I knew my son, Josh, was tutoring Brady Bush so he could get the grades in math that he needed to stay on the football team. It was a great favor; even though Brady's parents were paying for the sessions, it would have been devastating to lose the big tight end. Josh usually went to Brady's house for the sessions which started out on a once-a-week basis. Lately it had advanced to two, even three times a week. I had no reason to be suspicious of anything.

But then one day I came home from work early and got the surprise of my life. I pulled in off the alley to the garage. I let myself in the house and headed upstairs to shower and change. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs; there lay a T-shirt and a few steps up, a pair of shorts. Dam, I thought, the kid has sneaked a girl in the house. I paused to decide whether to go on up or leave. My curiosity won out and I went on up the stairs, fully expecting to find a bra or panties on the landing. Wrong. Big time wrong! There was another T-shirt on the landing and a couple of steps up was a jockstrap! What the hell, I wondered, had he invited some of his teammates over? Were they gang-banging her?

Josh's bedroom door was open most of the way and I moved quietly down the hall. I heard soft moaning sounds'.the unmistakable sounds of sex, and steady squeaking-thumping noises. They were sure going at it. I shouldn't have but I felt a certain pride in my son. I peered around the door.

Brady was going at it all right, but the person stretched out under him wasn't a girl. It was Josh!! My son!! He was lying on his stomach, legs spread out wide and his tight, bubble butt humped up to receive Brady's big cock. I didn't know how big, I couldn't see it, but he was using awfully long strokes. Josh was clawing at the sheets and trying to muffle his cries in the pillow except when he tossed his head back in agonizing gasps of pleasure. I had apparently arrived on the scene at the crucial moment. There was good reason why Josh was groaning and whimpering in the throes of passion; he was obviously coming. The next moment he announced it.

'Awww..Oh, fuck, Brady..Awww, do it...fuck me! Hard! I'm gonna come!!!'

Brady kicked it up a notch. His butt muscles and his hamstrings flexed as he drove his big cock in and out of Josh's butt. His broad back and shoulders rippled with athlete-trained muscle. His triceps bulged. Suddenly Josh snapped his head back with a loud groan then buried his face in the pillow like he was sobbing as he gave up his load.

'Awww, your ass is squeezing my cock so hard!' Brady groaned. 'I'm gonna come too, dude. Couple more strokes '.awww, here it comes!'

His hips slammed forward and he ground himself hard against Josh's butt, muscles trembling as he shot his load deep in Josh's ass. They lay for a moment gasping for air. I stood frozen to the spot, afraid even to breath. I stayed and watched as Brady raised up and pulled his cock free. He raised up a long way before it popped out and I got a glimpse of it as he rolled over beside Josh. My Godd.he was huge! I paled at the thought of all of that cock being pounded into my son's ass. I stepped back out of sight, took a calm breath then made my way quietly downstairs. I went out to the garage to wait till Brady left.

Several moments later he came out of the back door instead of the front. He skipped down the steps and brushed his hand down over the bulge in his jeans, heading right for the garage. As he walked past I quickly opened the truck door to make it look like I'd just driven in.

'Hey, Mr. Johnson,' he said with a surprised smile but with a cool, calm demeanor.

'Hey, Brady. Session over?' I asked.

'Yeah. No more till next week,' he said.

No more of what, I wanted to ask.

'Man, Josh is smart,' he went on. 'He's going to save my butt from oblivion.'

And what're you doing to his butt? I couldn't be mad at the big stud, even as Josh's father. As he walked away I tried to understand why it'd been such an erotic thing to watch and I wondered why I didn't burst into the room and tear him apart. Not that it would've been that easy. Brady was a big 200-pounder, solid muscle. I shifted my concern to how I was going to face Josh, what I was going to say, if anything. I had to wonder how long it'd been going on. I decided I would first wait and see how he reacted to me. He was dressed and coming down the stairs when I went in.

'Hey, dad, you're home early,' he said casually, with only a hint of surprise.

'Yeah, we reached a stopping point, close to quitting time,' I said.

'I've got the broiler on and steaks thawed out,' he said.

He acted no different. All through supper I had a hard time looking at Josh and a harder time not looking. I couldn't get the image out of my mind of his muscular, young body lying spread-eagle with Brady pounding his tight ass and how he was able to take anything so big. It was at best eight-nine inches long when he pulled out and it'd begun to go down. I could imagine another inch or two when it was hard.

