Chapter Five

I met with Stewart Bush over dinner. I had seen him several times at games and school events but it was the first time I'd noticed how very good looking he was, and what great shape he was in. He had on an expensive looking knit shirt with banded sleeves that hugged a pair of very impressive arms, and his chest development was most obvious under the thin clinging material.

He laid out his offer, which I thought to be most generous. Too generous, in fact.

'I really don't think that much is necessary,' I told him of the dollar figure he laid out that he would contribute to Brady's support. 'Its not like him moving under my roof will increase my expenses all that much.'

'Have you seen Brady eat?' he asked.

'Yes,' I said, smiling. 'He can certainly put away the groceries. But.....'

Mr. Bush put up his hand to silence me. 'You will pardon me, but this part of our agreement isn't negotiable, unless you say it isn't enough.'

'It's more than enough. It's very generous, in fact. I really don't want to feel like I'm being paid to take your son in.'

'And why not? That's exactly what I would be doing if I sent him to a boarding school, and there he wouldn't get the personal one-on-one attention that your son has given him.'

If you only knew, I thought, just how personal and one-on-one Josh's attention was.

'You are essentially taking my place as a father figure for a year,' the man continued. 'That deserves some recognition. So let's move on to another point that I want to make clear. Brady will be living under your roof, that means he lives by your rules. The fact that he is eighteen has no bearing on it. I've made that clear to him and I expect you to reinforce it.'

'I don't expect to have any problems with your son along those lines,' I said.

'Well, if you do, I expect you to come down on him hard. Suspend privileges, take his keys, even his license... whatever you would do with Josh.'

'I've never had to go to those extremes with Josh,' I said. 'They're both very responsible boys. I've learned that you get out of boys what you expect. I expect a lot. And Josh hasn't let me down. More importantly, he hasn't let himself down. I don't expect Brady will either.'

'Don't be afraid to raise the bar,' he said. 'Mrs. Bush and I have talked about bringing Brady over to Europe for a couple of weeks in the summer, but I'm not sure I will do that. I've lined up several interviews for him for part time jobs, and I'm inclined to think he would be better off staying home and devoting his time to his job and his workouts. It's important he does well for his team next year.'

We ended the evening with another date for all of us to get together for dinner, Brady and his parents, with Josh and me.

'How'd it go with my dad?' Brady asked when I returned home.


'What'd he say?'

'That's between me and your father,' I said. 'If he had wanted you to know, he would've invited you to dinner with us. We're all having dinner together next week by the way.'

'Great. Next weekend, we have a date,' he said.


'You and me,' he said.

'You didn't consult me on the matter,' I said, feigning disapproval.

'Okay. I've got tickets to the wrestling matches when the WWF comes to town. Would you go with me?'

'Brady, you know that's all fake,' I said, without sounding disappointed.

'I know, but those studs look great in those skimpy little shorts they wear,' he said with a grin.

'Are you trying to entice me with those images?'

'If it'll get you to say yes. We don't have to go watch wrestling; the tickets didn't cost me anything. We can go anywhere you want.'

'No, we can go watch wrestling till we get bored, then go do something else.'

'So you're accepting.'

'Yeah, I don't have anything else going on next weekend,' I said with my best attempt at dry humor.

He laughed and punched me in the shoulder.

The night of the wrestling matches Josh left the house before we did. I didn't ask him where he was going, and more and more he wasn't telling me when he left the house. I thought I should set him down and talk to him about it. There was just something too clandestine about the way he was acting.

Brady was right about the wrestlers. They were huge and muscular and hot in their tiny briefs. I wondered how they kept from pulling them off each other. I didn't know who they were but Brady seemed to know all of them.

'Did you enjoy it?' he asked me as we were driving out of the arena parking lot.

'Yes, I did. Thanks for asking me. I didn't know you followed wrestling.'

'I don't, really.'

'You seemed to know all of them,' I pointed out.

'I don't following wrestling, I follow the wrestlers,' he said with a grin.

'I wonder if any of those big guys make out with each other, like on the bus, or back in the dressing room,' I said.

'I don't see how they keep from getting boned up right there in the ring,' he said. 'I think I would, having all that bare, hard muscle rubbing against me.'

'There is the pain factor, slamming each other around like they do,' I said. 'Where are we going?' I asked when we had driven out of town.

'You'll see,' Brady said.

'Does this have anything to do with something I overheard you saying to Josh, about us parking?'

'You heard? It's got everything to do with it,' he said.

He drove several miles into the country, down gravel roads before he finally turned into a field. 'I know where I'm going, I've been here before,' he said.

'Yes, I sort of thought so,' I said.

He drove along the tree lined fence to a far corner of the field then turned the car facing back in the direction we'd come. He turned off the motor and turned in the seat facing me.

'All the other times I've been here, it was with a girl,' he said as he put his hand across the seat and on my shoulder. 'I want make out with you, Mr. J... Alec... is it okay if I call you Alec?'

'Mr. Johnson does seem a little out of place, considering,' I said.

'Even Mr. J, at times like this,' he said as he leaned toward me, obviously about to kiss me. His voice was hoarse. Just before his lips touched mine, he said, 'I think I might be falling for you, Mr. J.'

I think my heart actually skipped a beat; I was so shocked to hear those words. I guess in the back of my mind, I'd always thought that maybe he was playing me, lording his power over me, taking advantage of the unexpected desire I felt for him. I wanted to stop him from saying it but it was too late, and I should've stopped him from kissing me till we talked, but that was too late too. By the time his mouth pressed against mine, parting my lips, and his tongue found mine, all was lost to the moment. And I was his, in any form, by any name. I hated that the boy could do that to me... that I could let him... but I was helpless to resist his charms.

He had my shirt pulled open and was kissing my right nipple while he fumbled with my belt. 'Help me out here,' he said. 'You gotta remember not to wear a belt.'

I took over and undid my belt then my fly and his hand found its way inside my shorts, groping my manhood frantically. I reached for his manhood as well.

'Let's get you naked first,' he said.

'Are you sure it's safe here?' I asked.

'I've never been caught yet.'

'There's always a first time,' I said.

'I don't care... I want you so bad.' He broke away and got out of the car. By the time I was out, he was around to my side, again tearing at my clothes. He barely gave me a chance at his clothes. He went down to his knees to pull off my jeans and shoes and shorts. He buried his face at the apex of my thighs and began kissing my groin all over.

'Fuck, you are so sexy,' he said, looking up at me over the bulge in my shorts. Then he stood up and leaned into the back seat for a blanket. 'I came prepared,' he said.

He spread the blanket out and finished taking off his clothes.

'You are a young corruptor, you know that,' I said

'A damned good one, too,' he said. When he leaned into the back seat again I quickly dropped to my knees and began licking his ass.

'Ohhhh! Who's the corruptor? A man your age, bringing a teenage boy out to a corn field and doing this to him.'

'You're the one who knew the way out here,' I said between licks.

'Awww...Ohhh, fuck, you know how much I love you doing that, Mr. J., but I've got something else in mind for you tonight.'

'What happened to Alec?' I asked.

'Mr. J. just comes out easier,' he said.

I hated to give up his ass, but I relented. He was turned around... I saw him drop the lube on the blanket... and pulled me into his arms.

'MMmm, I can taste the stuff I put on my ass,' he murmured.

'Yeah, you smelled good,' I said.

He held me only for an instant, and while kissing me, he eased us to our knees on the blanket, then he urged me back. I lay down on the blanket, feeling very much like a boy on h is first date, more so with this muscular teenaged athlete coming down over me.

He went to his knees beside me and leaned over and began kissing my chest all around my nipples. I trembled with anticipation, wanting to feel his tongue across them. He avoided them, teasing me.

'You want me to suck it,' he said as he lapped around my right tit.

'Yesss!' I hissed.

'Okay.' But he kept kissing and licking all around it then back and forth across my chest till he had me moaning and writhing under his mouth, trying to connect with my tits.

'Fuck, you said okay,' I moaned.

'Okay, don't whine, I'll do it. Mann, they're really standing up'

'That's your doing...Ohh, Godd!...Ohhh, I love how you do that,' I cried as he began sucking on my left nipple.

His hand was between my legs, caressing my inner thigh and my balls purposely avoiding my cock. After my tits he nuzzled the side of my neck and my face, brushed his lips over my mouth to the other side of my face. When he came back he left his mouth on mine and kissed me. It was a long, gentle kiss, building in passion. I felt his finger, slick with lube, searching, then probing. I didn't know when he had uncapped the lube so deftly with one hand.

He probed my ass and kissed my tits then my lips; his tongue was everywhere his mouth went. He would fuck me but now he was more making love to me, whether he intended to or not. I was silently begging for him to take me, to mount me like the stallion he was and fill me with his cock. When he did, it would be raw sex, the kissing only enhancing everything below the waist.

Brady had found my prostate. He knew it well by now, and just how to massage and manipulate it and me, for his purposes.

'Are you close to ready?' he asked.

'You had me ready when you were taking off your clothes.'

'No, I mean really ready.' He rubbed his finger over my nut again.

'Awwwh,..Yesss! I'm ready...any time...soon...Fuck!'

'Was that an exclamation, or a request?' he asked, smiling as he fucked his finger in and out of my ass.

'Ohh, Geezuss, Brady... Godd, you do mean things to me... you know what it meant!'

'Tell me,' he said.

'It meant, fuck me!' I blurted. 'Ohh, Godd...yesss...your finger feels wonderful, but I want your cock...give it to me...fuck me.'

He smiled and kissed me and kept moving his fingers, as I knew he would. He always took me past ready before he began to satisfy the deep insane craving he built up inside me. When I was thrashing about on his hand, he moved between my legs and lifted them onto his broad shoulders. His cock found its own way, it well knew the way by now too, the broad, blunt head pressing against my loose hole. It throbbed anxiously, rubbing up and down my ass till he nudged it against my hole. I felt the strong pressure exerted by the boy's powerful butt muscles causing my ass muscle to give way to the hot blunt head. I braced myself, then it burst through my hole, burying itself several inches inside me.

'Ohh, My Godd!' I groaned loudly, humping up off the blanket.

'That hurt?' he asked.

'No. Yes, but no,' I moaned. He kept his cock buried and began rotating his hips around in circled. 'Ohhh, Godd...Ohhhh, fuck, Brady, it feels like I'm a virgin all over again every time you shove your cock in me.'

'That's because you're so tight,' he said.

'I don't know how, after you've drilled me so many times.' My asshole was clenching steadily around the foot of his cock.

'That's how,' he said. 'Your asshole constantly exercises itself around my cock.'

'If you mean that.....' My ass squeezed again, and again.

'Awwhh, yeah, that's what I mean,' he said. He stayed in deep for a long moment then eased back till my asshole was clenching around the rim of his cockhead, as if it were fearful that he was going to pull out. Then he shoved back in, deep, and started fucking me.

I was always amazed how he could take me into a state of ecstasy with such ease and keep me there, and lift me higher and higher.

'Ohhh, Brady, how do you do this,' I moaned. 'How do you manage to make me feel this way?'

'How am I making you feel?' he asked.

'Like a boy your age, on his first date,' I said.

There was a sudden pause, then he started fucking me hard. His grunts matched the sounds of his loins smacking against my spread butt, and his powerful thrusts caused the air to gush out of my lungs in gasps. He moved up over me, tilting my butt straight up and started slamming straight down into my ass.

'Does that feel like a boy?' he growled.

'Awww! Ohh, Fuck, Brady!'

'That's what I'm doing, Mr. J.'

He was doing more. What was he doing different? I couldn't detect any different moves but they were driving me to new heights almost with every thrust. And twist of his hips; Godd, where did he learn that? He never stopped kissing me, and his tongue was hotwired to his cock. I could feel the violent throb of his cock every time our tongues touched and lashed together. And my tongue was hot wired to my as. It was a volatile connection.

'I'm charged tonight,' he said.

'You're always charged,' I said.

'No, I mean really charged. I'm gonna blow my load in you and then keep on fucking you, so don't panic that its over just because I go off.'

'The only time I ever panic is when I think you're fucking me past insanity.'

'That's my goal, Mr. J. Second round, you get on top.'

'My Godd, Brady, you're eighteen years old. Where did you learn this?'

'From your son. He's a good tutor.'

I had to marvel at how things had turned out; it had been only a few short months ago that I had walked in on Brady fucking Josh's brains out, and now it was me, the dad, enjoying the big athlete's youthful sex. I didn't want to think that Josh had been cast aside, but Brady definitely had a deep interest and attraction for me. I couldn't comprehend it, that a teenager could be so hot for a guy old enough to be his father, but I was happy with it as long as Josh was okay with it. I was sure Josh didn't mind sharing Brady with me. That was something I had to explore with him.

