I woke up the next morning with Brady spooned behind me, his hard cock still inside me, his arm draped over me. As I opened my eyes, I realized the bed held only the two of us. Josh wasn't in the room, but I spied a folded note on the nightstand. I reached out to get it, carefully, so as not to wake Brady.

'You guys looked so adorable sleeping together, I couldn't bring myself to wake you up. I went to get breakfast. If I'm not in the dining room, you can find me in the hotel gym or the swimming pool.'

As I replaced the note on the nightstand, Brady stirred.

'Mmmmmm,' he purred, running his big hand over my chest. 'Morning, Mr. J.' He clutched me against himself, and I could feel his cock getting bigger inside my ass. I realized that he hadn't been hard, after all, at least not fully.

I handed him the note to read.

'Josh is as cool as his dad,' he said.

He began pulling his cock out and pushing back in. His cum, still inside me, acted as lubricant. Feeling his gigantic cock thrusting into my ass aroused me, and my own cock began to stiffen. One of his strokes banged my prostate, sending a bolt of ecstasy through my body.

'Awwwhhh, fuck!' I gasped.

'Sorry,' he said.

'No, it's okay... Damn, that was a jolt of electricity.' I was now rock hard. Last night I wondered how I'd taken it all; now I never wanted his cock to leave me. I'd feel empty without it.

'Fuck, Mr. J., your ass is so tight,' he said as he reached around and found my hardon. His hand stroked it, up and down. I felt something wet briefly touch the back of my neck: a kiss? 'Ohhhhh, fuuuck, that's good,' he said, his voice low, his breath warm in my ear. 'Do you like it too, Mr. J?' When I didn't respond immediately, he pulled his cock out all the way, and he stopped stroking my hard cock.

'Put it back in, Brady,' I pleaded. 'Put your cock back in my ass.'

'That's what I want to hear; I wanta make sure you want it.' Even though I couldn't see his face, I could tell he was grinning.

He slid all the way into me, and I gasped at the sudden pressure inside me. Was this how Josh felt when Brady fucked him? Wave after wave of pleasure washed through me.

'I would like to make this last, but I'm so hot and horny this morning. I'm getting close, Mr. J,' said the teenage stud behind me, his hand increasing speed on my cock.

'Let it go, then,' I told him. 'I doubt you'll have any trouble working up another hardon, or another load.'

'Do you want another one?' he asked, laughing. He picked up his pace till he was slamming his cock into me, jarring my whole body. 'Aww, fuck, Mr. J... fuck, I'm cummin'!!'

I didn't realize how close I was myself until I began to shoot, my come splattering on the bed and then running down Brady's hand. My ass clenched tightly around his cock.

'Fuuuuck,' he groaned again, ramming his cock all the way in and holding it there. Then I felt the hot jets of his sperm blasting deep into my guts. Brady shook the bed with his climax. When he had emptied his balls inside me he heaved a big sigh and pulled us tightly together. 'That was great, Mr. J. I don't want you take it the wrong way, but you're the best sex I ever had.'

Of course, my relationship with Josh was different now. How could it not be after having sex together. I wanted his ass as much as he wanted my cock, and I began sleeping in his bed instead of my own. He had a double bed, a hand-me-down from his grandparents, so there was plenty of room. We'd take off our clothes and climb in together, naked. The sensation of his muscular body next to me, rubbing against me as I did against him, our legs intertwining, turned me on beyond belief. Sometimes we'd feel each other up, sort of foreplay, sometimes he'd grab me and kiss me, hard, on the mouth, but always I'd end up fucking him up the ass.

It was that way our first night back from Chicago. As my cock slid into Josh's asshole all the way to my balls, he grabbed the bed sheets and groaned. At first I thought I was hurting him, but when I looked down I saw he was hard as a rock. It still probably hurt, but it was obviously a good hurt. As I pumped his ass, I bent down to say something to him, but when our eyes met I forgot what I was going to say. I was mesmerized, looking at Josh's face. His eyes were open, and he stared back at me silently, an expression of rapture on his face. It was like looking at a younger version of myself. On impulse I bent further to give him a quick kiss. As our lips met, a wave of lust came over me. I pushed my tongue between his teeth, finding its counterpart, and for what seemed like ages we explored each other's mouths. I was so turned on that I couldn't hold back; I shot my load deep inside him, and I felt his own sticky fluid spurting between our bodies, but we didn't stop kissing.

As we finally parted, a string of saliva connected my lips to his. 'That was amazing,' I said. 'I never dreamed I'd want to butt fuck my own son, Josh, but now I don't ever want to stop.'

'You feel incredible inside me, Dad. It feels so good like this. I would never have imagined it either, but now I wonder how I can be so lucky to have you for a dad. I wonder if there're any other teenage boys lucky enough to have their dads like this.'

'I wouldn't venture a guess, but I doubt here are many,' I said.

It was strange to feel sexually attracted to my own son. And it was even stranger to actually do it; each time I shot my load inside him, I remembered that I was using the cock that created him, and it was one of these sperm that had helped create him; it was almost like these were his siblings swimming around inside him, or could have been. But surprisingly, after I got over the initial shock, it didn't feel wrong. Josh was just as sexually attracted to me as I was to him, so I didn't have any compunctions about have sex with him. And the sex was incredible.

Even when we weren't fucking, we savored the physical contact of having our arms around each other's shoulders. I had begun to truly appreciate my son's body. Being on the wrestling team -- I think his weight class was 171 -- had honed his natural athlete's build, especially that magnificent butt which I'd come to enjoy plowing so much.

I realized I was noticing Josh's body more, especially his ass. Or maybe he was showing it off more. He'd wear these tight gym shorts around the house, the kind that ended right where his muscular thighs began. I was sure he wasn't wearing underwear; I found out I was right the first time I took them off him before he climbed into bed with me.

On days that Brady had been over, Josh was extra horny with me. He liked to say that the loads Brady had pumped into him made his ass chute even slicker and smoother for my cock, which was true. He called it 'natural lube.'

I was at work when the two of them had their first tutoring session after our night at the hotel. I asked him how it went. He said okay, but didn't elaborate. Two days later, when their next one was scheduled, I got home and found Josh sitting at the kitchen table doing homework.

'How'd it go?' I asked him.

He looked up at me. 'Actually, we haven't started yet. Brady asked me to move back the start time.' He cocked his head at me. 'Maybe you would like to join us this time.'

I felt my face flush, but just looking at my son sitting there started getting me aroused. I swallowed, and nodded. 'Wouldn't miss it. If its okay with Brady.'

Josh laughed. 'Can't think of one reason why it wouldn't be okay with Brady. It was his idea,' he said.

'Oh, really.'