I was on a roller coaster of emotions. I didn't know what to do, what to say, if anything. But I knew we couldn't long pretend that the situation didn't exist. I tried to rack it up as two teenagers experimenting around with each other. It was too difficult to face that my son was gay and I didn't know how to deal it. First thing I thought of, if he was gay, was a support group. They had support groups for everything, didn't they? But I decided to first try to deal with it myself. I didn't know how but I would face him at the first opportunity that presented itself. But then I got impatient and decided I would create the opportunity myself. I could not have imagined where that decision would lead me.

It was a sneaky plan; in effect, I was setting him up. But not to hurt him. I just wanted to get it out on the table; let him know that I knew.

'Let's go to a Cubs game,' I announced one day. 'We can make a long weekend of it and go to the Field Museum or the Shed Aquarium. You could bring Brady if you want to.'

'That would be great but I don't know if he would want to hang around with me for a weekend. He's a senior and a jock, and I'm just his tutor.'

'I'll call his parents and invite him myself,' I said.

Brady accepted eagerly and Josh was happy that the big athlete wanted to spend time with him.

I got a room at a hotel near Wrigley Field. It was as if the hotel took great pains to assist me in my plan. We ended up with one bed. I said I would try to get us moved to a room with two double beds, but Brady stopped me.

'That's okay, I can sleep on the floor,' he offered.

It was a king-size bed, and I wrestled with the temptation of having the three of us sleep in the same bed but in the end, out of cowardice, I resisted the awful temptation and asked for a different room with two beds

We went to the game and the boys, like so many others, took off their shirts. It was nice watching their bare muscles in the warm sun. Back at the hotel we showered before going out to get something eat. I watched closely as the boys undressed to shower; Josh first, then Brady. I noticed that Josh wasn't able to keep his eyes averted from the muscular senior, even though he tried. I took my share of glances at him myself, still wondering how big his cock was when he was hard and marveling that Josh had been able to take him.

Brady slipped on a pair of briefs that barely contained his manhood. He looked as sexy in them as he did naked. I was trying and beginning to understand how Josh was so attracted to him. Josh put on a pair of tight boxer briefs made with a pouch that held his manhood out in a nice bulge. He looked good, too; he was also muscular, but on a smaller scale than Brady. We got involved in another game on TV and decided to send out for pizza instead of going out. We ate and finished watching the game and Brady was checking the schedule to see what else was on.

'Hey, they've got porn flicks here!' he exclaimed. Then he turned and looked at Josh. 'Too bad your dad's along,' he joked.

'What makes you think I don't watch porn?' I joked back.


I was surprised that I said it, too, but glad. I thought my casual attitude might help level the playing field, instead of me being strictly 'the dad.'

'I know my dad does,' Brady said. 'I found his stash of videos. I watch them when they're gone.'

I gave Josh a suspicious look, knowing that he spent a lot of time at Brady's house.

'Okay, I've watched them too,' he admitted with an embarrassed grin.

'Well, I guess it wouldn't be anything new for either of you, then,' I said.

'Gee, Mr. Johnson, are you saying we could watch one?' Brady asked. He was serious but he made it sound like he was joking so he could back off from it if he had to, depending on my reaction.

'Well you couldn't tell anybody,' I said. 'Not a living soul.'

'Dad, are you really going to rent one?' Josh asked with disbelief.

'Sure, I guess so. Pick one out.'

'Hey, neat,' Brady said.

Brady scanned the listing. 'Hey how about a bi flick? I've never seen a bi flick.'

Josh looked at me.

'If you guys think you can handle it,' I said with a shrug.

When I didn't voice any objection, they agreed on the bi video and I rented the movie. The usual warning came on the screen including the part about not allowing minors to view it.

'You guys have to promise you won't tell anybody about this. Not even your friends.'

'Promise,' Josh said.

'Promise. Scout's honor,' said Brady.

'You weren't in the scouts,' Josh said.

'Okay, on my dead dog's grave.'

'You never had a dog, either, did you?'

'I won't tell,' Brady growled.

I took one bed and the two boys settled back against the headboard of the other one. I felt sort of funny about doing it, knowing I should be a more responsible adult, but there were other emotions that overruled common sense and made it seem okay to be watching a sex video with two teenage boys. The video turned out to be not the kind of Bi that I thought the boys were expecting.

