As I pulled my drained cock out of his ass and lay next to him I asked, 'What do you have to tell me?'

'First,' Brad began, 'I want you to know that I have been fucked many times before, and that was the best ever. I know it was your first time, but you somehow knew just how to do it and how to make it feel fantastic. You can fuck me any time you want.'

'Thanks,' I said, still wondering what he was getting at.

'Mark, when we first met and I said I was divorced, that was true. What I didn't tell you is that my ex-wife is wanting us to get back together. I'm now making a nice income, and I truly believe that the only reason she wants us to get back together is to get her hands on it. There is just one problem to us getting back together. I've fallen in love with someone else.'

'Oh?' I said, stunned. 'Does that mean our get togethers will end?'

'Fuck no! You see, the person I've fallen in love with is you.'

'What? Me?'

'Yes. I know that we just met and have been together just once before today, but I can't get you out of my thoughts. I know I love you more than anything else. I know this life is new to you and you are probably wondering how two guys can fall in love, but it happens.'

'Brad, this is totally unexpected. I've known guys that had lovers but the thought of me loving another guy is still unbelieveable. I know that I do care for you but I can't say I love you.'

'I understand, but I just wanted you to know how I felt. If it means that you want it to end, then so be it.'

'No, I don't want it to end, but I do want us to remain close friends. Who knows what the future might bring.'

'Thanks, baby.'

I leaned over and kissed him and whispered in his ear, 'You're my first. You'll always be special to me.'

'Thanks,' he whispered back.

'Now, I want you to fuck me.'

He ae my ass a few minutes and loosened me up as much as possible with his fingers then lubed his cock and my ass.

'Remember, if at any time you want me to stop, just say so.'

'Okay, I will.'

He began his entry and as the head slipped in I grabbed a pillow and muffeled my scream. He held still for a while holding me.

Finally, I said, 'It's easing up.'

He slowly went in deeper then pulled back. With each forward movement, he'd go slightly deeper, as I moaned at the discomfort.

After a few moments he said, 'Baby, you're doing great. It's all in.'

'You got the whole thing up my ass?'

'Yep. My balls are resting against your ass. I'm going to hold it there and let you adjust.'

'You're the teacher,' I said, smiling.

After a few more minues I told him that the pain was gone.

'Okay. You ready to get fucked?'

'Yea, do it.'

He began pistoning in and out slowly and he feeling was at first uncomfortable but quickly began feeling awesome.

Before long, I was saying, 'Yea, Brad, fuck me. I can't believe having a cock up my ass could feel so good.'

He smiled and said, 'Wait till you feel me shooting up your ass. Now that feels awesome.'

'Then show me. Do it. Shoot that load in me.'

A couple minutes later he said he was getting close and I begged him to shoot.

I began to feel his cock swell and said, 'Yea, I feel you growing. Do it.'

'Here is comes baby. I'm almost there. Oh, fuck! NOW!' he said loudly as his cock exploded in my as, firing huge volleys of hot thick cum deep into me.

'OH FUCK YEA! GIVE IT ALL TO ME!' I begged. 'I fucking love it!'

He collapsed on my chest and kissed me as his cock very slowly drflated and slipped out.

'Well?' he managed to say.

'It was fucking awesome. I never dreamed getting fucked could feel that good.'

'So you liked it?'

'Hell yea! And I plan for you to fuck me many times in the future. I have to be honest with you, though. Most of the other guys I've had oral with wanted to fuck me but I refused. I knew that I wanted only you to be my first.'

'Thanks. I'm honored.'

'And to be truthful, even though I've been fucked once, no one else is going to fuck me. My ass belongs only to you. I will have mutual oral wih others and maybe fuck them, but only you gets my ass.'

'Baby, now that is an honor,' he said before kissing me.

We later showered again then went for coffee, talking as we drove.

'Brad, does your ex know that you are gay?'

'No, not yet. When I get back in town, I'm just going to tell her that I've met someone else and have fallen in love with them. She doesn't need to know who. Not yet anyway.'

'What are you going to tell her?'

'If things develop between us, I'm going to be honest with her and tell her I'm gay and have fallen in love with another man, and maybe introduce you to her.'

'Damn, that could prove interesting,' I replied.

After returning to the room, we had a hot sixty-nine before going to sleep. As we lay there cuddled, I held him close. I knew that my feelings were growing stronger but would they turn to love?

The following morning we had another sixty-nine before going to breakfast. Upon returning, I hung out the 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign, and locked all the locks.

Turning to Brad after he was nude, I wrapped my arms around him and said 'Fuck me.'

He smiled and led me to the bed. This time I had him just use the lube and go in. It hurt but I knew what to expect. I had him go all the way in slowly.

'Oh, fuck yea. Do it.'

Brad gently entered me and gave me another fantastic fucking. I knew now that I was otally gay. There was no doubt in my mind.

