I will be honest in saying that I had never expected that anything of that nature would have transpired with my brother-in-law Dave,and myself, that weekend at the retreat. It was almost like I was in a dream world, wanting to awaken and see if it was really true.

Dave and I tryed to act the same but there was this bond, and intimate link forever shared and could not be escaped.

I had begun to have stronge sexual feelings for Dave and unless I'm really mistaken, from the way he was acting toward me, he was having those same feelings toward me.

Every time we would be around each other he would look into my eyes and wink, with that knowing, desirous look, and that 'Hey man, I need to get together with you again soon, look, and sometimes it would come at a most unopportune moment and situation.

On several occasions I caught myself staring at Dave's bulging crotch and longing, desiring and myself sprouting a hard cock as I stared and longed. There was one time when we were at Dave and Bernice's home, the girls were in the sewing room doing something, I really don't know what, I was on the back porch,looking out he back porch screen door, when Dave came up behind me and pressed his body against my back, reaching around pulling my body tight against his and squeezing my crotch, and rubbing it, making my cock get hard like a rock, and I felt his hard cock pressing against my back, I felt almost faint with desire, He said,'Damn Ken, we need to get somewhere private and do the deed again, I want your body, bad.'

It was after the children was born, Dave had a little Girl, And we had a little boy.

I had thought maybe that would change things between us, and feelings toward Dave and me, but, It only made my sex life with Susan more strained, she was always tired and worn out, just rather lost interest in us having sex.

We were at a family dinner at Susan's mothers house when Dave and I went walking outside in the back yard, drinking our glasses of iced tea, and just chatting. I Had sat down on a bench that our father-in-law had built over under this big Oak Tree, when Dave came over and sat down between me and the tree on the bench.

He looked over at me and said, 'Ken, I guess you know I'm ruined sexually don't you?'

'Ruined! What the heck do you mean Dave.' I said.

'I think you know, I can't get you out of my mind, and I need to have sex with you so bad I'm aching.' he responded. 'I sure wish we were back at the campground, so we would have an excuse to get intimate together.' he said.

'Hey Dave, why would we need an excuse, we are brother in laws, hell man, we could go fishing,

or hunting together, or just go to the sporting goods store, why do we have to act like trying to hide something , unless you told what we did, no one knows,I know I sure didn't.'

That following week there was going to be a Classic Car Show down in town at the Main Auditorium of the Arena, a Huge Sports complex building, we decided to take a day and leave the girls and go to the show together.

Well that day came and I picked up Dave and we went to the car show, but we only stayed there for about forty five minutes, when Dave smiled at me, 'Hey its about time we left and found some private place to get it on, don't you think,' he said.

I just smiled and said, lets go. We left the car show and headed to a small town about ten miles away, I got a motel room, paid cash for the room for one night we signed in using a fictious name, and as soon as we got into the room Dave was all over me like a Duck on a Junebug, god was he hot.

Within seconds I was looking at Dave's awesome muscular naked body and that gorgeous cock was standing up like a light pole, almost straight up.

Dave went wild with my body, before I knew it I found out what getting my asshole eaten felt like, 'Oh Shit man,' I didn't even have time to say it. Dave had me on my back with my ass up in the air, holding my ankles up and had his tongue buried into my manhole, and It felt like Heaven had smiled at what we were doing. I was having feeling I had never felt before as Dave tongued fucked my asshole.

Dave had been tongue fucking my asshole and had me slopping wet with his saliva when he just looked at my face, into my eyes and said,'I hope you can take this cock of mine, because I need to fuck.'

Dave slid that awesome foreskin back, put his pre-cum and saliva lubed cock against my anal opening and shoved his cock about half way to the balls into my asshole, I Let out a yell from pain, He just smiled and said, 'Get used to it man, I gotta do this.'

I swallowed hard, enduring the pain of the first time and bit my lower lip and Dave began the most awesome fuck of his or my life, before very long, I was like a a baby spider monkey,, climbing, grabbing, hugging his mother. I was latched onto Dave's body clinging,totally into this being fucked, god the most fantastic feeling of my life was taking place, he was hitting my prostate with each thrust, making me vibrate and shiver with the sensation that I was going to shoot my load, and god damn did I ever want too. My cock was aching as he fucked me like a wild man raping his first cavewoman. I wanted everything Dave could throw at me, and I was taking it with extreme pleasure.

I remember shoving a finger into my asshole when jerking off on occasion, but Dave was fucking me like nothing I had ever had for almost forty minutes when I felt his climax building up, 'Awe Jesus, Holy shit man, Oh Fuck, I'm gonna empty my nuts man,' he mumbled, breathing heavey, and he sunk that eight inch cock to the balls and with great pressure against my body, and his cock embedded into my intestinal tract, I felt that awesome feeling as Daves cock belched out a huge quanity of built up cum, I felt like he had turned on a hot water hose up inside my bowels. It sent me over the edge, I reached down and grabbed my throbbing sensitive cock stroked about five times and started doing the same thing, I emptied cum all over the both of us, I even got some cum on my eyebrows. I was so full of Dave's cum I thought I would have to take an enema to clean it all out, god I would be leaking cum for a week.

I Must say that Dave's love making had been the most intense sexual experience of my life.

To be honest my wedding night with Susan was nice and warm and beautiful, but this time with Dave, was unbelievably pure Raw, unbridled man sex, and it was stronge, intense and powerful, I found myself licking the cum off my own body and then as Dave pulled his softening cock out of my body I jumped up and started sucking his mansauce from the tip of his cum covered cock, I was like a starving wild man as I cleaned his uncut cock with my mouth and tongue. We laid back satisfied with the knowledge that this was just between the two of us, and it would only get better as we grew older.

Dave and I have had sex with each other both anal and oral, more times than I could care to count, we now have two children each and between our wives and our private sexual sessions, we stay totally sexually satisfied.



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