'Yeah, he's really turned on by you, Dad. He thinks you're so hot. Part of it, I think, is because you're my dad, and that boggles his mind.'

Half an hour later Brady came through the back door. He looked particularly hot, with his hair carefully combed. Instead of his usual T-shirt, he had a dress shirt on, but the top three buttons were undone, revealing his tan, broad, muscular chest.

'Hey there, sexy,' Josh greeted him.

'Mister Johnson!' he exclaimed. He reached out to shake my hand.

'Is that all I get?' I joked. To my surprise, he shrugged and pulled me into a hug. He clapped me on the back twice, and I felt the strength of his powerful arms. He was wearing some kind of cologne; he'd put on a little too much, but somehow that only made his sex appeal stronger.

'Shall we get the work out of the way,' he told Josh, then added, 'if you can concentrate, bud,' lightly punching him on the shoulder. Then he turned to me. 'Give us an hour, Mister Johnson. We'll call you when we're ready for....you know.'

'You guys will have to move it up to your room so I can make dinner,' I said.

I found it hard to keep my mind on anything, but I managed to make dinner and put it in the oven to keep warm till the boys were ready to eat. I made enough so I could ask Brady to stay for dinner, if he wanted. Then I heard my son's footsteps running down the stairs. 'Wanna come up, Dad?' he asked excitedly from the bottom of the stairs. His hair was mussed up, and his shirt was a little askew. 'We're finished with Brady's homework if you wanta come up.'

'I've got dinner warming in the oven if you boys are ready to eat,' I said.

'Well, we're ready, but not for dinner,' he said.

I followed Josh up the stairs, reaching out to squeeze his firm butt.

'We should try it on the stairs sometime, Dad,' he said.

'Didn't even take off your tie, Mister Johnson?' Brady asked with a big smile when I followed Josh into his room. Brady had stripped down to just his briefs, his gorilla-sized bulge looking even bigger than I remembered.

I began taking off my clothes, and he watched me the entire time. By the time I was naked, I was fully hard, my cock pointing straight out, where the two boys' cocks stuck out at an upward and Brady's had a little curve to it.

'Fuck, Mr. J, you are really built,' Brady said.

'So are you, Brady,' I said.

'I just hope I'm built like that when I'm your age. My dad sure isn't.'

Josh, also naked by this time, came over to me, grabbed my cock with his right hand -- goddamn, that felt good -- and led me to the bed. We sat down on the edge of the bed and I leaned my face into his and kissed him.

'Ohh, fuck yeah, that's hot, watching dad and son kiss,' Brady said as he mauled the bulge in his shorts.

Josh and I played with each other's tongues a few times before he pulled out a bottle of lube from under the mattress and gave it to me.

'Get me ready,' he said as he climbed on the bed and perched on his hands and knees, his ass high in the air, flexing his tight hole for my benefit. My cock was throbbing for that hole, but I didn't want to hurt him, so I carefully spread the lube over my cock, then squirted more into my hands and coated his crack with it, then used a couple of fingers to push some inside as well. He scooted across a little bit and I knelt on the bed behind him and positioned my cock against his asshole. I savored the anticipation.

'Yeah, go for it, Mister Johnson,' Brady encouraged me, and just knowing that he was in the room, watching me fuck my son, somehow made it that much hotter. I pushed, and Josh's hole easily opened for me. He cried out in pleasure as I slid my cock several inches inside, stopping when it was halfway in so he could get used to it.

'More,' he croaked then, and slid the rest of the way in, my hands on his narrow waist, my pubes resting against the smooth skin of his muscular ass.

Brady, a glazed look in his eyes, came around the bed, shoving his briefs down. They dropped to the floor and he left them there. This was the closest look I'd ever gotten at his monster dick. I couldn't believe a cock could actually be that big, especially on a teenager, let alone that big and rock-hard. That he was able to stand without passing out from lack of blood to the brain was a mystery.

'Ready for this, Mister Johnson?' he asked, stroking his cock proudly. He didn't leave me any choice; I was going to have that humongous shaft up my ass and I was helpless to stop him. Not physically helpless, but helpless because I wanted it so bad. I couldn't wait.

He took even more time getting me ready than I had Josh, his fingers playing with my ass, loosening me up, stretching me. Each time he touched me got my engine going even harder, till I was pounding Josh mercilessly, and fucking back onto Brady's fingers. Suddenly I felt Josh shoot under me, his ass tightening around my cock, but I kept going, drilling him and plowing him like a madman, impatient for Brady to do the same to me. As much as his fingers had stretched me and greased me, when he entered me it still felt like he was shoving a fencepost up my butt. And yet, that was exactly what I wanted, and my loud groans of pleasure made that clear to everyone in the room.

'Ohh, Godd! Aw, Godd, Brady, you're so fuckin' big!' I groaned as he impaled me on his huge manhood.

'Want me to go try to find you something smaller?' he asked.

'No! Fuck, no!' I gasped.

'Didn't think so,' he said, laughing, as he began fucking me.

'Ohh...Ohhhh...Awwwhh, fuck...that is so good...Awwhhh, you go in so fuckin' deep...aww, fuck me, Brady...fuck me.....' I felt like such a whore, begging the teenage athlete to fuck my ass, especially in front of Josh. Brady could do that to me. It was the wildest fuck of my life. Think I went into brief unconsciousness a few times. I know I couldn't believe it was happening. I was learning the meaning of drilling a new asshole. My Godd, the boy could fuck! My prostate couldn't escape his plunging cock. Not that I wanted it to, but he was almost brutalizing it, incessantly; it would've been good to have a few seconds reprieve between times. It was impossible for me to hold off. I was at Brady's mercy, and he was showing me none, although I think he would have if I'd asked.

'I'm such a stud,' he announced proudly as he drilled my ass. 'Fuckin' both a father and his son.'

Brady came first, shooting his load inside me as if he was marking his territory. Feeling that hot liquid spurting in me set me off, and soon I was doing the same to Josh. It was a chain reaction and finally, Josh came again, collapsing on the bed on top of both of his loads.

Being sandwiched between my son and his football player buddy was a level of erotic bliss I'd never experienced before. But my ass felt so empty after Brady had left it, and I tried not to think about what that meant; that I was letting a high school student buttfuck me -- no, more than that, I wanted him to buttfuck me.

I was a bit uneasy that the big stud could turn me into his pussy by his mere presence. I needed to put these thoughts out of my mind. I rose out of the bed.

'I'm gonna take a shower,' I said.

Brady got up. 'I'll join you.'

'Dude, you totally have the hots for my dad!' Josh said excitedly.

I thought Brady would laugh or brush it off, but instead he looked straight at me. 'Yeah, I guess I do. Yeah, I sure do,' he said in a husky tone.

