This encounter is with a driver about thirty five years old who had never been with a man before.

The company I worked for gave me a daily per diem. It was larger when I worked out of town to cover gas and motel expenses. I got a set amount regardless of the cost of the motel room, so i stayed as cheaply as possible. Any difference was extra for me.

I was working near the Texas-Mexican border in Harlington, Texas. I found a small motel very reasonably priced and noticed that it had several 18-wheelers parked in it's lot.

I check in and was given a room on the back building facing the parking lot and front desk. It was summer and the daily temperature was nearing 100. I unloaded my car and carried my belongings to my second floor room. With me was a cooler with sodas and beer iced down.

After changing into only a pair of shorts and going commando, I grebbed a beer and stepped out onto the walkway to survey the lot. As I did, another big rig pulled in and I watched as the driver climbed down and went to the office to check in. He was tall, slim yet well built, with moustache and wearing tight jeans and sleevless t-shirt.

I waited and watched. He came out of the office, went to his rig and grabbed his bag and headed for the stairs. Luck was with me that day as it turned out that his room was next to mine and we had connecting doors between our rooms.

As he walked up to unlock his door, I spoke and he acknowledged me and as he looked at the beer in my hand said, 'Now there is a man with a plan.'

We introduced ourselves and I told him that there was plenty more in the cooler if he'd care for one.

'Maybe after I shower and get cooled down some,' he replied.

'Well, our rooms have a connecting door and I'll open my side. If you want one come on over. I'd enjoy the company.'

'Thanks, I just might do that,' he replied.

He went into his room and after a few minutes, I returned to mine, unlocked and opened the door on my side of the wall and began channel surfing. I grabbed a fresh beer and propped up on one of the beds in the room.

About ten minutes later I heard him him open his side of the door and saw him stick his head in. 'Is that offer of a beer still good?' he asked.

'Fuck yea. Come on in. The beer is in the cooler. Help yourself.'

He stepped in wearing only jeans, with the white band of his briefs slightly showing above the waist of the jeans. He grabbed a beer and as he opened it he sat down on the edge of the other bed. He had a nice coating of hair on his chest and a treasure trail leading down and disappearing into the jeans.

We talked for a while and as he got his second beer, he commented that the truck he was in was not his regular truck and it had him tied up in knots.

'You need a good rub down,' I said, trying to sound casual.

'Man, I sure as fuck could use one.'

With that, I got up and walked around to him and said, 'Put your beer down and lay on the bed on your stomach.' He did and I straddled him, sitting over his legs just below his ass. I leaned forward and began rubbing his shoulders and neck. As I did, he said 'Oh, fuck, I wasn't asking you for one, but that feels great.'

'Hell, I don't mind.'

I continued down his back and eventually to his waist. I changed positions and began massaging his thighs saying that I could do a lot better if the jeans weren't in the way and suggested that he take them off. He rolled to the side, unbuttoned and unzipped them and as he did I grabbed the legs and began pulling them off as he raised his midsection. He was now in just his white briefs.

I returned to massaging his thighs and he said that it was much better without the jeans. When I massaged his upper thighs, I spread his legs some to make sure that my fingertips could touch the back of his balls concealed in the briefs. When i finished the back of his legs, I told him to turn over and let me get the front side.

'Oh, that's okay,' he said.

'Hell man, turn over. I'm only half through.' I knew why he didn't turn over. He had a boner. He relented and turned over. I was right, but didn't say anything.

As I started working back up from his feet I asked if he'd ever had a guy give him a massage before. He said he'd never even thought about it, but said I was doing a great job.

I continued working my way closer to his crotch. again as I massaged his upper thighs, I let my fingertips brush against his balls. When I did, I noticed that his hard cock would twitch slightly. I continued and started massaging his lower stomach and sides and as I did, I'd let the butt of my hand brush across his hard cock. I continued on up to his chest and pecs and then out to his biceps, eventually working my way back to his lower stomach and his still hard cock.