'Hey, there are two guys instead of two women,' Josh pointed out.

'Well, Bi goes both ways,' Brady said.

'Do you want me to cancel it and rent something else?' I offered.

'No. I read there are no refunds, and there's no sense wasting your money,' Brady said. 'Lets watch it, okay? Dad doesn't have any like this in his stash.'

'Okay with me,' Josh said.

'Okay, I'm game if you boys are,' I said. I wondered what was going through their mind, and more, how this would play out. I was glad that the two male stars were young, very athletic guys, probably no more than eighteen or nineteen, so Josh, and especially Brady, could easily relate to them.

It plodded along like any other fuck flick, without a plot, with the two guys taking turns with the woman, fucking her pussy and then both of them going at her, with one of them fucking her ass. Then she went down on one of them, building up to the next level. Pretty soon the other guy joined her in the oral sex and started licking his buddy's balls.

'Now that takes balls to do that,' Josh said.

'Looks like fun, though,' Brady joked

Me, I was wondering how much of this stuff the two boys had done. I saw that they were getting hard. Brady laid his hand over the front of his shorts in a feeble and futile attempt to conceal the expanding bulge. Josh casually reached for the sheet and pulled it up to his waist. All the while I was picturing in my mind what the two boys would be doing if I weren't there. I was getting a hardon myself but I made no attempt to hide it. For some reason I wanted them to know that it was okay to be excited, and to show it. After a few moments, I think Brady noticed my hardon and Brady moved his hand away from his own. Then suddenly he jerked the sheet off of Josh.

'What're you hiding under there?' he asked.

Josh grabbed for the sheet but didn't get hold of it.

'Me and your dad aren't trying to hide it,' Brady said as he gave his bulge a quick brush and squeezed then let it go.

Josh peered over and looked over at me.

'Sorry, but it happens,' I said, brushing my hand over my own bulge. I thought he looked embarrassed, but I didn't know if it was because he had a hardon or because I had one in front of his friend. I could imagine how uneasy he might be in a situation with his boy lover and his own dad in the same room.

'With you two guys in that condition, I'm just glad I'm not sleeping in that bed tonight,' I joked.

Brady began moving his fingers slowly back and forth on the long bulge inside his shorts. He wasn't jacking off but he wasn't shy about rubbing himself and drawing attention to himself.

'I must say, you boys are showing great restraint,' I remarked.

They gave me a questioning look.

'Come on, you know what you would be doing if I weren't here,' I said.

Josh got a funny look on his face and Brady looked rather surprised at my remark. What they were thinking wasn't what I meant but I jumped on it.

'You know you would be jacking off. Hell, guys, take 'em out if you want to,' I told them.

Brady glanced at Josh then over at me. I think they were both waiting to see if I was going to take my cock out first.

'Are you going to?' Brady asked me. 'We will if you will,' he volunteered for both of them.

'Put your money where your mouth is, guys,' I said cockily as I shoved my shorts down and freed my cock. It swing up over my stomach and bobbed up and down.

'Geezussss, Dad!' Josh exclaimed.

'Hey, your dad's cool,' Brady said. 'Hung, too. Okay, Josh, you're next.'

'You're next,' Josh said.

'The biggest goes last, that makes you next,' Brady said.

Josh was reluctant but he couldn't shy away Brady's bold challenge. He finally shoved his shorts down and stretched the waistband under his balls, revealing his hard cock. I was impressed. He was dam near as big as me. I was almost breathless waiting to see what Brady had to show us; or me, for Josh had already been well exposed to it.

'Okay, braggart, it's your turn,' Josh told Brady.

Brady was more bold than Josh. He raised up off the mattress and shoved his shorts down and took them off and kicked them away.

'Geezuss!' I blurted out at the sight of his huge cock. I hadn't meant to act so surprised but it just slipped out. 'What have your parents been feeding you?'

'Yeah, I want to start eating the same thing,' Josh put in.

Brady laughed and Josh was embarrassed at the double meaning of what he'd said. Brady wrapped his fist around his big cock and began stroking it. I was impressed that his hand wouldn't reach all the way round it.

'Man, the guys would never believe this, us laying here jacking off with your dad,' he said.

