I had checked into the motel in San Antonio on Monday afternoon. It was predominately a truckers motel but the rooms were large, clean and comfortable and there was also a bar and restaurant there.

I walked to the public restroom and above one of the urinals took my pen and wrote the date then added 'Leave room no. for blow job'.

This was on tuesday afternoon. I went and ate an early dinner and returned to my room. After a short nap I awoke about eight and slipped on some pants and a shirt and went down to the bar. While sipping my beer, I checked out the crowd. I saw several that were hot, especially ond guy that sat a few seats away at the bar. He was in his late twenties, tall and slim with moustache and goatee and numerous tattoos on his arms.

After my beer I went to the restroom and checked out where I had written the note. There under my note was written '167'. It wasn't there when I wrote the note. I went to the house phone and dialed the room.

A man answered and I said, 'I saw your room number in the restroom. Are you wanting a blow job?'

'Yes, I am but I need to tell you that I don't do anything. I just like to get my dick sucked.'

'No problem,' I answered. 'May I come to your room now?'

'Sure, come on.'

I walked to his room and knocked. The door was answered by a yung man with red hair. I was immediately turned on. He was wearing only briefs and he invited me in. We talked a few minutes and I found out that he was married, twenty-four years old, and was also a salesman, and like blow jobs from guys because they were better at it than women. I asked if he minded if I got comfortable and he said no. I stripped and as I was removing my pants, he removed his briefs.

He lay back on the bed and I began caressing his cock. His pubes were red-orange and I loved it. I began sucking him and after a while he informed me that he was getting close.

'You want it in your mouth?' he asked.

'Yea,' I said quickly and resumed sucking. Within seconds his cock exploded and I was fed a huge load of thick sweet man cream as he moaned loudly. When I had drained him completely, he asked if I was in a hurry and I said no and asked why.

'Man, that was fantastic. I'd like another one if you can give me a few minutes to recoup.'

'Sure. It would be my pleasure.'

He smiled and said, 'I don't find many that swallow. That was fucking hot to watch.'

I just smiled. After about thirty minutes he said he thought he was ready again. I sucked him and soon he was hard and after a little longer than before, he fed me another load.

Before leaving, we checked our schedules and found that we would be there at the same tim quite frequently. It was agreed that when he was there he would go to the restroom and write 'Red' with the dates and his room number. When I saw that, I wouldn't call but go straight to his room. Red was the name I gave him. I never knew his real name.

On Wednesday, I finished quite early and was back at the motel shortly after two in the afternoon. I hab bought a 12-pack of beer and iced six down and after putting on my swin trunks, I headed for the pool.

There off to himself was the driver with the tattoos I had seen in the bar the night before. I walked up tt the lounge next to him and said, 'Mind if I join you? I'd like to stay away from that big crowd.'

'Help yourself. That's why I'm way over here.'

I sat the cooler between us and gave him my name and he said his was Mike and we shook hands.

'Nice tats,' I said. 'Where'd you get them done?'

'Prison,' he said mater-of-factly, watching my face.

'Well, whoever did them did a hell of a nice job.'

'Yea, I think so,' he replied and after a few seconds he added, 'When I said 'prison' you showed no shock or surprise like most people do. Why didn't you?'

'Mike, look, I don't judge people for what they've done or who they are. Lord knows I have plenty of my own secrets and who am I to judge others. If you're out here I can only assume that you have done your time and that is in your past. The past is over and the future lies ahead. You've paid your dues to society.'

'Man, you're the first to ever say something like that to me. Most people feel that once you've been in prison you're no good and will committ crimes again. That may be true for some but not all.'

Changing the subject, I asked if he'd like a beer.

'Man, that would be great. Thanks.'

I handed him one and we began talking. He was indeed a trucker and was having to wait a couple of days to get a load out. He was twenty-eight and had been driving for only about six months. He was from Kentucky and was single.

The conversation slowed down as we soaked up the rays of the summer sun and after a while, I said, 'Mike, may I ask you a personal question? If you don't want to answer just tell me, I won't be offended.'

'Sure, go ahead. For some reason, I feel comfortable talking with you. I think it has a lot to do with what you said earlier.'

'What were you in for?'

'Armed robbery and assault.'

'Smiling, I asked, 'Were you guilty?'

He laughed and said, 'Fuck man, Is the Pope Catholic? I was a stupid nineteen year old kid high on dope. Fuck yea I was guilty, though I'm not proud of it.'