It gave me a bit of a chill.

The following Friday Brady stopped by the house.

'Today isn't one of your regular 'tutoring' sessions, is it, Brady?' I asked as I let him in. 'Josh isn't in right now.'

'I know. Actually, Mr. J, I... I'm not here to see Josh. I'm here to see you.' With that, he came up to me and put his hands on my face and before I could react, he bent his head down and pressed his mouth against mine. In that moment he seemed like a giant to me. As his tongue slipped between my lips, I groaned softly, and without thinking I put my arms around him.

'I want you so bad, Mr. J,' he whispered. 'I couldn't stop thinking about you.' He kissed me again, with more deep-tongue passion, and said, 'Take off your clothes, Mr. J. I want to see you naked. I love seeing your body.'

I was in a haze of desire for him, my son's teenage fuckbuddy. I didn't want to think about how strange the situation was; I just knew I wanted to feel that monster cock of his inside me again, and he was asking for my naked body. I would give it to him, as eye candy, and any other way he wanted it. His eyes darted about, following my hands as I took off my clothes.

He licked his lips as I stood before him, naked, my cock jutting out towards him, the object of my newfound lust. He took off his varsity jacket and pulled his T-shirt over his head, revealing his incredible body. He was powerfully built, even more so than me, and taller. I worked out every day, and I was pretty proud of my body; I even still had my sixpack. In fact, one of the photographers at the gym had talked me into doing some underwear modeling last year. I certainly got my share of compliments from guys at the gym, which I was beginning to see in a new light. But Brady had three inches of height on me, and must have weighed a good 210 or 220, at least twenty pounds more than me, and if he had more than 6% body fat, I'd have been astonished. His bronzed skin only accentuated his physique. I couldn't help feeling a little intimidated by the power of his sheer physicality.

His body was all the more impressive given that he was still in high school. He slipped his arms underneath mine and put them around my torso, so my own arms had nowhere to go but around his shoulders. He slowly ran his hands down my back while his lips nuzzled my throat, and I gasped in pleasure as his big hands clasped my butt muscles like he would two footballs. I felt the huge muscles in his arms knotting and relaxing as he moved, and his enormous pecs pressing against mine. And of course, I felt the beast between his legs expanding and pushing against my crotch. Such blatant, undeniable evidence of his desire for me was more than flattering -- it was a serious turn-on. Brady was a truly impressive specimen of manhood, and right now he wanted nothing more than to be with me, despite the fact I was old enough to be his father.

He kissed me fervently, and I lashed my tongue around his mouth. Then he moved back and looked at me; I had to tilt my head upward to meet his gaze. 'I want to feel your ass muscles wrapped around my cock,' he said hoarsely.

'Let's move this to the bedroom,' I replied. He nodded. I let him let the way upstairs, drooling over his muscular butt encased in his jeans. He wanted me to go up first, but I was naked and I told him the way he was boned, we would never get up the stairs.

I practically ripped his clothes off, I was so impatient to get him in bed. I didn't think about what I was doing or what the consequences, if any, would be; I just did it. I leaned back on the bed, and he climbed over me, his hands on either side of me, his cock, already hard, lying over my abdomen like a rolling pin. He leaned down to kiss me, and I felt his cock throbbing against my abs. I put one hand on the back of his neck as we kissed. He moved so he could rub his cock against mine, then pulled it slowly back. Smiling, he leaned over and got the lube out of the nightstand; he knew where I kept it now. While he watched, I smeared some the lube around my butthole, then handed then squeezed someone his fingers to him so he could grease up his mammoth cock. Then I pulled my legs back and held them while he slowly pushed inside me.

'Ohh, Goddd!' I moaned. 'Its gonna make me feel like a virgin every time you do this.'

'I'm gonna love taking your virginity every time, Mr. J.'

This was the first time he'd fucked me from the front, so I got to watch his rippling, bulging muscles, and the expression on his face as he slid into me. He showed exquisite pleasure, his mouth narrowing into an 'O' and his breath becoming shallower. I can't say I was used to the pressure inside my rectum, but it had become a welcome sensation.

He fucked me hard, thrusting with the kind of force that only a man with his kind of muscles can generate. It didn't hurt; it felt magnificent, like he was a rampant bull. He certainly had a bull-sized cock. He fucked the come out of me, and as I shot all over my abs and chest, he spurted his own load within me. But he didn't stop. He was still hard, and he kept going, a horny teenager breeding my ass. The second time was even longer, and my ass was going numb from the incessant pounding till he finally came again, depositing a second load up my butt, before collapsing on top of me, panting.

We lay there in post-coital bliss, our skin damp with sweat, the air ripe with the smell of sex and cum and musk, his cock slightly softer and slightly smaller than before, but still lodged firmly inside me. I never wanted this feeling to end. I never wanted this boy/man out of my sight... out of my reach.

Brady started to laugh. I could feel the vibrations everywhere, his muscles shaking against me, even through his cock up my butt.

'What's so funny?'

'Nothing....' he managed to get himself under control. 'I'm just so... I wasn't sure if you wanted me as much as I wanted you.' He kissed me quickly on the lips. 'I'm just happy.'

I smiled at him, and he smiled back.

'I guess I'd better get going,' he sighed. 'My parents are expecting me home for dinner.'

'You'd better shower first. I'd join you, but then you'd never get out of here on time.' He grinned to acknowledge that I was right.

He didn't stay in the shower long, and he didn't bother putting a towel around his waist; he just stepped out of the bathroom stark naked. His casual nakedness was beginning to turn me on again; I restrained myself by reminding myself that Josh would be home soon, and the two of us would have all night together. It felt weird, postponing my lust for one guy by focusing on my lust for another, but I shook that off so I could enjoy the sight of this football stud walking around my bedroom naked, picking up his clothes and then putting them on.

I watched Brady's muscles ripple as he got dressed. He didn't have a tan line, just that same, even bronze color all over. He tucked his cock, the cock that had just been inside me, into his underwear.

When he was fully clothed, he turned to me. He got a look of such hunger on his face, his eyes were full of lust, something I'd never expected to see from one of my son's classmates. He walked over and put his hands on my shoulders, caressing the smooth skin, feeling my own muscles. 'God, you are so hot, Mr. Johnson.' He sat down on the bed next to me. I put my arm around his shoulder, and this time it was me pulling him in for a kiss, my tongue slipping between his lips. We made out for a while longer, his hands roaming across my arms and torso. I lost track of time. Finally we came up for air.

'You have the most amazing body,' he said, running his fingers down the ridges of my abs, then circling the elastic band of my boxer-briefs. 'I think your waist is almost as small as mine.'