'I don't believe it myself,' Josh said.

I started pulling on my cock, too. It seemed the right thing to do, with the boys both jacking themselves off. I know Josh was probably stunned out of his mind.

'Are we gonna take this to the finish?' Brady asked.

'Right, like you could stop,' I scoffed. I suddenly realized when I said it that I had given the boys the green light to finish themselves off, not to mention myself. Meanwhile, I tried to think of some way to bring up what I'd seen.

'Hey, man, look at that!' Brady said, poking Josh in the shoulder.

In the video, one guy was fucking the girl and the other guy was fucking him in the ass.

'Geezuss, how the hell does he take that?' Josh remarked. 'It must be fake photography.'

I glanced over at him with a 'who-do-you-think-you're-kidding' look and he looked away, almost like he realized that I knew.

'Wow! He's sure plowing him,' Brady said.

It was time. Maybe not the best opportunity, but I seized on it anyway because I knew there would never be another like this.

'Guys,' I said.

They looked at me.

'Uhhh'.there's something you guys maybe ought to know,' I began.

They looked suddenly scared.

'What?' Josh asked.

'When I came home from work early the other day.' I paused to grab my waning courage to finish. 'I came upstairs'..and saw what was going on,' I finally finished.

Brady's mouth dropped as he jumped up from the bed and backed against the wall. 'Oh, Geezusss!' he gasped softly.

Josh blanched, sort of cowering away as well.

'You can lay back down,' I told Brady.

He didn't move at first till I looked over at him and he moved very cautiously back to the bed and stretched out like he was. His cock had begun to go down. So had Josh's.

'I didn't mean to scare your hardons away,' I quipped.

Josh's mouth was open like he wanted to say something but couldn't get the words out.

'Hey, it's okay,' I said. 'If you're gay'

'I'm straight,' Brady said defensively.

'I was talking to Josh,' I said. 'If you're gay, son, I know it wasn't a choice you made. It's not something anybody can do anything about, nor should they, and I want you to know I don't think any less of you, or feel any less for you.'

'Wow. This is getting deep,' Brady said. 'Shit, my old man would toss my ass out of the house in little pieces if he found out I was gay.'

'I don't think he would,' I said. 'You kids always tend to underestimate your parents. You don't seem to understand that a father's love is unconditional.'

Josh was welling up. 'I'm sorry, dad,' he said in a bare whisper, his voice wavering.

'For what? You got my genes, does that mean I should be sorry? I'm not. You're my son, and that's the bottom line.'

'Hey, maybe I should get dressed and leave for a little bit, this is getting deep,' Brady said again. 'Maybe you two should have the room to yourselves.'

'No, its okay, you don't have to leave,' I said. 'Its out in the open and I think we all feel better about it, don't we?'

'Are you listening to what your dad is saying, man?' Brady said to Josh. 'Man, he's the coolest dad in the world.'

'It must have been a terrible shock for you,' Josh said quietly, still in his shame.

'It was a surprise, but not enough that I'm going to loose any more sleep over it,' I said as I pulled the sheet up.

'That's it?' Josh asked, aghast. 'You tell me you know I'm gay and you're going to roll over and go to sleep?'

'Did you want to discuss it?' I asked.

'No. I'.I mean'.yeah, but I don't know what to say,' he blurted.

'Well, then, I guess there's nothing else that has to be said right now.'

Josh's face started to screw up and he choked on a sob that escaped his lips.

'Aw, mannn,' Brady groaned.

As Josh slumped down in the bed, sobbing, I went around to the other side of the bed and knelt down. 'Hey, Josh..there's no need for that. It's all out now, and it's okay. I got no problem with it, and I don't want you to have a problem with it.'

'Yeah, you oughta be happy that your dad knows and he's okay with it,' Brady said, putting a hand on his shoulder, helping me console him.

I held Josh tight in my arms, frightened that I felt a tremor of excitement at the touch of his warm, smooth muscles. Josh snuggled in my arms like a little boy.

'Come on, Josh,' Brady said.

'It's okay son,' I told him.

'I just can't believe the way you're handling it,' Josh said to me.

I was so relieved that it was out I in the open yet I was almost shaking with excitement. I couldn't believe it either that I'd taken the situation so head on.

'You gotta be okay with it too around me,' I told him.

