Brad and Dan stared at the doorway. Both were beyond the point of no return. Brad began shooting his load up Dan's hot hole as Dan's load erupted out onto his stomach and chest.

Suddenly, they heard the words. 'Dad, what the fuck is going on?'

It was Mark, standing in the doorway.

Brad quickly pulled out and began pulling up his pants as Dad climbed off the work bench and did the same.

'Son, I'm so sorry you had to see this. Please don't hate me. Let's talk.'

'Dad, I can't believe you like it up the ass. How long has this been going on?'

'Son, let's go somewhere and talk.'

'I think we better,' said Mark.

After Dan had walked through the door Brad said softly to Mark, 'Go easy on him. You like it also and remember, he is your dad.'

'Yea, I know. I'm just so fucking shocked.'

'I can imagine. Now go and take care of your dad.'

MArk left and Brad sat on a chair and whispered, 'What a fucking mess.'

Sunday Brad didn't see anything of Dan or the twins. June was due back in town late that afternoon. He wondered if she would notice ant tension between Dan and Mark if there was any.

Monday evening right after Brad got home, Mark and Mike came over. Dan and June had gone out for dinner and the twins wanted to talk with Brad.

'Hi guys. How's things going?'

'Okay,' Mark said. 'Everything is out in the open. We three talked all day yesterdeay.'

'Fill me in.'

Mark explained that he and his dad talked Saturday and that his dad confessed that he had been bi since his teens. He said that Dan confessed to comming on to Brad in the jacuzzi and even asking Brad to fuck him there in the shed. Mark said that he didn't condem his dad and that it was cool with him if he liked men also.

He said that he and Mike talked that night and he filled Mike in on everything and that Sunday morning they went to Dan and told him that they were both gay and that they had been having sex together and with friends since they were thirteen.

'What was his reaction?' Brad asked.

'He was surprised in a way but later said that he thought something was going on between them because of some of the sounds he had heard coming from our room when we shared a room.'

Mike spoke up and said, 'He said that he loved us regardless of our sexual preferrence and that he just wanted us to be careful.'

'Did you mention anything about us?' Brad asked.

'Fuck no. At least not yet.'

'Are you going to?' Brad asked.

'Maybe but we're not sure.'

Things were quiet that week. That is until Saturday morning. Mike and Mark were taking care of my lawn when the phone rang.

'Hello?' Brad said.

'Brad, this is Dan. Are you busy?'

'No, why?'

'I really need to see you. I'm in room 8 at the COttage Inn on Pine Rd. You know it?'

'Yea, I do.'

'Please, meet me here as soon as you can.'

Brad hung up the phone and dressed in just shorts and tee shirt, knowing that Dan would have them off of him in a short time.

He arrived at the Inn and pulled up to room 8. Before he could knock, the door open a few inches and he heard Dad say, 'Come on in.'

Brad stepped in and as he did, Dan quickly shut and locked the door. Brad turned to face Dan, who was totally naked, and as he did Dan grabbed him and kissed him passionately. When they seperated, Dan looked at Brad and said, 'Damn it to hell, the urge for man ssex has been rekindled in me like never before.' He began undressing Brad and soon they were on the bed, Dan sucking Brad's cock like a starving dog. Soon he was swallowing Brad's thick creamy man sauce.

'Damn, that was good. As soon as you can get it back up I want it up my ass.'

They kissed and made out for a while and as soon as Brad's cock began to rise, Dan began sucking it. When fully hard, Dan quickly sat on it and began bouncing up and down, saying how great it felt. When Brad had filled his love tunnel with his hot load, Dan lay next to him and kissed him.

When they broke the kiss, Dan raised up on his elbow and looking Brad in the eyes, said, 'You're doing the twins aren't you?'

Stunned, Brad said, 'What do you mean?'

'Brad, I don't mind. If they want to have sex with you it's fine with me. They are of legal age and can make their own decisions. I'd just like to know for sure. They seem very fond of you and I'm glad.'

'Yes, Dan. I am.'

'You mind telling me how it started?'

As they lay there cuddling and carressing each other's nude body, Brad told Dan the whole story.

'I'll stop if you want me to,' Brad said.

'Do the boys enjoy it?'

'Oh yes. We all three do.'

'Then don't stop. I'd rather they have sex with you than strangers.' After a pause, Dan looked at Brad and asked, 'Are they hot in bed?'

'Yes, very.'

'I'd like to show my love for them sexually but I don't know how to go about it or what they might think. Maybe you could find out for me if they would be interested?'

'Man, I've never been put in this position before. I'll have to think about it.'

Dan smiled and as he got out of bed he said, 'Well, my, ugh, golf game should be over about now so I guess I better be headed home.'

'Yea, me too.'

They both dressed and headed home. Pulling into their respective drives seconds apart, Dan smiled and waved, saying, 'Morning, Brad.'

'Morning Dan,' Brad replied casually.

That evening Mike and Mark knocked when Brad let them in they said that their mom and dad had gone to dinner at a friends and would be out late.

The twins were soon stripping urging Brad to join them. As the gropped each other and made out, Brad looked at them and said, 'Can I ask a wild question?'

'Yea, sure. What is it?'

'What would you two do if you found out that your dad wanted sex with you or if he came out and bluntly asked you?'

Stunned, the twins looked at each other.




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