After I had thoroughly fucked Tracy's ass, Jackie took us to a nice, intimate restaurant with private tables. We ate a light lunch and sipped wine, sharing small talk and discussing the morning's session.

 Tracy slipped below the table and stuck her head under Jackie's dress and started sucking her. I noticed Jackie appraising me with a slight frown.

 "I've been thinking on what you asked", she said, "Has anyone besides me and Dave ever fucked you?"

 "I've head a few encounters, but I dont get fucked as often as I would like," I replied.

 "Have you fucked anyone besides Tracy?"

"Not for a couple of years." 

I didn't want to admit I watched tranny porn and jacked off. I didn't want her to know I fantasized of her fucking me and of me fucking her and Tracy.

A silence fell over as we finished our wine. Tracy came up and put her hand on mine and squeezed it gently. Jackie excused herself and said she would meet us at the shop. Tracy and I walked back to the shop.

Once inside, Tracy asked if I wanted a blowjob. I declined and smiled saying I was still drained. We sat on the couch and made out for a while. It was nice.

Jackie returned about an hour later with a package which she handed to Tracy. She told Tracy to strip and put this item on. She told me to strip and started removing her own clothes. She kneeled in front of me and started sucking. She rarely sucks cock, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Tracy returned and my cock hardened rapidly.

Jackie stopped and said, "Tracy, I believe she likes what she sees!"

Tracy was totally naked except for a harness and a big blue dildo. Jackie said it was 8 inches, just a little longer and thicker than hers. She thought this would fill me up nicely.

Tracy smile mischievously and said, "I'm going to fuck you just like you fucked me. I might even fuck you the rest of the afternoon! I hope you enjoy this as much as I will! Now, get on your knees and spread your cheeks!"

 I did as she commanded as she lubed my hole and the blue cock. She placed the head against my hole and shoved it all the way in. I yelped in pain and surprise as it reached the end and hit the back of my ass. Dave's would barely touch and cause little discomfort. This longer cock hit harder and hurt more!

"Does that hurt, baby? I really hope so! I bet you really feel filled, now," she laughed, and continued pounding me. "I want you to feel it like I did. Doesn't it feel good?"

 She pulled nearly out and rammed it in with each stroke. I could feel her balls slapping against mine! I gasped every time she hit the back. It hurt, but felt so good!

 "I could fuck her all day, if I liked" she exclaimed! However, it wasn't long before she started slowing down.

 "How do you fuck so long? I'm getting tired, already!"

 "It's amazing how wonderful it feels having a warm mouth, pussy, or ass wrapped around your cock", Jackie replied. "I think, maybe you would like the other cock better."

 As Tracy left, Jackie knelt behind me and started fucking me.

 "I just can't stand to see good ass go to waste. Don't you agree?"

Tracy returned and had a confused look on her face. She was holding a long cock that had a smaller cock angled up away from the base.

 Jackie said, "The long end slips through the harness. The short end goes into your pussy when you put on the harness."

Jackie moved around and stuck her cock in my mouth. Tracy slipped in my ass and started pounding hard again. I was feeling wonderful. I enjoy being used like this.

After a few strokes, Tracy moaned, "Oh, yes, Oh, yes," several times. 

I could hear her breathing rapidly. She started fucking me harder and then she was in the throes of an intense orgasm. I could feel it down the length of her cock.

 Suddenly, we heard a voice, "Can I play, too?" in the doorway stood a stunning mocha-colored woman about Jackie's age.

 Jackie embraced her and they kissed passionately, then moved behind her.

"This is Michelle. She's our buyer. She also designs some of this lingerie. She comes by once in a while. She will be coming by more often and attending our staff meetings."

 Jackie unzipped Michelle's dress. She slid it over her shoulders and let it slid to the floor. Underneath, she was totally naked. She was tall and slender, with small breasts and wide hips. Her curly hair hung halfway down her back. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

The look she gave me and Tracy sent shivers through me body. She looked like a hungry cougar waiting to pounce on her prey! I wanted badly for her to fuck me! I could tell Tracy desired the same thing.