He nodded, bringing his sobbing under control and Brady handed him a handkerchief to blow his nose.

'You okay, man?' he asked, then he looked at me. 'I'm glad you're taking it the way you are too, Mr. Johnson. Man, I tremble at the thought of what some other dad would've done to me.'

'Are we all okay, now?' I asked.

The boys nodded and I knew they were when I saw that their hardons were returning.

'Okay, then I'm going to get some sleep,' I said. I got up and went over to my own bed. I turned my back to the television with a twinge of excitement over leaving my son and a hunky star football player in the same bed with raging hardons. The boys got back to the video.

I didn't sleep. I couldn't. But I pretended to be asleep. The boys finished watching the video and turned out the lights, but they didn't go to sleep either. I heard them whispering.

'No, not here. Not now,' Josh hissed softly.

'Come on, he practically told us it was okay,' Brady whispered in his deep, soothing voice.

'No, he told us he knew,' Josh said.

'Let's go in the bathroom then,' Brady whispered.


'Come on you know you want it. Feel that....you want it.'

'But not with my dad in the next bed,' Josh said.

'What if I invite him over here, then he won't be in the next bed.'

My heart thumped a few extra times. What if he really did it? Brady had the balls to do it.

'I'll bet if I woke him up and asked his permission, he would say it's okay,' Brady whispered.

'Well, don't do it'Ohhh.s-stop..awwhhh,' Josh gasped.

'You know you want it'.something bigger than my finger,' said Brady.

'Ohhh, Godd, stop, Brady!'

But Brady wasn't to be put off. 'Here's a pillow,' he said.

There was some soft scuffling around and a moment later there was a terrible muffled groan and I had to assume that Brady was giving him the real thing in place of his finger. I couldn't take it any longer. I carefully turned over on my other side, facing their bed. I was careful to keep my face covered except for my eyes. They were under the sheet but there was no mistaking Brady's hips moving back and forth. I couldn't believe it; he was fucking Josh!! The big, ballsy stud was actually fucking my son with me right there in the next bed!

After a few minutes he rolled them both over he was on top and as he fucked him, the sheet worked down off his back then down off hips, revealing his hard, tight butt and powerful thighs that powered his thrusts into my sons ass. Josh hunkered his butt up to receive his thrusts. I was beside myself with excitement. It was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen. I reached down and squeezed my own cock. I wanted to jack off so bad. I wanted to 'wake up' and let them know that I was watching. J Josh was trying to keep his whimpering moans in check. At one point, he got so out of hand that I could only assume that he was loosing his load. A moment later, Brady unmistakably lost his. I could tell by the way he was slamming his cock into Josh's ass, so hard the platform bed was making noises. Suddenly his muscular body stiffened and trembled and I knew he was shooting his load deep in Josh's ass. He fought to keep his breathing from being too loud. Finally, he rolled onto his side and threw his arm and leg around Josh and they were quiet. I barely dozed the rest of the night.

Next morning the boys boldly showered together, to save time, they said. I had the chance to take a look at the sheets on their bed. Sure enough there was a huge dark spot where Josh had shot his load. We went for a late breakfast then headed for the Field Museum. It was a nice, relaxing, fun day with the two boys. They were overly at-ease with the new-found discovery that I knew about them. After the museum, we drove around the city for awhile and stopped for supper late in the evening then went back to the hotel to relax and go for a swim.

I did a few laps and went back in the room, dried off and slipped on a pair of shorts. A few minutes later, Brady came in the room, drying off. He pulled his wet swimsuit off and came out of the bathroom to finish drying off. I was sitting in the chair, looking out over the pool, watching Josh swim languidly back and forth in the pool. Brady sat on the edge of my bed, without bothering to put anything on.

'Josh is a good swimmer,' he remarked.

'Yeah, he was like a fish from the first time I put him in the water,' I said. I wanted to let Brady know that I'd seen them last night but I didn't know how to bring it up.

'He would make a hell of an athlete,' Brady said.

'I know, but he never was one for organized team sports or organized anything for that matter. He's always just wanted to do his own thing.'

After a moment, Brady said, 'You know what he really wants?'

'What?' I asked, turning to him with a curious look.



'He wants you,' Brady said again.

'He's got me. He's always had me,' I said.