I let my hands roam over Brady's hard, smooth muscles, and humped my butt up to meet his thrusts. I loved his facial expressions as he fucked me; like a young man on a mission.

'Some time we have to tell my folks,' he said.

'Tell them what?'

'About us.'

'No, you can't do that. They entrusted you to my care,' I said.

'And you're taking very good care of me. I will assure him of that.'

'He can't know, Brady.'

'I want the world to know. But I guess we should start with Josh. He'll be the easiest to tell.'

'He already knows,' I said, confused.

'He doesn't know it all... like how we feel. But maybe you don't feel the same way about me, Mr. J. Maybe I'm assuming something I shouldn't. I love you, Mr. J. and I don't mean like a dad. I've got a dad that I love very much. I love you as a man that I want in my life. How about you? How do you feel about me. Be honest.'

'I like you very much, Brady. I care deeply for you. I can't believe a boy your age can make me feel the way you do, or that you even want to. But I'm not ready to express anything deeper. The sex is awesome. But then, that's because you're eighteen and I'm more than twice your age, and that's not fair to you... either of us.'

'You should let me decide what's fair for me. But what's not fair about it for you/'

'The possibility, even the probability, that you would someday walk out of my life and leave a big empty hole.'

'I won't walk out of your life; you'll have to run me off to get rid of me. So, what's not fair to me?'

'That you will want to walk away sometime and you'll be reluctant to because you won't want to hurt me. You need to feel free to walk away at any time and get on with your life... free and guiltless... when you find the right girl... or the right younger man.'

'I really don't see a girl in my life. And if I'd wanted a younger man, I would've stuck with Josh, wouldn't I. I don't want an older man either. I want you. Why is that so hard for you to understand and accept? How many ways do I have to prove it?'

'You're eighteen, I'm thirty eight. When you're thirty eight, I'll be fifty eight.'

'We'll be a very sexy thirty eight and fifty eight,' he said.

'When you're fifty eight, I'll be seventy eight. That's not what you want of your life, Brady.'

'You know it pisses me off that you think you can tell me what I want in my life.'

'I just don't want you to feel a commitment to something you'll feel bad about wanting out of,' I said.

'Okay, no commitment,' he said. 'We just go with things the way they are, for as far as it takes us, and if either one of us wants to walk way... well, then it's over.'

'I don't want to walk away,' I admitted. 'And I don't want you to, either. I want you in my life.'

Brady grinned. I think he knew he'd won. 'Thirty-eight is still young, Mr. Jo-- Alec. You've got easily half your life ahead of you. You should just count your blessings and be happy you found the right guy. So how about this instead: I'll make you a deal. You let me decide what's right for me, and I'll let you decide what's right for you.'

'You might decide you're not ready to settle down with just one person,' I said.

'What if I'm not? How would that fit in? Could you handle sharing me with guys?' he asked.

'I'm already sharing you with Josh,' I pointed out.

'I mean other guys besides Josh,' he said.

'Only guys? Not girls?' I asked. 'I've heard from Josh that you have a bit of reputation with the girls.'

He grinned sheepishly. 'I'll let you in on a little secret, Mr. J. I've sometimes had a little trouble keeping it up for girls. Don't get me wrong, I've always gotten the job done, and I guess that accounts for my reputation. But when I'm with you or Josh, I get a hard-on right away and it seems to last forever. And at least for me, being ready to settle down, and having sex with other guys, isn't necessarily mutually exclusive.'

'Godd, you are a stud,' I said. He grinned at that. 'I'm okay that you're still sleeping with Josh. Or even anyone else.'

'I just want you to know, as much as I want you, Mr. J, I don't know when, if ever, I'll be able to give up fucking Josh.'

'I'm not asking you to.' I said.

'And I'm not asking you to, either,' he said with a sly grin.

'One thing I want you to do first. Before you decide anything,' I said.


'I'm going to give you and Josh the money to travel... to go away for a month, anywhere you want to go... drive, take a cruise, fly... then you decide.'

'A month is too long,' he said.

'A month,' I insisted.

'What if Josh doesn't want to go away with me for a month. He seems to be pretty happy pursuing his life right now.'

'He'll go,' I said.

'But will he enjoy it? I don't want us to be miserable together for a whole month.'

'You don't have to be together exclusively. I'm sure you'll connect with other guys along the way. Just have fun, without me. And throw in some girls for good measure.'

'You're wanting me to make sure.'

'Yes. You might find out you still like girls, a lot. It might even be a good thing. I want you to get totally in touch with your feelings. And if thirty days aren't enough time for you to do that, then take longer, as long as you need. Even if you reach some conclusion about your life, and you're having fun, just keep going. Take as long as you want before you come back.'

'If I didn't know better, I would think you're trying to get rid of me. Do you have some other young stud lined up to take my place while I'm gone?'

'No. Not saying I'm going to be celibate during your absence, but that's not the reason for this.'

'All right, I guess I can handle it, if you can convince Josh.'

'Oh, that won't take any convincing,' I assured him.

'I've got one condition,' he said.

'It's my idea, you don't get conditions,' I said.

'Then I won't go.'

'Okay, what?'

'Will you accept my decision when I get back?'


'No matter what that decision might be.'

'Yes,' I said.


'I promise, whatever your decision is, I will accept it,' I said.

'You know what? With all this talk, I'm in a real horny mood, I wanta pull out and cum on your face.'

'Yes, do it.'

'Catch what you can in your mouth,' he said.


'Then I wanta keep on fucking you.'

'This is going to take a long time, isn't it?' I said.

'Yes, you've got me so turned on.'

'You can get turned on by a knothole,' I said.

'Only if it's tucked between your tight buns. I think I love you, Mr. J.'

'You don't have to love me.'

'Can't help it. We have to be together.'

'We are together and we can be, without you being tied down.'

'I wouldn't be tied down. Just attached.'

All the while we were talking he kept up his pace of slow, steady thrusts. Almost as if fucking me was background music for our talking. Till suddenly he eased back and out and clamored up to straddle my chest, pumping his great cock

'Here it comes,' he announced.

I lifted my head to offer my face as a target, my mouth opened wide.

'Oh, Shit! It's gonna be a gusher, I can feel it!'

He overshot my face by a good distance. His first salvo, I had his cum splatter into the leaves behind my head. He laid the next one across my face from my chin to my forehead and another along the side of my face, thick ropes of thick cum that clung like glue. I received several in my mouth, anxious for more. His trajectory lowered as he began white washing my chin and neck and shoulders. Godd, he could cum! Like a pony. I was always amazed at his volume and power.

'That is so sexy,' he said as he rubbed his cock back and forth across my chin and mouth. I kept my mouth open to catch more cum that was boiling out in thick globs. Then he raised up and got back in position and shoved his cock inside me again.

I was a bit surprised when he leaned down an rubbed his mouth and face over mine, smearing his warm, thick cum all over my face.

'Did you swallow it?' he asked.

I nodded but I didn't think he believed me.

'Let me see.'

I opened my mouth to show him I had. He leaned down and kissed my open mouth, driving his tongue back to my throat, then lapping it all around inside my mouth and all over my teeth, as if to scrub the inside of my mouth with his spit.

'That doesn't taste so bad,' he said, licking his lips. 'Next time, don't swallow, we'll trade it back and forth.'

His continuation of fucking me ran the gamut, from long and gentle to hard and rough. I didn't know from one moment to the next whether to scream or moan; one ran into the other, sometimes so loud that he told me I had to not be so loud.

'Don't do that to me, fuck me like that, then tell me I have to quiet,' I groaned.

Suddenly we were interrupted by the beam of bright lights swinging across the field. Brady froze; so did I.

'Ohh, Shit!' I whispered.

'Be still, I'll take care of it,' he said calmly. His body was suddenly tight, his muscles bulging and taut, but he never pulled out of my ass.

'Brady, we should.....'

'Shhhhh!' he whispered, and kept on fucking me!

After a moment the lights swept clear around the field and vanished.

They saw the car, didn't want to bother us,' he said

'But they might come back,' I said. 'With others.'

'Naw, I don't think so,' he said, and kept fucking me.

I couldn't believe his stamina, and I found myself wondering if I would be able to hold up under a life with this young stud. He was eighteen; by the time he was twenty eight or so, he would have me worn down to a frazzle of a man. He pushed my legs to one side, twisting my body at the waist and fucked me on my side.

'How's that feel?'

'Ohh, Geezusss, Brady, you have to ask?' I gasped.

He smiled. 'I'm glad I make you feel good, Mr. J. It's all I wanta do is make you feel good.'

I closed my eyes and squeezed out a tear. I couldn't believe this handsome, young athlete could be so attentive, even loving, to a man like me.

'Let's try this way,' he said as he slid his hand under my hip and lifted me off the blanket. I moved into the position he wanted me, on my hands and knees, without losing his cock. He clasped his big hands around my hip bones and resumed fucking me.

'Ohhh...Ohhh, Brady!...Ohh, Gezusss!'

'You like it this way, huh?'

'Oh, Yesss! Yessss! Godd, Brady, you are phenomenal! Ohh, fuck me...fuck me, you big stud!'

When I quieted down, clawing the blanket with nothing but gasping moans and whimpers, I heard the crickets for the first time, interspersed with the smack-smack-smack sounds of Brady's loins against my butt. It was as if the crickets were applauding.

He finished with a climax that wracked his muscular body and brutalized my insides the last dozen strokes as he was building up to it. I brought the blanket up and stuffed it in my mouth to stifle my outcries. My Godd, end it, please, I can't take anymore, I screamed silently. Suddenly I felt his hand around my cock. He used my precum for lube and jacked me to the finish line so we were victorious together. I thought I felt the ground move under me when I came. I know I saw stars in the black of the night, and suddenly the crickets were silent.

'Godd, Mr. J.!!' he gasped.

I could feel his thighs trembling. He leaned over me then collapsed on top of me, bearing me down to the ground. I felt his hard stomach muscles tighten and then jerk, and I thought he was choking back his sobs of joy. I wondered if this was what love felt like.

Chapter Six

I gave a lot of thought to what Brady said about us being together. I had deep reservations. I didn't know if Brady was mature enough to sustain a real relationship, much less with a man old enough to be his father. I wondered in my heart whether it wouldn't work in the long run, as we both got older--shouldn't he be out sowing his wild oats, exploring life and everything it had to offer?--but I couldn't abandon the idea either. On the other hand, if he said he knew what he wanted, it was presumptuous of me to deny that. Brady obviously really cared for me and and if I was honest with myself, I was developing feelings for Brady, too. Maybe I owed it to both of us, I decided, to least give it a trial run. As for myself, I'd never been in a relationship with a man, or with anyone at all my son's age. I was just beginning to realize what, and who, I wanted. Brady made me feel happy and sometimes giddy, and... well... good about myself and about my life. And it wasn't just the sex, as incredible as that was. It was as if he'd awakened a part of me I hadn't known was asleep.

Josh complicated things, too, since Brady and I were both fucking him, I on a daily basis; I didn't know about Brady. It ought to feel perverted, that my son's ass turned me on more than any woman's pussy ever had, but Josh wanted it even more than I did, and that was beginning to evaporate my last traces of guilt. He was certainly more in touch with his feelings than I'd been at his age.

Josh found me in one of those pondering states one day; I was sitting on the back deck sipping a drink and gazing across the yard that Brady kept manicured. When he asked me what I was thinking about, I told him.

'Me and Brady,' I said.

'What about you and Brady?' he asked, taking my drink and downing about half of it before I could retrieve the glass.

'About us as an item. I was wondering whether things are getting too serious,' I said.

'Who's getting too serious, you or him?'

'He is. And, unwisely, I'm letting myself go along with it,' I said.

'Why do you say unwisely? It's not the most common thing in the world for a teenager to fall for an older guy, old enough to be his dad, but Brady is not your ordinary common guy.'

'No, he certainly isn't,' I agreed. 'Bringing him here to live has only encouraged him I'm afraid.'

Josh laughed. 'Brady doesn't need much encouragement, especially when it comes to you.'

'Has he said something? Have you two talked?' I asked.

'I wouldn't say we've talked talked, but yeah, he's said a lot. Hell, he can't get a sentence out without talking about you.'

'And?' I asked.

He laughed, shaking his head. 'You still don't get it do you?'

'Get what?'

'Its more than just sex between you. Brady's nuts about you. I wouldn't go so far as to say he's in love, but he's crazy about you. And I don't mean your body; I mean you as a man, as a person.'

'He's said he thinks he's in love,' I said.

'Well, then, he is. Brady wouldn't say something like that just off the top of his head.'

