Brad had promised to go slow with my introduction to gay sex and stop anytime I told him to.

He had me lay on my back on the bed and moved closer to me.

'Just relax,' he said, 'and go with the flow. I promise you that I won't do anything painful. If you want me to stop, just say so.'

'I understand. Where do we begin?'

'Right here,' he said and leaned down and gently pressed his lips to mine, holding them there for a second. He pulled back slightly and smiled looking into my eyes. I smiled back and he leaned in again.

This time he parted his lips slightly and I felt the tip of his hot wet tongue touch my lips. Instinctively, I placed my hand behind his head and held him in place as I parted my lips and extended my tongue.

We started slowly letting our tongues explore each others mouth. Soon, things heated up and we were kissing passionately. So far I was totally loving all that was going on.

We seperated and he looked at me and said, 'Man, you were really getting into that.'

'I liked it. I've always loved kissing but the women just won't get into kissing like that.'

'I agree,' he said. We kissed again and when we seperated he said, 'Relax and let's continue.'

He began kissing and licking my neck then moved to my chest. When he stopped at my right nipple and began sucking it, I moaned and said 'Oh shit, yea.'

He then slowly went to the left one and did the same.

'Ummmmmm. I didn't know a man's nipples were so sensitive..'

He chuckled and licked on down my stomach, and around my cock and to my balls. As he licked and sucked them gently, he slowly raised my legs. I was nervous and he said, 'Relax. I won't hurt you, I promise.'

I relaxed as he pushed my legs higher, lifting my ass. 'Hold your legs up,' he said. I did and seconds later he took his hands and spread my ass cheeks. I was apprehensive until I felt the tip of his hot wet tongue lick and probe my hole.

'Oh, mother fuck!' I exclaimed. 'Don't stop.'

He continued eating my ass for several minutes, licking, sucking and tongue fucking my hole as deep as possible. I moaned continually as he worked.

He stopped and lowered my legs as he again licked and sucked my balls. My hard cock was pouring loads of clear precum out onto my stomach, forming a huge reservoir in my navel.

He licked up the underside of my cock and spotting the puddle of precum, he slid my cock to the side and quickly sucked up the puddle and cleaned my navel of any excess. He then licked up the fresh drop that had emerged from my piss slit.

'Ummmm,' I moaned.

But when he lifted my cock and swallowed all seven and a half inches and buried his nose in my pubic bush I exclaimed loudly, 'Oh, Mother Fuck! Yea, suck me.'

He began to piston up and down on my throbbing cock with me moaning continually. Several times, he repeated the deep throating, driving me wild.

As I grew close to my climax fireworks began slowly going off in my head. Soon, I told Brad that I was close.

'Let it go, stud. Don't hold back.'

He returned to sucking me and the fireworks grew more intense. The fireworks finale arrived and my cock exploded.'


As my cock exploded into his mouth, my head rolled back and forth. I finally looked down to see him hungrily swallowing my built up load.

He drained my cock and slowly pulled off, licking the tip of any last few droplets.

He again lay beside me and kissed me and I tasted the salty-sweet residual of my own cum. I loved it.

After the kiss, he said, 'that really was your first time getting sucked, wasn't it?'

'Yea. I told you I'd never done anything.'

'I could tell from your reactions. How did you like it?'

'Can't you tell?' I asked. 'It was totally awesome. I loved it. I just hate that I didn't get sucked at an earlier age. I see now what I've been missing.'

He laughed and said, 'Mark, I've dreamed of doing that to you since noon. I think you're hot as hell.'

We lay together and talked for a moment then kissed again. When we seperated, I began doing to him what he had done to me.

'Mark, you don't have to,' he told me.

'I want to. I have to know if this will be my new life or just exploration.'

I took my time and repeated his every move, including rimming his ass. His cock was rock hard and when I got back up to it, he, too, had a resevoir of precum on his stomach. I licked it up and savored the taste.

I looked at his eight inch cock and it was beautiful to me. It wasn't overly thick and had a downward curve to it. I began sliding my mouth onto it slowly. Taking my time I continued swallowing, and after a few minutes and a couple of gags, I had his entire cock buried in my throat. I realized that the downward curve helped.

I sucked him to a climax as he moaned softly. He gave me warning that he was close. Even though I was expecting his load, I was caught of guard by the force and volumn it had. His load was huge but I eagerly swallowed what he fed to me. Once I had him drained, we again kissed passionately.

'well?' he asked.

'Brad, I loved it. It was so erotic having a guys hard cock in my mouth and feel it swell and shoot.'

'No problem swallowing?'

'No. None.'

'Well, it's just pure protein, but the taste will change sligltly, depending on what the guy has had to eat or drink.'

'Brad, can I ask a question?'

'Sure. Go ahead.'

'Do you get fucked?'

'Yes, I do and enjoy it. But I will say this. The first few times you get fucked it hurts like hell. The first time you will experience the worst pain that you have ever experienced.'

'Can we meet again on our next trip?'

'Damn, I sure hope so.'

We checked the date, and agreed to meet in the bar at six that evening.

'You hungry?' I asked. 'I am. I worked up an appitite.'

