Colton woke early Friday and was anxious all morning, pulling the note with Jules telephone number out and reading it over and over till the paper was ragged and soft. He kept telling himself he would wait till after lunch to call. Earlier wouldn't be appropriate; he could wait. But he paced his room, rode his bike to kill time and ended up thinking of nothing but Jules during the whole ride. After lunch he went out under an old pecan tree in the front yard and called Jules. It rang once, twice, three times and Colton was getting nervous; then Jules picked up.

"Hello, this is Jules."

"Jules, this is Colton. We met at..." and Jules cut him off.

"Hey Colton, you called!" His voice seeming really surprised. They talked for a few moments catching up when Colton finally got around to asking Jules if he wanted to get together that evening. Jules told him he couldn't since he needed to take his mother down to Pensacola to the airport. She was flying home for a few days to take care of some things.

"How about tomorrow; I was thinking a picnic would be fun. You come over around lunch time and we'll leave from here. I have everything we'll need."

"A picnic...that sounds great" Colton replied, his disappointment from not being able to meet that day vanishing with the new plan.

Saturday morning was nearly cloudless as the sun rose, heating the air quickly into the nineties. Colton was driving to Jules' for their picnic, dressed in a button down shirt and shorts but was still hot due to the whirling hot air coming into the open Jeep. He pulled up to the house Jules' parents were renting for the summer and parked by Jules' Jeep. Jules came out carrying two backpacks.

"Good morning, Colton. I've got everything ready; you want to hit the road?"

Yeah. Where are we going?"

"Well, I searched on line for someplace suitable but all the state parks are too far away and the park in town is not suitable so I thought we'd go back to where we first met."

Colton smiled and nodded his head. "Ok, let's go."

It wasn't long and Jules was pulling off the old dirt road across the ditch onto the fire trail road in the pines. He eased along the narrow trail road, easing over the wash outs. The tree that had been across the trail road had a section cut out of it, opening the trail road back up. Soon they were at the place to cut down the hill to the creek. They each took a backpack and headed down.

"Can we get across the creek somewhere with the backpacks?"

"Yes; all we have to do is climb down where we were climbing up and move upstream just a little ways. The creek isn't over three feet deep at the most there."

At the high bank they surveyed the slow moving creek, noticing how clear the water was. They moved over to the place they could climb down and worked their way upstream and waded across. The water came up to mid-thigh wetting their shorts. Working their way back down they moved out on the sand bar. Jules pulled a blanket out of his backpack and spread it on the ground. Colton then unloaded his which had all the food in it. Jules brought out a bottle of wine he had wrapped in the blanket. Colton began to sit down when he noticed Jules stripping his clothes off.

"You taking your clothes off?" he asked.

"Yes. I hate wet shorts for they make me itch and we'll swim after we eat, so why not go ahead and take them off....go on, get out of those wet shorts" Jules prodded him.

Colton watched as Jules' short dropped to the ground revealing no underwear. Colton couldn't help but look at Jules' long uncut cock settling over his balls, then up his smooth flat stomach, over his chest and up to his face seeing him smiling back at him. Colton unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it on the blanket and then opened up his shorts and pushed them with his briefs down. His half hard cock flop out and the warm air felt good on his naked skin. He felt self conscientious at first but as they settled down to the salad, the cold cuts of meat and cheeses and the loaf of French bread he soon was absorbed by Jules casual conversation and the act of eating. The sun was filtering through the tree canopy more intensely as they finished eating and the air seemed hotter. As they finished, Colton kept stealing glances down at Jules' cock; seeing it expand slightly, stretch out over his thigh. He watched Jules' long black hair move in the slightest of breezes, and he moved his eyes over skin so fair, so smooth he began to grow an erection.

"More wine?" Jules broke him from one of his stares.

"Yeah" as he held up the plastic cup.

"No, I think you should drink it more recklessly, with abandon. Celebrate this moment. Lean your head back and open your mouth."

Colton smiled at Jules hesitating.

"Come on, lean back."