'Josh, he's talking about us being together. As in a life together. Do you know how complicated that would be?'

'No, I don't see anything complicated about it at all,' he said. 'I can tell that you want him. You can't let your fear hold you back. Isn't that what you've told me so many times?'

'Giving relationship advice to your dad--man, how'd you get to be so wise at such a young age?'

'I had a good teacher,' he grinned.

'What about you, Josh?' I asked. 'How do you feel about it?'

'Getting buttfucked on a regular basis by two of the hottest guys I know?' he laughed. 'What's not to like?'

'Seriously, Josh. How do you feel about me and Brady being... together?'

'Dad, I'm okay with you and Brady. In fact, I think its cool as hell. Brady had the same concerns for my feelings. I told him I'm okay with him and you. He's nuts about you, Dad, and I think you've got a hot streak for him. If it develops into something, I'm all for it.'

'What do you mean, develops into something?'

'Something permanent. Like Brady being my stepbrother, or step dad, or whatever it would be. He's already practically a member of the family.'

The night we all went to dinner together I invited Brady's parents over to see the room we had set up for their son and Mr. Bush gave me a generous deposit for his care. I didn't tell him that I would be putting the money in a bank for Brady. I was not going to accept any money for the privilege of having the young stud under my roof, not to mention in my bed. If his father only knew how the boy was already paying me back.

We all rode in his SUV to one of the best restaurants in town. I had only been there once, partly because of the prices, partly because I didn't like getting dressed up to go out. But he was dressed as casually as the rest of us. His wife was dressed more up scale but I'm sure she considered it casual. It was obvious by the way they greeted him that they knew him at the restaurant. He also knew the menu well. I noticed that he set the tone by ordering for himself and his wife, letting us know that we should feel free to order anything we wanted.

'So, Josh, how do you feel about having a boarder in your home for such a long time?' Mrs. Bush asked.

'I don't consider Brady a boarder, Mrs. Bush. I consider him more like a brother,' Josh replied, looking so earnest and innocent, practically angelic, that for a moment he actually convinced even me that all he felt for Brady was brotherhood.

Godd, if she only knew, I thought.

'Well, I must thank you for taking time to tutor him,' she said.

'She thanks you... I thank you... I wouldn't be wrestling or playing football if it weren't for you,' Brady said.

'Well, I'm confident this will work out, you boys certainly seem to get along together,' Stewart Bush said. If HE only knew! 'And it is understood,' he went on in a very authoritative voice, looking at his son, 'that Mr. Johnson's rules are his rules and they will be followed to the letter.'

'Yes, sir, they will be,' Brady said.

'He won't have any trouble there, Dad's rules aren't all that strict,' Josh put in. 'But man, if you break 'em, you'll be dropping your pants to get the belt,' he added.

'Josh! When did I ever touch you with a belt!' I exclaimed.

'Well, okay, you never made me drop my pants,' he said.

We all got a good laugh, and the whole time I was thinking, if the Bushs only knew how many times their son had dropped his pants, and for something a lot rounder and harder than a belt.

Brady moved in officially the day before his parents left for Europe. He put his things in the guest room, even though we all knew he wouldn't be spending much time there.

He came up to me from behind and put his strong arms around me, nuzzling his lips against my ear. 'This is one of the best days of my life, Mr. J,' he said. 'Right up there with the very first time I ever fucked your ass.'

'I remember that night very well. It... well, it completely changed my way of thinking.'

'Mine too,' he replied, squeezing his arms so tightly that for a moment I had trouble breathing. I could feel his hardon pressing against my ass. 'Mmm, do you know how much I love being near you? How much I love feeling your body against mine?'

I closed my eyes and concentrated on how it felt to have Brady near me, holding me. Sure, he was the same age as my son, but with his powerful physical presence, I always felt more secure when he was with me. Even though I always seemed to go along with what he said, it wasn't like he was forcing me into anything; it was like he knew what I wanted before I knew it myself, and it wasn't until he verbalized it that I knew it was what I wanted. Or needed.

He must have been thinking along the same lines, for he said, 'Dude, I am so good for you.' He nibbled at my ear, then kissed me deeply, probing my mouth with his tongue. 'Do you realize how much more relaxed you've been looking since we started dating? Josh pointed it out to me first, and now I see it, too. And I can tell for myself how happy you are.'

I put my hands over his and leaned back against him. 'But am I good for you, Brady?'

'You accept me for who I am, Mr. J. You make me happy, and you're amazing in bed. That's all I want.'

'You make it sound so easy.'

He turned me around to face him. 'It is easy, if you let it be. And,' he grinned, 'with me, you don't have to worry about your boyfriend finding out that you have the hots for your own son.'

Now that Brady was living with us, I noticed he sometimes borrowed my clothes. 'They make me feel like I'm near you all day, even when you're not around,' he explained. 'Sometimes I can even smell your cologne on them.' When we'd go out to dinner, sometimes he'd wear one of my dress shirts or sport shirts. They were a size too small, and he looked damn sexy in them, his muscles straining against the fabric. He also liked to wear my underwear. It was a hot sight when he stripped off his clothes at night and revealed an all-too-familiar-looking pair of briefs.

Our sex life was even better than ever, if that were possible. Brady was horny all the time, it seemed.

One time, he announced, 'I want to fuck you while you're wearing nothing but your dog tags, Mr. J. While your son watches.'

Brady wanted me in Josh's bed. When the three of us were all naked, he had me get on my hands and knees on the bed, and entered me from behind.

With each thrust of his giant cock into me, he exclaimed, 'Oh yeah, I'm fucking my boyfriend the ex-Marine.' Then, 'I'm fucking my boyfriend who's the father of my fuckbuddy.' Josh grinned, but Brady was so intent on fucking me that I don't think he even remembered my son was watching anymore. My favorite was, 'I'm fucking my boyfriend who's the sexiest guy I know.'

I couldn't believe how good it felt to have another guy shoot his sperm inside me, much less that it was my son's classmate doing it. Brady's declarations spurred me to my own. 'Fuck me, Brady,' I panted. 'Cum in my ass. Breed me.' My orgasm was as sudden as it was powerful, but somehow Brady felt it coming; just before my stiff cock began to shoot, he leaned down over me with his hands on the bed next to mine, and when I turned my head to try to look at him, he kissed me, his tongue pushing into my mouth.

But even after he came, he wasn't finished with us. After he pulled out, he told us, 'Now you two switch places.' He made me watch while he fucked my son; he hadn't even cleaned off his cock, still coated with cum and lube from fucking me. Josh was so turned on he went off almost immediately; Brady was working on his second load, so he took his sweet time, and by the time he shot his semen up Josh's ass, Josh was cumming again.

Another time, he fucked Josh first, and after he came, he pulled out, still hard, and pushed me down on the bed, next to Josh. I felt his cockhead at my hole, warm and slick with cum, and he paused for a moment to build my anticipation. Then he pushed, and my ass opened up for him. When he slid inside, it was a familiar, welcome sensation, and as always it filled me with lust and desire. I loved-- I needed-- to feel Brady's cock blasting off like a torpedo inside me.

Stewart Bush had set up several interviews with friends of his, or colleagues of friends. All very respectable places: accounting firms, law firms, engineering companies, even an architect firm. Somehow Brady managed not to get any callbacks. But when I mentioned to Josh that the gym I went to was looking for help, Brady jumped at the chance. I don't think it was even the prospect of working near me that appealed to him; he just loved the gym: the athletes, the working out, the whole environment.

I called Brady's father in Europe to tell him the news. 'Of course I would have preferred he was doing something that would look better on his college applications,' Mr. Bush said. 'But at least he's earning some money for college, and this job will keep him in shape for football next season.'

Brady was right at home in the gym. He got on well with everyone. I saw the admiring looks he got and the heads he turned. And even some of the established trainers appreciated the small workout pointers or suggestions he gave them. Muscle and fitness was a topic he'd devoted a lot of time to as an athlete, and he knew what he was talking about. The trainers practically preened when a guy in Brady's amazing shape asked them for advice on working out.

Still, every time he passed me in the hall or saw me in the weight room, he flashed me a grin. Even though he couldn't show me how he felt in public, he never ignored me or dismissed me.

Once in a while he'd find me alone and give me a quick feel or a kiss; sometimes he'd just happen to shower at the same time I did, but we never had enough time or privacy to do anything there. It was probably just as well. Brady's presence was more of a distraction than I'd expected, and I had to work even harder to focus on my own workouts.

From comments I overheard and glances I saw, it became obvious pretty quick that many of the gym patrons thought Brady was a sexy guy. I thought so too, of course, and since he looked older than he was -- especially with his build more apparent in this environment -- and since few people even knew that I knew Brady, though I'd told the manager he was a friend of my son, the patrons saw no reason to hold back in their admiration.

I was surprised to find that I wasn't at all jealous. Maybe it was because I had more with Brady than they ever could; maybe I felt a little proud that I'd landed such a hot boyfriend. I confess it turned me on a little to think of Brady possibly having sex with other people there, as risky as it would be for his job.

As it turned out, Brady was well aware of the risks, and though, as a teenager, he couldn't help giving in to temptation occasionally, he actually made more of an effort that I'd expected to keep business separate from pleasure.

And as Brady wasn't the type to keep secrets, he was quick to tell me of the few occasions when he had sex with someone else. Only once did he go so far as to fuck someone, some businessman who was in town for a week for some conference.

'I probably wouldn't have done it at all if he hadn't reminded me a little of you, Mr. J. Not quite as built or as handsome, of course. But he was a pretty hot fuck.'

'Geez, Brady, you don't have to butter me up. You haven't done anything I object to.'

He raised his eyebrows in mock surprise. 'That was no compliment, Mr. Johnson; it's just plain fact. Although the mention of buttering you up does give me some ideas. . .'

The most difficult situation for him was with a bodybuilder Luis, one of the personal trainers. Luis sucked Brady off in one of the supply closets, and after that he kept looking for more opportunities to do it again.

'He even asked me out on a date,' Brady told me in wonder. 'I almost laughed at the look on his face when I told him I already had a boyfriend.' That didn't dissuade Luis. He kept asking Brady out, he didn't push it further than the occasional blowjob he gave Brady. Finally, over a month later, Luis latched on to some other hot stud, and pretty much ignored Brady after that.

Chapter Seven

Brady and I both loved sleeping with him, but the rest of Josh's life was still a bit of a mystery. I respected his privacy but I was becoming more and more curious and was about to ask questions, when things came to light on their own. Brady was out back mowing the grass and Josh had taken his car in for an oil change. I was upstairs working on Brady's room when the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find a big, good looking hunk standing there in a muscle shirt and rather short cargo shorts, wearing a baseball cap and hiking boots.

'Is Josh here?' he asked.

'No, he's gone out for a while. Can I help you?'

'No, thanks, I...I'll call back.'

Suddenly I recognized him. I didn't recall his name but I had seen his picture in the sports page. He was a rower for the university. Things suddenly began to click, about Josh.

'You're welcome to come in and wait, he should be back shortly,' I said.

'No, that's okay, I'll come back.'

I tried not to speculate. I would wait till Josh came home and ask him about the guy.

I brought it up at dinner.

'You had a visitor while you were taking your car in,' I said.

'Oh? Who?'

'I can't place his name; but I've seen his picture in the paper, on the sports page. He's on the heavyweight crew team at the university.'

I could see the 'oh, fuck' look spread across Josh's face.

'That would be Kevin Britton,' he said.

'And how did you get to know Kevin Britton?' I asked.

'I wanta know how WELL you know Kevin Britton,' Brady put in. 'That guy is a stud.'

Josh's guilty look gave way to a warm flushed look.

'Pretty well,' he admitted. 'Very well, in fact.'

'There's no need to look so guilty, I was just asking,' I said. 'And I have been a little concerned that you've been rather secretive about your social life lately.'

'He didn't want anybody to know. I was going to tell you,' he said.

'Well, he apparently doesn't care about that anymore, he came calling, dude,' Brady said.

Josh laid down his fork and took a drink of milk. 'I was going to tell you, I had to, because he wants me to come with him in the fall for road meets.'

'What? How're you going to do that? They're not going to allow fans to come along on the bus,' I said.

'No, he would pay my way to whatever city they're playing in, and get me my own hotel room.'

'Damn, fucker! What'd you do for this guy!' Brady exclaimed.

'I don't know if that's such a good idea, Josh,' I said, trying not to share Brady's enthusiasm, although I did. It sounded like a very exciting idea. I was even a little bit envious.

'I was afraid you would say that.'

'Well, his refusal to stick around doesn't make me feel any better about it,' I said. 'He certainly didn't want to talk to me.'

'He will,' Josh said. 'He knows he has to.'

