Dan enjoyed sucking his son's cocks for the first time. After a while he looked at Brad and said, 'Would you like to join?'

'No way. I've had the pleasure of all your asses and all three cocks. Now it your time together. I'll just sit here and watch if you don't mind.'

'We don't mind. It's only fair to let you watch since it was you that brought us together,' Dan said.

With that, Dan climbed out and told Mark that he wanted to sixty-nine and to lay on his back. Mark did and as Dan got on top in position, he looked at Mike and said,'Fuck me, son.'

Mike smiled and as soon ad Dan and Mark began sucking each other he got into position and began his insertion into his dad's ass.

As Mike begn fucking his dad's ass, he said,'Damn dad, your ass is so fucking hot.'

Mark stopped sucking his dad's cock long enough to say, 'Bet it's not as good and his cock taste.'

Before long, Mike was reaching the top of the cliff and was about to go over. When he did, he let out a scream as his cock exploded in his dad's ass, filling it with his hot young thick load of cum.

As Mike began shooting his load up his dad's ass it triggered Dan's climax and he began firing his cannon into his other son's mouth and throat. This in turn set Mark off and he began filling his dad's mouth with his own hot young sweet cum. As both Dan and Mark swallowed, Mike slowly pulled out of his dad's ass and they had a three way kiss.

They all three looked totally satisfied and at ease. The ice had been broken and now they could make love and enjoy each other's bodies.

After a while, Mark looked at his dad and asked, 'You ready to get your other son's cock up your ass?'

'You're damn right I am and ready to taste the other's hot cum. Mike let's get a taste of each other's cocks.'

Mike and Dan got into a sixty-nine with Dan's ass up in the air waiting for his other son to stuff it with his cock. AS Brad watched the econd round, he began to slowly stroke his cock. Before long, father and sons were again climaxing.

When Dan glanced over at Brad stroking he said, 'If you're ready to unload, why don't you let it go in our faces?'

'Where ever you want it,' said Brad.

Dan, Mike and Mark quickly lay together with their faces all together. Brad straddled them and began stroking faster. When his climax was ready he squatted closer and emptied his huge built up load into the three face under him. He heard all the go 'Ummmm.'

As he stood, Dan smiled and said, 'Boys, shall we clean each other up?' The boys began licking Brad's cum off their dad as Dan licked it off his son's faces.

As the evening progressed Brad began to join in as Dan fucked each of his sons in the ass as they sucked Brad. The boys later watched as Dan fucked Brad and Brad fucked their dad. Finally, near four on Saturday morning all four guys climbed into Brad's oversize King bed and fell asleep.

As soon as they woke up Saturday afternoon, Dan immediately sucked both his sons off. 'What a wonderful breakfast,' he said. The boys sucked their dad and when he climaxed they kissed and shared his load of cum.

Mike looked at Brad and said, 'You were right. He does feed huge loads.'

Later in the day, Dan insisted on watching his two sons suck and fuck each other. 'Man this is so fucking hot to watch,' he told Brad. 'I've never been so fucking turned on.'

Everyone stayed nude throughout saturday afternoon and on into Sunday, when they had to go home.

Brad was exhausted. Within a couple of weeks, Dan and the boys had purchased a complete camping package and at least once a month the went camping and took Brad with them. As soon as camp was set up the sex started. they admitted to Brad that they would sneak around at home and have 'quickie' blow jobs when June was home.

June planned another weekend at her mothers and the three guys were ready for action. June left and they invited Brad over. Soon, Mike and Mark were in a sixty-nine and Brad was fucking Mark and Dan was fucking Mike. Before long there was a quadruple climax.

Later that evening the phone rang and Dan looked at the caller ID. It was June's mother's number. He assumed June was calling to tell him she'd arrived safe.

When he answered, his mother-in-law said, 'Hi Brad. Can I speak to June?'

'Mom, she's not in. She's visiting a friend this weekend.'

