It was now summer, in the middle of June. My uncle John called my dad to tell him he was coming to visit us with Anthony, for the summer vacation. Since my uncle did not know about my dad being gay, even more, that we had sex together, we all decided to keep it low for the time Anthony and uncle John were there. I must say that my cousin always turned me on, he's the typical football player jock. Bubble butt, smooth muscled body, nice juicy lips. He also had the typical brown wavy hair with deep green eyes. I almost jerked dreaming about his naked body.

They arrived the next day around eleven in the morning. Bruce was still sleeping in my bed. I went to my room to wake him up. I then returned in the living, sat beside Anthony and began talking about this and that. Then Bruce came out of my room, in only his tight black briefs, which defined his bubble butt so well. I thought to myself "Damn he's fuckin hot". Anthony said jokin "I see you've got a new boyfriend, that's cute" I laughed saying he was hockey player we host. I introduced Bruce to Anthony and my uncle. About half an hour after lunch, I decided to go visit Dan with Anthony and Bruce to introduce my cousin to Mathiew.

We arrived at Dan's house, Dan opened the door, in only his underwear as usual. We got inside, Mathiew said "hi", as he watched tv, wearing nothing but some sport short, kinda loose. We we joined him as Dan went to the fridge to get us some beers.

So we watched tv, drinking beer as Anthony talked with Bruce and Mathiew, getting to know them. Anthony asked them "Since you're both hockey players, I guess you get to bang some hot girls hun?" As usual, Mathiew answered spontaneously "Well, I would say we're more into hot dudes you know"

My heart stopped as he said that. I thought to myself "Did he really just said that?!"

Looking surprised, he said "Oh.. uhh, well, I must admit that... i'm also into guys". As he heard Anthony saying that, Dan got up, looked at Mathiew and Anthony and said with a dirty voice "You guys seem to be interested in each other, why don't you go for a tour in my room, you know, to get to know each other?" Immidiately Mathiew got up, took Anthony by his arms and went in Dan's room. Anthony turned his head in my way, looking real excited by what was coming.

Now it was just me, Bruce and Dan, sitting in the living room. I said, as I was getting turned on "Well, now that Mathiew is busy having a 'deep' conversation with Anthony, why don't we have some fun ourselves?"

Bruce said "That sounds real good to me" as he grabbed my crotch. We made out for a while as Dan watched us, jerking his cock. After a few moments, Dan said "Why don't you get your clothes off and give me a little show?" Without hesitation we both got naked and started to jerk each each other. I got my hands off Bruce's cock and got on my kness between his tighs and gently licked his hard shaft. Then Bruce grabbed my hair and and forced his cock down my throat, making me gag. I was enjoying it so bad, even more knowing that Dan was watching us, stroking his cock.

As Bruce facefucked me, Dan got up and said "You're doing so good guys,but I noticed Jay still has an empty hole..., it's my duty to fill it up" So he buried his face between my butt cheeks and gently rimmed my tight hungry hole. As he was getting my hole ready, he massage by butt cheeks with his firm hands. God that was feeling sooo good. I released Bruce's cock to say "Damn Dan, you're doing so good, but I need something bigger down there"

"Alright then, what do you think about...THAT!" He said as he slammed his cock inside me, making me moan like a real whore. He was so big. The pain drifted in no time, leaving its place to pure pleasure. I was now getting fuck by both ends, I felt so used. Damn I liked it real hard.

As Dan was pounding me real good, I felt Bruce's body stretch as he said "I...I'm... I'm gonna cum..., fuck.." I then felt my mouth getting filled with Bruce's hot tasty cum. I did what every slutty boy should do and swallowed every drop of his cum. Looking spent, Bruce layed on the couch and watched me getting fucked. Dan was one hot fucker, I was in heaven.

As he fucked me, he said "Let me show you a little trick. I'm sure you'll love it" He then began to fuck me so hard I thought he was about to tear my hole appart, but it was feeling so good. I slowly started to feel like I was about to cum, even if I wasn't jerking my cock. This feeling got more intense and I felt my muscles loosening, my cock twitched then, it started to spurt cum all over the floor. That felt so good and intense I thought I was going to pass out.

I couldn't believe Dan made me cum just by fucking me like a beast.

"Looks like you enjoyed it uhh... now be a good boy and suck my cock empty" Dan said as he slid his cock in my mouth. Soon enough he was groaning, spurting cum down my throat. Again, I swallowed it all, but I left some in my mouth and kissed Dan. We shared his cum as our tongue explored each others mouth. Bruce joined us and when our mouths were clean we layed on the couch, tired, doing nothing but caressing each others wet body.

Meanwhile in Dan's room, Mathiew got his shorts off as Anthony stripped naked. They got on the bed and started kissing each other. Anthony slowly went down on Mathiew's body, playing with his nipples, then going lower, licking the tip of his cock. Mathiew played in Anthony's hair as he engulfed his cock in his mouth. Not able to resist any longer, Mathiew asked Anthony to change position to get in a 69 position. He wanted Anthony's cock so bad.

He grabbed his cock and went down on the shaft till his head touched Anthony's pube.

As they were sucking each other, they started to finger each other's butt. Mathiew interrupted Anthony and said "I want you to fuck me real hard, I want to be your slut" So he got on his back and spread his legs wide open, giving his tight hole to Anthony. Mathiew grabbed the lube tube on the nightstand and as he handed it to Anthony he tossed it away and said "I wont need it, I prefer using my mouth..." Then he spread Mathiew's butt cheeks open and buried his face between them, licking and rimming his warm hole.

Once he was done, he rubbed his cock over Mathiew's hole and slammed his cock up his ass in a hard trust. Mathiew almost cried, but he wanted it so bad. Anthony fucked for a long moment. As he got close he grabbed Mathiew's cock and jerked it real fast. They both came together, shooting their load all over Mathiew's chest. Anthony bent over Mathiew and licked all the cum off his chest and abs. Then he shared it with Mathiew a hot kiss.

"Mmmmm that taste so good Anthony" Mathiew said as he layed in the bed, under Anthony's body. "Yeah, it really does taste amazing, we should do it again another time" "Absolutely"

They layed in bed for a while and when they came out ot the room, all naked, cocks still hard, they saw us cuddling on the bed. We ended up in a hot orgy. We had sex for hours, just like time had stopped. When we came back home, it was almost 10pm. We got in the house and saw my uncle going down on my dads cock in the living room.

I looked at Anthony and we unverbally agreed to join them.

As we got close to them I said "Hey dad, can we join you, that looks fun?"

He looked at me and said "Sure, we would be more than pleased to play with you guys"

Know what happens next in part 4.

Hope you enjoyed it like you did with the previous part. I will do my best to release part 4 as soon as possible.



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