'Well, if he wants talk about it, there could be some consideration,' I said.

'What's to talk about!' Brady blurted, laughing. 'He's going, Mr. J.! You can't stop him.'

'Yes. Yes, he can,' Josh said quickly, reaching out with his hand on Brady's forearm. 'If Dad says I can't go, I don't go.'

'Son, if he wants to come and talk about it... we'll see.'

'Don't worry, I'll work on him,' Brady told Josh.

I sat Josh down later. 'I want to hear more about your boyfriend,' I told him.

'We met when I was, uh.....'

'No need to be shy, Josh,' I prompted.

He reddened but continued. 'We met when I was sleeping with one of his teammates. He asked me if I wanted to work out with him, and then things kinda progressed from there.'

'He stole you away from his teammate?'

'Not exactly. It wasn't like Freddy and I were serious. And the great thing about Kevin is that he doesn't care how much I sleep around,

I raised an eyebrow. 'Just how much do you sleep around?'

'Let me put it this way: if Kevin and his two roommates were here, I'd be sleeping with every guy in this room.'

I gaped at him. 'His roommates?'

'Yeah, they share everything, including their boyfriends.'

'That's very, uh, progressive of them.'

'He also isn't ashamed to be seen with me.'

Josh proceeded to tell me that one of Kevin's teammates had asked him, 'What are you doing hanging around so much with a high school guy?' and Kevin had casually replied, 'Yeah, he's my boyfriend,' as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

And as Josh's relationship, or relationships, were developing, more and more Brady became my boyfriend, my lover. There were times when I thought I'd made a mistake taking him in. He was too handy and always horny. But I had him, for better or for worse, and it made sense to make the best of it. Not that I could've resisted him. His bed was seldom used. Or if it was, I was in it with him. We weren't always alone; many times Josh joined us. Brady got a big charge out of having dad and son both at his pleasure. He had two favorite positions when he had us both in bed; the two of us on our hands and knees and him taking turns plugging our asses, or the two of us slurping on his cock and sharing loads of cum all over our faces, capturing what we could in our mouths. He also loved fucking one of us while one of was fucking the other. And, of course, each of us was still fucking Josh, separately or taking turns. I didn't know if Kevin knew that Josh slept with other guys.

'Do you know why I love fucking you so much?' Brady asked me once. 'It's not just because you're so damn gorgeous, Mr. Johnson. It's not just because it feels so good to have your fuckchute wrapped around my cock, or because you use your ass so well.'

'Why, then?' I asked.

'Because you love getting fucked by me. You get so much pleasure from it. I love the look on your face when I've got you impaled on my cock, the sounds you make when you can't hold it in any longer, the way your cock shoots so much and so far when I'm ramming you.'

I reddened. It was all true; I just hadn't realized it was so obvious.

Chapter Eight

The summer was over too quick. Brady had not traveled much, and it didn't look like his parents were going to bring him to Europe, and I wanted to take a trip somewhere. I hadn't gotten around yet to sending Josh and Brady on a trip of their own. Maybe I was being selfish, wanting to spend time with Brady... with my boyfriend. But Brady didn't seem to mind.

I chose Key West as the ideal place to take him. He would love the openly gay atmosphere, and he would offer excellent eye candy himself. My plans developed around Brady and me, not to exclude Josh, I just didn't think he would want to go. But Brady brought it up.

'Mr. J., I think we ought take Josh with us.'

'I don't know if he would want to go,' I said.

'We should ask him anyway,' Brady said.

Josh was reluctant.

'I don't want to be in the way,' he said.

'Since when were you ever in the way?' Brady said. 'Come on, come with us, we'll have a great time.'

'Only if I can have my own room. I'll never get any sleep if I have to share a room with you two,' Josh said.

'Okay, but it has to be an adjoining room, in case I wear your dad out,' Brady said.

So we went to Key West. I didn't tell the boys that I had reservations at a gay, clothing-optional bed and breakfast. They thought it was a classy place, and they began to figure it out after we had checked in, when they went out on our balcony overlooking t he pool and saw guys swimming and lying around naked.

'Hey, those guys are naked!' Josh said, sounding excited,

'Yeah, and has anybody else noticed that there are no women in this place?' Brady said.

They both looked at me.

'I didn't know you wanted women,' I said, laughing. 'If it makes you uncomfortable, I can find us another place.'

'No, no,' Josh said, his eyes raking across the pool area. 'I'm not at all uncomfortable. In fact, I think I'll be very comfortable here.'

'Shall we go down to the pool?' I asked.

'Yeah, but I'm wearing a suit at first,' Brady said.

'Don't come on with the modesty, you're just being a fuckin' tease,' I said.

'We should all wear our suits, and see how long it takes for somebody to talk us out of them,' Josh said.

'Well, it just so happens, I bought us all new swim suits. Two each, actually,' I said. I got the bag out of my suitcase and dumped it on the bed. I handed Josh one of the suits I'd bought for him. He held it up with a rather skeptical look. It was a two-tone gun- metal blue with a grayish pouch with blue piping down the center of the pouch. It was skimpy to say the least, the waist band was barely an inch wide at the hips.

'I'm supposed to fit into this?' he asked.

'Just put it on,' I said.

I gave Brady one of his. It was only a little more than Josh's; a military pattern with a zipper down the center of the pouch.

'I hope that's an industrial strength zipper,' Josh joked.

The boys changed into their suits and I knew I had made the right choices. Godd, they looked stunning. The pouches formed around their manhood, lifting everything up and out even more prominently. Both suits also had seams down the back which separated and accented their taut butts even more.

'Damn, guys, that's even sexier than being naked,' I said.

'Where's yours?' Brady asked.

I put mine on and modeled it for them. It had the seam down the back too, with a built in pouch that let my package bulge out naturally.

'What about the second suits?' Josh asked.

'Later,' I said.

We made as big an impression at the pool in the swim suits as if we'd gone naked. Especially the two boys. I was so proud to be with them. They were the two youngest guys in or around the pool.

Another guy about my age, naked and proud of it, and rightfully so. asked me, 'How the hell did you latch on to two young studs like that?'

'Well, the one in the blue and gray suit is my son, so I latched onto him eighteen years ago The other one is a teammate, he's living with us for a year while his parents are in Europe.'

'Shit! Your Son? And you brought him to a gay resort?'

'Yes. He's gay. I thought he would fit in,' I said.

'Oh, you all fit in. What about the friend?' he asked.

'Right now, he's okay with gay but I think he's on the fence, not weaned away from girls yet. Six months ago he was still claiming he was straight. I think he's still coming to terms with his sexuality.'

'And you?'

'I jump the fence now and then, but he's more or less my lover,' I said. . It was the first time I'd spoken those words to anyone but Josh or Brady, and I felt a shiver of exhilaration.

'Your son's teammate is your lover... Awesome! But what's more or less?'

'It's only recently that he's begun to, uh, reciprocate. And we. . . sometimes sleep with other guys.' The other man didn't look offended or appalled, only a little surprised, and definitely eager to hear more.

'The two boys?'

'He started out with my son who was his tutor. I came home one day and found him tutoring him in the fine studies of gay sex. He was fucking my son's brains out. He graduated to me.'

'And your son is okay with all of this?' the man asked.

'Yes, of course.'

'Dare I ask.....?'

'Yes,' I said to his unasked question.

'Oh, Godd! How hot is that! You're doing your own son!'

'Very hot,' I said.

Key West was a new experience for me, and not just as a place I'd never been to before. When Brady and I walked around sightseeing or on the beach, he would either wrap his arm around my waist or hold my hand, entwining his fingers with mine.

We stopped into a clothing store. It had all sorts of risque outfits in the window, and even on mannequins I found them both terribly sexy and terribly intimidating: not just the thought of trying to pull them off, but the prospect of wearing them anywhere back at home. I was only browsing, but when we came out, Brady had a bag in his hand.

'What'd you get for yourself?' I asked.

'Not for me,' he grinned. 'For you.' He stopped on the sidewalk, pulling out a mesh tank top and a pair of leather shorts -- very short shorts. 'You can put them on when we get back to our room. I can't wait to see you in them.'

'That's not my style, Brady,' I protested.

'C'mon, Mr J, I wore those swimsuits you bought me.' He took my hand in his, and we began walking again. 'Now it's my turn to pick out something for you. You've got great taste, and a fantastic body. You're gonna knock 'em dead.'

I could never say no to Brady for very long.

'Besides, I wanted to buy something for you. We should be equals, you know?'

I used our bathroom as a changing room and stripped down to my briefs, then put on the new clothes. Brady hadn't gotten my shirt size quite right, or maybe that was on purpose; it made my chest pop out, and the material clung to my abs. You could really see my muscles through the dark mesh. And as I looked at myself in the mirror, I had to admit, the way the shorts molded themselves to the curve of my ass was pretty sexy.

Brady took my hand in his as we walked out of the inn for more sightseeing. I was attracting a lot of stares in my outfit, even more than Brady, which was unusual. Brady wasn't insulted, quite the opposite: he acted as if he were showing me off.

When we got back to the inn, the 'Do not disturb' sign hung on our door. Josh had gotten back earlier than us, and I could barely hear the grunts and gasps of sex. There were at least three voices in there.

I wondered what we'd find if we opened the door, but decided it was fairer to Josh not to interrupt him. He could tell us about it later.

When we got back home from the trip, I took Brady and Josh shopping for school clothes and supplies. Man, it felt weird buying supplies for my boyfriend; it emphasized the fact that he was still in high school. I was having sex with Brady, but I was also responsible for his welfare.

After dinner, Josh went out again, headed for Kevin's. I think it was partly to give Brady and me some alone time together, too.

Now that Brady was living with us, I rarely spent the night with Josh. But Brady and I still fucked him, sometimes even taking turns. I had shed all my old inhibitions; it was obvious how much Josh loved getting fucked by me, and my cock could get hard just from the sight of his naked butt, so muscular and round and strong.

One evening after dinner, Brady was at the library and I was in Josh's room, lying in bed next to him, having just shot a thick load of sperm up his ass.

'I'm not wearing you out for Brady, am I, Dad? As much as I want you, I don't want to be selfish.'

'No chance of wearing me out, Josh. When I'm with Brady... geezus, he does something to me, I don't know what, but when he's around, we're always making each other horny.' I shook my head. 'Listen to me. Talking about my sex life with my son.'

'Listen, Dad. There's something I wanted to talk to you about. Kevin wants to meet you, officially. I invited him to have dinner with us next Thursday.'

'How serious are you two, Josh?' I found it hard to imagine my son getting serious with anyone at his age, especially since he was still sleeping with Brady and me, both separately and together. I doubted he'd told Kevin about his schoolmate; I was sure he hadn't told him about his own father.

'A little. We're definitely getting closer.' He pointed at me. 'Don't get on my case about dating a guy five years older than I am.'

'I didn't say a word,' I pointed out. 'And you should know that I, of all people, wouldn't pass judgment on that. It's just... you're so young to get serious, to tie yourself down to one guy.'

'First of all, I haven't tied myself to one guy. That's one of the reasons I like Kevin so much. He lets me be me,' Josh said.

'Josh, you'll forgive me if I'm skeptical that Kevin would be okay with you sleeping with your own father and with your father's boyfriend, at your age.'

'See, that's just it. Kevin's promised me that I could sleep with who I wanted, and he wouldn't ask about anything he didn't want to know, or that I didn't want to tell him. He knows I have sex with other guys sometimes; he just doesn't want to know who. Besides,' he added, responding to my earlier point about his youth, 'Brady's not much older than I am, and he's pretty happy in his relationship with you, an older guy.'

I shook my head. 'That's exactly why I worry about Brady getting too serious too soon.'

He laughed. 'I think it's a little late to be worrying about that.' He put one hand on my knee. 'Dad, you gotta trust Brady to know his own heart. You're the one he wants.'

I smiled wryly. 'I do trust him. Maybe I shouldn't, but I do.' I got out of Josh's bed and stood up. 'And anyway, if I thought for one minute that Brady wasn't one hundred percent positive about him and me, I'd keep him out of my bed for good.' As I said it, it felt like mere bravado, the uncertain boyfriend vowing to do the right thing, but as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I realized they were truer than I knew: I did trust Brady.

At Josh's urging, Kevin was invited to dinner. It didn't take much convincing because I wanted to meet the guy again and get to know him a little better.

'Before Kevin arrives,' I told my son, 'I want to hear more about his roommates.'

'Well, Llewellyn's a rower, like Kevin. Silas is on the wrestling team. They're all juniors, and they live in an apartment off-campus.'

'I mean about you sleeping with them. How they treat you.'

