Hi. I'm Mike Stone, a twenty-six year ole traveling salesman and cover several states. I have accounts in small 'one-horse' towns as well as the large cities and all sizes in between.

I love the fact that I'm not 'trapped' in an office and I'm more or less my own boss. I have some great customers that I've become friends with and love seeing the beautiful countrysides our country provides.

My story begins a few months before my twenty-fourth birthday. I had visited all my accounts in one area. Having finished early, I had some free time as I drove to my nex area and the motel that Id be using as a base.

As I drove down the inerstate, a big red eighteen wheeler came up behind me. He carefuly passed and as he did I was amazed with the ease at which he handled the big rig. As he cleared he front of my car a ways, I flashed my headlights twice to let him know he was clear and could pull back into the right lane. He turned on his flashers for a few seconds as a 'thank you' then pulled back to the right.

I followed behind him a few miles then saw a sign for a truck stop and decided to stop for lunch. He was about a quarter mile or so ahead of me and as he neared the exit, he signaled and exited, pulling into the truck stop just past the exit.

I did the same and as I parked and got out of my car I could see his bright red rig. He climbed down and casually waved at me, and I returned the greeting and went inside.

The place was crowded, but I managed to find one empty table towrd the back and took it. As i waited for the waitress, the driver walked in and began to look for a table. As he came in my direction, I took a good look at his body, and was amazed.

He apeared to be in his mid to late twenties and stood about six-three. He wore a cap, tight tank top that accentuated his large well developed pecs and abs, and tight jeans hat revealed a large bulge down the right leg, and western boots.

It was the bulge in his pants that held my attention. I had never been interested in men before but the bulge made me wonder what it looked like out of his pants and hard. It was unbelieveably large.

I finally boke my gaze as he neared my table and looked up into his face to see him smiling. I felt myself blush, knowing he had seen me looking at his crotch.

'Hi,' he said. 'The place looks busy.'

'Uh, yes it does,' I managed to say. Then coming back down to earth, I said, 'Feel free to join me if you'd like. I'm Mark Stone.'

'Thanks,' he said as he sat down. Offering his hand he said, 'I'm Brad Duncan. We shook hands and his grip was extremely firm and masculine.

'I want to thank you for signaling that I was clear to pull back over. Very few four wheelers will do that for us.'

'Hey, I'm on the road about as much as you guys are. You guys have helped me with directions and kept me from getting tickets, so when I can help you guys out I do it gladly.'

'Well, I'm sure the others appreciate it. I know I do. As a thank you, I insist on buying you lunch.'

'Thanks, but that's not necessary.'

'I insist,' he said as the waitress approached with water and menus.

We ordered and got to know each other. He asked what I did and I told him. He asked if I was maried and I said no, that I was single and with being on the road all the time, I didn't have a girlfriend. He said he was divorced and after a year of marriage his wife gave him an ultimatum saying he had to choose between her or trucking. Laughing, he said he guessed I could figure out which he chose. He was twenty-six and from Oklahoma but seldom got back there.

We ate and walked out to the parking lot together. I commented on his rig having such a large cab and sleeper.

'Since I basically live in it I had it custom made. Would you care to see it?'

'Sure,' I said.

We walked to the rig and he unlocked the driver's door saying, 'Climb on up and go take a look.'

I did and he followed. It was huge and had most of the comforts of home. There was a queen size bed, closet, desk and chair, TV with DVD player, fridge and microwave, sink, and chemical toilet.

'Damn, This is nice,' I said, looking around.

'Thanks,' he said passing me, his left hand slightly rubbing against my crotch, and for some unknown reason to me, exciting me. Surely this was an accident. He couldn't be into guys, I thought.

I wished him well and left, my cock slowly stiffening. As I got into my car, I sat there a moment wondering why I was sexually aroused by this man.

I pulled out and continued my trip, wild thoughs going through my head. I began to realize that when I had visited gyms while on my routes and a home, I had been checking out the guys in the showers and steam rooms, not comparing size as I had tried to convince myself, but wondering what they were like fully erect and what it would be like to suck on one.

'Fuck, I'm going gay,' I said out loud to myself. 'I'm acually wanting to have sex with another guy.'

My head was spinning wildly as I arrived at a rest area. I pulled in for a break and sat in my car, thinking.

There was a car parked several car lengths ahead of me with a guy sitting in it. Then, an eighteen wheeler pulled in and park. The driver in his mid thirties climbed down and went into the restroom. The man in the other car, in his late teens or early twenties, soon followed.

A short while later, they both emerged and went to the big rig, climbing in. Curious, I got out and walked down the walk to where I could see through the cab. No one was there. They both had to be in the sleeper.

I casualy walked close to the rig and as I did i heard softly, 'Yea, suck me and after you get me off I want that big trucker cock up my ass.' Then there were moans.

My cock became rock hard. Undoubtedly, the trucker was sucking the younger guy then going to fuck him.

I returned to my car and waited. After close to twenty minutes, the younger man emerged from the passenger side and as he returned to his car he looked at me and smiled, then climbed in and drove away. Seconds later the trucker pulled out also.

I coninued on to the motel I usually stayed at, arriving right at sunset. I checked in and went to my room. As I go my bags, I scanned the parking lot where here were several eighteen wheelers parked. I suddenly froze. There in the lot was Brad's rig, or one just like it. I walked toward it and saw the name on the side. It was his.