'Me too.'

We dressed and returned to the restaurant and had desert and coffee, before returning to the room. Once back in, we stripped and stood holding each other and kissing, our cocks stiffening between us.

'Let's have a sixty-nine,' he said.

'Oh, fuck yea.'

Soon we were in a sixty-nine, lovingly sucking each others cocks. Before long, we both neared our climax and Brad shot first with me eagetly swallowing his load. Just as his subsided, my cock exploded feeding him. Afterward, we kissed passionately.

'Let's make this a regular thing every four weeks,' I said.

'You won't hear me refuse,' he said.

We cuddled in bed together and soon were asleep in each others arms. The next morning before he had to leave we again had a sixty-nine and kissed.

'Brad, I'm going to miss you. When we meet again I want you to fuck me,' I said as he headed for the door.

'And I definately want you to fuck me in both ends. Hopefully we can work things out to have two nights together.'

'I know I can,' I said.

'I'll find a way.' We exchanged cell numbers and e-mail addresses, vowing to keep in touch.

He left and for some reason, I felt empty. As I made my calls, I began looking at some of my customers in a different way. I realized that some had been giving me signals that I didn't recognize. I would now.

Three days later I was at one such customer. The owners son ran the business and was thirty, nice looking nice build and single. When I was there, if we were alone he always stood extra close to me and frequently had his hand on my shoulder or would momentarily slip his arm around my waist casually.

On this visit, he did his usual thing. I began easing closer to him and he seemed excited.

After I completed taking his order, I looked at him and smiled and said, 'Jack, why don't you join me for dinner tonight?'

'I'd like that, Mark, but instead of going out, why don't you come to my place for dinner. I'll have the housekeeper fix something before she leaves and we can just heat it up.'

'Sounds good. Be nice and quiet.'

'Yea, and private,' he said. 'Be there about seven.'

I agreed and he gave me his address.

I finished my work for the day and returned to the room and showered. I slipped on just a pair of casual slacks and sport shirt, with no underwear or tee shirt. I wanted to be ready if things developed.

I arrived and we began with a beer while dinner heated up. Jack was in snug shorts and sportshirt and it was obvious he wasn't wearing underwear. If he was it was boxers. There was a buge in the shorts. I noticed him glancing at mine.

We ate then went to the den. I sat on the sofa as he retrieved two more beers. He then sat down exceptionally close to me. Talk was casual for a while and he later casually placed his hand on my thigh. Ever so slowly, I spread my legs wider. As his hand slowly moved higher, my cock stiffened as did his.

After a moment, he looked into my face and leaned closer. Our lips met and we kissed passionately, and began undressing each other. Before long we were both nude and in a sixty-nine, hungrily sucking each others cocks. Soon, we both climaxed and devoured each others loads. after another kiss, he said, 'I've been wanting that for a long time.'

'I realize that now,' I said. 'I just had my first experience with another man a few days ago.'

'You're kidding?'

'No. I'm serious.'

'Damn. I'd never have guessed it. You're a natural.'

He later wanted me to fuck him but I said I was only into oral. I wanted my first anal experience both giving and receiving to be with Brad.

During the next few weeks, I had sex with two other customers that had been sending signals. I called Brad after each experience and told him. He in turn would tell me about his experiences with other drivers or with locals from the town he was in.

I again came time to meet and I had my reservation. I arrived at the motel at half past four and got my room. I waited anxiuosly for him to arrive. I sat on the motel porch watching for his rig.

Six o'clock arrived and there was no sign of him. I wondered if he had changed his mind.

At six ten my phone rang. I was Brad.

'Baby, i'm on my way. There was an accident that had traffic held up. I should be there in about twenty minutes. What room you in?'

I told him and he told me to be in the room and ready to play.

'I'll do just that and have a cold beer waiting as well as the shower for us to share.'

'Nice,' he replied.

I got the beers from the bar and placed them in the small fridge. I pulled the covers back on the bed and undressed. I peeked out the window watching for him. I saw him pull in and park. He clinbed down and began jogging to the room. I cracked the door slightly and went and turned on the shower, stepping in.

I heard the door shut and a second later saw him wnter the bathroom, already stripping. Once out of his clothes, he stepped under the hot shower with me and we kissed passionately.

After bathing each other and drying we headed straight to bed and began a sixty-nine. After draining each other, I asked, 'Can you stay tomorrow night also?'

'Yep. Told the boss I had some business I needed to take care of.'

'Fantastic,' I said. We dressed and went to dinner, quickly returning to the room.

After stripping, he held me and kissed me then said, 'Mark, all I've been able to think about was having you fuck me. I can't wait any longer. Let's do it. Please!'

'I'd love to,' I said.

He got his lubricant and lubed my cock and his ass then lay on his back, pulling his legs up onto his chest.

'Fuck me. Go in all the way with one single thrust.'

I did and was soon pistoning in and out of his ass as he said how fantastic it was and how great it felt. I soon climaxed and filled his ass, collapsing onto his chest and kissing him. When the kiss broke, he looked into my face and said, 'I have something to tell you and I think this is the time.'




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