I have new neighbours. They moved into the house next door to mine. I saw them moving there stuff into the house two weeks ago. I hadn't seen either of them since then.

They are a young couple, I'd guess that they're around thirty. The woman is a beautiful blonde, with a body that most women would kill for.

Her boyfriend is one of the hottest guys I've ever seen. He has dark hair and styled facial hair.

The guy was topless when he I saw him moving the furniture into the house. His body is amazing, a huge chest and perfect washboard abs.

Two days ago, I was in my bedroom. I had just out of the shower, so I still had a towel wrapped around my waist. While choosing some clothes I heard a noise coming from outside the house.

The sound seemed to be coming from my garden. I went over to the window and opened the vertical blinds, just enough to peek through them.

I saw that there was nobody in the garden. I was about to turn away from the window when something caught my eye.

My new neighbour was laying on a Sun lounger, in his garden. It was the hot guy, he was wearing nothing but some small shorts. The shorts were so tight, they showed everything. His package created a huge bulge, in them.

Hiding behind the blinds, I watched him. He was doing something on his phone with one hand. His other hand was behind his head.

I couldn't take my eyes away from him. He must of been coated with lotion, his skin was glistening in the sun.

He stopped tapping on his phone and turned it horizontally. He stared at the screen, like he was watching something.

After a couple of minutes of watching him, things got interesting. He took his hand from behind his head and placed it on his chest.

He rubbed his muscular chest, pinching his nipples as he passed each of them. The show caused my cock begin to stiffen.

After playing with his nipples a little more, his hand slid further down. He ran his fingers down his perfect abs. He brushed his six pack a little, before moving his hand down to his crotch.

He squeezed his huge bulge, through his little red shorts. Still staring at his phone, he played with his package. Even from where I was, I could see that his cock was growing. My own cock was now as hard as rock.

He stopped playing with his bulge and slipped his fingers into his shorts. After fiddling with himself a little, he took his hand out of his pants.

He climbed off the lounger, placing his phone on the table beside him. He stood up and started to pull his shorts down. He removed them slowly, almost teasing.

His huge cock sprung free, as he released it from its scarlet prison. From where I was, it was difficult to guess how big it was. He was completely hairless, which made his cock look all the more beautiful.

After dropping his pants onto the floor, he laid back down on the lounger. He leaned his phone against an empty bottle, that sat on the table.

He tapped the screen a couple of times then leaned back. He went back to staring at the screen.

His hand once again slid over his body, down his chest and abs. He didn't linger for too long, his hand had soon found his cock.

He wrapped his hand around his hard rod and began to stroke it. His hand slowly moved up and down his shaft, teasing his helmet.

I loosened my towel, letting it fall to the floor. I took hold of my cock and started to stroke it, matching the studs pace.

He brought his other hand down and started to brush his balls. He then pulled on his sack a little, before going back to teasing it with his finger tips.

I duplicated his movements, doing the same to my own balls. I squeezed my throbbing cock, while I pulled on my sack.

What happened next was totally unexpected. The stud took his hand off his balls and brought it up to his face. He slipped two fingers into his mouth, sucking on them a little.

He took the fingers out of his mouth and spat on them. He lifted his legs and moved his wet fingers down to his butt. Still playing with his monster cock, he gently pushed the two fingers inside his ass.

I gasped when I saw his fingers slide all the way inside him. I started to beat my meat a little faster, enjoying the show.

He slid his finger out of his hole, before pushing them all the way back in. He continued doing this, gradually picking up speed. He was soon fingering himself hard and fast.

I could see the pleasure on his face. The things I would do to be the one bringing him that pleasure.

He pulled his fingers out of his ass and brought his hand back up to his face. He took the same two fingers into his mouth, sucking them. He closed his eyes, enjoying the taste of his ass.

I loved the show so much, I was oozing pre. Still stroking my cock, I teased my balls.

Finished sucking his fingers, the stud went back to playing with his butt. This time he pushed three fingers inside himself. It seemed to be a struggle for him, but he eventually managed to get all three inside him.

He pushed his fingers in and out of his hole again. He started to wank himself, hard and fast.

I once again matched his pace. I felt my self getting close to cumming. I started to moan loudly.

The stud was biting his lip, enjoying himself. His hands were a blur while he played with his ass and cock.

Before long, he was cumming.

"Oh fuck" I moaned loudly.

I shot a big load over the window ledge and onto the floor in front of me. The streams seemed to be never ending.

The guy had cum so much, I could see it from my hiding place. His six pack and chest looked to be covered in it.

I continued to stroke my cock, while it softened. I watched the stud pull his fingers out of his ass and suck them once again.

When he was finished sucking his fingers, he climbed off the lounger again. Standing up, he picked up his shorts and used them to wipe at the cum that covered his beautiful torso.

He was halfway through cleaning himself off, when I got a bit of a scare. He turned round and looked straight at my window, smiling.

I jumped back a little worried that he had seen me. It was only when I moved back, that I saw that the one of the windows were still open.

Had he heard me moaning? Did he see me? Both questions went around in my head, while I watched him walk into his house.

While wiping the window ledge with the damp towel, something else came to my mind. If he had heard me, he didn't stop playing. Maybe he was wanting to be seen. Only I could see him, the other neighbours didn't over look his garden.

I have to know what happened. I'm going to leave it a couple more days before I go and introduce myself.



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