My name is Charles Collingswood and this is my Story :

The smell of the Magnolia blossoms waiffed thru the air as I slowly walked along the weed grown path to the fenced and gated Garden that my Uncle had lovefor so long, along with the scent of the Magnolia blossoms was the aroma of the fragrant smelling roses he so loved growing in the weed filled beds inside the gate.

I had always loved walking with Uncle James when I was young, the sights and the odors were filling my senses with memories of days and years gone by.

I looked at what had once been a beautiful gold fish pond in the center of the garden, the old rope swing still hanging there, unused in years, probably wouldn't even hold the weight of a child, muchless the weight of an adult, things had changed, all the once neatly kept Rose and flower beds that had for so many years had been a place of solitude and pleasure were showing their disrepair because of the years of unattention by a loving, caring gardner, a job my Uncle lived for.

My uncle a wonderful old Gentlman that had taken me in and raised me after my mother had died of cancer when I was only ten, my father had been killed in a car wreck when I was only four.

Uncle Jim, was so kind and loving, he owned this beautiful plantation, south of Atlanta, he had inherited it from our Great Grandfather, his dad, in the early nineteen thirties.

It was hard for me in the early years but I didn't want for anything after I had been turned over to Uncle Jim and Aunt Sarah, It took so long for me to warm up to him, not thinking that he really wanted me, but finally glad he did, I was his older brothers son, why wouldn't he want me, both parents were gone now and he were the only famimly I had.

Uncle Jim and Aunt Sarah were actually childless, she was a school teacher and loved kids so I had a loving family.

I had grown accustomed to spending quite times in this private garden, and enjoying the beautiful flowers helping my grandfather work the flower beds and cleaning out the fish pond, I loved this place, wisteria bushes graced its trellises, and the stone fence, it had been one beautiful place.

I had left when I was nineteen to attend law school in St. Louis, and I had been away for almost ten years, after getting my degree I went to work, I'm now twenty nine, doing quite well in a law firm in Atlanta, but because of this or that reason I had not returned to the plantation, especially since Aunt Sarah passed away and Uncle Jim went into a senior assisted living home, I was just not the same place.

I did however visit Uncle Jim at the home, but he didn't recognize me or remember that I had been there or not, Uncle Jim was a victim of Alzheimer's, It was really very sad to see him like that.

Well I had returned this time and was looking out over the Garden in rememberance of the wonderful times I had had here as a young man, Uncle Jim had finally passed away and I now was totally alone, and I had just returned from his lawyer's office, it seemes like I had inherited the Plantation, all of Uncle Jim's property, monies, business interests and the Plantation, I hadn't realized Uncle Jim was as well off as he was.

I stood beside a big Cottonwood tree looking out across a field that once had been covered with cotton plants ready for harvesting, and now it lay dorment, unused for several years unkempt and covered with weeds, I was saddened by many things.

The plantation was not the same place, it was totally quiet, with no one hustling about, doing chores, planting, taking care of the once busy horse barn and Uncle Jims beautiful show horses.

I had spent many hours out in that ole Barn and now the memories started to come, flooding back into the thoughts flooding thru my mind.

I looked at the hay loft in the upper floor of the barn when I felt that old feeling one that was unmistakeable.

It was here I made the journey into manhood and fulfilled my young mans most secret dreams.

I smiled as I looked at the letters I had carved into the wall there on the barn, and I had had to lie to Uncle Jim and tell him that it was mine and some girl, whos name I had made up, when it was actually Chris Hollands initials.

Chris, God what awesome memories of Chris came flooding back into my mind.

Chris was a horse handler and trainer that Uncle Jim had hired to take care of his horses.

I was sixteen when Chris came to work for Uncle Jim, I was really taken by Chris he was so well built, If I remember right he came out of Oklahoma,he was about twenty five, and had worked on a large show horse ranch out there.

Chris befriended me and since I loved the horses he just took me under his wings.

