I was working my northwest Louisiana territory and was staying at a small motel immediately next door to an older 76 Truck Stop. I stayed there because the truck stop had glory holes in both the downstairs men's restroom and also the one upstairs in the restroom in the trucker's lounge. If I was fortunate enough to find a hot driver, that wanted more than just a blow job, we could always walk next door to my room.

After returning to the motel, I changed and got comfortable. That meant fairly tight shorts, tight tee shirt and sneakers. On my off time I always went 'commando'. I was reasonably well built and not ashamed of my physique.

I went to the restaurant and took a table next to a window where I could not only cruise the restaurant but also the parking lot. I ordered and as I ate I checked out the drivers. I saw a few that weren't bad but none really 'turned me on'. Let me add that I am a primarily a top and extremely oral. On rare occasions I will bottom for the right guy.

After eating, I went to the downstairs restroom and checked it out. It was empty, but I took a stall and decided to give it a few minuttes and see what happened. A few drivers came in but went to the urinals and only pissed before leaving. Then I heard the door open again and waited. The driver went into the stall next to me where the glory hole was.

There was a very small hole up at eye level that gave me the ability to see the other man's face once he was seated. I checked him out. He looked to be in his mid to late thirties with a black moustache and goatee. He wore a cowboy hat, plaid western shirt open about half way revealing a semi-muscular hairy chest, jeans and boots.

From my position on the toilet, I could turn my head to the left and look through the hole directly down to his crotch. As I watched, he slid his hand between his legs and caressed his large round nuts, then taking his cock in his hand pulled back the foreskin on his thick long cock, revealing a velvety looking smooth pink mushroom shaped cock head. He slowly began to stroke it.

Before long it had reached it's full 8'' length and was rock hard. I could see sparkling drops of pre-cum exit out from the large piss slit.

I knew that he knew I was watching because on a couple of strokes, he pointed the cock over toward the hole and shook it slightly. I slipped my index finger through the hole and motioned for him to put it through which he quickly did.

As his cock came through the hole, my hungry mouth was waiting and began swallowing the beautiful tool with my tongue swirling aroung the head, cleaning off all the sweet clear nector. I heard him moan slightly.

I worked until I could relax my throat and get his cock completely down my throatand my nose buried in his musky delicious smelling pubes.

'Oh shit,' I heard him whisper as he slightly moved his hips back then forward, fucking my throat. After sucking him a few minutes, we heard the door open and he quickly pulled back and sat down. I took a pen from my pocket and wrote a note asking if he'd like to go to my room and have some privacy.

'Would love to but short on time. Just get me off please.' he wrote back.

When the restroom was again empty, he stood and shoved his cock back through the hole for me to service. I was glad to oblidge. I began sucking, deep throating it as much as possible. Before long I could hear his breathing get heavier and faster, his cock beginning to grow even more. I knew he was close. With a few more strokes on his cock, it exploded, sending huge ropes of hot cum down my throat. I pulled back slightly so I coud collect it in my mouth and taste the salty sweet nector before swallowing. I milked it dry and as he pulled back I swallowed.

As he was pulling up his jeans, he whispered, 'I sure as fuck wish I had more time. That was fantastic and I'd love to give you another load but I have to get going. My co-driver is waiting on me. Thanks.' He quickly walked out and I followed and saw him meet up with an older driver and they walked out of the truck stop. I went into the game room and began playing pinball. My machine was the first one directly across from the restroom door.

I watched as several drivers came and went but none did anything for me. Then one went in and was soon followed by a nice looking driver in a green jump suit. I wanted him and after a couple of seconds I followed. He and the driver before him occupied the stalls with the glory hole. I went into the private stall.

After a couple of minutes, as i slightly peaked under the stall the driver next to me stood and turned to the hole and put his cock through, giving it to the driver in the green jump suit.

I bent over further and looked up at the driver getting sucked. He saw me and started to pull back when I told him it was okay. I mouthed, 'Is he sucking it?' and he nodded yes.

Before long the driver climaxed and I got up and left my stall, pausing to wash my hands and wait for the driver to leave so I could take his place. Instead, the driver in the green jumpsuit came out and hurried out the door and down the stairs. When he reached the bottom, he smiled at a nice looking slim blond lady, kissed her and picked up their bags and they walked out.

As I watched the driver that got sucked came out and smiled at me.

'You're not going to believe what just happened,' I told him.

'What's that?'

'The driver in the green jumpsuit that sucked you just went downstairs and met a woman I assume was his wife and they just went out together.'

