I had expected to wait a long time, before I got to have Kyle again. I couldn't of been more wrong.

Last night, there was a loud knock on my door. From the kitchen, I walked through the house and went to open the door.

I took a quick look over my shoulder, glancing at the clock that hung on the wall. It was quarter past eleven.

After opening the door, my heart began to pound. Kyle was standing there, with a beautiful smile on his face.

"Hi." He said.

"Hello." I smiled "What are you doing here?"

"Do you want me to go away?" He asked, still smiling.

"No way." I took hold of his red t-shirt. "Get your ass in here!"

Tugging on his shirt, I pulled Kyle up the doorstep and into the house.

"I guess that your girlfriend has gone out." I said, releasing my grip.

I pushed the door closed then started to walk back toward the kitchen. I had only made it as far as the dining room, which was just through a door from the lounge. 

"Yeah, she's staying out tonight." He explained, grabbing me from behind.

With his hands gently gripping my waist, he held me in place. My heart skipped when his lips connected with my neck. He passionately pecked at my sensitive skin.

Reaching up with one arm, I placed my hand on the back of his head. I pushed on his head, forcing him further into my neck.

Getting the message, Kyle began to kiss me harder. Driving his teeth deep into my skin, he bit me hard. My cock began to stiffen when he started to suck on the bitten flesh.

His mouth left my neck and moved up to my ear.

"Take me to your bed." He whispered.

I took hold of his hand and turned back toward the lounge. We were soon rushing up the open staircase.

Being too eager, I tripped over the top step. I lost grip of Kyle's hand as I fell to the floor.

"Are you ok?" Kyle said.

"Yeah" I started to get up off the floor, "Just embarrassed."

"No need to be." He said.

Kyle took my hand and helped me to my feet. We walked across the landing and into my bedroom.

Before I had chance to make a move, Kyle pushed me from behind. I fell forward once again, this time landing on my bed.

Kyles hand came down on my butt. He slapped my other cheek, even harder then he had hit the first. He pulled at the back of my sweatpants, revealing my ass.

He climbed on top of me, meeting my ass with his denim covered crotch. Taking hold of my wrists, he pinned me down. He began to grind against me.

I gripped at the white bed linen, feeling Kyle's teeth sink into my shoulder. The feeling was intense, even though he was biting me through my t-shirt.

"Stay still." He said.

Kyle slipped off me and stood up. He tugged at my socks, pulling then off. He threw them across the room. 

He pulled at my sweatpants again, this time pulling them right down. The front of the pants pulled at my hard cock, forcing it into a bad angle. I lifted my but to reposition it.

"I said don't move..." Kyle slapped my ass. "Bitch."

I was tempted to correct him, telling him that wasn't what he had said. I thought better of it and kept my mouth shut.

I heard his belt buckle rattle behind me. He brought  the strap down hard, striking my butt. I tensed up, rubbing my uncomfortable cock against the bed.

The leather hit me once again, My ass was stinging, almost burning.

"Give me another." I gripped the bedding, "please."

He whipped me again, so hard that I kicked out. My foot met the bedside table, causing something to fall off it.

I relaxed, hearing the belt land on the floor.

"Take your shirt off." Kyle said.

I pushed myself off the up, just enough to pull my t-shirt over my head. I threw it onto the floor at the other side of the be.

Kyle pulled my sweats from around my ankles. He slapped my burning ass, causing me to jump.

I caught sight of his t-shirt, as it flew across the room. I heard him open the the zip of his jeans, then him take them off.

Kyle climbed on top of me again. He pressed his still covered cock against my butt and began to hump me again.

"Do you want me.....," he pressed his hard cock against my crack, "inside you?"

"Yes" I said.

Kyle moved off me and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Come and get on your knees..." He slapped my ass, "bitch."

I slid off the bed, going to my knees. I moved toward Kyle's open legs. I knelt right in front of him. Looking at his crotch, I saw something that looked very familiar.

He was wearing my boxers, the same ones that he had taken from me the other day. The crotch was stained, he clearly hadn't washed them since I filled them with my pre.

Looking up at him, I smiled.

"Get it out..." He leaned back a little, "and suck it."

I reached for the waistband and pulled it down with one hand. With the other hand, I pulled his cock and balls free. I released the shorts allowing the band to rest under his hairless balls. 

I teased is sack with the tips of my fingers, while licking his helmet. The taste of pre filled my mouth with each lap. 

I wrapped my lips around his shaft and started to slide them down it. Eventually reaching the base, I worked my way back to the tip. Motivated by the smell of his sweaty balls, I picked up speed. 

I worked his nine inches, slamming his helmet against the back of my throat. I met the base again and again. 

Kyle grabbed a handful of my hair, using it to hold my head in place. He thrust forward, driving his fat cock deep into my mouth. I gagged, while he drilled my throat over and over. 

"Yeah..." Kyle thrust hard, "choke on it." 

Gagging, I took my hand away from his balls, and grabbed my cock. I was throbbing and leaking pre. 

He released my hair, allowing me to clear my throat. Strings of saliva stuck to his cock as I took my mouth from around it. I rubbed at his helmet, using the saliva to lubricate it. 

"Stand up!" Kyle said. 

I let go of his cock and picked myself off the floor. Kyle jumped off the bed and quickly grabbed my waist. He turned me around and pushed me forward. 

I slammed against the wall beside the window. He pressed against me, forcing my cock against the cold wallpaper. 

His wet helmet pressed against my opening. He pushed hard, slipping himself inside me. He waisted no time, shoving his whole rod deep in my ass. 

"Oh yeah...." I gripped at the blinds in the window, "fuck me." 

His cock slid almost all the way out of me. He slammed it back in, hard and fast. I put my arm around my back, resting my hand on his flexing butt. 

He drove his cock in and out of me so fast, it almost hurt. My solid rod rubbed against the wall, causing me to leak pre over the paper. 

Kyle quickly pulled his cock out of my aching hole. He grabbed my wrist and used it to pull me back toward the bed. I didn't have chance to let go of the blind. I pulled it with me, ripping it from the window. 

I dropped part of the blind when I landed on the bed. Kyle climbed on top of me and shoved his cock back inside me. He thrust hard, pushing his whole rod up my ass. 

I tried to put my arm back behind me, to touch him. Kyle grabbed my hand and wrapped my arm behind my back. He laid on my arm, pinning it between us. 

He gripped my other wrist and held it against the bed. He continued to grind inside me, while he bit at my neck. 

He started to go at me hard and fast. His solid cock slammed against my insides. 

"Take my cock...." Kyle picked up the pace, "bitch!" 

He was pounding me so hard, I could feel myself about to explode. I felt Kyle's whole body clench. Within seconds he was cumming inside me. Stream after stream hit my insides, like it was never going to stop. 

I couldn't hold it back anymore, my cock had taken full control. I began to squirt a huge load onto the bedding beneath me. 

Spent, we both collapsed our waight. Still inside me, Kyle released my arms and wrapped his muscular arms around me. 

The next thing I knew, I was waking up an hour later. I still had Kyle deep inside me, he woke when I moved. He gently kissed the back of my neck and pulled out of me. 

He climbed off me and stood up. I slid off the bed, getting out of the pool of my cum. I threw the bedding onto the floor.

We both climbed back into the bed and laid back down. Kyle draped his arm over me and spooned me while I fell back to sleep. 



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