I'll never forget the first time I saw him, he got out of his jeep wagoneer and walked like a cowboy, with tight fitting blue jeans, awesome bulge between his legs, showing his thick muscular legs, he was wearing a light grey tank top shirt, showing off his muscular tight torso, chest muscles, thick and heavy, thick, with nipples sticking out like little added buttons thru the material and his ripped, washboard abs were like wow, I was feeling the sensations coursing thru my body as I remembered that first day seeing Chris.

I walked over and introduced myself to Chris that first day as I went with Uncle Jim as he gave Chris a tour of the plantation.

I couldn't take my eyes off Chris and he kept looking over at me as I stared like an admiring little kid, and he'd wink at me, and I would feel such funny sensations go thru me as he would grab my leg above the knee and give it a squeeze, I remember sporting wood dude to his touch.

As I stood there looking at the upper hay loft of the barn I remember the first time I saw Chris's cock, I was astounded at his cock, we had been unloading a big load of hay for the horses, stacking it in the barn, I had been noticeing Chris's back, it was so muscular, and sweat was glistening as he unloaded the hay from the truck, we had been working and had about half of the flat bed unloaded, Chris had removed his shirt and there he stood, unloading all the hay naked from the waist up, every time he lifted a bale I could see his chest and stomach muscles tighten, I was already half hard from just watching when he stopped and said, 'Man I got to Piss like a racehorse,' I just said, 'Where?' I asked, 'we'll just piss out this upper door, no one will see,' Chris said.

I stood beside Chris standing at the edge of the upper floor and undid his jeans, opened the snap and unzipped, he wasn't wearing underwear, I watched as he pulled the biggest cock I had ever seen up to that point.

I was mesmerized by Chris's cock it was thick, long and uncut like me but he just looked over at me, I wasn't about to pull mine out at that point, all I could do was stare as Chris pissed a quart and a half while just letting his cock hang down balls hanging out and all, and watched my facial expressions as I just stared at his huge cock.

Chris saw me staring at his cock and flexed his kegal muscles and made it bounce up and down a few time and looked at me and smiled and I looked up in his face and he just winked at me, all I could do was say,, 'Wow Chris that is really big.'

'I'll bet you got a pretty big one too, Charlie,' he said,as he winked again.

'Not like that, its huge man.' I said.

We finished up and went to the house for supper.

It was about a week later Aunt Sarah and Uncle James were to be gone for a couple days for some reason, I stayed with Chris on the plantation.

Chris invided me to go with him to work on some fences and then we would go swimming at the Little Piney river, which ran thru the plantation.

We were out mending fences that afternoon and then when we were finished it was hot, we were sweaty and decided to take a dip in the pool there in the Little Piney river.

WE got to the river and I said, 'we don't have any swim suits Chris,' Chris just smiled and said, 'Your kidding right?' as he stipeed naked and dove into the water in his birthday suit, I just figured well alright then and I stripped naked, feeling a little self conscious, but never the less I stripped and dove in.

WE enjoyed the cool feeling water and the problem was the cool water against my balls and cock was causeing a simple reaction called a boner, like a peice of rock was coming up, and then seeing that gorgeous body of Chris's wasn't helping either.

Chris came over and started laughing and horsing around and we began to enjoy one another in the water, I grabbed Chris and shoved him down and thats when I felt his hand reach out and take hold of my hard cock, 'Hey Charlie, Whats this? What brought this on?' he asked.

As I stood there almost not able to breath, Chris's hand felt like nothing I had ever felt before, Chris's hand was gently squeezing and sliding my foreskin back and forth as he stroked my cock, all I could do was lick my lips, and make little wimpering, gasping noises as the sensation began flooding thru me like a doze of medicine, I was almost shaking as we stood there face to face and Chris's hand worked ubelievable pleasure on my cock.

'I looked up into Chris's eyes and noticed his face had a serious look on it, 'Do you like this Charlie,' 'Oh yeah, its awesome Chris.'

'Well you can touch mine too if you want.' he said.

I had wanted to feel it ever since I had seen him piss in the barn that day.