'That's nice. I'll check with her later.'

Dad turned and had a concerned look on his face. He told the boys about the conversation.

'Where do you think she is?' asked Mike.

'I just don't know son.'

An hour later June called on her cell phone.

'Dan everything's okay. I arrived not long after Mom called you. I swear her memory is getting worse and worse. We may have to put her in a home before long. I just wanted to let you know I'm here and everything is fine.'

'Okay hon, see you Sunday.'

He returned to the group and the rest of the weekend was one hot orgy, with almost continual sucking or fucking.

The next weekend that June decided to go to her mother's Dan waited until she was gone, then walked up the street to a rental car he had rented and began following her. Brad, Mike and Mark were with him. They had all decided that her story sounded weak and decided to find out the truth. If something was going on he wanted Brad as a witness.

They followed her to a small motel in the next town. They watched as she parked and went straight to a room. Almost immediately, the door opened and they saw a shirtless young guy greet her with a kiss.

'You know him, dad?' Mark asked.

'Yes, son, I do.'

'Who is it?' Mike asked.

'It's my boss's twenty-eight year old son, Greg.'

They waited a few minutes and Dan said, 'I have an idea.'

He got out, walked to a nearby liquor store and later returned. In a bag he had an ice bucket, small tray, towel and a bottle of cheap champaigne. He3 placed the champaigne in the ice bucket and went to the ice machine and piled ice around the bottle, then wrapped the neck in the towel.

'Okay, here is the plan. I want her to know that we all know what she's up to. You three stand to the right of the door. I'll knock and say I'm the manager and Hold the tray up in front of the door viewer. When they open the door, we all storm in. Brad you start clicking pictures as fast as you can.'

They walked to the door and got in place. Dan knocked and said he was the manager ith a small gift. When the door cracked open they stormed in. Greg was totally naked and semi-hard. Brad got several pictures before it went comtletely soft. June screamed and clutched the sheet up to her neck. Dan quickly jerked it off of her and Brad took pictures of it all.

'I knew something was wrong when your mother called that night. You're nearly old enough to be his mother.'

'How could you, mom?' Mark asked.

June just stuttered.

'When you get home don't come in. Your belongings will be in the garage. Get them and leave. I'm seeing a lawyer and filing for divorce Monday morning.'

June tried to talk to the boys. They ignored her.

'June, I've never cheated on you with another woman. You have your boy-toy now. I hope you enjoy him and he can support you, because I'll be damned if you're getting any thing from me.'

They all left and returned to their home. Dan and the boys immediately began packing June's belongings and putting them in the garage. Brad, at Dan's request went to the hardware store and bought new locks for the doors.

With June gone, Dan and the boys began having sex daily. Since they could do it when they wanted it slowed down some. Brad joined in once or twice week. After six months, the divorce was final.

Mike and Mark noticed that their dad and Brad were beginning to spend more time together. Dan told the boys he had to make a trip out of town for a few days. Brad was already gone on business.

When both men returned on sunday, they told the boys to get in the car. They drove to another community and pulled into a drive. There was a tall brickfence surrounding the back yard and pool.

'Whose place is this?' Mike asked.

As Dan unlocked the door, he turned to the boys and said, 'Ours.'

'Whos?' asked Mark.

'Ours. Brad and I bought it. Boys, Brad and I are life partners or lovers if you prefer. But that will not change things between the four of us.'

The boys smiled and congratulated the men. 'I knew something was going on,' said Mark.

'Dad, Brad, we couldn't be happier for you two.'

Brad and Dan sold their respective homes after moving into their new home. Brad and Dan shared the master bedroom and bed as expected. But Mike and Mark didn't want seperate rooms. They decided to share the next largest bed room and have one king bed.

A few weeks after moving in, the boys were acting giddy at dinner and Dan asked what the hell was going on. They looked at him and smiled and said, 'We're lovers.'




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