Hey guys! My names Jay Cooper, i'm 18 y-o, I've always enjoyed working out, keeping my body tight. I've also been playing hockey since i'm a kid, I don't play in a professionnal team, I just play hockey because I enjoy it. My dad's friend, Dan, is also a big hockey fan, he host 2 players at his home, they're from Texas. There's Bruce, he's 19, well built, a nice bubble butt. He got some nice wavy brown hair and deep blue eyes to make you melt and there's Mathiew, a tall buff guy, very masculine, he's always wearing tight shirts and short shorts so we can see his hot muscled legs.

Since my dad's friend is single, they used to be very friendly and they didn't bother to stay in their underwear at home, which really turns me on. Even when me and my dad visit them, they stay in their underwear, I even saw Bruce naked, fresh out of the shower, the water still sliding down his muscles. God, he's hot.

So, this year for the holidays, my dad and his friend decided to rent a lodge in the woods. There was me, my dad, his friend and, since Bruce and Mathiew were pretty far from their famliy, they decided to come with us. I was so happy. Spending the next two weeks with them, getting to see them almost naked all the time, wow.

So, on the first day, my dad went skiing with Dan. So I was alone with Bruce and Mathiew, all of us in underwear. Bruce had a black brief on, sculpting his butt and crotch so nicely. I could see his bulge through the fabric. Mathiew was wearing a loose pair of white boxers, leaving me wondering what treasure he was hiding underneath, and me, I had on a tight pair of red briefs, which were showing my butt and bulge. I was trying to seduce them.

Surprisingly, it did had some effects. Bruce came to me, looked me in the eyes as he got closer and said "You know, you actually look pretty hot in those briefs, looks like you got a big one hehe".

"Thanks" was all I could say. I was trying to hide my erection to avoid any awkward situation. But I couldn't, which seemed to turn Bruce on. He sat next to me, and slowly got closer to me. Pretty soon, he was caressing my tighs, going near my growing bulge. After a few seconds, he looked me in the eyes and started to rub my cock through the fabric of my briefs.

At that moment my cock was so hard it almost hurt, but I was so horny. He finally slid his hand under my briefs and started to jerk me off. As he did, I grabbed his head and kissed him. Time seemed to stop as we kissed, I can hardly describe how hot it was.

When we finally stopped kissing, I undid his briefs and engulfed his cock down my throat. Damn he tasted so good. I could hardly go all the way down, but he grabbed me by the hair and trusted his shaft as deep as he could, making me gag, but he didn't stopped. I was his whore and I liked it. I was willing to do whatever he wants.

As I was busy getting my mouth fucked, Mathiew entered in the living room saying "Well well well, seems like you're enjoying each other hun?" "May I join you?"

He first started to eat my tight hole, licking it, sticking his tongue in it, making me moan like a whore do. Then, when my hole was ready, he parted my butt cheeks and slowly slid his shaft up my ass. I couldn't shout out my pain with Bruce's cock in mouth, so I restrained it and let him pound my tight ass.

I was now theirs and I wanted it so bad. Mathiew was now fucking me real hard. The pain had now drifted away, leaving me with only pleasure and lust. His cock felt so good in me, 10 inches of pure pleasure down my ass. He was now moaning as loud as Bruce, they both seemed to be on the edge. Bruce didn't warned me in any way and just filled my mouth with his cum. I swallowed every drop of it like it was gold as Mathiew filled my manhole, cum dripping out of my ass.

That was amazing.

Since I was the only one who had not shot his load, they both started to suck my cock, sometimes both of them at the same time, sometimes on after the other. But that was not enough, at least for me. I wanted to be fucked as I cum.

So I sat on Bruce's cock as Mathiew sucked me like a pro. Licking my cock down the shaft to my balls. Playing with them with his hands. As I got closer I warned him and he only sucked me harder, deeper.

Feeling my cock getting pumped empty as Dylan pounded my hole was incredible. I almost passed out when I came.

Mathiew and Bruce licked the jizz of my body and we made out for a while, all naked, cock still hard.

As we were on the couch, making out cock pointing upward, my dad came back with Dan, surprising us full naked, kissing and caressing each other. Dan said in a seducing tone "Well, I understand'em, three hot guys left alone, wearing nothing but underwear..." My dad looked at Dan and said "Why don't we join them, they seem to have fun"

Dan did not say a word and got undressed as my dad got on his knees. He started by kissing the head of Dan's cock and then, slowly went down the shaft. I surprised myself enjoying that. I had never realized how hot they were.

My dad sucked Dan for at least 20 minutes then he got naked, lubbed his hole with his saliva, got on his hands and knees. Dan got behind him and slammed his cock inside him, making my dad shout "FUCK! mmmmmm yeah that's it, fuck me real hard, show my son how slutty his dad can be..."

The rest of the night was pure hot sex and lust. I hope this will become our holiday tradition.

Since our holidays in the wood, I know some will say it's wrong, but me and my dad have sex pretty often. After all, there's nothing bad in giving his dad some love.

If you'd like to know what happens after their holidays in the woods, let me know.



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