I reached over and touched his hard cock, it felt like a fence post and I wrapped my hand around the most phenomenal thing of my life.

It was hot to my touch, thick, throbbing, I could feel the heartbeat with each beat thru his cock.

We stood there stroking each others cock for a while when Chris smiled and aske me if I had ever made love with anyone before, to which I reply 'never have with anyone.'

'Lets get out of the water and I'll show you something else.'

By now just remembering all this was having a noted effect on my cock which was not raging hard, I sat down on the grass just almost in pain with a hardon in my jeans at this point.

I remember that experience very well as My mind went back to that, I will never forget that feeling that day as Chris layed me down on the dry grass beside the pool and I felt his hand begin to rub over my torso, making me feel so wonderful, I felt his warm hands begin to rub under my nuts which by this time had tightened into a tight round ball up under my throbbing cock.

I had my eyes closed as Chris leaned over and rubbed my cock and then slid my foreskin back exposing that sensitive head and I felt almost like fainting as Chris's mouth engulfed my cock and I gasp as he started a sucking motion and going up and down on my hard cock, as a young man of just seventeen I was in a place sexually I had never felt before, I had jerked off before but it never felt like this.

Chris had been working my dick over and really doing a phenomenal job, I flet his tongue swirling around the head of my cock, sensations were flooding thru me like water over a water fall, when he just stops, and smiles and then gets down between my legs and raises my ass up and spread my ass cheeks and begins an awesome feeling licking and sucking and tongue fucking my asshole, another first for me, it was like the blow job, something out of a dream, I loved it totally and without reservation, I was about to explode from all the new sensations I was experiencing, I felt a little out of the game tho, I wanted to do something in return to Chris for what he as doing to me.

I was in a state of Euphoric bliss when he stoppedn and I watched as he looked into my eyes and I heard his sweet tender loving voice, 'Charlie, your the most beautiful guy I have ever known I want to make love to you, Please.' I saw his tenderness and I felt his arms take hold of my legs and raise them up over his shoulders and I felt his cock as he moved the tip around my asshole, and then it happened almost like a powerful explosion, I felt the most intense pain of my life as he slid about half of his nine inch love log into my ass, I let out a loud groan and yelp, he just put his sweet hand over my mouth and said, 'Just hold on baby, it will calm down in a while, just wait and relax,' I wanted it too badly then the pain began to subside, and I began to feel the awesome feeling of wanting his whole self inside me.

I was feeling more intense sensations that can only come from feeling a hard cock inside your body.

As I lay there beginning to enjoy Chris's cock imbedded deep in my anal cervass I saw his tender loving eyes with a tear streaking down his cheek as he began making love with me, It was the most fantastic feeling of my young life laying there taking that most intimate part of Chris, and knowing soon I would be receiving his most precious seed.

I was falling in love and I knew it. I found myself clamouring for more of Chris, wanting more of him inside me, I was feeling that wonderful sensation of a climax building from something inside me being rubbed by his thick cock with each thrust I would shudder with the sensation of his cock rubbing that sensitive male spot located somewhere inside my anal opening.

I felt his hot body as his intensity building, his thrusting became harder and more intent, and then his body went rigid as he thrust that thick cock to the balls and I felt it jerking inside my intestines as its warm, sweet contends filled me to joy.

What memories filled me that afternoon as I sat there in the garden and without even thinking I realized I was stroking my hard cock thru my slacks I was about to bring myself to a huge cum thinking about Chris and the years when I was at home. How many times did He and I have such wonderful fullfilling sex before I had to leave for College. Wondering if he remembered me with affection, I was about to shoot my load, and I unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out, and started stroking setting there beside the old tree.

I jumped, startled as I was in a sexual zone when I heard a voice, 'I GUESS YOU KNOW YOUR ON PRIVATE PROPERTY SIR, MAY I ASK YOU WHAT YOUR DOING HERE?' I turned around and as I stood there with my cock in my hand and a fresh load of cum still dripping off my hand, I saw Chris.

To be Continued:......



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