After a moment Jackie asked, "aren't you forgetting something?"

I cleared the fog from my head and realized at what she was hinting! I started kissing my way down Tracy's body. When I got to her pussy, she asked what I was doing? I told her I was cleaning up and proceeded to lick and suck my cream from her pussy. I kept at it until she had another mind blowing orgasm.

After we rested, Jackie told her to turn over and raise her ass in the air and the ordered me to lick her ass. She told Tracy to finger herself while I licked her. Shortly, Tracy had her fourth explosive orgasm.

Jackie told us to rest while she ordered dinner for us. She then explained our new duties. We would now be handling the  "special" things some of her customers wanted before she closed the sale. Some would want us to model the clothes. Some would want to see us with their girlfriends . Some might want more. She said she was getting too old and that the customers wanted young assistants. 

After a light supper, and some more wine, She told us to strip and to follow her to her bed. I had never seen Jackie totally nude before. While she was full-figured, she had an hourglass shape. She had full breasts with large come-suck-me nipples, which she immediately had us suck. We both played when her cock.

After a while, she had Tracy spread wide, and mounted her. She was fucking long and deep. Tracy was moaning with pleasure. I was disappointed I could only watch. After a few minutes, Jackie picked up her pace and emptied her load inside Tracy. She pulled out and told me to eat Tracy clean again. She had me lie on my stomach and spread my legs wide.

I could see the cock ring she was now wearing. She could see the concern on my face, because she said, "Don't worry, dearie, I won't fuck you as long as I did yesterday!" 

I resigned my self to the pain even while I really wanted her up  my ass.

As she forced her way in and started fucking, she whispered in my ear, "I lied."

Then she told us, "Staff meetings will be held weekly."


Angie K


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