'Thirty one inches,' I replied.

He grinned at me. 'Mine is thirty.' He gave me a funny little scowling grin 'I . . . uh, there's been something I've been meaning to ask you, Mr. Johnson.'

I ran my hands down his arms, feeling the powerful biceps, then pulled myself out of my reverie to focus my attention. 'Go ahead, Brady,'

'Would... uh, would you mind if Josh slept over at my place tomorrow night?' I sensed that that wasn't his original question.

'You horndog.' I punched him on the shoulder. 'Sure, I have no problem with that. Did you ask your folks?'

'They don't mind; they're going out to the theater that night anyway.' He stopped once more at the doorway to look at me, then he waved and left.

Chapter Four

From that point on, I found Brady at my house a lot more often. Sometimes I'd come home from work and find them in the kitchen, where Josh would be helping Brady with his studies, and I guessed that wasn't all they'd been working on that afternoon. Other times I'd come inside and find Josh and Brady wrapped around each other's naked bodies on the couch or in Josh's bed, asleep or awake. Sometimes I even found them still in the process of fucking, Josh usually on his stomach while Brady drilled his ass. There was no embarrassment... they didn't stop on my account, and inevitably the three of us ended up in one of the bedrooms, engaged in hot, sweaty, and deeply satisfying sex.

It was about two weeks after my one-on-one encounter with Brady. I'd just finished fucking my son up the ass, through a thick load of cum that Brady had delivered earlier. Brady had jacked off over us, coming all over my back. He needed two hands to do it properly with a cock his size. I hadn't been able to take my eyes off him; even when he was having solo sex, he radiated sex appeal, and I could feel a sexual rapport between us.

'Dudes, that was awesome, as always,' Josh said, 'but I gotta go wash up.'

I pulled out. Even after being thoroughly drilled, twice, his ass closed up tight. Nothing was going to leak out of that ass unless Josh wanted it to.

'Why's that?' Brady asked. He sat down in a chair, still naked, his giant cock flopping around. I tried not to stare too obviously.

'I'm, uh... I'm kinda seeing someone tonight.' He looked at me. 'Don't worry, Dad, I'll be home by midnight.'

'You'd better, young man.' I tried to sound stern, but as he walked to the shower I wasn't sure it'd had the proper effect, what with me lying naked on his bed having just filled his ass with my sperm. 'Precocious, that one,' I muttered. 'I wonder if his date knows what he's getting into.'

I expected Brady to make a crack about 'knowing about who he's getting into', but he only had a funny look on his face. I didn't recognize it as reticence until he took a deep breath before he spoke. 'Uh, Mister Johnson, I never thought I'd say this to a guy, but... would you go out on a date with me?'

My jaw dropped and I dropped the briefs I was about to put on. 'A what? Brady, you're young enough to be my son.' Not that that had stopped me from sleeping with him, though.

'So?' He didn't sound defensive; he'd regained his cocksure attitude. 'I date who I want to. I want you, and I know you want me. Why shouldn't we go out?'

'Josh told me you were straight,' I said as I pulled my briefs on, assuming the session was over. Then I pulled on a T-shirt.

'I used to think I was. That's what I told Josh when he started tutoring me. But you're the sexiest person I've ever met, Mr. Johnson. I... I've dreamed about you at night. I don't even hardly think about girls any more. In fact, ever since I fucked your ass that night in the hotel, I keep noticing other guys' bodies, not girls.' He grinned at me. 'Very few as good as yours, Mr. Johnson.'

'You keep calling me Mister....'

'That's one of the things that's so hot about you. You're what, in your late thirties? And you have this amazing body.'

I worked hard at keeping in shape, and I was proud, and flattered, that he'd noticed. He rubbed his hands along my chest, squeezing a nipple through the cloth. I let out an involuntary gasp of pleasure. He brought his mouth to mine and kissed me softly. His hands trailed down my abdomen and around to my ass.

'You have the hottest butt I've ever seen. It's even sexier than your son's. So firm and muscular and smooth.' He slipped a hand under my waistband and as he kissed me again, his fingers caressed the crack of my ass. 'So how about it?'

'But your parents....'

He smiled. 'Don't worry, Mr. Johnson. I don't have a curfew on weekends.'

'No curfew?' I realized what Brady was saying, and I couldn't help it, I was starting to get hard, thinking of the implications. He was saying we could be together all evening and all night.

'Ever since Josh started tutoring me, I've been getting a solid B average. My folks rewarded me by lifting my weekend curfew.' He put one hand around my shoulders and kissed me again. 'So I have your son to thank for that. And so do you.' He kissed closer to me. 'You should show him your thanks with some of that father-son loving. I know how much you both enjoy that.' He paused. 'You know I like watching; maybe we could both show him our thanks some time, both at the same time. I think he'd . . . appreciate that.' He pressed his crotch against me as he said that, and I could feel the monster inside his jeans.

'Jeez, Brady, you are one horny bastard.'

'I'm horny for you, Mr. Johnson. For your ass.' He squeezed it for emphasis, his palm warm against my skin. Suddenly he noticed the clock. 'Shit, I gotta go. I still have a curfew on school nights.' With a sudden grin, he added, 'I don't want to get grounded before our date.' He kissed me goodbye. 'I'll pick you up Friday at seven.'

I was too dumbfounded to speak.

It was only after he'd gone that I fully realized what had happened. I had just been asked out by my son's teenage fuckbuddy... and I had tacitly accepted.

I went downstairs to fix myself a drink and watch TV. I got the drink but I couldn't concentrate on anything on TV. I couldn't get Brady off my mind. Suddenly I realized how late it was. Where was Josh? I hadn't given him a firm curfew; I'd never needed to. Maybe I should. He was a horny gay teenager; I hoped he hadn't gone after the wrong guy. And how was I going to tell him about Brady's request? I tried to burn off my nervous energy with some quick pushups and situps. I kept looking at the time, my mind racing back and forth between my concern about Josh being out so late and my unexpected elation over Brady's visit. Before I got the chance to get really worried, though, Josh walked through the door.

His eyes lit up when he saw me in my briefs. The exercise had put a fine layer of sweat over my skin and pumped up my muscles. My son unconsciously licked his lips.

'Josh, it's after 11 o'clock, and you have school tomorrow.'

'Sorry, dad,' he replied sheepishly. 'I got so caught up in things that I lost track of time.'

'Things'? Where were you, anyway? You didn't tell me you'd be out this late tonight.'

'I, uh, had a date.'

'From the look on your face, I obviously don't need to bother asking if you slept with him.'

'I know, dad. But this guy was such a total stud. I had to go for it.'

'Look, at least promise me that next time, you'll call me and let me know where you are, that you're okay.'