Josh didn't even blush, nor object that I was invading his privacy. 'Sure, dad. It started the third time I slept over at Kevin's....' Then he went on to tell me the story of how things went down.....:

'What do you think of my roommates, Josh?' Kevin asked me.

'They seem pretty cool,' I replied. 'I haven't really talked much with them.'

'They like you. They both think you're a hot little stud, even if you are still in high school. Maybe. . .uh..... '

'Maybe what?'

'I hope this doesn't shock you, buddy, but maybe you might want to, uh, try them out.'

I saw immediately what Kevin meant, but I feigned ignorance. 'Try them out? What do you mean?' I asked.

'They both want to fuck you. You think you might be interested?'

I bit off the impulse to shout 'YES' and merely commented, 'Yeah, I guess I am. This doesn't upset you?'

'Upset me? Not at all. We've done this before. Though not all guys agree to it, of course.'

I asked, 'Done what before? Had four-ways?'

'More than that. We've passed around our boyfriends,' Kevin said.

'Oh. So you sleep with their boyfriends, too.'

Kevin actually blushed, thinking he might have given away too much too soon. 'Yeah, look, I'm sorry; I should have told you earlier.'

'It's okay, Kevin. Actually... I've been sleeping with a few other guys too.'

Kevin smiled in relief. 'Oh man, I've been so afraid you'd walk when you found out. I knew you were a horny guy, dude, but I had no idea how much. Listen, as long as I get to fuck your tight little butt, you can get fucked by anyone else you want to; you don't even have to tell me who. So we're cool?'

I grinned and said, 'The coolest. Now why don't you call your roommates in.'

'Uhh... but I get to go first, okay?' Kevin said.

'First and last if you want,' I told him.

'Oh, another thing, we, uh... well, we sometimes watch each other.' He noticed Josh seemed hesitant and quickly added, 'But you don't have to, if you're not comfortable with it.'

'No, I'm okay with it,' I assured him.

So Kevin went first. The way he arranged it was, he didn't call them in but he went into their room to tell them it was all okay. Then he came back and he and I started making out. It didn't take long for Kevin to have me naked and be on top of me. He'd been fucking me for ten minutes or so when I was suddenly aware that we weren't alone in the room. He had apparently told his roommates to wait a little bit then they could come in and watch us.

I have to say I felt a little odd, getting fucked in front of a couple of virtual strangers -- who were going to fuck me next, no less -- but they were all hot studs, and it turned when I got used to it, it turned me on to think about getting buttfucked by them.

Llewellyn went next. He was lightweight crew, not heavyweight like Kevin, so he was leaner, but still had a fantastic body, and he knew how to use it; every bit of it as good as Kevin. His blond hair hung over his forehead. His cock was superhard, tenting his briefs; I could tell he couldn't wait to get into my ass. He was like a well oiled machine, and it was too bad he didn't last longer, but he was so turned on that he just couldn't hold off, and it was only minutes before I got the second load of sperm shot up inside my ass that evening.

Silas had a dark, exotic look to him, like one of his parents might've been Asian. His hair was short, since he was a wrestler, and gelled into spikes. We started out with me on the bottom, like with Llewellyn and Kevin, but after a while he turned us over so I was riding him. I said Lew was like a machine; Silas was a machine powered by the Energizer Bunny. I thought he was going to fuck me all night. As the most studious of the three, he'd been the quiet one on Josh's previous visits, but it turned out he loved talking dirty while he fucked. He went on, like a porn actor, 'Take my cock up your ass. Yeah, all the way, buddy. Damn, you're all wet from the cum these other two studs pumped into you. I'm gonna make you even wetter.' He wasn't exaggerating about that; he shot the most semen of the three of them. I mean, even though his was the third cock to plow my ass and I should've been a little numb, I could actually feel his cum shooting up inside me. At the same time he was cumming I felt something wet splattering on my back; it was Kevin. He had climbed up behind us and was jacking off while watching his roommates fuck his boyfriend and blew another load.

As they were getting dressed, Lew told me, 'That was so amazing, dude. You have an awesome ass. We're so glad you were into it sharing it with all of us.'

And Silas chimed in with, 'Yeah, buddy, that was hot.'

I told them, 'Any time,' and I meant it. I could've gone for more. Despite being fucked three times, I was still hard.

Lew went out to the library, and Silas was sleeping over at his boyfriend's that night. I curled up in bed with Kevin; I wondered if the three of them shared Llew's and Silas' boyfriends, too. I made a mental note to ask Kevin about that in the morning, but at that moment there were more important things to grab my attention. Like Kevin kissing my chest and nibbling on my tits and fingering my cum-filled asshole. My hardon had not gone unnoticed by Kevin.

Chapter Nine

Kevin walked in the door wearing a suit and tie, and presented me with a bottle of Scotch. He'd gone to a lot of effort to impress me, his boyfriend's father, but he didn't seem at all put out that he was overdressed. At least none of the rest of us were wearing T-shirts or shorts; I'd have been embarrassed. Kevin looked almost as good in a suit as he did in a muscle shirt and cargo shirts; he looked--and for once I allowed myself to think it of another man--downright hot.

We were having steaks, and Brady insisted on doing most of the cooking, so I could get acquainted with Kevin. Over the meal, I tried not to sound like an old fuddy-duddy while at the same time finding out what Kevin's intentions were. It had to be obvious to all that this was more than just a high school boy bringing home a new friend, but I didn't want to let on what I knew about Kevin's sex life with Josh; if Josh liked getting fucked by Kevin and his roommates, it wasn't my place to disapprove. But I needed to know if Kevin was treating Josh too casually, or too cruelly, especially as it regarded his roommates. I couldn't settle for the idea that my son was being offhandedly passed around like a piece of meat. And I needed to know how safe he was for Josh to be around. There were plenty of risks I still wanted to keep Josh away from: drugs, drinking, gambling, guns, violence.

Kevin was very respectful. Brady was a little bit in awe, which wasn't surprising, given Kevin's athletic prowess and seniority, but I noticed to my amusement that, having been introduced by Josh as 'my father's boyfriend,' Brady made a serious effort during dinner to address me as 'Alec,' and I almost laughed when Brady shot Kevin a dirty look the first time the latter called me Mr. Johnson. Kevin didn't comment on the fact that Josh and I were both in same-sex relationships, except to say, 'That's so cool.' He didn't even remark on the obvious age difference between Brady and me. Even though Brady's muscles made him look older, Kevin, unlike the waiter at the restaurant where Brady and I had had our first real date, couldn't mistake me for much younger than I was, since he knew I had a teenage son.

I couldn't tell much about Kevin from one dinner, of course; the best I could do was begin to form a general opinion. He passed muster enough that I'd have him back for further family dinners, though. I planned to talk to Brady later; as Kevin's peer, or close to it, he'd have a more realistic view of what to expect, and what to watch for. He could read the signs more accurately than I could. And I knew he'd look out for Josh, both as his friend and as his quasi-stepfather.

Josh came and sat down with me after Kevin had left. I was a little surprised; I thought they might go out somewhere together. Brady was rinsing off the dishes and putting them in the dishwasher.

'Kevin really likes you,' Josh said. 'And he thinks you're hot as hell,' he added with a grin.

I swallowed. Josh's sexual implications were clear. 'I'll... I'll have to talk to Brady.' But I knew I had as much as said yes by my look and more by my hesitation.

'Uhh... in case you hadn't noticed, I'm right here,' Brady said, coming in from the kitchen. 'So talk.'

'Actually, its you who needs to do the talking,' I said. 'How would feel about it?'

'About what?' he asked.

'Don't play dumb,' I said. 'You heard what Josh said.'

'Yeah, he said Kevin thinks you're hot as hell. That remark in itself isn't something we need to talk about. I think you're hot as hell. A lot of guys at the gym think you're hot as hell.'

'I was talking about Kevin and Dad having sex,' Josh put in bluntly.

'Oh,' Brady said.

'Yeah, Oh. You knew damn well what I was talking about,' Josh said.

Josh and I both looked at him, waiting for his answer.

'Hey, I've got no problem with it. You know I'm fucking around with other guys now and then, no reason why you shouldn't have the same fun.' Then he looked at Josh. 'How do YOU feel about it? Kevin is your boyfriend.'

'I think it would be hot as hell. Especially if I get to watch,' Josh said, grinning. 'We could both watch,' he added.

'No, I don't think I want to be a spectator,' Brady said.

The way he said it, and his odd look, made me ask him, 'Are you jealous, Brady?'

'Huh. No, it's not that. My presence would distract you. I want you to be able to concentrate on what you're doing with Kevin, not get distracted by wondering what I'm thinking while I watch. One thing... has it been decided where this is going to take place? I mean, is it going to happen here, like the next time the guy comes for dinner, or are you going over to his apartment, with his roommates?'

'I thought right upstairs,' Josh said.

Brady shrugged and I had to wonder if a jealous streak really was starting to surface, or maybe he was concerned about me being a man toy for the three college studs. It surprised me, but I found it rather amusing. I knew in the end, I think we all did, what his answer would be. The thought crossed my mind that maybe Kevin was trying to use sex to try to distract me from his own character flaws, but neither Brady nor I had seen any guile in him, and knowing of that possibility would keep me on my guard.

Josh was anxious to have Kevin to dinner again, and I knew it wasn't as his boyfriend, but because of the prospect of Kevin and I getting together. Dinner started out cordial but gradually turned to fun, even though Brady seemed to be on his guard with the older athlete. Still, it was he who volunteered himself and Josh do the dishes and clean up the kitchen, suggesting that Kevin and I might want to retire to the living room and talk. It wasn't want he meant, we all knew it, but its what he said.

Kevin went to the living room and I had picked up the remote but Kevin put his hand on mine and gently took it out of my hand. 'I don't want to watch television, and I don't think you do,' he said huskily, his eyes penetrating mine.

'No,' I said. 'There's not usually much on.'

'Josh and Brady... they'll be coming in here in a little bit,' he said, and glanced at the stairs.

I knew what he was saying was, surprisingly, he wanted me alone. I suspected what Brady and Josh, left to themselves, would be doing. Kevin, not knowing of their history'our history'might not reach the same conclusion, but it wasn't my place to inform him.

'Yes,' I said, and started for the stairs. He followed me up. I led him into my room and without a word between us, we started undressing each other. When he did speak, it was obvious from both his words and his body language, that he assumed I would be on bottom. I supposed because that was because he always took the top role, with Josh; or maybe he'd read more into my body language with Brady than I'd realized I was saying. Or maybe that was merely what he wanted from me. I didn't think of myself as a 'bottom' at all, but I felt my asshole clench and unclench as I watched Kevin reveal his superb, muscular body, and I felt that familiar itch I always felt when Brady was around, and I knew that if that was what Kevin wanted, I was more than ready to take his cock up my ass.

In contrast to Brady, who loved to be watched while fucking, Kevin made it known that he didn't want Josh in the room with us. It relieved me; though I couldn't deny that I was attracted to Kevin, I didn't want to rub it in Josh's face that I was willing, even eager, to sleep with his boyfriend. And even though Josh had watched me put out for Brady, and had done the same for me, it still embarrassed me a little when Josh saw how much the father he looked up to liked getting buttfucked.

I also didn't want Josh to be jealous of me ' not that he would have let on if he was. A little part of me wondered if Kevin was only doing this to burnish his status as stud, fucking both son and father. I wondered if sleeping with Kevin would diminish my authority with him as the father of his boyfriend. But even if it was possible to back out at the last minute, I didn't want to.

We stripped down to our briefs and Kevin seemed nervous.

'Is this your first time with an older guy?' I asked.

'Just about, but that's not it.' He gave me a wry smile. 'I didn't expect it to freak me out so much to have sex with my boyfriend's dad.'

'If you're having second thoughts----'

'Geezus, no. I want you bad, Alec.' Unlike Brady, he'd quickly taken to calling me by my first name, maybe even too quickly. 'Josh never told me his dad was so hot.' He looked me up and down, naked desire on his face, the bulge in his underwear swelling. As I returned the look, I was beginning to get an idea of Josh's 'type': big -- not necessarily tall, but well-muscled -- handsome, athletic. Kevin was in amazing physical conditioning from his rowing, with powerful arms and thighs that bulged with muscle, and chiseled six-pack abs and nice strong pecs with big brownish areoles capped with thick, turgid nipples.

'You have an incredible body,' he said

'For an older guy,' I said.

'No. There are guys on my crew who would be jealous of your body,' he said.

'But not you,' I said. 'You have a pretty incredible body yourself.'

