Things had been going well at the shop. Business was very good, but we didn't have to offer special services to the customers. Most of Jackie's clientele were like that. Most were repeat customers.

We still came in early to suck Jackie. She would occasionally fuck us for a couple of minutes, then discuss the upcoming day. We would save the full activities for the weekly staff meetings. I was slowly getting used to the long fuck sessions with Jackie, and was beginning to want them more often. I really love the feel of a cock filling my ass and someone using me for their pleasure.

When I asked Jackie if she would fuck me more, she said she needed to think on it. She said, "You're really turning into a complete slut, aren't you?"

That Friday, she told Tracy and me to come in Monday for a special training session. We were normally closed Monday's, but, since Jackie pays us very well, we agreed to come in.

Monday, morning arrived to find me and Tracy making out while we waited for Jackie. We did this occasionally, but never fucked outside the staff meetings. Jackie walked in and told us to strip all way. She hadn't made us do that in several weeks. We got on our knees to suck her when she stopped us.

"Today, we will be doing things differently. Tracy will suck me and you will lick her ass until I tell you both to stop."

I enjoy eating her: she always tastes so clean and smells of Jasmine. Her asshole was very tight. She moans and often begs me not to stop. I could lick her for hours! Unfortunately, Jackie stopped us after a few minutes.

She told Tracy to turn around and spread her legs. She licked her finger and worked into Tracy's asshole. Tracy moaned loudly and started breathing faster. Her face was getting flushed. after a few minutes Tracy came loudly.

Jackie said, " I was right. You're an anal virgin. We'll need to fix that!

She looked at me and said, "You do the honors. You've earned them."

I looked at Tracy. She begged me, "Angie, please fuck my ass! I've wanted this for a long time! Take me hard! Don't be gentle!.

I grabbed the lube and covered my cock. I put a little around her hole, and a little inside. I placed the head against her hole and slowly worked it in. She was very tight! I had just got the head all the way in when she slammed herself against me and drove it the rest of the way in!

"Damn you! I said fuck me hard! Now!" she screamed.

I pulled back and was about to start when Jackie stopped me and motioned me over to her.

Tracy screamed, "Why did you stop? Why won't you fuck me? Please, come back!"

Jackie said, "Patience, Dearie, he'll be continue in a moment."

She pulled a leather cock and ball strap and put it on me. "This will help you fuck longer. We certainly don't want to finish to soon, do we."

I lined my cock against Tracy's hole as she begged me to fuck her. I grabbed her hips and rammed into her. I was fucking her hard and fast. Seeing her beautiful bottom riding my cock was exciting me no end!

Tracy screamed, " Oh, it hurts so bad, but it feels so good! Don't stop! Please, Don't stop!" Shortly after that she started coming. I could feel her muscles contract in wave after wave of her orgasm. Only the cock harness kept me from coming.

Tracy said, " That was wonderful! Maybe we can do this again sometime!"

Jackie said, "Oh! But he's not through yet! He's going to keep fucking you until he comes! And you will let him. Understand?"

Tracy nodded her head and resigned herself to a long session. The lube and orgasm had worn off and she was starting to feel more of the pain. I continued to pound her.

After a few minutes, Jackie told her to lie face down on the bed and spread her legs. I then mounted her and started grinding against her. Her bottom felt good against me. I like fucking this way as much as I like being fucked this way. I reached around fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples like Jackie does me. Tears were running down her face, but she was also moaning with pleasure, and telling me to fuck harder!

After  a while Jackie said, "You've been fucking her nearly an hour! Doesn't that feel good? Now you know why I ride you so long!"

During this time Tracy had come 3 or 4 times. She was slowly getting used to the pain. She said, "I think I'm ready to feel you come inside me, now!"

At this, I could the pressure building in side me and I started coming. I had never come so hard and so long! I continued to pump and a couple of minutes a felt a second orgasm coming. I had filled her so full some was leaking out.   l lay on her a few minutes, then pulled out. I started to kiss her neck and shoulders and continued down her back. I lingered at the small of her back and lightly kissed her bottom. I then spread her cheeks and started licking my cream from her ass. She had another orgasm by then. We were both drained!

Jackie told us to go clean up and then we'd go to a long lunch.

While we were showering, Tracy held me and kept kissing. She repeatedly thanked me For fucking her, and asked when we could do it again.

"I think I like anal sex as much as I do regular! Even though it hurt at first, I still couldn't get enough!"

" I like it, too, and I like fucking your ass. Its so beautiful!"

She started stoking my cock and said, "think you can do it again?"

I answered her by pushing her against the wall and forcing my cock up her ass. Needless to say, we were late!

The morning was fantastic, but the afternoon had more in store for me!


Angie K


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