Mark and Mike looked over to Brad then back at each other.

'Has dad said anything to you?' Mark asked.

'Well, for starters, he know that we are having sex together. He asked and I was honest. He said he didn't mind at all. Second, he said he loved you two very much and wanted to be able to show you in a more physical way.'

'I definately sounds like he's wanting to get us in bed and have sex,' Mark replied.

'Yes, that's true,' said Brad.

'I think it would be hot as hell to be able to have sex with our own dad. We did come from his seed,' Mike injected.

'From what I remember when I walked in on you fucking him, he was well endowed, but all I could focus on was you pounding his ass.'

'I know. We were both beyound the point of no return and starting to climax.'

'Yea, I remember.'

'Brad, find some way to get us together. Let's go for broke and see what happens,' Mark told him.

Mike spoke up and said, 'The thought of having my cock up dad's ass or having his in my ass or mouth is suck a fucking turn on. I can't wait.'

'Let me see what I can come up withm guys. I'll figure something out.'

With that, Mike began sucking Brad's cock as Mark eased behind and began entering Brad's ass. Later as Brad fucked Mark, Mark asked, 'Is dad's ass as good as ours?'

'To be honest, yes it is.'

'How are his cum loads?' Mike asked.

'Fucking huge and delicious,' answered Brad.

'Oh, fuck,' sighed Mike.

When it was all over, Brad assured them that he'd think of something as soon as possible.

Brad thought for several days how he might get them all topgether.

He had considered waiting until another weekend when June went to see her mother. He would invite Dad and the boys over for dinner then afterward suggest they all get naked, however that might be awkward. He began thinking of another plan. It would require a lie or two but so be it.

Dan called one Saturday morning and said he was at the motel and wanted Brad to meet him. Brad said he was on his way. 'Now's my chance to put things into play,' thought Brad.

At the motel, after a hot sixty-nine, Brad looked at Dan and asked, 'Do you like three ways?'

'Oh, fuck, man, I love them, especially if I end up with a cock up my ass and one down my throat at the same time. Why?'

'Well, I have a friend that wants to try a three way. The only problem is that he insist on total darkness. He's very well known in town and doesn't want his extra activities to be known.'

'Hell, Brad, you know I can keep my mouth shut. I like to see what's going on.'

'I'll talk to him and see what he says.'

'Good, now fuck me like I was some slut off the street.'

Dad raised his legs and Brad entered the waiting hole.

'Oh, yea, baby. Fuck this bitch's hot man pussy.'

Dan did as instructed and soon filled DAn's ass with his hot thick load. Dan then returned the action to Brad fucking him hard and deep.

Brad waited a few days and when he say Dan out in the yard he called him over.

'Yea, bud, what's up?'

'Dan, I talked to my friend and he said he was sure you could be trusted but he still preferred it to be in total darkness for the first few times.'

'Brad, look, I'd love to have that three way but I like to see what I'm getting. I'm sure he's hot or you wouldn't be having sex with him but I just like to see what is going on.'

'Okay, I'll let him know, but he'll probably say no,' Brad said trying to change Dan's mind.

'Well, so be it.'

Dan went back inside and began thinking. He might just have to go back to his first idea.

In talking with the twins, Brad found out that June would be going to see her mother in a week and a half for the weekend.

Brad began making plans. As that weekend neared, Brad invited Dan and the boys over for burgers. They all readily agreed. Friday arrived and June left on the drive to her mother's in mid afternoon.

At five, Dan and the boys arrived and joined Brad on the patio where Brad had the burgers already on the grill. After they all ate and had things cleaned up, they all returned to the patio and began a nice visit. Brad could tell that there was some tension.

Standing and pulling off his tank top he said, 'Hey, guys, Let's go for a swim.' With that, he dropped his shorts and standing totally naked, walked to the edge of the pool and stepped in, turning to see what the rest were doing.

Mark suddenly stood and began stripping and when naked dove into the pool. Mike immediately followed. Mark looked back and said, 'Oh, come on dad. The water feels great.'

Dan looked at Brad. Brad smiled and nodded slightly. Dan stood and said, Oh, what the fuck. We're all built the same.' He stripped and quickly joined the rest in the pool.

After a few minutes of light splashing and talking Brad eased over to Dan and took Dan's semi-hard cock in his hand. Dan's eyes widened. Brad slowly drew closer and without warning, leaned in and kissed Dan as Mark and Mike watched.

Dan froze for a secone then began to relax and was sook kissing Brad back passionately. When they seperated, Dan looked at the boys who were also passionately kissing.

By now, Dan's cock was rock hard. He eased over to the twins and as he approached, they seperated and looked at him. he first leaned toward Mark and as they kissed , their tongues exploring each other's mouth for the first time, Dan reach over and took Mark's hard cock in his hand.

Dan then turned to Mike and kissed him as he had done Mark, also taking Mike's cock in his other hand. As Dan and Mike kissed, both boys were feeling Dan's cock and balls. Brad swam to the side and sat on the edge of the pool, his own cock pointing toward the night sky.

When Dan and Mike stopped kissing, Dan smiled and said, 'Damn, you boys are better endowed than I thought you were.'

'You're not bad yourself,' Mike said.

'Yea, now we know where we get it from,' said Mark.

'Go sit on the side you two,' Dan told them.

The moved to the side a few feet from Brad and hopped up on the side.

'Move close together,' Dan told them. They did and Dan moved between them taking a cock in each hand and began stroking them, looking at their cocks closely.

He then leaned toward Mike and quickly swallowed the entire shaft and began sucking.

'Oh, shit!' exclaimed Mike. For the first time, he and Mark watched their dad suck cock. After a short time, Dan quickly turned and swallowed Mark's hard tool.

'Oh, yea,' sighed Mark.

TO BE CONTINUED............



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