'Something else I'd like to asked?'


'Is it like they say about prison life and the sex and rape of the prisoners? Does that really go on?'

Looking around to see if anyone was close, he said,'Yea it is, but I'd rather not discuss it out here.'

We had finished the beers that were in the cooler so I said, If you don't mind talking about it I'd love to hear it. We can go to my room where there is more beer on ice.'

'I don't mind. I've been told that talking about it will be theraputic for me. Let's go. Besides I could use another cold one if you don't mind. Then I'll buy dinner tonight.'

'Deal,' I said. We gathered up our belongings and headed for my room. Once inside I said, 'Make yourself comfortable.'

'If I do that you might be grossed out.'

'Why do you say that?'

'Well, when I'm in my sleeper or in a motel room I usually go nude, but since this is your room, I think I'll stay just like I am.'

'Hell, I do the same usually but suit yourself. But just know that if you decide to shuck it you have my permission, and that I'll probably join you.'

We both had a good laugh about what people would say if we did both get nude and anyone saw us.

'Frankly, it's none of their business. It's my fucking room and I'll do what I please and so will my guest.'

'Man I like your attitude,' he said.

When we both had another cold beer in hand, I said, 'Okay, now what about the sex in prison. Did it happen to you?'

'Oh yea. Did it ever,' he said sipping his beer. 'It's a long story so get comfortable.'

I propped myself up on the bed and he sat indian style next to me.

Then he began.

'I was sentenced to ten years, but was paroled after eight years, three months and six days. My sentence was shortened because of good behavior time and a good word from the warden to the parole board.'

When I went in, I was put in a cell with an inmate named Duke. He was in for murder. Being young and innocent, I was fair game. He made it known real quick that if I wanted to survive, he'd take care of me but I'd have to 'take care' of him. I asked what he meant and he smiled and said that I'd have to be his personal bitch. I was scared shitless.'

'Nothing happened for a couple of days except for him having me hand him this or get him that. Then on the third night after lights out and inspection by the guards, he had me get up and get in his bunk with him. He began kissing me like I was his girlfriend giving me his tongue and all. Then he told me to go down and suck him off. I said that I didn't do that and he bitch-slapped me and said that I was starting that night and that I'd suck him anytime he wanted and that I better not spit it out. I got down and sucked him off and he held my head on him when he came and made me swallow.'

'That was every night for a while. Then one night he said that he wanted my virgin ass and he bent me over and raped me. Sucking him and having him fuck my ass became a daily thing. I eventually got to where I liked it and wanted to service him. He did protect me and I knew that I was safe. After about two years, he began to 'loan' me out to a few of his buds and I'd have to suck them or let them fuck me. I don't know how I managed but I remained HIV- throughout. I was tested a week before I got out and was kept in a cell by myself. I got the results the day I got out.'

'When I got out, the first ting I did was find a broad to fuck to make sure I wasn't gay. We went to bed and man, I couldn't even come close to getting hard. She got pissed and left and I went to a park and while I was taking a piss in the resttoom, a guy came in and was checking me out and my old cock started rising to the occasion. I was hard in a flash. I knew then that I was gay.'

He looked at me and continued, 'Well, I guess since you know that you'll probably want this fag to get out and leave you alone.'

'Why? So you're gay. You like sucking cock and getting fucked. What's wrong with that. I like the same thing.'

'What?' he asked.

'I was looking you over at the bar last night and when I saw you at the pool I purposely went and sat by you hoping to somehow put the make on you.'

'You're shitting me,' he said.

'Does this look like I'm shitting you?' I sat up and began rubbing his crotch as I began kissing him. He quickly returned the kiss.

Before long, we were both totally naked and making out like crazy. We soon were in a sixty-nine and hungrily devouring each others cocks. We climaxed together, each swallowing the hot load that was fed to him.

After a cuddling and kissing session, we were eating each others ass and soon fucking each other. Mike spent the night with me and it was an all night sex party.

I managed to work the next day, but when I returned to the motel I called Mike, met him in the restaurant for the dinner we never ate the night before then headed for his room. It was closer. As soon as we entered, we began stripping each other and were soon back at the hot sex.

Mike and I kept in touch for a few years and had several meeting when he was in the area delivering. Then I got a call one day and he said that he had met someone, another driver, and that they had become lovers. I wished him well and said that I was glad for him because he needed someone to treat him right. I never heard from him again, but to this day, I still get a big boner when I think of Mike.



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