'I promise. Hey, so you don't mind that there will be a next time?'

'I didn't say I don't mind; I'm just facing reality.' I sighed mentally; no point in avoiding the subject. 'There's something I have to talk to you about, Josh. Brady came by and, uh... asked me out. On a date.'

'He asked you on a date? Already? That's so cool!'

'Already? You knew about this?'

'No, but I figured he was going to do something like that. He talks about you a lot.'

'And how do you feel about it? Am I infringing on your territory?'

Josh laughed. 'Dad, Brady's my fuckbuddy, not my boyfriend. I think it's really awesome that the two of you have hit it off and want to go out. Besides, I think we've established that I'm not interested in dating anyone right now. Not seriously, anyway.'

'But you've gone out on casual dates, like tonight. Have you seen this guy before?' I asked.

'I'm sure not going out with girls,' he snorted to emphasize how preposterous the idea was. 'And yeah, this was our second date.'

'Have you been... sleeping with him?'

'I told you the guy was a stud; I had to go for it. Come on, Dad, I'm a horny gay teenager, of course I'm sleeping with the guys I date.' I raised my eyes at his use of the plural, and he blushed. 'I didn't mean it to come out like that. Like I'm a slut. Although... although I guess I kinda am.' He shrugged. 'I don't regret it. I like doing it, ya know? Getting... getting fucked.' He lowered his head a little. 'Even if most of 'em aren't as good as you or Brady.'

''Most of 'em'? How many are we talking about here?'

'Uh, Dad, maybe it'd be better if I didn't answer that. I don't know how you feel about me sleeping around. We've never really talked about it, I mean, till now.'

'Josh, you know damn well I'm in no position to judge you. Just... make sure you keep your self-respect, you know? Don't sleep with a guy to make him happy or make him like you. Do it because it's what you really want.'

'Got it.' He tried to roll his eyes, but I could tell from the expression on his face that he appreciated the advice, and my non-judgmental attitude. 'Lecture over?' he asked, smiling.

'Lecture over,' I agreed, with a smile back.

Josh pulled off his shirt, revealing his smooth, muscular torso. He had a tight, mischievous grin. 'In that case, why don't you take advantage of all the natural lube I've got right now?'

I was on pins and needles, waiting for Brady to arrive. Josh had picked out the clothes I should wear and saw to the finishing details, straightening my tie, adjusting my collar, before he left for the evening. In a rare moment of discretion, he had informed me he was sleeping over at his classmate Darin's; so I would know where he was without him having to call. I'd spoken to Darin's parents about the arrangements, so there was at least a possibility that all they were doing was sleeping, but knowing Josh that seemed unlikely. Still, I was grateful for the time alone with Brady; I'd been too nervous to sit down and talk to Josh, and by this point it could wait until the next morning.

Brady picked me up ten minutes early. His hair was still damp and neatly combed, and he'd gone a little easier on the cologne which I now recognized as his. He wore a tie and jacket. It was the first time I'd ever seen him so dressed up, and the outfit made him look remarkably mature, not to mention handsome. Neither of us particularly wanted to be recognized and have to answer awkward questions so we picked a restaurant and movie theater that were a couple towns away from where we lived. We had settled that he would choose the restaurant, and I'd choose the movie. I'd figured on a bar and grill or perhaps some ethnic place; certainly something affordable for a teenager. He surprised me with a dimly lit upscale Italian place that, when we got inside, proved to be almost all couples, a significant percentage of which were same-sex. Obviously Brady had done some research. I thought it looked awfully expensive

As I said, he looked remarkably mature. He ordered a beer with dinner, and the waiter didn't blink an eye. As we were looking at the menus, Brady told me to order anything I wanted. I stalled. The prices were pretty high-end, and I wanted him to order first and set the tone. He ordered a 16-oz steak, baked potato, salad and told the waiter to bring him another beer with his dinner. I followed suit, except I ordered a baked sweet potato.

'I've never tried one of those,' he said.

'You should, you would probably like it,' I said.

'Aww, I've got enough sweet in my life right now,' he said with a warm smile.

Dinner was as nice as any I could remember. Brady and I talked, about him as I could steer the conversation in that direction... about his life, his future... but he kept wanting to talk about me.

'You ever in the military; I've seen your tattoo, and Josh showed me your dog tags,' he said. 'You must have gone in awfully young, to have a son Josh's age.'

'I turned eighteen in the Marines,' I said. 'I was in for six years. Came home on leave and got a girl pregnant. We got married, but it was for the sake of the baby. She screwed around on me the whole time I was gone, and I did the same. Her parents pretty much took Josh to raise. She asked me for a divorce, to which I readily agreed.' I smiled. 'She wasn't thinking, though, except about the next cock she could find to ride. She got really pissed when I changed my allotment to her parents. So within a few short years of my young life, I joined the marines, got married, had a son and got divorce. Pretty much fucked up.'

'I wouldn't call having Josh fucked up,' Brady said.

'No. Josh is the best thing that ever happened to me,' I said.

He glanced down for a moment then looked back at me. 'I would like to think that I am, or can become, the next best thing,' he said.

I was so touched I felt the wind go out of me. It wasn't a gasp or a sigh or anything, the air just wasn't there and I had to draw it back in. When I didn't respond right away, Brady dropped his head again.

'Wrong thing to say,' he said, under his breath.

'No,' I said quickly, reaching a hand across the table, but I quickly drew it back. 'It wasn't the wrong thing to say. I'm flattered.'

'Flattered? I'm the one who should be flattered, that you agreed to go out with me,' he said.

'Brady, I'm more than twice your age....'

'I know, old enough to be my father,' he cut in, with a hint of sarcasm. 'You could more easily pass for my brother.'

'You flatter me more,' I said.

'No, you just to take a closer look in the mirror, Mr. J.,' he said

'I was going to say, Brady, I don't think we should... perhaps its too soon to go there.'

'Not for me,' he said flatly. 'You think being eighteen, I'm not old enough to don't know my own mind? But okay, if it's too soon for you... at least I got it out on the table.'

I could tell from a couple of glances we got during dinner that people saw us as a couple, but I didn't see any disapproval over the age difference. Brady must have been thinking along the same lines, because on the way out he grabbed the waiter, who looked to be in his late twenties, and asked, 'Hey, how far apart in age do you think we are?'

The waiter practically jumped out of his skin, eyes wide for a second; I think he'd been staring at Brady all night, and hadn't expected this young stud to address him. He quickly recovered, though. He paused, looked back and forth at us, then hazarded a guess, 'Ten years? Twelve?'

Brady grinned like the cat who ate the canary. It took me a moment, but I knew that no way, as big Brady was, did he look more than five or six years older than his actual age. I didn't say anything, but as I realized the implication, I smiled inwardly; I couldn't help it.