'No, he wants'.pardon my bluntness, Mr. Johnson, but since all our cards are on the table'.Josh wants to have sex with you. Specifically, he wants you to fuck him. He's terrified of the idea, because of what you might think of him if you knew.'

I was stunned into silence, unable to comprehend that any teenage boy could talk to a man that way, especially about his own son.

'How do you know that?' I asked.

'He told me.'

'He told you'.he'.he wants me'..to'''

'Yeah. He thinks you're a real stud.'

'You must know, I find this very hard to believe,' I said.

'Ask him,' Brady said with a shrug. 'Or when he comes back inside, you crawl in bed with him and I'll take your bed. Give him that much of a go-ahead and see what happens.'

'How did you become so astute, and so bold at your age?' I asked.

'Astute?.....your son, that's how,' he replied. 'He's the one who laid down the terms for tutoring me.'


'Yeah, I was bowled over when he told me. Besides the money, he said he wanted to have sex with me. I never did anything with another guy before that. As for bold'.I've always been bold.'

'What would you think if I told you that I laid here and watched you fuck Josh last night,' I said

He smiled, a sheepish smile. 'I wondered if you might be watching.'

'And it didn't bother you that I might be?''

'You said you already saw us before,' he said. 'Did it bother you?'

'Not the way it should have.'

'I told Josh you'd practically told us it was okay.'

'I know, I heard you talking.'

'Are you going to tell Josh you saw us? Or can I tell him?'

'You can tell him, but not in front of me,' I said.

'I don't think it would make any difference to Josh that you saw us last night,' he said. 'But hey, why don't I get lost for awhile if you would rather be alone with him,' he offered.

'That hardly seems necessary at this stage of the game,' I said.

'I just thought you might want the privacy, you know, to talk about all of this,' he said.

I looked out to watch Josh in the pool. 'I wouldn't know how to approach him,' I said.

'I could orchestrate something. I could come right out and tell him that you and I have talked and that you saw us last night and also that you know what he wants. But the only approach you need, really, is to crawl in bed with him. You think he's not going to figure that out, that you're changing beds for a reason?'

I shook my head.

'What?' Brady asked.

'I don't believe this conversation, listening to a teenager tell me how to go about fucking my own son.'

'There's not much other way to put it, is there?' he said. 'It wouldn't be rape,' he went on. 'Did it look like I was raping him?'

I didn't answer. The lights went out in the pool; it was closing. Josh climbed out and picked up a towel. He came inside patting the water from his chest.

'I'm going to sleep good tonight,' he said.

I offered to rent another porno video but we were all too tired. In those moments when we were getting ready to go to bed, Brady took the bull by the horns and I suddenly lost control of the situation. He waited, purposely I think, for Josh to get in their bed then he crawled into my bed.

'Are you sleeping over there?' Josh asked with a surprised look.

'Hey, I'm beat, and it was the closest bed to fall into,' he said.

I didn't have much choice; I could either crawl into my bed with Brady or in with Josh. Naturally, I chose Josh. Brady turned out the lights, then got up and pulled the drapes closed to block out the outside lights. I welcomed the darkness. I shouldn't have, for the purpose that I did. I lay perfectly still beside Josh. So did he, and I could almost feel the tension in the bed.

'Today was fun,' Brady said.

'Yeah, it's been a great weekend,' I said.

'I'm glad,' Josh said in a hoarse tone. 'I was so afraid I disappointed you.'

'Don't go there. Don't ever go there again,' I said, laying a hand lovingly across his chest. That bodily contact was all that was needed to spark things between us. I felt the electricity between us. Josh moved his thigh against mine and I pressed back. A moment later, he boldly reached down and took hold of my cock. It was already thick and rubbery.

'I don't know if'.if I can do this, son,' I said in a husky whisper. 'It wouldn't be right, and I don't know if I can get past that.'

'That's what Brady said at first, but he changed his mind,' he said.

'That's different; he's not your father.'

'He said he would go for a walk and leave us alone,' Josh said.

'No, I don't want him walking the streets of Chicago by himself,' I said.

'I don't care if he's here, dad. I don't care if he comes over here and gets in bed with us.'

'Josh, do you really want this?' I asked as I bravely reached over and took his cock in my hand. Godd, he was hard! And so big! I could barely get my hand around it. My heart thudded with excitement that I'd never known before.