Leaning closer to me, he whispered 'He sucked me with his wife waiting downstairs for him?'

'Yep,' I answered.

'That ain't fucking right. She needs to know. Want to come out to the truck with me and listen?'

'Sure,' I answered.

We walked to his rig and as we did he said, 'If he's married and wants to suck cock that's fine but I don't think it's right for him to be so blantant about it and keep her waiting while he does it.' He had me discribe the lady.

We reached his rig and climbed in. He turned on his CB and picked up the mic and said, 'How 'bout that driver in the green jumpsuit that just left the 76, you got a copy?'

After a pause we heard, 'Yea, go ahead.'

'I just wanted to thank you for that great blow job you gave me in the upstairs restroom and was curious if that hot little blond knows you suck cock?'

There was a pause they the driver responded cussing and calling out names. We could hear the woman crying and screaming in the background. Another driver broke in saying, 'Man if you like cock, bring her back to the truck stop. We'll see she gets home and you can go on and do your thing.'

'I think you got something started there,' I said.

'I don't care. She didn't need to be waiting like that while he was doing what he was doing.'

I returned to the restaurant and there was much conversation amoung the drivers about what had happened. I got a cup of coffee and later returned to the game room upstairs. When I arrived at the game room my heart skipped a beat.

Playing one of the video games was a hot young stud in his early twenties, tall, muscular, and damn good looking, wearing a tank top and tight levis. he glanced up and saw me staring at him and smiled.

I went to the pinball machine I was at earlier and when he finished his game he came to the machine next to mine. We began talking and after a while I excused myself and went to the restrooom. I went into the middle stall where the hole was to my left giving me a perfect view should he come in. A couple minutes later the door opened. I peeked out throu the gap around the door and saw that it was him.

My heart stopped and he went into the other stall where the hole was. He dropped his jeans and removed his tank top, dropping it down into his open jeans. Without so much as a pause, he leaned back and began stroking his hardening cock. As I watched, I could see his shadow on the floor from the overhead light. The shadow was slowly moving forward and to the right, coming closer to the hole.

I leaned back and began stroking my cock and within a few seconds I could see him looking through. He stuck his fingers through motioning me to put it through. I stood and put the tip of my cock up to the hole being cautious. He immediately began licking it. As I eased more through the hole, he began to suck it into his mouth. I put it completely through the hole and he immediately swallowed the entire cock. Damn was he good tobe so young. After a few minutes, I pulled back and motioned for him to stick his through. He did and I hungrily swallowed his cock. I heard him moan softly. After a few more minutes I stopped and as he sat down expecting me to put mine back through i leaned to the hole and said, 'I have a room aththe motel next door. Would you like to go over there?'

'Fuck yea, lead the way, but I'll need to let my co-driver know that i'll be gone for a while so he won't wonder where I'm at.'

'I'll wait for you downstairs,' I said.

I went downstairs and waited and after a couple of minutes he came down and we headed to the room. As we walked over to the motel, he extended his hand and said, 'I'm David.' We shook hands and I gave him my name.

We entered the room and I locked the door and as I turned David wrapped me in his arms and kissed me, slipping his tongue between my lips and into my mouth. I eagerly returned the kiss and as we began undressing each other, acting like two hot blooded wild teens.

Soon, we were both totally naked and in bed, kissing and groping each other. We worked around and was soon in a sixty-nine, devouring each other's cocks, licking and sucking each other's full nuts and eating each other's ass.

After a while, we stopped and David looked at me and asked, 'Do you like three ways?'

'Fuck yea man, you have someone in mind?'

'Yea, my co-driver. He loves male sex just as much as I do.'

'Fuck man, there's the phone. Call the truck stop and tell him to come on over.'

David picked up the phone, looked on the card by the phone and dialed the truck stop. When they answered he said 'Can you page Philip Long please.'

Then after a minute or so, David said, 'Hey, it's me. Were in room 126 if you care to join us. He's hot You won't be sorry.'

He hung up the phone and looked at me and smiled, saying, 'He's on his way.' As we waited I asked David how old he was. He said that he was 23 and that Phil was 38.

Soon, there was a knock on the door and David went and let Phil in. Phil looked at me naked on the bed, smiled and said, 'Fuck, i'm sure glad you called me to come over.' He immediately began stripping. Once naked, he came to the bed and joined David and I and began kissing me. After a moment he and David were kissing passionately.

'Do you two have sex together on the road?' I asked.

'Oh yea, but we prefer to have a third join us when we can find one,' Phil said.