When he made no further move, I surprised myself by stepping forward and kissing him. For a moment, I thought I'd made a mistake, but I think he was just surprised, and then he returned the kiss, out tongues wrestling with each other. Before Brady, I wouldn't have dared to do this; in fact, I probably wouldn't even have recognized my desire to. Now I was making out with this gorgeous hunk over fifteen years my junior, while my boyfriend and my son, the hunk's boyfriend, were probably doing the same in my son's bedroom.

I broke the kiss and cocked my head to lean down and suck on his right nipple and tweak it with my tongue.

'OOOhhhh!' he moaned softly, with his hand around the back of my head. 'Aww, fuck, that feels good. Just like your son.'

A little chill went through me and he must have felt it too. He eased my face away from his chest and brought it back up to his.

'Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned Josh... while we're doing this... comparing you like that.'

'It's okay,' I said and to seal it, I kissed him again while I pinched and tweaked his tits with my fingers.

He broke the kiss and looked straight into my eyes. 'I want to fuck you.'

'I know.' I waved towards the nightstand. 'There's lube over there.'

He got the lube and rummaged around in the drawer then looked back at me. 'You didn't say anything about a condom,' he said.

'I'm okay if you are,' I said.

'Good. I want to feel your ass raw. Nothing between us.'

'And I want to feel your cock raw,' I said.

He started to shove his shorts down but I brushed his hands aside and pulled them down myself. His cock swung out like a spring and swayed majestically, like a battering ram.

'Wow. Nice,' I said.

'Thanks,' he said as he groped the front of my bulging shorts. 'Damn doesn't feel like you've got anything to apologize for.'

'Do you like to get fucked?' I asked.

'I have, but that's not how I planned this to go down,' he said.

'Oh, you had a plan,' I said, with a grin.

'Actually, no, not till I got a second invitation to dinner,' he said. 'Mostly, I was just being hopeful.' He smiled then. 'You don't know it, and Josh and Brady probably didn't notice either, but I was practically drooling, watching your butt while you were fixing and serving dinner that first time.'

'If they did, they didn't mention it. And I'm sure they would have if they'd noticed,' I said.

'How do you like it?' Kevin asked.

'Do I only get one choice?' I joked.

'Not if you're up for more than one choice. I certainly am,' he said. 'So, let's start out this way, and see where it takes us.' With that he eased me back across the bed and lifted my legs up so my feet were set in the edge of the mattress. Then lubed up his cock, eyeing me all the while, and crawled between my legs. I lifted them and he pushed my thighs against my chest, bringing my butt up off the mattress, spread wide and ready.

Kevin looked down, I thought at his cock, but he said, 'Your butt doesn't lose its shape, no matter what position you're in.' Then he hunkered closer, aiming his cock. He set the head at my hole and pushed. 'You're going to be tight, I can tell,' he said.

'That's okay, you don't have to coddle me; I can handle you,' I said.

'Fuck, I like that; a man with confidence,' he said.

He didn't coddle me. He didn't force his way but he shoved hard and the broad head of his cock burst through my hole and he followed it to the very depths of my ass. I gasped but made no other sound till he was completely imbedded in me.

'Ohhhh, that is good,' I moaned then, and he smiled and began fucking me.

Kevin fucked me twice, almost in succession, the first time it was face-to-face, with me on my back. We made out, kissing passionately, while he rammed me with his hard cock, finally shooting his load of thick cum into me. He was a hard shooter; I felt the spurts and the heat inside me. I wondered what Brady would have to say later, when we were in bed together, about Kevin's sperm in my ass. Smiling, I wondered if maybe I could get him to eat it out of me.

Kevin didn't need much rest before he was ready to go again. This time he positioned me on my hands and knees, and he plowed me from behind. He didn't need any additional lube; my ass was slick with his cum; so much that I could feel his cock forcing some of it out of my ass. He was damn good; he had the size and all the right moves. If he satisfied me this much with his cock, he certainly knew how to keep Josh happy.

It felt like his second load was as much as his first. Certainly, I felt it again, spurting deep inside my ass, and his vigor was certainly no less than before.

He collapsed on top of me then rolled off, dragging his cum-slick cock across my butt, and I felt more warm cum draining out of my ass. We lay together only till he caught his breath then he got up and dressed.

'That was fuckin' awesome, man, thanks,' he said with a broad smile on the way out of the room. 'Listen, if it's okay, I'm gonna find Josh and we're gonna go back to my room tonight.'

I wasn't sure if he was asking or telling, but either way it was okay with me. Josh was past the point of asking or needing my permission for anything. It wouldn't be the first time that Josh had spent the night with him, and, even though I'd spent the last hour or so having sex with my son's boyfriend, I felt like I knew Kevin well enough now to trust him with Josh.

'Go ahead,' I said. 'Just make sure he's back before lunchtime tomorrow.'

Josh left with Kevin. It was a strange moment when the two of them came into my room to tell me they were leaving; I had just been fucked by my son's boyfriend, and they were letting me know that they were going back to his room where he would be fucking my son. I was totally okay with it; it was just strange.

When they were gone Brady came in and sat on the edge of the bed.

'How was he?' he asked with a grin.

'He was pretty damned good,' I said. 'I can certainly see why Josh goes for him.'

'Did he leave any for me?' Brady asked as he leaned down to kiss me.

'You know there always cookies in the cookie jar for you,' I told him.

'Well, Mr. J., get ready to have your cookies crumbled,' he said as he stood up and peeled off his shirt.

Chapter Ten

Late summer, football practice had started. Brady worked out in some form every day. I restricted myself to working out every other day, but Josh and I almost matched his fervor, even though none of us worked out together. But Brady's attraction to me, and mine to him, had inspired me to show him just how good a thirty-eight-year-old could look. As for Josh, he had already passed the wrestling team's 171-pound weight class was aiming to 189 pounds. A gain of a good eighteen pounds of muscle wouldn't be easy, but I saw the determination in his eyes when he spoke of it and the way he idolized Brady's body I knew what his inspiration was. If it was doable, he would do it. I did everything I could in making sure he had all the right food in the house and enough of it.

Brady had some adjustments to make at school, though, and I wondered how he would handle that. Telling his teammates and classmates that he was living with Josh Johnson and his dad was easy. Telling them that he was sleeping with Josh Johnson and his dad was obviously out of the question, and he had to be constantly on his guard against making the slightest remark or reference to his unusual love life. He couldn't reveal his relationship with Josh, and especially with me, and he had to have a cover to ward off any suspicions, and that entailed dealing with the issue of dating girls. Lots of his classmates had steady girlfriends, but I didn't want him to use some poor unsuspecting girl simply as a cover. If he didn't date, though, his status as one of the stars of the football team, and his established reputation as a stud, were going to raise questions he wasn't ready to answer.

Dating casually and not having sex would present the same problem because of his already established reputation with the girls. If word got out that he was dating girls and not fucking any of them, that reputation would suffer. Brady knew I didn't mind if he had sex with girls, as more than just a cover, but he didn't show much interest in going back to his old ways. I continued to think about how to resolve his dilemma, but didn't come up with any answers; it would probably have to be, and best be, left up to Brady to decide.

Josh continued to tutor Brady, both with his schoolwork and I think they tutored each other in the bedroom. Certainly neither of them needed lessons from the other one. When Brady got mostly B's in his midterms, his father emailed me, thanking Josh and me again for his son's academic improvement.

Brady, was more enthusiastic about football practice, though, than about classes. He would come home from school and avidly tell me about some play he'd made, or that one of the underclassmen had just made the starting lineup, or how the coach had changed the drills from the year before. I seldom got that kind of detailed report about classes.

He arrived home one day with an odd look on his face, a mix of excitement and awe and a little concern, too.

'I gotta tell you what happened after the workout today, Mr. J.,' he began. There's this other senior on the team, named Noah Barth. We were the last ones in the showers, and I guess I was admiring his body or something, I mean, he's not you, but he is pretty well built. And my cock started getting kinda hard, and you know how big it gets, no way was I gonna be able to hide it, so I had no choice but to just let it happen and not make a big deal out of it. I wasn't worried about him punching me if he got mad, but I'm ready for the whole school to know I'm into guys. But it shocked me what Noah did. . . .' And he went on to tell me his story of how Noah reacted when he saw his hardon.

'Geezus, that thing is a fuckin' monster!' Noah exclaimed.

'You think so?' I asked slyly.

'Man, I heard you were hung, but no one's that big. It just ain't possible. That can't be real.'

'I guess you're wrong about that, cause its real,' I said.

Noah continued to stare at me. I recognized that look; it was the same longing I saw on Josh's face in the beginning, when you weren't looking. I don't know where the hell it came from but I surprised the hell out of myself by asking Noah, 'You wanna touch it and see how real it is?' Well, he surprised me just as much with his answer.

He said, 'Can I?'

I told him, 'Sure, go ahead' and I stepped over so I was under his shower with him.

I didn't really expect him to do anything, I figured he was just bluffing, or joking, but he surprised me again. He put his hand on my cock, and just the way he did it, and the way he was looking at it, I knew where it was headed. I put my hand on his shoulder and all it took was a gentle push for him to drop to his knees and take my cock in his mouth, or as much of it as he could. He choked on it till he realized how big I really was. Fuck, he was good, and I wondered how long he'd been doing it.

It fast got pretty steamy, and I don't mean from the showers running. We both knew we couldn't prolong it, and I didn't try to hold out. Pretty quick I was pumping my cum into Noah's mouth. He swallowed as much as he could, another huge surprise, and then, shit, man, just as he stood up and was washing the rest off in the spray of the shower, the coach came in to the locker room to tell us we'd better get dressed and go. Noah and I looked at each other when the coach left.

'Do you think he saw anything?' Noah asked me

I told him, 'Naw, I don't think so. We finished in the nick of time... I felt bad afterwards. Not 'cause of you, Mr. J; I knew you wouldn't mind. But I didn't want Noah thinking it meant that I was interested in him. It wasn't fair to him, you know? I think everyone should have a chance to find what we have, but I'm just not that guy for him, and I'm afraid he might start thinking I am.'

'Maybe you're making too much out of it,' I told him. 'Maybe he was just hot for your body, and wanted to suck your cock.'

'Wasn't much doubt about that. I just hope you're right, cause he's a really nice guy, and I don't want to hurt him.'

'Uhh... does that mean you won't do it again?' I asked. 'That would be more cruel.'

'No, it don't mean that at all. I would let him do me again in a heartbeat; he's fuckin' good. But if he starts in with.....'

'Don't buy trouble, Brady,' I interrupted him.

What had happened didn't surprise me; I knew there had to be other gay guys at school besides Josh. It would have surprised me more if none of them had made a move on Brady, he was such a stud. But it didn't bother me, either. More and more, Brady showed himself able to walk the line between exploring his sexuality with other guys and staying committed to me.

He was acting more like a grown-up now. I could see it in the way he stood, or talked, or the way he moved. Sometimes I'd catch him copying the way I spoke or the words I used. His clothing changed, too; instead of going around in T-shirts and shorts, he wore sport shirts and dress shirts. When we went on one of our dates, he often wore a suit; he said it made it feel more like a special occasion. I appreciated that, so I did the same.

Occasionally I would get out of work a little early and pick him up at school. I didn't always let him know right away that I was there; it was fun to watch him surrounded by adoring teenage girls. But he didn't seem to bask in their attention or flirt with them like the other guys did.

I asked him once, 'Have you asked any of those girls out?'

He put his hand on my thigh. 'Geezus, Mr. Johnson, why would I want any of them when I have you?'

'Having me didn't stop you from letting Noah Barth suck you off,' I commented wryly.

'That was different. It felt exhilarating. A thrill, you know? Girls are, well, they're kinda boring now.'

It was a good time to bring up the subject that had been bothering me. 'Aren't you worried about what people at school will say about you if all of a sudden you're no longer dating?'

He shrugged. 'To tell the truth, I don't know really how much I care about that.'

'A teenager who doesn't care what his peers think?' I put one hand on his forehead. 'Huh, no fever... you aren't on anything, are you?' I teased.

'The only thing I'm on is you,' he said.

But I wasn't totally comfortable with his attitude. I wanted him to have as 'normal' a high school experience as possible, and to fully explore any residual feelings he might have for girls. Eventually we reached a compromise. It was a simple compromise; Brady agreed that he would go on dates with girls now and then. But I noticed he always came back before his curfew, or even early, and never dated the same girl more than once or twice.

I found out a couple of weeks later that Noah's story wasn't over.

'I let Noah Barth suck me off again today,' he told me

'Oh? What happened to not wanting him to think you were interested in him?'

'I made it pretty clear. I told him it was never gonna go any further than this.'

'Brady, haven't you ever heard of 'mixed signals'? If you say one thing and do another, he's bound to misinterpret your actions. He might think you're leading him on.'

'It's okay, Mr. J. I think there's another guy interested in Noah.'