'You didn't have to pay for dinner, you know,' I said as we were leaving the restaurant. 'This was an expensive place.'

'Hey, I asked you out, I get to pay,' he said.

'Well, I'll pay for the movie,' I said.

'Hey, what part of €I asked you out, I get to pay' don't you understand,' he said, laughing. 'That's my privilege. Besides,' he added teasingly, 'my dad gives me a pretty generous allowance.'

I liked the way he drove it home that I was out on a date with a teenager, yet with no means of self support.

I got to choose the movie even though I wasn't paying for it. I'd considered an action flick, a horror movie, a rom-com, but finally figured dammit, we were two men on a date.

'Listen, there's another theater in this town,' I said.

'Okay, lead the way,' he said.

I directed him to a small out-of-the-way theater that was showing a little gay indie movie that had gotten decent reviews. I was a little nervous about taking him there, but he enjoyed the movie more than I thought he would. And when I put my arm around his shoulder -- his bowling ball-sized shoulder -- he leaned into me.

The movie was okay, and I loved the intimacy of the movie theater where I could put am across his shoulder and press my leg against his and experience the wonderful feeling of his hand on my thigh, but I was looking forward to the rest of our date, whatever that might bring.

Driving home, he said, 'I had a good time, Mr. J.; Thanks for going out with me,' as he reached over and squeezed my thigh.

'I had a wonderful time, Brady; thank you for asking me,' I said.

'I was awful nervous about that,' he said.

'Well, I'll admit, I was a bundle of nerves, waiting for you to pick me up.' I said.

He laughed, one of those soft belly laughs that made me picture his abs rippling beautifully.

'But we're okay now, right?' he asked. 'I mean, you didn't get indigestion or anything.'

'No, I was perfectly fine by dinner,' I said.

He looked over at me. 'I wanted it to be perfect, Mr. J.'

'You succeeded,' I assured him.

When we drove up to my house, I didn't need to ask if he was spending the night at my place. Certainly there was no way I could spend the night at his, and certainly we were going to be together. The only communication was a look that we shared, then we both got out of the car.

Once inside, Brady pulled me into his powerful arms, drawing me tight against him into a passionate kiss. I could feel the bulge of his manhood and he could certainly feel mine. I'm a pretty good sized man, but he made me feel, not smaller, but he made me very aware of his size. He parted from the kiss and shoved my jacket off my shoulders and loosened my tie. I shrugged the jacket off and let it fall to the floor.

'Let's get you out of these clothes,' he said huskily as he began taking off my clothes.

At the same time, I was busy with his. Our hand and arms brushed against each other, and I felt the warm skin of Brady's neck against my fingers as I took off his tie. Shirts, jackets, and pants all followed. Brady surprised me by wearing a jockstrap instead of underwear. It barely contained his monster; the head was pushing the elastic band away from his narrow waist, and one of his balls had fallen out of the side.

I surprised him by not wearing any underwear at all.

'Wow, Mr. J., looks like you were ready for some action,' he said, all smiles.

'I'm learning to always be ready for you, Brady.' I started to pick up the clothes strewn about on the floor but Brady stopped me, taking my arm and pulling me up straight again.

'Leave €em, they're not going anywhere,' he said, and led me toward the stairs.

In bed, he was as demanding and as sure of himself as always, but physically he was even more forceful than before. Not rough; just... hungry. His hands on my body were strong, gripping me so hard it almost hurt. I lay on my knees and elbows with my butt in the air while he pushed his mammoth cock inside me.

'Tell me how it feels, Mister Johnson.'

'It feels... fuck, Brady, it feels good. It feels incredible. Godd, you fill me up.'

'That's right, Mister Johnson, I'm filling you up. First my cock... then my... cum!' He grabbed my dick while he shot inside me, and I came all over his hand. After he made me lick it off, he pulled out and lay beside me, his arms around me from behind.

'I know that was too quick, but that was just the appetizer. You'll get the full course later,' he said.

But we drifted off to sleep because the next I knew it was early morning, still dark out. I looked at Brady sleeping next to me, his massive chest rising and falling with each slow, even breath. I reached out and lightly touched him. I ran my hand over his smooth pecs, feeling the powerful muscles underneath his warm skin.

'Don't stop,' he murmured, his eyelids still closed. 'That feels good.'

'When did you wake up?' I asked.

'Just now.' He stretched languidly, his entire body uncoiling and rippling beautifully. He reached up and pulled me to him, planting a deep kiss on my mouth. One hand ran down my side to squeeze my right asscheek.

'I can't get enough of your musclebutt, Mister Johnson.'

'I'm glad you like it so much,' I said.

'I didn't forget,' he said, still massaging my butt.

'Forget what?' I knew what he was talking about.

'The main course. I woke up several times, ready to give it to you but you were sleeping so soundly, I didn't want to wake you up. You still hungry?'

'Famished,' I said.

He hadn't cleaned off his cock from the night before; it was still greasy with lube and cum that hadn't dried because of the lube. He turned me over onto my stomach, put his hands on my ass, and pushed his freshly hard cock into me.

He plowed me relentlessly, and when he shot his second load into me, I went off again, making a sticky mess on the bed.

Brady pulled out, and he muttered, 'So fuckin' hot, that ass,' so low I almost couldn't hear him. He grabbed it with both hands and squeezed it, kneaded it, spread it apart, causing some of his come to dribble out of my hole. I felt something wet moving against my ass cheeks. It was too small to be his cock. Then I felt his hot breath and suddenly realized it was Brady's tongue!

He licked and kissed across both sides of my ass, and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, that he wouldn't dare go further, he did. He licked around my hole, smacking his lips together, no doubt tasting his own cum, and then pushed his tongue inside. Brady was rimming me! I couldn't believe this studly football player was eating out my ass, lapping up the cum he'd just shot into me. It must have really turned him on, the way he was moaning, and gotten him hard, because he pulled back, still licking his lips, and replaced his tongue with his hard cock, breeding my ass for a third time that night.

We showered together... just showered, nothing else, then slipped on underwear and went downstairs. It was gray outside, the gray that comes just before dawn. Out of habit, I clicked on the TV. Realizing it was habit, I clicked it off.

'Hey, you got any porn, Mr. J.?' Brady asked.

I laughed at his bold question, although it shouldn't have been bold, considering all we'd done together.

'Uhhh... yeah,' I replied hesitantly.

'Where do you stash it?' he asked.

'Did Josh tell you to ask me that?'

'No,' he said seriously.

It was the first I'd even thought of Josh. I must've gotten a worried look on my face.

'What's the matter, Mr. J.?' Brady asked.

