So I finally had the balls to go to my neighbours house. I had been thinking about the stud, none stop. Visions of him wanking in the garden had been taunting my mind.

Yesterday morning, I went to the shops and picked up a bottle of wine. I thought that I could go next door and welcome him to the neighbourhood, with the bottle.

I wanted to see the stud, not his girlfriend. I thought that I would wait and see if she goes out, leaving him home alone. I kept close watch, waiting to see her leave.

It wasn't until about three o'clock in the afternoon, that I saw her leave. She walked out of her house and went around the corner.

I ran upstairs and quickly got myself ready. I put on a pair of jeans, some that flattered my butt. Pulling on a white t-shirt, I walked into the bathroom. I styled my hair, trying not to make too much effort with it.

I ran back downstairs and went into the kitchen. Taking the bottle of white wine, I turned and rushed into the living area. I grabbed my keys from the coffee table and went for the door.

I stepped out of the house, closed the door and stuffed my keys into my pocket. I stood outside my house for a minute, trying to calm myself.

Now composed, I went to the studs door and gently knocked on it. I was so nervous, my heart was racing. There was no sign of the stud, so I knocked again and made sure that it was louder.

Within seconds, the door was opening. I couldn't keep the smile from my face. I took a deep breath as he opened the door.

"Hi" I said, with a huge smile.

"Hey" he replied.

"I live next door, I thought I'd come and say hi." I announced.

"Yeah, I've seen ya." He said, smiling.

That made my heart skip. Did he mean that he saw me through the window? Maybe I was just being paranoid.

"I don't know if you drink, but I brought this for you." I said, offering him the bottle of wine.

"Wow, thanks dude." He said, taking the wine from me.

"You're welcome." I said, still smiling too much.

"Come in mate." He said, stepping aside.

"Sure." I said, walking into his house.

He closed the door and started walking through the house. From behind him, I couldn't help but eye him up.

He was wearing dark sweatpants that really showed off his toned butt. His tank top was tight, showing every muscle in his back. 

I watched his sexy butt, while following him into his kitchen. I quickly averted my eyes when he turned to face me.

"Shall we open this now?' He asked, still holding the wine.

"Sure, I'll have a drink with you." I replied, smiling at him.

"My name is Kyle by the way." He announced, reaching into a cupboard.

"I'm Mark." I replied.

"Nice to meet you mate." He said, looking over his shoulder at me.

He took two glasses from the cupboard and placed them on the counter.

"Do you live alone? I asked, as if I didn't know the answer.

"No, I live with my girlfriend." He said, while pulling the cork out of the wine.

"Cool." I said, not wanting to ask about her.

"She has gone to her friends house." He announced

It eased me a little, knowing that she wasn't going to be back anytime soon.

"Here you go mate." Kyle said, handing me a glass half filled with white wine.

"Thanks." I said taking the glass from him.

"Let's go into the lounge." He said, walking into the hall. 

"Ok." I said, following him, once again.

In the lounge, Kyle sat in a chair near the window. I took a seat on the black leather sofa.

The room was decorated beautifully. Impressive when you think that they have only lived there for three weeks. All of the furniture was black. The leather seating was an amazing addition.

"The place looks nice." I said, looking around the room.

"Thanks mate." He replied.

I had to keep looking around the room, keeping my eyes away from Kyle. He was sat back, with his legs open. I could see his package, almost like he was trying to put it on display.

"Do you work?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah, I manage one of the nightclubs." I answered.

"Cool, which one?" He asked.

"The gay one." I said, with a smile.

"That must be fun." He said, smiling back at me.

"Yes, a lot of fun at times." I replied.

"You are gay then?" He asked, obviously already knowing the answer.

"Yeah, I am." I answered.

"I thought so." He said, taking a sip of his wine.

"I'm that obvious?" I asked, giggling a little.

"You have that gay look." He said.

"Like we all look the same." I said, with a cheeky grin.

"Well, you look neat and in good shape, like most of the gays that I have seen." He explained.

"The same could be said of you." I said smiling.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"You are definitely in shape and seem to take good care of yourself." I said.

"I get what you mean." He said, with a smirk.

Still feeling my nerves, I took a big gulp of my wine. I was desperate to know if Kyle had seen the other day.

"Have you managed to do any work in the garden yet?" I asked, trying to sway the conversation.

"I have done some small bits, the garden is so big that there are too many options." He explained.

"I was the same with mine." I said.

"The weather has been so good, I've spent most of the time sunbathing." He said.

"It has been nice." I said, feeling my heart pound.

With another quick gulp, I finished my wine.

"You clearly needed that mate." Kyle said, looking at my empty glass.

"Looks that way." I said, with a guilty smile.

Kyle jumped up from his seat and took the the glass from me. I watched his perfect butt, as he left the room.

Before long, he was walking back into the lounge. He was holding two more full glasses of wine.