That got my attention; gay high school romantic drama. I had to hear more. I figured Josh didn't know about it, or he would have told me himself already. I sat down, face to face with Brady. 'Spill,' I said.

'Well, I noticed lately that one of the other seniors has been staring at Noah when he thinks no one is watching. You know, kinda mooning over him the way I did you after the first time I fucked you. He's been doing it for a while, it just didn't really click in my head until now.'

That Brady had ever mooned over me was news, but I let it pass for now.

'What's this guy's name?' I asked.

'Pablo Martinez. He's on the baseball team. I already decided I'm gonna get 'em together. I'm gonna ask Pablo to meet me someplace where Noah and I will be and then let him catch Noah sucking my cock.'

'You could be playing with fire, Brady, if you've misinterpreted Pablo's mooning,' I cautioned him. 'And you really need to think twice about outing Noah like that. You could have two very pissed off guys mad at you.'

'I don't think so. I'm sure enough that I'm willing to take the chance,' he said. 'I forgot to tell you Noah ate my ass the last time too. Fuck, that was awesome and he was so hungry for it. Pablo has got probably the finest ass in the whole school. Girls pratically swoon when he walks around in his baseball uniform. Noah's going to have a field day with it. Yeah, Mr. J., I'm pretty sure Noah and Pablo will both thank me.'

I was still skeptical, but his plan worked surprisingly well. Brady had Pablo meet him out on the football field, behind the stands, told him he had something he wanted to show him. Meanwhile, he 'lured' Noah out behind the stands, told him he wanted to try it someplace more exciting, outdoors. So when Pablo showed up, there was Noah down on his knees, gobbling Brady's cock. There was a moment of shock, but it didn't take much encouragement from Brady for Noah to eagerly turn his attention to Pablo and suck him off. And Brady happily reported a couple of weeks later that two were inseparable. One Friday night when Noah's parents were out of town, they even had Brady sleep over with them.

He asked me if I minded.

'You know I don't,' I said. 'I'm a little envious, but I don't mind.' Then I teased, 'They probably just want to thank you for bringing them together.'

After Kevin and I had sex, he came to dinner every couple of weeks. Even though he showed no signs of wanting to sleep with me again, nor I him, I noticed that he seemed more comfortable with us. He no longer wore a suit and tie; T-shirts, jeans or shorts, and flip-flops were his usual dress. Most guys wouldn't be so eager to have dinner with their boyfriend's family so often, but Kevin seemed intrigued by the fact that Josh's father also had a boyfriend, and one close to Kevin's age at that. I was pretty sure he didn't know about Josh and me; Josh would tell him, or not, if and when he felt the time was right.

Chapter Eleven

Week after week I kept putting off Brady and Josh's big trip. I wasn't about to let them miss even a few days of school, let alone weeks, and the only long period of vacation time they had was the Christmas-New Year's break, which Brady insisted on spending with Josh and me. He didn't remind me of our agreement, but I knew he hadn't forgotten. It wasn't until spring that I finally made arrangements for their trip, and by that point, since I didn't want them to miss any school, I had to schedule it after Brady's graduation.

Despite being part of our family, I could sense that Brady was feeling down as the holidays approached, over his parents being in Europe. I was baffled that they had not offered to bring him over, but there was no mention of it. I almost offered to send him but I wasn't sure what was going on with Stewart Bush and his wife where it concerned their son. Except for the checks that arrived on time, they seemed to have pretty much abandoned him.

Thanksgiving wasn't such a huge deal for any of us. It never had been a holiday that Josh and I celebrated in a big way, and we kept it low key as usual. He had asked if it was okay if he accepted an invitation from Kevin to have Thanksgiving dinner with his parents.

'Oh, you're meeting his parents; things must be getting serious,' I joked.

'Its not just that,' he assured me. 'I think it's also that he wants me to meet his older brother. I suspect that there's some kind of rivalry between them. Maybe he's trying to show me off. I mean, it's not like they aren't gonna know I'm Kevin's boyfriend; he could hardly introduce me as 'my friend the local high school kid,' could he.'

'That would be a pretty awkward introduction,' I agreed.

'I don't know how they'll react to Kevin dating someone my age, though. I don't expect any explicit arguments while I'm there, but I don't want to spend the evening in the glare of disapproving looks.'

'Doesn't really seem like the kind of extended discussion appropriate for Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe in the spirit of the holiday, they'll just be thankful that Kevin is dating someone as wonderful as you, Josh.'

He grinned at me. 'I'll be happy if they just accept me.'

'You really think there'll be tension between you and Kevin and his family?'

'No, just between me and Kevin and his brother,' he said.

So Brady and I went out to eat and came home to curl up on the couch with brandy and no clothes, and a blanket. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening.

Christmas was a different story. The three of us put up the tree and Brady seemed to really enjoy being with us, but I sensed an under current of sadness.

'You know, I'm learning what I missed, not having a brother,' he said as we were sipping egg nog laced with a little rum between putting balls on the tree.

'I take that as a compliment,' Josh said. 'Hey, you're getting low, I'll get you a refill.' He took Brady's glass and went to the kitchen.

'I hate to tell you this, Mr. J., but I think my parents might have dumped me on you,' he said.

'Brady. Don't say that,' I said as I went over and put my arms around him.

'Honestly, Mr. J., I thought I would be spending Christmas in Europe,' he said. I felt him shake, his tight, bulging abs tremble against my stomach. He was choking back sobs.

'Oh, Brady. I wish you could be. I don't understand it either, but there must be a good.....'

'I don't,' he cut in, as he eased away from me. 'I don't wish I was there. I'm glad I'm here, with you and Josh. You've more than made up for whatever my parents are lacking.'

'Well, Brady, we haven't done anything with the intent of making anything up to you. It's just how we are, how we do things. It would have been the same if it were just Josh and me.' I quickly corrected myself. 'No, that's not true. It wouldn't be the same. You've brought a whole new meaning, not just to Christmas, but to my life. Maybe that's why I can't get too upset with your parents, because dumping you on me,' I paused and corrected myself, 'them leaving you with me has been the best thing that's ever happened to me.' I hugged him tightly. 'You're the best Christmas present I could possibly have gotten.'

'Mr. J., I wanta fuck you under the Christmas tree.'

I laughed at his bluntness. 'We should be back from it a little bit, we might cause sparks and start a fire,' I said. I saw Josh at the door but he turned away with a little smile. A few minutes later he came back with Brady's egg nog and some blankets. He gave them to Brady.

'Thanks,' he said, taking the egg nog. 'But what are the blankets for?'

'I heard what you said, about fucking Dad under the Christmas tree.'

'Hey, Josh, I didn't mean it that I want to shut you out,' Brady said.

'You're not shutting me out, dude, I'm gonna sit and watch.'

It was one of the best Christmases I ever had. Brady didn't just fuck me, he made love to me under the tree. Even Josh noticed. At one point when he was slowly and methodically driving his huge cock in and out of my ass, Josh threw a pillow at him.

'When does the fucking start?' Josh asked.

Brady looked around with a frown. 'What?'

'That ain't fucking. You're making love to him,' Josh said.

Brady only smiled and kept doing what he was doing. At one point, Brady waved Josh to come over with us.

'No, I don't think I wanta interrupt anything,' Josh said.

'Come here, I wanta give you one of your Christmas presents.'

'You're pretty busy, which one is it, I'll get it out from under the tree,' Josh said.

'It's not under the tree, just get your ass over here,' Brady said.

Josh got up from the couch and came over to us. Brady took his arm and pulled him closer. Then to my surprise and Josh's, he leaned over and took Josh's cock in his mouth.

Josh was stunned. 'Oh, My Godd!'

Like I said, it was the best Christmas we'd ever had.

Chapter Twelve

I was disappointed, even a little pissed, that Brady's parents didn't come home for his graduation but there was some 'very important reason' why they couldn't. They called, though, just before he was to leave to go to school. Brady tried to be okay with it, but when he hung up the phone I saw him wipe tears from his eyes, and his remark as he hung up the phone cut right through me.

'Well, I guess I won't have any family there except you guys.'

'You will have us,' I assured him.

'Well, I have to get to school. I guess I'll see you guys later,' he said.

'We'll be there,' I said.

'You've got your tickets,' he reminded me.

Our tickets got Josh and I seated just three rows back from the stage. The speakers droned on and I paid little attention, as I suspected everyone else did. But when they started handing out diplomas, I felt myself begin to swell up inside. When Brady walked across the stage to accept his diploma, I nearly burst with pride. I didn't think I could be more proud when Josh graduated than I was of Brady at that moment. It was a mix of a little bit of fatherly pride, absent his own father, and deep pride in the remarkable young man who would be my partner in life. It was confusing, but it was wonderful. When I choked up I felt Josh's arm rest on my shoulder as he patted me on the back.

After the ceremony people gathered around their graduates to offer their congratulations. Brady's gathering around him was no less than any of the others, with teachers and so many classmates, his coaches and a lot of other adults who knew his situation, living with a friend while his parents were overseas.

His coach and another couple approached me and told me what a wonderful thing I had done to take Brady into my home.

'Trust me, the pleasure was all mine,' I assured them. I couldn't be sure, but I think the coach got my meaning.

We took a lot of pictures--me and Brady, Josh and Brady, all three of us'and I asked him if he would take off his cap and gown so I could get some pictures of him in his suit. He looked down, rather embarrassed, then looked back up at me then all around.

'I'm uh... I'm sorry, but I can't do that,' he said.

'Why not? Did they make up a rule that.....'

'No,' he cut in. He moved closer. 'I don't have anything on under my gown.'

'Oh, My Godd!' Josh blurted out, laughing.

I gaped at him. 'You're... you're telling me, you're naked under that gown?'

'Yes. Me and three other guys, and several of the girls,' he said.

'Does anybody else know?' Josh asked excitedly.

'Hell, the whole class knows,' he said. 'Probably half the auditorium by now.' He looked all around again. 'Although I haven't noticed people looking at me funny.'

'You are a hoot, Brady,' I said, laughing with them.

'You do have to turn your gown in,' Josh reminded him.

'Yeah, we're already being told to report to the library and turn them in,' he said.

'You're going to change out of your gown into your suit right there in the library?' I asked.

'No, my clothes are in my locker,' he said. 'And I really need to go get changed before they come and haul us off to the library to do it.'

I gave Brady his graduation present; one of them. I could tell he was nervous opening the envelope. His eyes widened and he let out a little gasp when he pulled out the two $500 dollar bills.

'Mr J! You shouldn't have done this.'

'Why not? You deserve it,' I said. It struck me at that moment that his parents, despite their relative wealth, hadn't sent Brady a graduation gift.

Josh was all smiles too. 'Actually, I deserve one of those,' he said. 'After all I am half responsible for you getting that diploma.'

I punched him in the shoulder. 'Don't be greedy; you've been paid a hundred times over for your contribution to Brady's education; like he never educated you in a few things.'

Josh gave Brady his gift. It was a nice, very classy looking diver's watch.

'Wow! This is beautiful,' Brady said.

'And you're going to need it,' Josh said.

Brady looked at him with a curious scowl. 'Need it?'

'Where you're going,' Brady said.

Brady looked at me. Josh was laughing. I told Josh he could tell him.

'We're going to Cancun, dude,' Josh told him.

Brady's mouth flew open and his eyes popped. 'You're not serious!'

'Dead on,' I said.

'Aww, Alec, you shouldn't be doing all of this,' he said as he wrapped his powerful arms around me and pulled me into a tight bear hug. I could feel his hefty manhood against my thigh. Suddenly he pulled back. 'Man, that might've been a mistake, hugging you. I'd better go get changed before this gown becomes a tent.'

Brady had said he wanted to just come home afterwards and be with me and Josh. I insisted that he go to the parties and be with his friends. He insisted on taking Josh along, and said they would be home to change into shorts for the parties.

I stayed up watching TV. I had just gone to bed'it was well after one in the morning--when the boys came in, laughing and talking. I knew they would be up to report in. I could tell when they came into my room that they had been drinking, but they weren't drunk. They had their shirts tucked in the waistband of their shorts.

'Well, it sounds and looks like you boys had a good time,' I said.

'Oh, Man, you would not believe it,' Josh said, laughing.

'Everybody went out to Mary Lou Brown's house and it turned into a full-fledged orgy,' Brady put in. 'Man, I fucked so many girls, I lost count. And Josh, here, nailed at least three of the cheerleaders.'

Josh held up four fingers.

For a moment I stared at them in astonishment. Then I narrowed my eyes in suspicion, and they burst out laughing.

'We almost had you, dad,' Josh managed to get out between guffaws.

'Maybe, until Brady claimed you'd screwed three girls.'