'Yeah, dad, I do. I've wanted it for a long time. Ohh, your hand feels so good,' he whispered. 'I've wanted it since I was about eleven years old, when I first noticed your cock and how big it was. I wondered if I would ever get that big.'

'Well, you did and then some, I think,' I said, squeezing his cock.

'I saw you naked plenty of times, but that one day, it was like my sexuality kicked in and I was seeing you in a whole different light.'

'Can I ask you something?'


'Is Brady the only one?' I asked.

'He's the only one who's'.fucked me,' Josh replied.

'There have been'.others'..though?'

He hesitated then replied, 'Yes.'

'Very many?'

'Two,' he replied.

'How long?'

'About a year now,' he replied.

'Nobody could ever know about this'.about you and me,' I said.

'Brady would know.'

'I'm not worried about Brady telling anyone.'

We lay there languidly jacking each other's cocks, like two young buddies.

'I'.I d-don't know what to do,' I said hoarsely.

'Do you want Brady to show you?'

'No. I just don't know'..I guess I'm afraid..'

'We could look at it this way; I've felt your hand on my bare butt when you paddled me when I was a boy. Make me feel it again, only in a different way.' He turned toward me, on his side.

I laid his hand on his butt. 'Your butt is so solid.'

'Yeah, it drives the girls nuts,' he said, grinning. 'Brady, too.'

'I'm afraid it will me, too, from now on,' I said as I squeezed the hard muscles. He rolled on over onto his stomach. Just then Brady appeared beside the bed. We didn't even know he'd gotten out of his bed. He had a tube in his hand, uncapped.

'Here, you'll need to use this,' he said, aiming the tube at my cock.

I let him squeeze some lube on my cock then smeared it up and down the shaft. Brady squeezed more lube onto his own fingers and began working them between Josh's buns. Josh spread his legs out wide and hunkered up against Brady's fingers. I couldn't believe the scene playing out before me. I was lying in bed with my son, watching the studly high school tight end getting my son ready for me to fuck him.

'Your fingers won't hurt him,' Brady said as he shoved his two fingers deep into Josh's ass and twisted his wrist around.

'Need some more lube for your cock?' he asked.

'No, I think I'm fine,' I said. Brady handed me a towel and I wiped my hand off. The moment was upon us. The time had come. My son lay there waiting for me to climb on top of him between his legs and plow him with my cock; to fuck him. It was all so incomprehensible. But it was too late to matter, my brain wasn't calling the shots. I raised up to mount him. I followed my hard, aching cock to position myself between the boy's legs. He spread his leg wider and humped his butt up for me. I set my lubed cock head between the taut buns and pushed into the deep crevice. I reached bottom, my cock head smashed against the spongy muscle surrounding Josh's asshole. It shouldn't be this hard, I thought. It was just like fucking a pussy. Just push in and start moving. But this was no pussy hidden in a bush of hair between a pair of soft legs. This was a tight hole that had to be penetrated by force. This was my son's body with the forbidden entrance protected by the powerful mounds of his butt that he could squeeze together and keep me out. Still, he'd had that portal penetrated before, so the difficulty was all my own. Josh wanted it, and he made me want it. I pushed harder with each probe till suddenly the head of my cock penetrated his tight hole.

'Uhhnnn,' he moaned softly.

I checked my entry, feeling terrible that I must be hurting him. But he kept pressing back against me, forcing his asshole to swallow my cock

'Ohhhhh!' I moaned. 'Ohhh, My Goddd!' I was in him, all the way and his hot, tender, teenage ass was squeezing my cock unmercifully. When he was used to it he squirmed under me; a signal for me to fuck him. As much as the lust surged through me, so too did the old long-buried feelings emerge. It was like I was discovering myself. For a moment the boy under me became that young sailor who had come in and out of my life so long ago. Perhaps I tried to will it so, protecting myself from the truth, but there could be no denying that truth; this was Josh, my son, beneath me humping his tight butt up to meet my probing thrusting cock.

Brady was still standing there watching us. I glanced up at him and he smiled, an approving smile and nodded. Then he reached out and put his hand around my butt. He squeezed and I flexed the muscle for him. The next thing I felt were his fingers, slick with lube, sliding between my buns. I started but I didn't try to stop him. He touched and gently probed at my asshole. I was suddenly scared. I became terrified when he got on the bed behind me. He intended to fuck me!!

