Hey guys! It's Jay. Last time I told you about how I my sexcapades with my dad, Dan, Bruce and Mathiew began. Today, I'll tell you about how things went after our holidays in the woods.

So, now that the hockey season is finished, Bruce and Mathiew went back to Texas, but not for a long time. They decided to move in town. Bruce moved with me and my dad and Mathiew moved with Dan. I was more than happy to welcome Bruce in our house. Since we only had two rooms, Bruce had to sleep with me. Every night, before we fell asleep we cuddled and kissed. I loved falling asleep in his arms, I felt so secure and feeling his body against mine was so hot.

We had sex almost every night. Sometimes my dad would join us. One night, Bruce was sucking my cock when my dad came in, wearing nothing but a towel. He let the towel fall on the floor, revealing his hard cock. He got on my bed, spread Bruce's legs apart and buried his face between his butt cheeks. He rimmed his ass until it was ready to be fucked. He rubbed the tip of his cock on Bruce's hole then slammed his cock in his ass making him moan. Dad bent down over Bruce and kissed me, rolling his tongue around mine as he pounded Bruce.

As he was sucking my cock, Bruce slid his finger inside my hole, which made me shoot cum in his mouth, filling him. He swallowed all of it then looked at me with lust in his eyes.

A few minutes later, dad began to fuck him harder and faster, moaning louder, he said "Fuck.. i'm gonna cum... Here, take my load boy!" as he filled Bruce's hole.

When his cock was empty, he bent down and licked the cum dripping from his hole.

Now, only Bruce had not cum. So my dad turned him on his back, sucked his cock to lube it then slowly sat on his cock. Then he went up and down on Bruce's shaft, bouncing harder with every trust. That was fucking hot, my dad getting his hairy bubble butt fucked. The look on his face... damn my dad's such a hunky guy. Now that we were having such good sex together I wished we did this before, when I used to sleep in his bed after my mom died in a car accident when I was 15.

I've always knew I was gay and I only told my dad 2 years ago I was.

He has always been an amazing dad, he did not care if was straight, gay or bi, he loved me no matter what. Now that I know he's into the same thing I am, I'll make sure he's satisfied by beeing a slutty son for him, always ready to be fucked.

Back to my dad getting fucked, he was moaning so loud with pleasure. In no time Bruce was filling his hot manly hole with hot cum. My dad released Bruce's cock and layed on his belly between me and Bruce. We both licked his hole clean, savouring the hot taste of his hole mixed with cum and kissed each other.

That night, we all slept together, naked, me and Bruce layed our head on my dad's chest and fell asleep.

Meanwhile 10 streets away, Dan and Mathiew were at home, cuddling on Dan's couch, wearing nothing but their tight boxers. They made out, caressing each others bulge, kissing deeply. Dan slowly slid his hand under Mathiew's boxers and played with hard cock. Then he got on his knees in front of him, released Mathiew's cock and engulfed it down his throat. Slowly going back and forth on the hard shaft. Mathiew moaning, saying in low voice "Yesss that's it, suck me good" Then he licked two of his fingers and sticked them in his hole, fingering himself as Dan sucked his cock.

As Mathiew was getting close he stopped Dan and said "Not now, I want to fuck that hot ass of yours" Dan looked him in the eyes, lust in his face. He got on all fours and spread his butt cheeks saying "Here's a hungry hole waiting for his hockey player to slam his stick inside him"

Mathiew first lubbed Dan's hole with his tongue, gently rimming it, then, he got up, placed his cock on the tight hole and, as he was about to slowly slid his cock inside Dan's butt, Dan said "Don't go so slow, just slam it hard in me, fuck me like a whore"

Without saying a word Mathiew slammed his cock hard inside Dan's tight hole. Both of them moaning loudly. Mathiew fucked Dan harder with every trust, they were going wild in their lust, time stopped.

As he was about to cum he got out of his hole and slid his cock inside Dan's mouth, filling it with cum. Dan looked so pleased to swallow his juice, he swallowed it all, then licked Mathiew's cock clean. Mathiew then looked him in the eyes and said "I want you in me"

So he got on his back and spread his legs wide open, offering his hole to Dan. Dan licked three of his fingers and sticked them in Mathiew tight hole, stretching it open. Then he leaded his cock into Mathiew's mouth and said "Get it all wet for your hungry hole" So he sucked on Dan's cock for a minute or two then Dan got back to Mathiew's manhole and sticked his cock inside in a hard trust, making Mathiew moan, almost cry. He fucked him real good, massaging his prostate with his hard cock.

Mathiew jerked his cock as Dan pounded his tight bubble butt. Dan bent over Mathiew and gave him a passionate kiss, then said "You want me to fill your tight hole or your sweet mouth?" "I want to swallow your hot cream, feel it go down my throath" he answered licking his luscious lips. "As you wish son" Dan said releasing his cock. He got his cock close to Mathiew's face as he opened his mouth. Dan shove his cock down Mathiew's throat, fucking his cute face like it was his butt. Mathiew was gagging but he enjoyed it. It took no time before Dan spurted cum in Mathiew's mouth. Mathiew swallowed every single drip of it as looked Dan in the eyes. Dan had a dominant look on his face, like a dad would do with his son when he's proud of him.

When Mathiew finished cleaning Dan's cock, Dan took his head in his hands and said "Now, why don't you share what I gave you, I want some"

So they kissed each other, sharing the cum that was left in Mathiew's mouth.

Then Dan took Mathiew in his arms and headed to his bedroom. When they got in bed, Dan said "From now on, you'll be sleeping in my bed with me honey"

"That sounds good to me" Mathiew answered.

They fell asleep cuddling, naked, skin to skin.

Part 3 will come soon. Let me know if you'd like it if I make a serie with this story.

I hope you enjoyed it, because I had so much fun playing with myself as I wrote it.

Have fun with yourself hehe ;)



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