The voice I heard was unmistakeable, a voice that was etched in my heart and mind like a fine etched peice of Chrystal, a voice that could make my heart melt.

I stood there in a total state of shock as I looked into Chris's eyes, Eyes that were longing, begging, hoping and full of desire, eyes that had been unsatisfied for years.

I was speachless as I stood there forgetting I had my still half hard cock covered with cum in my hand.

I came to my senses, embarrassed, I reached into my pocket to bring out a hankerchief and wipe the cum off my hand and cock

'Your cock looks just like I remembered it Charlie, still a thing of beauty, just like you, I have missed you and your cock.

I thought My heart would cave in when your uncle James sent you off to Law School, I was left here to tend the plantation and horses, hoping and longing for the day when you would return. I felt so alone and forgotten, I never knew anyone would ever have that affect on me, I had all but given up that you wouldever return.'

My heart felt like it would stop as I looked into Chris's sad longing eyes.

I cleaned myself off, zipped up, and walked over to Chris, not knowing whether he would hate me or hug me.

I looked into his eyes and those beautiful tears filled his eyes again.

As Chris spoke I could hear the tears in even in his voice, Charlie, I have always loved you, and there has been no one else in my life for ten years. I was shocked at that to say the least.

Your uncle put me in Charge of the plantation and his estate as keeper and guardian untill you returned. That is why I'm still here.'

I was fasinated at this, I knew that no one else would have done that, Chris was one very special guy, and I was so lucky but whether he would want to take a chance on me again was another question.

We went back up to the big House on the plantation.

Chris threw the main electric breakers and the electric came back on in the house. Then he turned the water back on, and then he went out to the Big gas tank and turned the gas back for the cook stove, and lit all the pilot lights, we uncovered all the furniture in the house and sat down at the kitchen table.

'Well I gotta decide what I'm gonna do now, I am the owner of a workable plantation. And I need to get it working again.'

Chris said, 'If you want me I will be happy to stay on as the keeper of the property, I'm not a farmer but I knew a few guys in town that would like to rent the fields and plant them, it would mean 25 percent profit for you if you would like to do that, but Im thinking more in the line of it being a way to keep the weedS and buckbrush from overrunning the fields too.'

I knew that I could use Chris's wisdom and intelligence there on the Plantation.

Well what do you say Chris you in for the job of taking care of this plantation, we can hire a few other guys to help you out, you'd be my head man, foreman and boss of all things workable here on the plantation, would you be up for that.

'Yeah man, after that past ten years this place has become my home Charlie, but the bunk house for the workers is in need of repair, its needing the plumbing redone and a new roof.' he said.

'Hey man, no problem I have more than enough finances from the estate settlement to take care of that and fix up anything else that needs it.' I said.

I walked over to Chris and reached out, 'Would it make you mad if I kissed you Chris, I have missed your lips for so long.' I said.

Chris's eyes lit up, man I was about to die inside for the want of your affections I thought maybe you didn't feel for me the way you once did,' he said.

'Are you kidding Chris, while I was in college I had sex with a couple guys and the whole time we were having sex, It was you I was making love to in my mind, your my one and only. I had sex with them, but I was makeing Love to you,' I said.

I watched as the sad look on his face turned to a beautiful sweet smile, I walked over and leaned against his body and he hugged me so loving and tender and as Chris sobbed a little, he held on to me so tight, he said, 'Oh Charlie I have missed you so much, I love you from the bottom of my heart. From that first day we made love by Little Piney River, I knew no one else could ever take your place in my life.

I felt that stirring in my loins as we began to kiss passionately again for the first time in ten years.

I looked into his eyes and said, 'Lets go up to bed o.k,' and up the stairs we walked hand in hand, I undressed Chris slowly and gently and as tenderly as a mother would undress her new baby and lay him down on the bed as I lay over and and began to eadmire that awesome looking thick throbbing cock, that cock I had been mad love with, when I lost my male virginity, I felt like I had truly come home, I began to lick Chris's hefty balls and hear him moan with the intensity of pleasure I was bringing to him with my hot sensous mouth, it seemed to be a more mature love making, not rushed nor hurried, we had as much time for love as we wanted or needed.

I was being taken away to a different place, as his magic was doing things to me, I could smell the hay from the loft that first time I saw Chris's cock pissing out the upper door of the barn, I could feel that stirring in my stomach as I stared at his beautiful cock bouncing there in the open air, how I wanted it that day but here it was getting nice and hard as I was preparing to engulf his swollen manhood into my mouth and bring him the ultimate pleasure, 'OMG! Chris Said with a gasp, I have waited for so long for this feeling, and I felt his hand began to stroke my head, running his fingers thru my hair, as I began to bring him that awesome feeling of getting his cock sucked, I had learned how to do it well over the years, and his body's reaction was showing it too.

'Oh Jeezus Charlie, that feels awesome.' he said,

Chris raised up and told me to stop, and he began to rub all over me and then he lay me on my back and I felt like I was near the pool that first day, I felt his mouth go between my ass cheeks and he did again what he had done that first day, I thought I would scream it was so sensous, passionate, loving and fantastic feeling.

Then my legs were pushed back up against my shoulders and I felt the tip of his cock,slickened with his pre-cum, begin to be rubbed around my anal opening, I looked into his eyes and he said 'Baby, I love you so much,' I felt that awesome feeling as he thrust his hips forward, and his cock slid to the balls into my body, a feeling like no other, I looked straight into Chris's eyes and said, 'Do it Chris, I want it all, make love to me again,' and all is what I got, Chris Hilted it all as deep as his body would let him and I felt like I was filled to the throat with this massive, swollen cock, I knew if he kept it up I would be unloading my seed between our bodies, with out even touching it, It was the most fantastic fuck of my life.

We both came at least three times that night back together.

We didn't sleep at all I don't think that first night back together.

The next day we sat at the table and I asked Chris to marry me, to which he smiled and replied, 'can we do that, is it legal?'

I answered, I don't know and dont care, but we will give each other our vows and exchange rings and we will be privately married. I love you Chris and want to spend my whole life with you.

The next day Chris and I went to Atlanta, bought our rings, and we closed my office there and I moved closer home and opened a Private law office in a smaller town closer to the plantation.

Chris Is now taking care of our Plantation, he has moved from the Bunk house into the big house, and we have hired two new men to help take care of the plantation and horses and cattle, and Chris and I have both taken an interest in the one hired hand named Chad, well it will be something for a little mutual recreation, if it works out, Well maybe! time will tell.

It has been three years since I came home to the plantation, things are doing well, and hey guys, I need to get off here, I am setting here at the typewriter naked as I type, and there is this gorgeous guy, also naked standing behind me with this huge set of balls resting on my right shoulder and a beatuiful, thick, hard nine inch cock rubbing against my the side of my face, ever few minutes I turn and lick off a drip of pre-cum from its tip, I guess that means he needs some attention, yeah but then so do I. Enjoy the story



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