Colton leaned back on his hands, his lightly tanned chest angled up to a shaft of light cutting through the trees. The line of hair from his navel to his crotch shined in the light, his cock moved over to his thigh, expanding. Jules sat up on his knees and held the bottle up over Colton's head, almost foot over him, and tilted the bottle slowly over. Colton held his head back and opened his mouth. As the wine began to pour out, Colton blocked his throat with his tongue and caught the wine in his mouth. Jules kept pouring even as his mouth filled up, the wine trickling out, running down his chin, dripping down on his chest or running back across his neck. Rivulets of wine ran down his chest. Jules sat the bottle down quickly and leaned over, damning one rivulet with his tongue, running it up Colton's chest, sucking up the warm red liquid, savoring it as it mingled with the sweat on Colton's skin. Colton swallowed what was in his mouth and looked down at Jules as he worked his way up. Jules tongue his nipples, tweaked them with his teeth, suck then hard, before continuing up. He licked Colton's neck, his ear, burying his tongue in it as he brought his hands up and rubbed them over the short stubble of hair on his head. Jules moved up and on Colton's lap, pushed his body against Colton smearing wine and sweat between them till they were slick with it, grinding together. Jules moved to Colton's mouth, kissing him passionately, tongues dueling as they each ran their hands over the other. Up and down their sides, around and over their backs. Jules leaned hard into Colton's chest pushing his cock over the slick flesh, rubbing it back and forth down his sternum, feeling the heat of Colton under him.

Colton reacted, pushing Jules back and easing him onto his back and he moved down, taking Jules' hard cock in his hand, holding it up, looking at the head as it peeped out of its hood. He snaked his tongue out and licked the head, working it around the loose flesh, pushing into it. He moved up and took the head in his mouth, sucking it, tonguing it, feeling Jules push up, then drop down, push up further. Colton sucked hard as he moved down the shaft as far as he could, holding it tightly at the base, squeezing slightly, pumping it up harder. Colton pulled up and moved over Jules, tongue trailing over his skin, tasting the wine and the sweat of Jules. He worked his way up, climbing over Jules until he was kissing him, shoving his tongue into his warm wet mouth.

"I want it inside me" Colton whispered to Jules as he rose his hips up, letting Jules hold his cock up, wet with spit and pre-cum. Colton eased down until the head touched him, touched him there, the place he wanted penetrated, where he wanted to feel Jules up in him, opening him up. He eased down, pushing against the head until he opened up and let it slide into him, penetrating him, spearing him. He kept moving down and taking more and more of Jules cock, working his hole down until he had all of it buried in him. He was sitting down on Jules' hips with his cock buried up in him.

He hugged Jules and leaned back wiggling his hips feeling Jules cock move within him. Jules hugged Colton's body to his and rolled him over on his back as he got into position. A position that allowed him to fuck, to throw his body into Colton, to thrust his cock through Colton's insides. Colton watched Jules rise up, his thick cock pulling up out of him and then sliding back in till their bodies slapped together.

"Jules...fuck...fuck..." Colton was grunting as he hugged up to Jules feeling his body move over him, working cock through his insides. Jules pulled out and moved Colton over on his side, grabbed the leg closest to him and held it up as he slid up to his back and pushed back into him, all the way, shoving his cock into Colton's hot insides. He bit on Colton's ear, tongued it, as his hips worked his cock in Colton.

"I'm going cum" and he drove his cock as deeply as he could, pumping his load into Colton. He kept moving his hips, feeling his cock slid through his load, the hot wet slickness. He pulled back and fell flat on his back, grabbing Colton by the head and pulling him over on him.

Colton attacked him, his lust ferocious, wild, as he moved on top. Jules wrapped his legs around Colton's waist as Colton moved up, pushing his cock against Jules, pushing to penetrate, to stab deeply into him.

"Come on....fuck me Colton" Jules uttered just before Colton held him by the chin and plunged his tongue into his mouth, trying to get into Jules, crawl up in him. He drove his hips hard, working Jules' inside. Colton got up on his hands and raised his body up over Jules as he pulled his cock up, almost completely out and then plunged down, all the way, the smack of their bodies coming together cracking through the air, over and over, as his body strained, muscles bulging, Colton gave himself entirely to Jules. Sweat poured off of his body. His short cropped brown hair was wet with it running down his face, dripping down on Jules. Then his pace changed, faster but shorter thrusts, he moved down on Jules, covering his long lean body, trapping the heat of their bodies.

"Fuck....take me...take me Jules" he uttered, his voice trailing off as he came, thrusting his cock as it shot hard and deep, pushing his load into Jules as far as he could. He slowed to a stop, head resting against Jules' neck, his hot breath blowing against him. Jules ran his hands over Colton's back rubbing the sweat covered skin, feeling the heat of it, the slickness. They lay for a long time barely moving.

Finally Colton rolled up and sat up and looked at Jules who was smiling up at him. Colton laughed, embarrassed, shaking his head in disbelief at what they had done. "Fuck me" he said looking out over the creek. Then both of them sniggered. Jules sat up and looked up and around.

"Damn this place is nice."

Colton stood up, his naked body sweaty, sand sticking to it, and held out his hand. Jules took it and let him pull him up.

"Let's swim."



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