Michelle had us stand beside each other with our arms around each other's waists.

"Very nice. I wonder if they taste as good as they look?" Michelle said, with a finger on her lips.

 Her slow, sensuous movies as she walked towards us riveted us in place. Her eyes were filled with animal hunger.

 She bent down and took Tracy's nipple in her mouth and started sucking a nibbling. Tracy moaned in pleasure. Michelle placed her hand behind Tracy's head and pulled her in to a passionate kiss. Tracy wrapped her arms around Michelle and returned the kiss with equal passion. Michelle moved down to nuzzle Tracy's neck. With own hand she held Tracy close. She moved the other hand down Tracy's body until she reached her pussy. She pulled the cock aside and stuck 2 fingers up her pussy. Tracy gasped as Michelle worked her to orgasm. She then stepped away and fucked Tracy with her eyes as she slowly licked her fingers clean.

 "Delicious. I could eat her all day, and then she could eat me!" she purred.

 Michelle turned to me and dropped to her knees. She took me into her mouth and started sucking. After a couple of moments, she started working up my body, licking as she went higher. When she got to my breasts, she bit one nipple and roughly twisted the other. I yelped. She moved up and nibbled my neck then moved up to my mouth. With one hand she pulled my face to hers and tongue fucked my mouth. With her other hand she stroked my cock. When I started leaking pre-cum, she moved her fingers and slowly licked them clean while eyeing me hungrily.

 "I could fuck this one until she begs me to stop, and then fuck her some more!"

 Jackie said, "Well, why don't you?"

 Michelle turned away and slowly walked away, swinging her hips. I wanted that perfect bottom. With her legs slightly crossed, she bent over and reached into her bag.

 Tracy whispered, "I could eat that ass all day!"

 "So could I!" I responded.

 Michelle stood and turned around holding a cock and harness. "Believe me, you'll get your chance."

 "Tracy, let's fuck Angie. I'll take the front and you take her rear. How's that sound?"

 "I like it!"

I got one my knees. Tracy rammed her cock into me, and Michelle tried to fuck my throat. She could only get it part way in.

 "This isn't going to work! Angie, lay on the ottoman with your head hanging back over the edge. Tracy, lift her legs and fuck her that way."

 While Tracy started hammering me again, Michelle slid her cock down my throat until her balls hit my nose. She would stroke 2 -3 times and pull out. I would gulp a quick breath and she would do it again.

 She kept this up for several minutes and then said, "Let's switch ends."

They switched and started again. I was enjoying being fucked so thoroughly! I never wanted it to stop! They kept at it for nearly an hour.

 Michelle suddenly stopped. "I'm ready for something else."

 She removed her harness and had Tracy remove hers. She then had Tracy lay down and proceded to put her pussy over Tracy's mouth. They started eating each other. I saw Michelle's beautiful bottom and kneeled behind her and started licking her ass. It was delicious! We all kept licking until Michelle had an explosive orgasm.

She hollered, "Don't you dare stop!" and kept grinding her pussy on Tracy's mouth. I buried my tongue in her tight ass and tongue fucked her. Soon Michelle came again.

 After she finished, she kneeled in front of me and demanded I fuck her! I was excited to see Michelle's ass riding my cock. I managed to fuck her 10-15 minutes before I dumped my load I her. She commanded me to lick her clean. While I was devouring her ass, Tracy was sucking Jackie's cock.

 Jackie put on her cock strap and told me to lay down on the day bed. She climbed on and started fucking me hard. She then told the girls to clean up. While they were playing in the shower, Jackie continued pounding my ass.

 The girls came out dressed.

Michele asked, "Do you still fuck for over an hour?"

 "If you miss this, I can fuck you next!"

 As she and Tracy left, Michelle said, "I'd love it!"

 I settled in for a very thorough pounding. I hoped this would be one of many to come.


Angie K


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