Well the truth of the matter was, I had what they called latent Homosexual desires, what ever latent means, I guess hidden.

I had been raised in this 'Christian' home, met a really nice girl and we got married.

Well I get ahead of myself, I had this best buddy, we had been best buddies for almost as long as I could remember, we attended the same school, same church, but I never had many classes with Dave because he was a year younger than me. I was a Senior and he was a Junior, so we never shared any classes, but we remained good friends throught out the years of school.

I knew all about the idea of gay men, that they were living in sin, and all that rot, but I was also aware of the fact, In the midst of all those teachings, that the man to man sex act was suppose to be sinful.

But the fact was, that I was torn in the middle with knowing what my church taught and knowing what I was feeling inside.

I could not put it out of my mind, I would catch myself looking at other athletes in the locker rooms, feeling like I would explode inside from that desire that was bubbling up inside me like a opened bottle of champaign.

I would catch myself at the shopping centers and in parks, in the mens room, reading and grasping onto each word of graffiti on the walls, setting there with a very hard cock as I stroked off reading the smut and words written by some dudes that wanted to suck my cock, or have me suck theirs, thinking they had written it just for me.

Or standing at the urinals, just itching to glance at somes guys cock as they whipped it out to take a leak, and getting a boner and gently and slowly stroking off one as I stood there at the urinal and stared a some dudes cock.

I was really loosing it big time.

Well I kept it all under wraps and when ever Dave would come over for a sleepover I would do the deed while he was knocked out asleep.

I would let him get to that point where I knew his breathing was solid and steady and into a sound sleep and then reach over and take out his cock, Dave always wore his Boxer shorts thank goodness, and It was easy to drag out his thick eight incher, damn was it nice and thick and uncut too, that was really nice, I had been cut as a baby and his felt so different, and yet the same too, truthfull the only difference was that foreskin.

I had even leaned over and sucked his cock a couple times, never bringing him to cum for fear I would loose his friendship if he woke up and caught me.

Dave and I met these two sisters and they were both really nice, wonderful church going girls.

We both married, I married Susan, and Dave married Susans sister Bernice. The were both very good looking and looked rather alike in most ways, Bernice had a bigger ass than Susan but they both were nice looking.

Well it was in our second year of marriage when Dave came over to our house with a smile and said, 'You'll never guess what's happened.'

I smiled at Dave and said, 'You won the Lottery.'

Awe! I thought you wouldn't guess, he said with a giggle, 'No it's not the lottery,' He said.

I smiled and said, 'so lets have it what's going on Dave?'

'Bernice is pregnant,' Dave said, I just smiled and trying to keep a lighthearted moment going on.

'How the hell did that Happen?' I said.

Daves face turned red and He smiled and said.'Well you know, the usual way,'

Then he punched me on the shoulder and started laughing. I was really happy for him. I gave DAve a big brotherly Hug.

About three months later Susan got pregnant too.

Well, There we were two married guys expecting to become daddy's.

We were happy but then as we got closer to the end of the pregnancy I guess in about the sixth month, Our church had this upcoming retreat for the young married couples of the Church.

We rented this Lake side campground and then on this one hot August weekend we took off and went on the campout retreat with the other couples of the church.

During these last few months the sex had almost become 'nil' with me and Susan and Dave had been told by Bernice's doctor that she had to wait untill after the baby was born, there we both sat in our sad, turned on, Horny, sex craized bodies aching for the want of being touched in a sexual way, or to put it in blunt words, needing to get our nuts empties.

Well at this campground there are these pay Showers, you go in and like a carwash you place in seven quarters and you get to have a thirty minute shower

One evening I had scrounged up enough quarters for a shower and asked Dave if he wanted to go with me over to the shower room, after all we had seen each other before.

I got into the shower room which was a little concrete block house with little small rooms, with locking doors.

Dave decided we would share a shower to save money and use the facilities together.

As fucking horny as I was, I wasn't sure that I should do this, cause I was going to get a boner as soon as I dropped my briefs.

Well we got into the cubicle for showering and stripped, I thought I would swallow my tongue, Dave looked awesome, he had the most beautiful ass, slightly covered with this light curly hair.

I got under the water and he came next to me, and said, 'Mind if I share man, this warm water feels so good.'

We stood there for a couple seconds when I asked him if he would like me to wash his back.

'Sure thing, man, that sounds awesome.'

I took the soap and slathered up my hand and when I touched his body it was like jolts of electricity started shooting thru my body, God it was fantastic.

He just slumped his shoulders over and forward and placed his hands against the wall, and moaned as I washed his hot, hard, muscular body.

I had never seen Dave look so sexy and hot before, his stomach muscles and chest muscles were just awesome, I washed his back and sensusouly washed his lower back to his moans, and I took a soap covered hand and began to wash his awesome ass. I slid my hand into the ass crevice and touced his manhole, I felt stronge pulses of desire flood thru mybody, My cock was engorged and swolled to almost half again its normal erect size and It was at the point of aching it was so tight and almost shiny.

My nuts had tightened and I was ready to go ass hunting.

Dave just moaned slightly as I used my finger to sorta clean out the little hole there.

I found myself in a fantasy world, I reached on down lower and slid my hand between his inner leg and felt his awesome thick round nuts, I rubbed them a little and felt his body tense, 'Oh Shit man, you better not do that, I need to bust a nut so fucking bad, that is not fair,' he said.

He turned around and looked straight into my eyes, 'Ken Don't fucking start something you won't finish,' That was all It took for me, I reached down and started to stroke his gorgeous thick foreskin covered cock back and forth as he reached up and grabbed the overhead railing and just groaned, 'Oh Fuck that feels so awesome man, Yeah man,don't stop, Awe fuck,I need this so bad.'

I dropped to my knees and started licking the head of his cock like it was a dairy cream Ice cream cone, and It tasted just as good.

I Heard his sigh as he let out a lung full of air and began to breath Hard as I engulfed his cock to the balls, I didn't know I was capable of that.

I went to work at it making sure not to scrape with my teeth.

I felt his body shift as he brought his hands down and grabbed my head and started skull fucking me.

I think we were both in another world.

I felt his hand pull my head forward to the point of gagging me with his cock and felt it began to jerk in my mouth as his seed began to spill onto my tongue and down my throat, I didn't know a guy could shoot so much frigging cum.

'Holy Fuck Ken, Shit man that was a fantastic blowjob, I have never had one like that before, I smiled so you like having some dude suck on your cock?'

'Well to be honest your my first, but it will only be with you, no one else,'

Well I won't be the one to tell anyone about this.'

I got up to my feet, and Dave looked at me, smiled, and said. 'Never let it be said, that I leave my sexual partner in need,' Dave grabbed my very hard swollen cock and began a slow hot, deliberate jerking of my cock, my pre-cum was flowing freely making my cock very slick even undet the shower, it was fantastic feeling, and in about five minutes as I looked straight into Dave's eyes, I began to give out that grunt, I let loose a load of cum to end all cums.

I must have had a quart stored up.

Well needless to say we spend almost every evening sharing a shower together. We still get together when ever we have the privacy and time.

I have a second part of this story also, but that will be next time. Wow!!!! who would have thought two Brother-in-laws.



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