My first reaction was 'Like Hell, No Way' but I couldn't stop him. I was fucking Josh, my own son, I couldn't suddenly turn into a wimp trying to stop Brady from doing the same thing to me. I was frightened at what Josh would think and I was terrified for myself, but I had to take it like a man. I had to BE the man Josh had always thought me to be. I just didn't want him to think I was gay. Why that bothered me, I didn't know. Why was it okay for him to be gay and not me? I didn't think any less of him, why would he think less of me? Anyway, I was too confused to sort it all out right then, and too scared.

I felt the heat of Brady's slick cock sliding easily into the crack of my butt. I felt his heat against my hole, pressing, stretching the pliable muscle around my asshole.

'Relax, it'll make it easier,' he whispered huskily.

I wished he hadn't spoken. I think I was pretending that Josh wouldn't know what Brady was doing. I tried to relax and accept the inevitable.

'Uhhhhnn,' I moaned, choked in my throat, and my gasp gave me away. Josh raised up and cocked his head around.

Brady shoved deeper.

'Awwwhh,' I groaned as he entered me.

'Aww, dad'is'.Brady fucking you!!' Josh exclaimed.

I didn't answer. I couldn't admit to it. I couldn't speak anyway for at that instant, Brady's thick cock was going deeper, deeper, so deep that he was taking my breath away. Where was it all going? I began to understand how Josh was able to take Brady's big cock'..partly because there was no choice, but mostly because it felt so wonderful. My God, how much more, I thought as he plowed into me. Finally, I felt his pubes and his balls against my butt and he bored deep and let his cock throb inside me. Josh new the whole truth when Brady buried he last of his cock in me, so hard that he pushed me harder into Josh's ass.

'Awwwhhhhh!' we both groaned in unison. Mine was partly from pain; Josh's from surprise.

'Is he fucking you, dad? Is he?' Josh asked again.

I hesitated and Brady answered for me. 'Yeah, man, I'm fucking him,' he said hoarsely. 'I'm fucking your dad, man. Your dad is the coolest guy in the world.'

The coolest? How about the most reprehensible? Or the most stupid? My head was spinning. I couldn't believe what I was doing, sandwiched between my son and this big jock, fucking my son, getting fucked by the jock. It was like an X-rated gay video. It was like'.Godd, the most wonderful feeling in the world.

'You doing okay, Mr. Johnson? You okay?' Brady asked.

'Yesss,' I hissed. 'Ohhh, Godd.'

'Does it feel good, Dad?'

'Yeah, it feels good,' I moaned.

'You feel good, too, Dad. Especially when Brady shoves into you and forces you to plow into me. Ohhh'. Awwww, yeah, like that. Ohh, fuck me'.fuck me, Dad!'

Suddenly Brady stopped and slowly pulled his cock out. My wide-open asshole gripped at the air and there was a nagging feeling of want inside me. Bewildered, I glanced over my shoulder at him. He was smiling, a sly grin.

'What?' he asked.

I could feel the head of his cock bobbing and sliding up and down the crack of my ass, the head rubbing deliciously against my gaping hole.

'What?' I asked, confused.

'Do you want it back?' he asked.

He was playing with me. He wanted me to ask him for it; to beg.

'Yeah,' I said softly.

'Tell me,' he said.

'Yeah,' I said again.

'Tell me what you want.'

God, why was he dong this? Was he trying to humiliate me in front of my son? I gulped down my pride and blinked the humiliation from my eyes, but I couldn't bring myself to beg. No, I wouldn't. But my asshole overrode my resolve and I found myself'.heard myself.....uttering the words. 'Give it back to me'.Fuck me,' I said.

'Fuck you, is that what you said? Is that what you want, Mr. Johnson? You want me to fuck you?'

'Yess. Yess, Dammit! Do it! Fuck me!' It was my voice. I tried to mistake it for someone else's but it was mine.

'Aww, Dad, that sounds so sexy, hearing you say that, begging Brady to fuck you,' Josh said.

'Ohhhhh,' I moaned as Brady shoved his cock back in me.

'Awww'.OHh, yeah, dad, do it, give me your big cock,' Josh moaned.

'Hey, maybe you would want to join us at our tutoring sessions, Mr. Johnson,' Brady said. 'Josh could teach you a lot.'



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