'Josh isn't home,' I said.

'I wouldn't get too worried, he probably spent the night,' Brady said.

'Yeah,' I said, nodding. 'Yeah, you're probably right. You're right.'

'We, uhh... were talking about porn,' he reminded me.

'I keep them in my tool box, in my truck,' I said.

'Oh. Forget it then. We'll make our own porn,' he said, pulling me down beside him on the couch.

'This feels so strange,' I said to Brady. 'I'm dating my son's fuckbuddy and fucking my own son.' I couldn't criticize Josh for sleeping with my €boyfriend'... after all, I was sleeping with Josh too, and he was my own friggin' son. Fortunately Brady didn't seem to care who Josh slept with, as long as Josh continued to put out for him.

'You know what, Mr. J?' he said. 'I think that's really hot.' He put his hand on my crotch and squeezed it, massaging my cock through my boxers.

The two of us sat on the couch in only our underwear, making out and exploring each other's bodies. I couldn't get enough of Brady's smooth skin and spectacular physique; it was as if my hands wanted to be everywhere at once. We were so engaged in tangling our tongues together that we didn't even notice that Josh had come home, until he spoke.

'Sorry for interrupting you guys-----'

'Josh! I didn't realize you were back,' I said, sitting up from where Brady had me pushed back against the arm of the couch.

'Obviously,' he grinned. He made no attempt to hide the prominent bulge in his pants. 'Watching you two is such a turn-on. Seeing my dad and my buddy French-kissing like that gets me so hot.'

'You didn't get enough? Why don't you join us, then?' The words were out of my mouth before I realized how bizarre the situation was, actually asking my son to have a three-way with me and my boyfriend. And how weird that was, thinking of Brady as my boyfriend. A couple of months ago, he'd been just some guy on the high school football team.

'I thought you'd never ask; I didn't want to intrude,' Josh replied, pulling off his shirt.

'Intrude, fucker, intrude,' Brady said, reaching out to grab Josh's belt.

'Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be the one intruded upon,' Josh said as he was taking off his clothes.

In seconds the three of us were naked and, of course, rock-hard. Brady pulled Josh down on the couch and turned him over and unceremoniously lifted his legs up and out and aimed his cock. My Godd, I thought, how many times can this guy go in a twenty-four hour period?

'Aaahhh, he's all wet inside, Mr. Johnson,' Brady said as he pushed his massive cock into Josh's tiny hole.

'Ohhhhh! Fuck!' Josh blurted out.

'That other guy wasn't as big as me, huh?' Brady said as he started fucking him.

'Ohh!,,,Ohhhh!...Awwwhh!...fuck, Brady, nobody's as big as you,' Josh moaned.

'God, that makes for an even better fuck, all that juice still inside you,' Brady said. I watched, mesmerized, and listened to the only sounds of the morning, the slapping of Brady's pubes against my son's ass. Then he looked at me. 'I want to see you fuck him next, as soon as I add some lube,' he said.

I didn't know who Josh had been with, but I wondered how he could take it the way Brady was giving it to him after being with another man all night. I smiled to myself, remembering how many times Brady had fucked me; and then I wondered how Brady could keep going the way he did. Suddenly, Brady's body began to tremble, his muscles tense to bulging.

'Fuck!' he croaked. 'Fuck, Josh, I'm cummin'!'

It was an explosive cum. Brady acted like he was having convulsions. When he was finally finished, he sucked in a huge breath of air, expanding his massive chest beautifully, then pulled his cock out.

'He's all yours, Mr. Johnson, I got him all warmed up for you.'

Josh leaned back against the couch and spread his legs. He was already well lubed, and my cock entered him smoothly and easily. He groaned; I wasn't Brady's size, but I was pretty big. It turned me on to fuck my son's ass with my boyfriend watching. I bent my head down to Josh's, and we kissed, our tongues wrestling. He put one hand around my back to pull us closer together.

Brady came around, his enormous cock still hard again from watching us. When I was done kissing Josh, I looked up, and saw Brady standing in front of my face. I looked at his cock, just inches away from my eyes, then up at him. My eyes met his, that cocky expression on his face telling me what he expected me to do. I leaned forward and planted my mouth on the head of his cock. It was huge, but he slid it inside, my tongue caressing the length of his shaft. He was still slick from my son's ass.

I couldn't believe I was doing this. I was sucking a cock! Sucking Brady's cock while my son got a close-up view, his head right below it. Brady hadn't bothered to clean off his dick, and I could taste Josh's ass from the fuck Brady had just given him, and Brady's cum, and I guess some other guy's cum as well, though I didn't know whose, of course. It made me heady... what would that other think if he knew he was sending his semen home inside my son's ass to be used by the boy's father.

Brady slowly fucked my face. 'Yeah, Mr. Johnson, lick my big cock. You love sucking my cock, don't you? Right after I fucked your son's ass. You can't get enough of it. I'm your stud, and you love my stud cock.' The scene was so hot that I was slamming my own cock into Josh's ass even more vigorously.

I slurped and licked on Brady's cock. He was right, I did love his stud cock. It was my favorite cock after my own, and Josh's, the cock that had been inside me a countless number of times. I relished the sweet taste of Brady's precum, the feel of the huge shaft filling my mouth, and Brady's grunts and groans of pleasure as my mouth bobbed up and down on it. My jaws began to ache, but I didn't want to stop, and suddenly Brady grabbed the back of my head and started pumping his cum down my throat. I couldn't believe how he came yet again! He must've had a reserve tank of the stuff. It was my first time tasting another man's jism fresh, and maybe if it had been anyone else's I'd have found the taste disgusting. Or maybe not. But it was Brady's, and I gulped it down eagerly, still swallowing the last slimy globs of cum as his cock finally softened and pulled out of my mouth.

'That is so fuckin' hot!' exclaimed Josh. He was beating his meat with one hand, the other still around my back. Seeing me suck his buddy and swallowing his cum, I could tell really turned him on and in moments he was shooting off, coating my chest and his own with his hot cum. I came myself, pumping my load up his ass.

We took several minutes, not to recuperate, but to bounce back. Brady was slouched in the chair, watching us and smiling.

'You guys okay?' he asked.

'I need a shower,' Josh said.

'Yeah, you do,' I agreed, laughing.

Brady and I didn't shower. We went up to my bedroom. When Josh was done with his shower, he came up to us while Brady and I were lying in bed. He was proudly walking around with a hard-on, his tight, muscular body on display. I began getting hard myself, and I felt Brady's gigantic cock stiffening against my thigh. Fuck, don't he ever go down, I wondered.

'Suck my cock, Brady,' Josh said boldly, standing beside the bed. 'My dad learned to do it, so you can, too.'