I put my bags in the room, and immediately left to check out the restaurant. He wasn't there. I decided to check out the bar. On the way to the bar, I had to pass the front desk. I stopped and asked the clerk if he had a Brad Duncan registered.

'No, sir. However, we're ful tonight and he is on the waiting list in case someone fails to show up. I think he headed toward the bar.'

I hurried to the bar and entered. Standing just inside the door, I scanned the bar, looking for him. I spotted him at the bar, his back to me. I eased up behind him, and taking a deep breath, I put my hands on his waist and said, 'Fancy seeing you here.'

He turned in surprise and upon seeing me said, 'He, Mark,' and stood giving me a friendly hug. 'You saying here?'

'Yea, this is my usual stop.'

'Hope you had a reservation. I didn't and was put on a waiting list.'

'I always make reservations,' I said.

I sat next to him and ordered a beer and asked, 'when will you know for sure if you'll ge a room?'

'All the ones due in by six are here. The reservations for late arrival won't be released until midnight.'

'Look, there is no need for you to wait until midnight. You're welcome to share my room if you don't mind sharing a king size bed with me.'

'You serious?'

'Yea. I've done this before and have never shared a bed with another guy but I feel comfortable around you.'

'Well, I'll definately take that as a compliment, but are you sure?'

'Yes, I am.'

'So, you've never shared a bed with another guy, not even as a kid?'

'As a kid, yea, but not since my mid teens.'

'Mark, you're something else, and I accept your offer.'

'Good,' I said smiling. I had decided to tell him about the rest area and ask him if his hand action in the sleeper was intentional or accidental. 'Let's finish our beers then you can get your bags and we'll have dinner. This time it's on me.'

'Fine, but let's have dinner before I get my bags then when we get to the room we can relax.'

'Sounds good to me,' I said.

As we finished our beers and I found out that Brad had set routes and was in town every four weeks, the same as me. We wondered why we hadn't run into each other before.

We went and ate, taking our time and visiting, getting to know each other better. As we ate, i felt Brad press his knee over against mine several times. I wouldn't move mine and ever so slightly returned the pressure he was exerting.

A about half passed seven, we finished our meal and headed for the room. Brad stopped by the desk, telling the clerk to take him off the waiting list. He didn't say he was sharing the room with me.

We went to he room and Brad immediately removed his boots and tank top, revealing his muscular chest covered with brown hair.

'Since it's your room, you can shower first.'

'Sure,' I replied, sripping down to my white bikini briefs.

'Nice body,' he said looking me over.

'Thanks, but not as well built as yours.'

'Close,'he replied.

I showered and returned to the room wearing just a towel. After retrieving a clean pair of briefs, I dropped the towel while facing him to put them on. As I did, I watched his face.

His eyes immediately went to my cock. I took my time putting on my briefs as my cock began to stiffen ever so slightly. Once they were on I said, 'The shower is all yours.'

'Thanks. Be out shortly,' he said as I lay on the bed, turning on the TV.

He showered and when he returned he dropped his jeans on his bag and lay on the bed still wih his towel around him.

'What's with the towel?' I asked.

'Mark, I don't even own any underwear. I always go commando, and when in the back of the rig, I'm always nude.'

'Hey, I've go no problem with you going nude. I see guys like that at the gyms all the time. Hell, I migh even join you just to see what it's like.' I began wondering if I was pushing things too fast.

'I have no peoblem with it either. I was raised in a nudist family and we spent all our vacations at nudist resorts.'

'That's wild. So gowing up you knew early whar pussy looked like?'

'Yea, both young and old. And what cocks of every age looked like. Besides me, there was mom, dad, two brothers and two sisters. I had a brother and sister older and younger than me.'

'So you got to see all them develope and mature.'

'Yep, I did.'

'Well, Let me see what it's like,' I said standing next to the bed and removing my briefs. He watched and quickly removed his towel.

As we lay back down I said, 'I've got to tell you what happened on my ay here after lunch.'

'What's that?'

I told him about stopping at the rest area, what had transpired and what I had heard. As I told him, my cock stiffened slighly.

'Damn, sounds like they boh go what they wanted,' he said. 'I've seen that happen at many rest areas before, including that same one.'

'Brad, I hope I'm no out of place, but I have a quesion I'd like answered.'

'Shoot, what is it?'

I turned onto my side facing him, propping my head up on my hand and said, 'Today, when you were showing me your rig, your hand bruched agains my crotch. Was it accidental or intentional?'

'You want the truth, I assume.'

'I'd like it.'

'It was intentional. In the restaurant, I saw you looking at my crotch. I felt sure you were into guys also. That was a test, but when you didn't respond, I assumed you weren't. But then when you invited me to share the room and bed, I wasn't sure. Now with you getting nude also, I'm still not sure. I'd like to know. If me being gay makes you uncomfortable, I'll leave. I don't want to fuck up a new friendship.'

'Brad, I have to be honest with you like you have with me. I was in awe at what I saw at the restaurant, but I didn't know why. By he time I got to my car, I was rock hard. As I drove I began remembering back to my trips to the gym and checking the men out. I realized I was curious about gay sex. Then, hearing them in the guys sleeper, I knew I wanted to try it, and I was thrilledwhen I saw your rig. I just had a feeling that everything would work out.'

'So, are you saying you'd like to have sex with me and see what it's all about?'

'Yes, I think I am, but I don't know where or how to start.'

'I do,' he said.

He had me lay back and moved over next to me partially laying over me. 'Just relax and go with the flow. I'll start easy.'




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