We made love all day. I fucked him twice, he fucked me again and we sucked each other a couple of times. It was a great day.

The next morning we reluctantly bid each other goodbye until our next meeting.

Several months passed and we met every four weeks for sex. My feelings for Brad continued to grow, even though I continued having sex with those certain customers. I remained true to my statement to Brad. When I had sex with my customers, we'd suck each other and I might fuck them if they wanted it, but I never let them fuck me. Only Brad could do that.

It came time for our regular meeting and I was excited. I checked in and called Brad, giving him the room number.

He arrived and as usual, he ran to the room. I was waiting and after he stripped, we showered then went to bed, kissing passionately and making out. After a much needed and missed sixty-nine, we cuddled and I told him I had a question.

'What is it, baby?' he asked as he went to the fridge for two beers.

'I've been thinking about changing careers. Is it hard to learn to drive a big rig?'

'No really, why?'

'Well, I just thought that lovers should drive together.'

'Wha.. What did you say?' he asked, standinf frozen and looking at me.

'I jus think that if we're lovers, we should be together all the time.'

With the beers in hand, he litterally jumped back into the ed saying, 'Baby, are you serious?'

'Yes, I am. Over the past few months, my feelings have gone from caring for you to loving you. I never ever dreamed I'd say it, but I've fallen in love with another man.'

'Mark, my love, you just made me the happiest man on this earth. I love you so much.'

'And I love you, my love.'

We kissed passionately for several minutes. When we seperated, I said, 'I guess, from your reaction, that you want me driving with you.'

'You better fucking believe it. I know a great driving school close to our terminal. You can live in my apartment and attend classes and I'll be home every weekend. When you complete the course, I'll get the company to put you on with me.'

I reached over and picked up my cell phone and dialed. When the operator answered, I asked for Mr. Ziglar, the manager.

'Mr. Zigler, this is Mark Stone.'.....'I'm doing well. The reason I called was to give you my wo weeks notice. I'll send a written notice via e-mail.'.....'No sir, there's not a problem. I've just got a chance for a career change.'....'Thanks. If it doesn't work out, I'll be in touch.'

'I'm still not believing this,' Brad said. 'Let me check on when the next class starts.'

He made a call and said that he had a friend that wanted to get into trucking and that he'd have me contact them. He gave them my name and said that I'd be in touch in a few weeks.

'The next class doesn't start for eight weeks. Until then, after you get moved, you can ride with me and see what it will be like. When I can, I'll unhook the trailer and we'll go someplace where I can start teaching you to drive.'

'Just as long as we're together,' I said.

We dressed and went to dinner and began making plans. We decided that after my two weeks were up, I'd get a mover and have them pack up my furniture and move it to Ft. Sims where Brad lived and put it in storage.

That night and the next day, our sex was better than ever.

The nex two weeks passed all too slowly. Finally, I had the movers in and was all packed up. I only had my clothes and a few personal items in the car with me when I arrived at Brad's apartment that Friday night. He was eagerly waiting for me. We unloaded the car and over the weekend I got settled in.

That Saturday, he took me to the driving school to register. On the way he said, 'Look out for Luke. Knowing you're a friend of mine he'll probably try to get in your pants.'

'I assume he knows about you?'

'Oh, yea. Luke is in his late forties, but doesn't look it. He's in great shape and loves sucking cock. He visits me ocassionally on weekends.'

We arrived and Brad introduced me to Luke, the owner of the driving school. As I filled out the application, Brad and Luke went into the office. brad had told me that classes ere Monday through Friday and that Luke was the only one there on Saturday to do the paperwork.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Luke grope Brad and asked softly, 'Does he play?'

'Yea, and damn good at it too,' Brad answered.

'What you think he'll do if I cop a feel?'

'Go for it. I've already warned him about you.'

'You asshole,' Luke said.

When I finished the application, I took it into the office as Luke again groped Brad. Luke turned to me and took the application, looking it over. Afterward, he said, 'Brad tells me you play. Any chance of me getting a taste of this?'

He reached down and grabbed my partially hard cock.

'It's fine with me ut you'll have to get Brad's approval. It belongs to him.'

'Huh?' Luke said.

'Luke,' Brad said, 'what Mark means is that we're lovers.'

'Hot damn! He must really be special to settle your ass down.'

'He is, believe me,' Brad replied. Then looking at me he said, 'Why don't we both feed him?'

'Oh, fuck yea,' Luke replied dropping to his knees.

Brad and I both dropped our pants and Luke alternated between our cocks sucking us both off as we kissed.

When he had us drained, Luke stood and said to Brad, 'I'll make Mark my personal student. And I promise no to molest him.'

We laughed and thanked him, then left. As we drove out of the lot, Brad said, 'Baby, if you want to have sex with Luke during the week, I don't mind. He's a very dear friend.'

'Maybe,' I said.

Brad suddenly made a quick right turn and I asked what was wrong.

'I need to make a stop.'