I could see the emotions playing out on Brady's face. He'd never sucked cock before; he'd never thought of himself as a cocksucker. And yet, he was dating a man, not a woman like he'd grown up expecting to do. One moment he was on the verge of refusing; the next, he was taking a deep breath to steady himself, before once again pulling back from the edge.

In the end, lust won out. Brady opened his mouth and Josh placed his hard cock against it. 'Yeah, buddy,' he said as his cock slid in and out of Brady's mouth. 'You know you want my cock. Show me how much you want it.'

I thought for sure Josh would go all the way, but he must have realized that Brady wasn't ready, and he pulled out, looking at me.

'You haven't sucked my cock yet, Dad.'

'Give it to me,' I demanded. I was intent on proving myself readier than Brady. Rather than wait for Josh, I pushed myself towards him and took his hard cock into my mouth. And from my practice on Brady I had some experience sucking cock. Josh was big, but not as big as Brady, and he fit comfortably in my mouth. Josh was already most of the way there from watching his fuckbuddy suck him for the first time.

'Take my load, Dad,' Josh hissed just before he began blasting his sperm into my mouth. It was the first time I'd tasted him, and I swallowed as much as I could, but it overflowed my mouth. Josh pulled out and shot the rest all over my face, coating me with his cum.

'Fuck,' Brady whispered.

When my son's spurts had subsided, Brady gently took my head in his hand and began cleaning me off with his mouth. Slowly, carefully, he licked off the sticky, salty mess, grunting in satisfaction. When he'd finished, having replaced the cum with his own spit all over my face, he kissed me long and hard. I could taste my son's come on his tongue.

Brady decided he needed to shower and get home. Josh went in with him.

I laid on the bed, listening to them talk; it didn't sound like they were doing anything. I heard Josh ask Brad how the date went.

'You'll have to ask your dad how it went for him. It went great for me. But I think he enjoyed it.'

Oh, Godd, what an understatement.

'Our next date, I'm taking your dad out parking,' Brady said

I heard Josh giggle. That big fucker! Where did he get his balls! But I smiled and tingled at the prospect.

I was lying in bed, savoring the afterglow of sex with Brady. He'd shot two loads up my ass, consecutively, and was now in the shower, getting ready to go home in time to make curfew. It was a week night, he couldn't wait till the weekend. I was still feeling horny, and Josh was out at the movies; he said. I wasn't sure where Josh was anymore; I would have to rein him in. I thought about joining Brady in the shower. Then the phone rang.


'Mr. Johnson? This is Stewart Bush.' The name didn't ring a bell, and I didn't say anything. 'Brady's father,' he said.

I froze. Shit! Did he know about me and Brady? Had someone seen us out? Or had he found out, somehow, that I was sleeping with his son? Was he going to have me arrested? No, he wouldn't be calling to tell me that. I swallowed, and tried not to panic. 'Yes?' In the back of my mind, I thought: all this time I've been going out with Brady, and I've only now learned his last name.

'First, I want to thank you and your son,' Mr. Bush went on.

'Thank us? For what?' For sleeping with him?

'Your son Joshua has been tutoring Brady this year, and his grades have improved tremendously, especially in the last couple of months. They've made great progress.'

'Ah, you're welcome, but you should really be thanking Josh. I had nothing to do with it. He's the one who's done all the work. And Brady, of course. Unfortunately Josh isn't home right now.'

Brady stepped out of the bathroom wearing nothing at all, a bit of scowl on his face, I thought from hearing me mention his name. Despite my fears that were slowly subsiding, looking at him, watching the muscles ripple under his bronze skin made me start getting hard again. I frantically pointed at the phone, mouthing 'your father,' then waved towards the front door, trying to tell him to hurry up without Mr. Bush hearing me speak to him. But Brady just nonchalantly stepped into my bedroom and began putting on his clothes. I wasn't sure he'd caught it.

'That's alright. I will thank Josh personally. I actually wanted to talk to you, Mr. Johnson. I have a bit of a favor I would like you to consider. Actually, it's a pretty big favor. We haven't even met, but Brady has talked so much about you and Josh, we feel like we know you. My job is sending me overseas for a year, starting in July. My wife is going with me, of course, but I don't want to uproot Brady from all his friends and his football for his entire senior year. Especially since he's been doing so much better in school lately. And of course, since he's just a teenager, I can't leave him here by myself.'

The possibility of losing Brady to his family's moving away had never occurred to me before, but I couldn't very well try to talk him out of it, so all I said, numbly, was, 'Of course.'

'So I was wondering... hoping... would you be willing to let Brady live in your house for the year?' I was speechless. You could have knocked me over with a feather. 'I'll reimburse you for all his expenses, naturally, plus some. Joshua has been such a good influence on him.' You have no idea, I thought. 'You've raised your son well.'

I was still so stunned I had to find my voice. 'Well, I, uh,' I stammered, trying not to sound overenthusiastic.

'I know this is a lot to ask of anybody, and I really have no right to be asking, but frankly, Mr. Johnson, there's no one else we would consider leaving Brady with,' he said, as if to strengthen his plea.

'I suppose... that wouldn't be a problem. I could get a second bed down from the attic and set it up in Josh's room,' I said, rather absently, for I was in a daze and my thoughts weren't straight.

'That sounds perfect, but I don't want an answer right now,' he said. 'I want to give you time to think it over, talk it over with your son. It would no doubt be an adjustment to your lifestyles.' Godd, would it ever! Having the young stud living under my roof! 'I'll give you a call later in the week to get your decision, and if it's a go, then we can get together and hammer out the details. Talk to you later.'

I didn't even remember to put the phone down; I just sat there, numb and dumbfounded. Brady came out of the bedroom, his hair still damp.

'Was that my dad?' He had grim concern on his face. He had apparently not seen me mouth the words.

I nodded slowly.

'What did he want?' His look of concern worsened. 'There's nothing wrong, is there?' he asked anxiously. 'He didn't' find out about us!'

'No,' I said. 'No, nothing like that. 'He told me his job is taking him abroad.'

Brady's face fell. 'Mister Johnson... Alex....' it was the first time he'd ever used my given name. 'I was going to tell you......' He looked suddenly frightened, something that didn't fit well on his handsome face.

I held up my hand to stop him.

'Looks like you're going to be moving in here with us,' I said.

He stared at me for a moment in disbelief. 'What?'

'Your dad just asked me if I would consider taking you in so you could finish out your senior year. I didn't give him an answer yet, but it'll be yes.'

A broad grin spread across his face. 'AWESOME!' he shouted, pumping his fist in the air. He grabbed me and kissed me on the mouth. 'Next year is gonna be the best year ever!'




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