As my hand brushed across the hard cock, I got brave and felt it saying, 'It looks like something else meeds a massage.'

He smiled and said 'Oh I take care of him regularly in private.'

As he said that, I eased the waist band of his griefs up and pulled them below his balls and began stroking his cock.

'Hey, man, we shouldn't be doing this. I've never done anything like this before.'

'Does it feel good?' I asked.

'Fuck yea, but we shouldn't be doing this.'

'Just relax and enjoy it,' I said. 'No one will ever know.' As i was saying this, I was pulling his briefs lower and he raised his hips, allowing me to completely remove the briefs.

Once I had them off, I positioned myself between his spread legs and again began slowly massaging his cock with one hand and his balls with the other. I looked up at his face when I heard him moan slightly. His arms were out to the side and his eyes were closed.

As I stroked his cock, I slowly bent forward, Lifting his cock straight up. On a slow downward stroke, as the velvet smooth head of his cock emerged from my hand, I lowered my head taking the hard tool into my mouth and began caressing it with my tongue.

'Oh fuck man, No. Stop. We shouldn't be doing this. I've never done this before.'

I didn't stop. Instead, I slowly took his entire cock into my mouth and down my throat, burying my nose in his thick patch of pubic hair.

'Oh, mother fuck,' he said. I held him there then raised back up, caressed the head then swallowed him again.

'Ummm. Oh yea,' he whispered. I knew he was mine. I sucked slowly for nearly a half hour. I pulled off him and went lower to his balls, sucking in and caressing one then the other with my tongue. After a few minutes of that and listening to him moan with pleasure, I gently raised his legs and pushed them back and slid my tongue into his ass crack. He took the hint and held his legs back, allowing me to spread his ass cheeks with my hands as my tongue found his pink velvet hole. I licked it them began pulling him open more and began tongue fucking him. As I did, his body shook and his moans became louder, whit an occasional 'Oh, fuck, yea,' thrown in.

I soon returned to his throbbing cock and after about another twenty minutes, I could tell he was nearing his climax. His cock grew even bigger as his balls pulled up tight against the base of his throbbing cock.

'That's enough,' he said, 'I'm about to cum.'

I only began sucking faster and soon his cock exploded, sending huge streams of cum into my mouth and down my throat. I held it all in my mouth until I was sure I had every drop. As his cock began to soften, I let it slip out of my mouth and looked up at him. He was watching me as I swallowed the huge load.

'Fuck, man, my wife won't even do that.'

'No need letting it go to waste,' I said.

He lay still a minute then sat up and said, 'That was a first for me.'

'Getting sucked?' I asked jokingly.

'No. Letting a guy do it and seeing it being swallowed.'

'Well, what did you think?' I asked.

'The massage was great and that was the best fucking blow job I've ever had.'

'That's because another guy did it. No woman can suck a cock as ood as a man can.'

'I tend to agree with you,' he said as he picked up his briefs and jeans. 'Thanks,' he added as he headed back to his room.

'What time you headed out tomorrow?' I asked.

'Early, about five or so,' he said.

'I'll leave my side open tonight. If you want another before you go, come on over.'

'We'll see,' he replied as he returned to his room and locked his side of the door.

I left the bath light on and the door slightly cracked, giving a soft glow to the room. At five the next morning, I was awakened by a knock on the door. I looked up to see him standing in the door totally naked. I sat up and without either of us saying a word, he walked to the bed and I gane him another blow job before he left. When he came, he again watched me swallow, turned and returned to his room, locking his door.

A few minutes later, I heard him leave his room. I walked to the door and opened it and stood there naked, watching him walk to his truck. He looked back as he climbed in and saw me ewatching. He climbed in, started it up and as he pulled out, he stuck out his left arm and gave me a thumbs up.

Unfortunately, on all my trips there after that, I never saw him again.



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