We pulled up to a small older frame house and stopped.

'Come with me,' he said.

We walked to the porch and he knocked. Seconds later a young aractive woman answered the door.

'Hey, Brad.'

'Hey, Sue. Can I talk to you for just a minute?'

Looking questioningly at me, she said, 'Well, uh, sure. Come on in.'

We stepped just inside and he said very calmly, 'Sue, you have said you wanted us to get back together. I can't do it. I've fallen totally in love with someone else. This is Mark, and it's him that I'm in love with. We're lovers.'

'What?' she gasped. 'You're in love with another man? You're gay?'

'Yes, I am and have been since before we married. I'm sorry I deceived you, but it's who I am. I wish you the best.'

'I can't believe I was married to a fucking queer,' she ranted as we walked back to the car. We got in and drove off, leaving her standing on the porch, her mouth open.

'Damn, I'm glad that's over. I feel like such a load has been lifted of my shoulders.'

Moments later his cell phone rang.

'It's Sue,' he said answering it. Seconds later he said, 'Go ahead and call him. He already knows. When Mark agreed to be my lover I went to him and told him everything. When Mark gets certified, Jim is putting him on as my co-driver.'

He hung up and I asked, 'What was that about?'

'She threatened to call my boss and tell him he had a 'queer' driving for him. Like I told her, I've already gone to him and told him I was gay and about you. He said no problem because he'd never had any complaints on me and I was always on time, polite, and courteous.'

I met Brad's boss and began riding with Brad. When we could, he began teaching me the gears and how to shift. The sex up in the sleeper at night with other drivers walking by was a real turnon for me. Several times, I gave Brad a blow job as he drove down the highway. He thought that was wild.

My classes began and as promised, Luke was my instructor. Before I knew it, classes ended and I took my certification test, passing with flying colors. I then had to take my driving test which I also passed.

Brad and I now headed out onto the road, not only as life partners but also driving partners.

After six months or so, I asked Brad if he ever thought of starting his own trucking company.

'Yea, but it takes money.'

'If you did, would you still want to drive ocassionally?'

'Sure, just to get out of the office. Why?'

'Baby, there is something I haven't told you. Back when I was nineteen, my grandfather died and left his estate to me. He and my dad were estranged and didn' speak. Between stocks and cash, I have over half million available to me. I want us to start our own business.'

'Holy shit! You're kidding?'

'No, I'm not, and I also want you to meet my dad.'

'Have you old him anything about us or your lifestyle?'

'No, but I really think he'll accept it.'

I contacted dad and had him to make plans on visiting us. Brad and I took time off from work to spend with him.

He arrived and I met him at the airport. I told him that I had changed jobs and was now a truck driver. He asked if I enjoyed it and I told him very much.

'Dad, there is something else I need to tell you.'

'What's that, son?'

'Dad, I'm gay,' I said, waiting for his response.

'I see. When did you discover that?'

I filled him in, and told him about Brad being my first. 'Dad, Brad and I are life partners, or as you might say lovers. I love him very much and think you'll really like him.'

'Son, are you happy with him and your lifestyle?'

'Yes, dad, I am.'

'That's all that matters. I think I can accept it.'

We arrived home and I introduced him to Brad. He greeted him openly then said, 'Brad, do you love my son?'

'Yes, sir I do. Very much.'

'Good. Just don't ever mistreat him or you'll answer to me.'

'That will never happen, sir.'

Brad, call me Dad if you want to. And I'm happy for you two.'

Dad hugged us both and began chatting with us as if we were just friends. Then as we prepared dinner, Brad kissed me just as Dad walked around the corner seeing it.

'Sorry, Dad,' Brad said.

'Hey, if you were man and woman, I'd expect to see affection. What makes this any different?'

We had a great few days with dad and he grew to love Brad like a son.

Then we got serious about starting our own company. We found a location to use as a yard, and built an office. We filed for incorporation as 'B & M Trucking' and Brad hired a dispatcher and office manager from another small company.

Soon we were in business with two other drivers and the company steadily grew. Brad and I go out out about once every six weeks together to just get out.

Now we have twenty drivers and he office has grown. Luke turned over the driving school to his manager and came to work for us.

We don't hide our lifestyle from any of the drivers. They all know we're gay and accept it. We also let them know that we've been on the road and know what drivers do and that were cool with it as long as it doesn't cause problems or deay deliveries.

One young driver asked straight out, 'You mean you don't care if we get bow jobs on the road?'

'Nope,' I answered, 'just don't get caught by the cops in a rest area with a guy in you sleeper.'

We've been together now almost three years and couldn't be happier. At our terminal, we've added a 'bunk house' with TV room, seperate private sleeping rooms, community shower, and vending machines. The guys all know that we don't mind if they watch TV nude or in undeerwear or if they want to 'share' their sleeping room with another driver.

All I can say is that life is good and Brad and I love each other dearly. What more could we want.




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