Before long, Phil and I were in a sixty-nine while David alternated eating both our asses. Like I mentioned earlier, I am mainly a top but with these two studs, I was willing to bottom for both of them.

As Phil and I sucked each other's cocks, David soon got behind Phil and eased his cock into Phil's ass and began fucking him. Phil moaned with pleasure as david buried his cock balls deep in Phil's ass. As he pumped Phil's ass, Phil and I sucked hungrily. Before long, David picked up speed and we knew he was getting close. That brought Phil and I close and as David suddenly stiffened and erupted deep in Phil's ass, Phil climaxed and filled my mouth and throat with his hot thik sweet cum. I hungrily swallowed and was soon feeding my pent up load to Phil, who expertly milked every drop of my love nector out of my cock swallowing every drop. As David slowly extracted his cock frm Phil's ass, Phil and I kissed, tasting our own cum in the other's mouth.

David looked at Phil and said, 'Dam, dad, you got fed at both ends.'

I was in shock but soon recovered and asked, 'What did you just say?'

David smiled and said, 'That sorta slipped out. He's my dad, but we don't normally tell anyone.'

'You two are biological father and son?' I asked.

Phil looked at me and said, 'Yes we are.'

I couldn't believe that I had witnessed a father and son kissing and the son fuck his dad in the ass. I asked if they could please fill me in on how it all came about.

Phil said that when he was 15 he got his girl friend pregnant and David was the result. He said that they never married but he worked after school and gave his pay to the girl for David's needs. In his senior year, he realized that he was gay but kept it secret until he was out and on his on. He said that he would get David every weekend and more often when he could and they became very close. He said that when David was 16 he sat him down and told him that he was gay and David said that it was Phil's business and that he didn't care and still loved him.

David took over and said that he didn't care because he and a friend had been messing around although he didn't tell his dad until much later. David said that when he turned 18 he asked his dad if he could move in with him. at the time he said that Phil was working at a manufacturing plant. Phil agreed to let David move in. One weekend David was supposed to go camping with some buddies, but as they were packing the car to leave, one of the guys had an emergency and it got cancelled.

Phil took back over and said that since David was going to be gone for the weekend he called a guy he had been with several times and invited him over for a weekend of sex. The guy came over and he and Phil stripped and were in a sixty-nine when David returned home and walked in on them. Even though David knew, Phil said he was still upset that David had seen him. The guy was upset and dressed and left. Phil said that he began apologizing to David and that David started laughing. Phil asked what was so funny and David said that they other guy was only doing what he had wanted to do with Phil for over a year. That's when David admitted to Phil that he was gay also. They said it went from there.

'That is fucking hot,' I told them.

David eased himself between my legs and began sucking my cock and soon sat down on it. His ass was so hot and tight I thought I'd blow my load right then. We changed positions and David got on his hands and knees and I reentered his ass. As I began fucking, I felt Phil behind me spreading my ass cheeks and licking my puckered hole. I relaxed and let him spread it open to get more of his hot long tongue up into me. He got up and retrieved a tube of lube from his pants and was soon lubing up my hole. Phil positioned himself and eased his cock head against my hole and began pushing forward. I relaxed so as to accept the invasion and soon had Phil's cock buried deep in me. I had become the middle of a sandwich.

Phil and I soon came at the same time. David managed to hold back and after Phil was out of me and I was out of David, he looked at Phil and I and said, 'I want to cum in your faces.' Phil looked at me and I smiled and said, 'Fuck yea.'

We lay with our faced together and David began stroking and soon exploded his huge load out, covering our faces with his cum. When he was finished, Phil and I began to lick each other clean. David even got into the act and licked up some of his own cum.

Later, I told them that I had never been with a father and sone before and wated to watch them suck and fuck each other. They readily agreed and as I sat back and slowly stroked my cock, I watched them suck each other, and fuck each other. It was hot as hell watching Phil fuck his own son and for David to beg for him to go deeper and harder. Before it was all over, I had sucked both of them several times, both had sucked me, I had fucked both and both had fucked me. Phil said it always turned him on to watch his son have sex with another guy.

They ended up spending the night with me and needless to say, we didn't get much sleep. Before they left the next morning, I asked them to prove that they were actually father and son. They each showed me their driver's license. One read 'Philip David Long, Sr.' and the other was 'Philip David Long, Jr.' and they both had the same address. I thanked them for a most memorable night.

I know that most of you will not believe this story. I wouldn't either if it hadn't actually happened to me. I give you my word that it is all true. Only their names have been changed.

Encounter 3 coming soon.



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