'Hey, there are boys on the cheerleading squad, too,' he pointed out.

I was surprised but happy. It was good to know they had slipped back into the old routine of things, at least for one night. The boys sat on either side of my bed.

'Seriously now, how'd the night go?' I asked.

'We really did go to Mary Lou's party, Mr. J. But it was just loud music and lots of drinking--'

'And girls,' Josh interjected.

'Then a bunch of us guys piled in the back of Noah's pickup and drove clear to the other side of the park; me and Josh, Noah and Pablo, and would you believe... Dan Colton and Randy Lake. Man, who would've thought it about those two studs.'

'Thought what?' I asked, smiling. 'Everything you could possibly think, it would be true. Man, it was a six man orgy. We were all pissed that we all wasted all those years, not knowing about each other.'

'Well, you and Josh didn't exactly waste all of those years,' I pointed out.

'Yeah, and were they pissed to learn about us,' Josh put in. 'I could have been tutoring Dan and Randy both.' He stood up then, with a more somber look. He looked down at me then over at Brady. 'Well, listen, I'm going to leave you two guys alone to put the finish touches on the celebration.'

'Where're you going?' I asked.

'Over to Kevin's apartment. There are a couple of guys he wants me to meet, from one of the big Ivy League schools.'

'Be careful, Josh,' I said.

'I'm always careful, Dad.'

When Brady and I were left alone we just looked at each other for the longest time. There was something that passed between us, only I couldn't figure out what.

'I'm glad you had a good time,' I said finally.

'I had a great time. But I couldn't wait to get home to you,' he said.

'You should have stayed out and enjoyed your friends as long as you could. I'll always be here,' I said.

'That's what makes you so terrific, Mr. Johnson. But you shouldn't be sitting around waiting for me. You shouldn't think of yourself as some kind of last resort. You're not the consolation award for me; you're the prize. Even when I fuck around with another guy, I will always, always return to you.'

I wasn't sure what he meant by it; it sounded like he was making a rare reference to our age difference, and that bothered me. I didn't like to think about it, and I didn't like him thinking about it. Suddenly he leaned over and brushed his lips across mine.

'We only have the rest of our lives, and that's not enough,' he whispered.

Chapter Thirteen

I sent Josh and Brady to Cancun for three weeks. I was a little nervous, the two of them going off alone, but I felt they would keep an eye on one another.

The three weeks alone, without Brady and Josh around, felt like the three longest weeks of my life. I'd grown so accustomed to waking up next to Brady that it disoriented me to wake up alone, and I didn't have Josh wandering in and out or around the house in his shorts. I missed them both, and it didn't help that their absence made me horny as hell, but I was also happy for them, out on the sunny Mexican beaches by themselves, having a good time. Of course, without me around to supervise them, they could sleep with whoever they wanted, and I was sure they were.

When they walked in the door, darkly tanned and as gorgeous as ever, I couldn't help breaking out into a broad smile. Actually the sight of them almost took my breath away.

'Welcome home, you two.'

Josh gave me a big hug, and Brady apparently felt the need to outdo him, for he wrapped his powerful arms around me and squeezed me, holding me for almost a full minute.

'I missed you,' he murmured in my ear.

I pulled his head to mine and kissed him. He ground his crotch against me. I could tell he was getting hard; I certainly was.

'Geezus, get a room guys,' Josh joked. 'Look, I'm gonna leave you two alone and let you, uh, catch up. I'll go pick up some takeout for dinner. Be back in an hour. Is that enough time?'

'Get out of here,' Brady growled, laughing.

Brady and I resumed our kissing after Josh left. 'I've been waiting so long for this,' my boyfriend said, his breathing getting heavy. We moved into the bedroom. When I took off his clothes, I saw that he was tan all over.

'Goddamn, you're gorgeous,' I said.

He grinned. 'Lots of nude beaches in Cancun.'

'I'm glad you had a good time.'

'We had a better time than Josh will probably tell you,' He said with a mischievous grin.

'Oh? But you're going to tell me?' I asked.

'We spent one whole night on the beach. We built a fire and used blankets from somebody's motel room. Your son, Mr. J., is officially a little slut.'

'What? What an awful thing to say!'

'No, no, it was great. I meant it in a good way, like he's advanced his sexual education.'

'And what big event officially turned him into a little slut?' I asked.

'Josh got double fucked.'

I blinked. 'By double fucked, you mean, he... two guys fucked him at the same time?'

'Yep. Me and another older college guy. Josh and I had already experienced double fucking another guy, and Josh was a little drunk and he wanted to try it. So we gave it to him.'

'I can't imagine anybody taking two cocks up their ass at the same time,' I said.

'Well, try, cause your son is going to suggest it,' Brady said. 'He thinks it would be hotter than hell for the two of us to fuck you at the same time.'

'How about you? Did you try it?'

'I wasn't that drunk,' he said.

It didn't come up at dinner, but at least I knew to expect it.

We had barely finished dinner when Josh headed out again.

'Where are you going, son?'

'It turns out one of the guys I, uh, met in Cancun lives pretty close by.'

'What about Kevin? What happened to him?'

'Oh, I'm still seeing him. In fact, we have a date tomorrow night.' He came over to each of us and gave us a quick kiss on the mouth. 'I promise to be back by lunch tomorrow.' I shook my head as the door closed behind him, amazed at the speed of his emotional development. A year ago, he hadn't even been ready to come out to me; now he had a broad social network and was juggling boyfriends as easily as riding a bike. Or riding something else, in his case.

Brady had noticed it, too. 'I hate to break it to you, bub, but you raised a real slut.' Brady grinned. 'It's one of the reasons I like him.'

'So, how was Cancun?' I asked.

'I'm not gonna lie to you, Mr J,' Brady answered. 'I slept with a buncha guys there. Josh, too, though I guess you already figured out that part.'

'And. . . ?'

He paused, and I felt a tightness I my chest. I was afraid of what I was going to hear; had he found someone else? Had he decided he didn't want to be tied down with a guy my age? And if he did, wasn't it my own fault? I was the one who'd insisted that he go on this trip. But if he didn't go and see what was out there, if he didn't continue to look around, I could never be sure that I was being fair to him, or that this was really his decision. I heard that old Sting song playing in the back of my mind. Finally he spoke.

'This was the first time I really gave myself the freedom to act as I wanted,' He said. 'You told me not to hold myself back, and I didn't. I pretty much slept with whoever I wanted. And I hafta say, it was pretty plentiful and it was pretty awesome. I definitely like fucking guys. No question about it.'

'And girls?' I asked.

He shrugged. 'Not so much.'

'How much, not so much?' I asked.

He shrugged. 'I fucked a couple of girls. Well, three, sort of. Two of them I had in bed at the same time, but after the first one, I couldn't get it up for the second one.'

'And?' I asked again.

'Like I said, not so much. I just like fucking guys better. Surprised me, too, but it's just not the same as it used to be, with girls. And there was also a guy. . . We, uh... Josh and I fucked him together just to see what it was like'

'Brady,' I swallowed, 'what does this all of this mean for us?'

'For us?' He looked astonished. 'It doesn't change anything, just like I knew it wouldn't. You're still the one I want, Mr Johnson. Alec. Now, I'm not gonna pretend I'm not gonna fuck other guys occasionally, 'cause you know I probably am. But it's not gonna happen a lot. And I figure that since you can deal with me sleeping with your son, and I can deal with you sleeping with your son, anything else will be small potatoes.' He paused. 'But that's not what we should be talking about now.'

'What should we be talking about?'

'Our life together. It's what I want, Mr. J. And if you can settle for that, then I don't see any reason why we couldn't make it work.'

'Settle?' I laughed. 'Godd, Brady, I've never just settled for you. I am so thankful that you came into my life.'

'Well, I guess we've got my lame brain to thank for that,' he said. 'If I was smarter, I wouldn't have needed Josh to tutor me, and none of this would've happened.'

'Did you and Josh talk about this while you were in Cancun?'

'I mentioned it,' he said.

'And? What was his reaction?'

'He said you would be happy with my decision. And so was he. Although he was a little weirded out over the idea of me being his step-dad.'

I laughed. 'I can imagine.' Then it hit me what he was saying, and I barely heard the next words he spoke.

'You asked me not to decide anything permanent until I got back.'

'That's right,' I said.

'Well, I've made my decision, Mr. J. I know what I want. Remember, you promised to go along with what I decided.' He leaned forward and whispered into my ear. 'Marry me.'

My eyes widened'I was stunned'but I didn't hesitate. 'Of course I have to say yes. But have you thought to realize, your life will go on for some time after mine is over?'

'Have you thought to realize what a great life it will be? And besides, I could just as easily get killed by a truck and go before you do. But why are we talking about death; we're supposed to be talking about life. Our life together. It's all I want, Mr. J. And if you can settle for that, then I don't see any reason why we couldn't make it work.'

I surprised myself by grabbing him and kissing him. I practically tore off his clothes, my hands roaming all over his body, a man's body that over the past year had become almost as familiar to me as my own, yet in this moment I suddenly had a fresh appreciation for it. I relished the powerful muscles that I loved to hold, to wake up next to, to feel against me while that ridiculously large cock was inside me. All the while our tongues wrestled together.

'I guess once in a while I actually say the right thing,' he murmured between kisses, his lips curving slightly into a satisfied smile.

I'd momentarily sated my need to feel his lips on mine, his saliva on my tongue, so I didn't mind speaking. 'More than once in a while,' I concurred. 'Now shut up and fuck me, Brady.' I moved my hand to his crotch. Goddamn, his cock was so big. I'd learned to accommodate it more easily, but it still took great effort. 'You're so hard already, Brady.'

'It turns me on when you tell me to fuck you, Mr. Johnson.'

I never got tired of feeling Brady's cock inside me. I still thrilled at the feel of those hard, thick inches sliding though my hole and embedding deep inside me. Damn, a year and a half ago I'd had almost no experience having sex with another man, but I'd sure taken to it like a duck to water. So had Brady.

When my ass was stuffed with his cock and our bodies were rubbing together, not only was it incredible pleasure, but I felt closer to him emotionally than I had with anyone in a long, long time. Maybe ever. Maybe it could work after all, that I could be his life partner.

When he shot another load of his sperm up my fuck chute, I came, too, splattering our chests with my come. I grabbed his head and kissed him, and we made out like that for a long time, his softening cock still in my ass.

'Brady, you turn me on. More than anyone I've ever met. Geezus, you realize I've been with you longer than with any woman since Josh's mother? And that was hardly a healthy relationship. I'd always assumed that I was straight, even though my relationships never lasted more than a few months and were never very satisfying.'

'I guess it goes without saying that this is the longest I've been anyone's boyfriend,' he said. 'And I'd like to think we have a healthy relationship, Mr. Johnson. Even if it is. . .well, unconventional.'

'I just hope I make you as happy as you make me, Brady.'

'I don't know what I would have done if I'd never met you, Alec,' he said softly before kissing me again.

I thought I felt his cock hardening inside me as he untangled his body from mine and sat up on the bed, his forearms on his knees, his cock lolling on the bedspread like a sleeping snake. He was so muscular and beautiful in that pose, he could have been a work of art.

'Turn over,' he said. I did, amazed that he already wanted to fuck me again, but to my surprise, he put one hand on my butt and stroked it.

'Mr Johnson, have I told you lately how much I love your ass? I think it might be the most beautiful thing in the world to me.' I could hear awe in his voice, and at the same time, the feel of his hand on my skin was beginning to make me hard again. 'So round and muscular. Not like a girl's ass at all. Geezus, I never thought I'd get turned on by a guy's ass.'

'Neither did I,' I replied, thinking of Josh.

Brady grinned lasciviously, as if he could read my mind. 'It's even better than your son's ass, and he's got a mighty fine ass.' He leaned closer. 'I know you think so, too.'

I shrugged, then decided that it wasn't fair to him to act so non-committal. I turned over so I could look him in the eye. 'You're right. Josh's ass turns me on.'

'Whoa! Did I hear that correctly? You just admitted I was right.' He kissed me. 'Say that again.'

'You were right. I like to buttfuck my son.'

'Man! I love hearing that! What else was I right about?'

I knew what he wanted to hear, and the words came out at the same time I realized it. 'You were right about us,' I finally conceded.

'Damn! I am really on tonight,' he crowed. I smiled; I couldn't help getting caught up in his happiness. He grinned back at me.

Then he did something that shocked me. He bent down and wrapped his lips around my cock. This big, studly athlete, six foot two of rippling teenage muscle, with no urging from me, was sucking me off. I hadn't even realized I was still hard until I saw my shaft sliding into his mouth.

Godd, it felt good!

---The End---



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