"Thanks dude." I said, as he passed me one of the glasses.

"You're welcome." He said, taking a seat.

I sipped at the wine, trying to make this one last. Just as I'd taken a drink, Kyle asked a dreaded question.

"Did you enjoy the show, the other day?" He asked, with a huge grin.

A little shocked, I almost spat the wine out. I just managed to stop myself and swallowed.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You know what I mean." He replied.

I didn't know what to say, I just looked at him. He had a smile on his face.

"You were watching me for a while, you must of enjoyed it." He said.

"You saw me?" I asked, knowing that it was pointless to deny it.

"I had seen you before I took my shorts off." He said.

"But you carried on." I said.

"Yeah, I needed to cum, you watching me just added to the fun." He said, with a smile.

"So you are gay then?" I asked.

"I like a bit of both mate." He answered.

"Does your lass know that you are Bi?"  I asked.

"No, if I tell her, she'll leave." He explained.

"That would be her loss." I said, smiling.

Kyle stood up from his chair and came toward me.

"You didn't answer my question." He said, while taking a seat beside me.

"What question?" I asked.

"Did you enjoy the show?" He repeated.

"I loved it." I answered.

"Did you get hard?' Kyle asked, grinning.

"Yes." I answered, feeling my heart jump. 

"Did you play with yourself?" He asked, placing a hand on my leg.

"Yes." I said, looking into his beautiful green eyes.

"Did you cum?" He probed.

"Yes, a lot." I answered, putting my hand on top of his.

"Good." He said

Leaning forward, Kyle put his glass onto the black coffee table. He turned slightly and took my wine from my hand. After placing my glass next to his, he sat back. 

He slid his hand further up my leg and moved it into my inner thigh. He was so close to my crotch, that I got an instant semi.

"Kiss me." Kyle said, leaning toward me.

Without hesitation, I moved in and planted a gentle kiss on his plump lips. He kissed me back, just as soft as I'd kissed him. I closed my eyes, when we started to make out.

His hand left my leg and took hold of my wrist. He lifted my hand and moved it toward himself. He lowered my hand, placing it on his crotch. With my hand where he wanted it, he released my wrist.

I started to slowly rub his package. His cock was solid and felt a lot bigger then it looked from my window.

Kyle placed his hand on my crotch. As soon as he made contact, I began to harden.

"I want you to fuck me." I announced, pulling away from his lips.

"Fuck yeah." He said.

Kyle stopped playing with my now solid cock. He then stood up and gave me the most amazing look. A look that told me that that he was desperate for me.

He pulled at his tank top, taking it off over his head. While stretching, every muscle in his torso flexed. My cock jumped at the sight. 

Excited, I jumped up from the sofa. Standing directly in front of Kyle, I removed my t-shirt and dropped it onto the floor. 

I gently touched his muscular chest, running my fingers over his torso. I slid my hand down his body, following his six pack. I eventually met the waistband of his sweats. 

With a quick tug, I pulled his pants down a little. He wasn't wearing underwear, so his huge rod bounced freely. His cock was amazing, it was about nine inches long and fat. 

I took his monster into my hand. Gripping it slightly, I ran my hand up and down his shaft. 

"Get on your knees." Kyle said. 

I quickly did as he wanted, going straight to my knees. Kyle pulled his sweats down the rest of the way and removed them. 

He looked down at me, in a dominating manner. I looked back up at him, with hungry eyes. 

Kyle took hold of his solid cock and slapped me in the face with it. The feeling of his hot meat hitting my face, turned me on even more. 

"Do you want this cock?" He asked, once again slapping my face with it. 

"Yes." I answered, desperately. 

"Beg for it!" He ordered. 

"Please sir, let my taste your meat." I begged. 

"Open your mouth." He demanded. 

I parted my lips, making just enough room for his fat cock. 

Kyle quickly slid his rod into my mouth, slamming it against the back of my throat. Not expecting it, I choked a little. He pulled his solid cock out of my mouth, before slamming it back in. 

Kyle started to fuck my mouth, hard and fast. His rod was going as far down my throat as it could. I was loving it so much, I could feel myself filling my boxers with pre. 

After a few minutes of pounding my face, Kyle slid his cock out of my mouth. He had oozed a lot of pre down my throat, but my mouth was still full of it. It tasted amazing, almost sweet. 

"Swallow my juice bitch." Kyle ordered, wiping a little more pre onto my lips. 

Making sure I got it all, I gulped it down. I licked my lips, desperate to taste more. 

"Get up bitch!" He snapped. 

I rushed to stand up. Kyle tugged at the fly of my jeans, pulling the buttons open.

"Hurry up and strip, we don't have that long." He said. 

I kicked off my sneakers and quickly pulled my jeans down. Kicking my jeans from around my ankles, I ran my hand over my crotch. I could feel how damp my boxers were, covered in pre. 

"You got real excited didn't you?" Kyle said, looking at the wet patch in my white boxers.  

"Yeah." I answered, teasing the waistband of my shorts. 

With a quick tug, I removed my damp shorts. I dropped them on top of my jeans. 

"Turn around." He ordered.

I turned to face the sofa, with my back to Kyle. His fingers slid down the middle of my spine. He moved his hands further down, meeting my ass crack. He kept going til he was brushing my hole with his fingertips. 

"Bend over." He said, pushing on my back.

I leaned toward the sofa, using the back of it to hold myself up. 

"Spread your legs." He demanded, kicking at my ankle. 

I opened my legs, as I was told. I heard Kyle spit, just before his wet fingers met my hungry hole. He teased my ring with the tips of two fingers.

"Oh fuck." I gasped, feeling the fingers force their way into my opening. 

He pushed deeper inside, as far as he could. His fingers moved in and out of my hole slowly, making me ache for more.  

"That feels good." I moaned. 

He forced another finger inside me.

"You have an amazing ass." He said, fingering me hard and fast. 

Kyle pulled his three fingers out of my ass. He spat again, then pressed his cock against my hole. He wasted no time, he shoved his meat inside me. 

"Fuck yeah." I almost shouted. 

He slowly pulled his cock all the way out of me, before slamming it back in. He repeated the motion a few more times. 

"You like my cock bitch?" He asked, slowly fucking my ass. 

"I love it." I answered. 

He began to grind deep inside me.

"Fuck me big boy." I moaned. 

Kyle started to pick up speed. Gripping my waist, he started to pound me hard. 

"Oh fuck." I moaned, feeling his solid cock slamming against my insides. 

"Yeah, take my cock slut." He snapped. 

One of his hands left my waist. He grabbed a handful of my hair, using it to pull my head back. He was now so hard, that it felt like he was fucking me with a steel rod. 

"Oh yeah, pound my ass." I moaned loudly. 

He was fucking me harder then I've ever been fucked before. I hadn't touched my cock once, but I felt like it was about to explode. 

"Oh shit." He moaned, releasing my hair. 

His hand went back to gripping my waist. My legs were quaking, through the pleasure that he was bringing me. 

"Get back on your knees!" Kyle ordered, pulling his cock free from my ass. 

I quickly turned toward him and dropped to the floor. Kyle started to rub his meat, hard and fast

"Give me you load." I begged, looking up at him. 

I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it slowly. I took it easy, knowing that it wouldn't take me long to shoot. 

"I'm gonna cum." He moaned. 

Within seconds he was shooting his load.  Stream after stream landed on my face, coated me in his juice. 

"Oh fuck." I gasped.

I started to cum, spraying my load everywhere. Most of it landed on the floor. 

Finished cumming, Kyle wiped his wet helmet on my chest to clean it off. He then turned and walked out of the room. I stayed on the floor, trying to catch my breath. 

Kyle walked back into the room, holding a washcloth. He came toward me and got on his knees in front of me. 

"I'll clean up my mess." He said, smirking. 

He pressed the wet cloth against my face. He slowly wiped at his cum, removing it from my face. I was amazed that this gentle guy was the same guy that just fucked me like an animal. 

Done with cleaning my face, he leaned toward me and planted a soft peck on my lips. He then used the same washcloth to clean my cum off the carpet. 

"We had better get dressed." He said, standing up. 

He held his hand out, offering to help me up. I took his hand and allowed him to pull me off the floor. 

I grabbed my boxers and put them to one side. I didn't want to wear them, with them being filled with pre. I picked up my jeans and pulled them on. 

While fastening my fly, I glanced at Kyle. I just managed to see his softening cock, before he tucked it into his sweats. I found my t-shirt and put it back on. 

"She will be back soon." He announced. 

"Ok, I'll leave now then." I said. 

"That was amazing." Kyle said, smiling. 

"It really was." I replied. 

"Will we do it again some day?" He asked

"Yeah, as soon as possible." I answered.

I bent over to pick my pre covered pants off the floor. 

"No!" Kyle snapped

"What?" I asked, standing up with the boxers in my hand.

"I'm keeping them." Kyle announced, snatching my pants from me. 

"They are mine." I said, smiling. 

"Not anymore, I'm going to keep them and never wash them." He said.

"If that's what you want." I said, still smiling.

I moved toward him and planted a kiss on his amazing lips. I turned around and made my way to the door. Before I had chance to open the door, Kyle pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard. 

"See you soon." He said, releasing me. 

Kyle opened the door and allowed me to walk out. I stepped through the door and turned to face him. 

"Come to see me when you want to play again." I said, taking my keys from my pocket.

"I will." He replied. 

I walked toward my house and put the key in the lock. I looked back at Kyle's door, too see him still standing there with a smile on his face. I smiled back at him before opening my door and stepping into my house.  

I know that we will fuck again, I just hope that it's sooner rather then later.



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