Colton was home for his first summer break from college. His first year had been tough but wonderful. College was nothing like high school and now that he had been home for a week, he was missing it already. Part of the problem was home was a farm in rural nowhere and with his dad having the crops cultivated and just waiting for them to make, there was nothing to do. Colton had caught up with old classmates last weekend and made the trip into town to grab dinner and see a movie and there was the family gathering on Sunday, but here in the middle of week he was bored.

He had helped his mother clean out the garage, washed his Jeep for the second time and mowed his grandmother's yard. Now he was sitting under the gazebo his father had built for his mother years ago, a place they seemed to always migrate too when the weather was nice, enjoying the warm southern nights. He was trying concentrate on a novel some friends from college had recommended but kept letting his mind wander. He had looked at his watch so many times it was ridiculous, but each time he saw only a few minutes had ticked away. It was mid-afternoon and very hot so it made his agitation even more pronounced. Upper nineties the thermometer read, and that was in the shade. Colton sat with his shirt unbuttoned with shorts on, thinking it would be somewhat cooler, but the breeze over his skin was just hot and humid. Sweat ran down his chest, this stomach and soaked into his waistband.

"Fuck its hot" he said aloud to himself as he got up and headed toward the house. On the way he decided to go to the swimming hole that was at Bluff Springs Creek where the old mill road bridged over it. The road was still a dirt road for it had no one living on it; just pine tree stands on each side for its entire distance between the two highways it connected. The creek had a sandy bottom and being spring fed was cool and clear. Colton changed into a pair of old jean shorts, the requisite swimming trunks of farm boys, and a ratty old t-shirt and headed out. The open Jeep let the hot air blow over keeping him sweating even as he was traveling down the road. It wasn't far to the old mill road and he was soon easing along, not wanting to kick up dust any worse than he had too. When he went over the hill and headed down toward the old wooden bridge he saw several cars. Disappointment hit him, with his hope he'd have the place to himself. He slowed down and eased over the bridge looking down at the several families enjoying themselves on the sand bar along the bank with numerous kids splashing around in the water. He drove on and decided he would see if the swimming hole back up in the pines was still swimmable. It was a place in a sharp turn of the creek that some years filled up with sand, but most years it was blown out by the heavy rains in early spring and fall. He climbed up the next hill and after a short drive found the trail road into the pines. Its connection to the dirt road was severed by the washed out ditch but he saw a few tracks where trucks or other Jeeps had crossed over. One set looked recent, so he knew people were going in. He eased through the ditch and on to the trail road. It was rough and no car could have managed it, but in the Jeep it was all just large bumps to ease over. It took only a few minutes to get into the property and as he rounded a curve he saw a Jeep similar to his own stopped in the road. It was too soon to be at the creek, but as he approached he saw a tree was down across the road.

He parked behind the other Jeep and grabbed his backpack and began walking. It was another quarter of mile or so before he began his descent. Pines gave way to some oak and then bay trees as he got near the creek. Where they would normally park he found the trail breaking off into the trees. It descended down steeply for a short distance then leveled off. As he moved through the trees he remembered how you came up to the turn on the outside bank and the creek had cut into the hill to where you were about eight feet above the water and with the deepest part along this side when it was blown out, it was perfect for diving off. The opposite side, along the inside of the turn was the sand bar where you could sit out and enjoy the filtered sunlight shining through the trees overhanging the banks.

As he approached he could hear whoever was here splash around a little as they swam around. Colton approached cautiously on the high bank, not wanting to step too quickly to the edge until he was sure it wasn't undercut by erosion. When he stepped to the edge he saw the fair white skin of a guy swimming along slowly, barely moving, oblivious to his surroundings, just enjoying himself. When he dove down, letting his body rise up to the surface as he curved downward, Colton saw he was naked as the white globes of his ass rose up and then back down as he went down. Colton froze in place and watched him under the surface then rise back up. When the guy stood up in the swallower water, he shook the water out of his black hair that he wore slightly long. He was so fair skinned it was obvious he didn't get out in the sun a lot; at least not naked. Even from this distance Colton could tell he was tall and his body was lean with no real muscle definition. But he was cute, and the acknowledgement made Colton's stomach knot up. He always froze up with attractive guys, afraid to look them in the eye, afraid they could read his mind. He had left home frustrated and fearful of his attraction to guys but last winter he finally did something about it. He went to a campus support group for gays and lesbians and in the end was comforted by how he really wasn't the only one to have doubts, to be freaked out at times, to question it all. He eventually agreed to go out with one guy, then another but he held back until a guy down the hall recognized him from seeing him on a date and hit on him one Saturday night when the dorm was nearly empty. His name was Tony and he was who Colton had sex with for the first time. And it was Tony who he continued to have sex with several times, knowing the whole time Tony didn't really date anyone; he just played around. But Colton enjoyed their times together but now he was back home all those fears and doubts resurfaced. And now with this naked guy in front of him it was worse.

"Excuse me, but do you mind if I swim here too?" Colton finally announced his presence to the stranger down below. He looked up and waved casually.

"No, come on it. The water is great. I didn't know if could be so damn hot here."

"Uh, is anyone else around...I mean..." Colton stammering away.

"You mean is it ok to skinny dip, yeah, I'm the only one here."

He knew he probably should keep his shorts on. He knew he'd probably get an erection, give himself away, but for some reason he couldn't stop from pulling off his t-shirt, dropping his shorts and letting the hot air blow over his nakedness. The guy was checking him out, openly staring. Colton had nothing to be ashamed of as the farm work had given him a good body and he was lightly tanned everywhere except for the white strip around his hips and ass. His cock felt half hard but he tried not to consider it as he stepped to the edge and dove in. The cold water was a shock but by the time he resurfaced he was getting use to it. He swam over to the guy and stood a few feet away. But even with that distance he could make out his cock as it floated in front of him.

"I'm Colton."


"Do you live around here now?"

"No, no, I'm just visiting. My father brought us here while he did some contract work in the area. We'll only be here for three months and then we'll go back home."

"Where's home?"


"Wow, you are a long way from home now. I'm curious, how in the hell did you find this swimming hole? I mean...there are some locals who don't know it is here."

"A guy at that little store a couple of miles away told me about it; said I wouldn't have to put up with the families who hang out back at the bridge."

Colton caught himself staring at Jules with his fair skin, high cheek bones and jet black hair that just covered his ears. He saw a small tattoo on his upper chest, some symbol he didn't know the meaning, and he saw Jules suddenly smile at him.

"Shall we swim some" Colton blurted out breaking the tension he was feeling.


They swarm around, cutting back and forth across the creek, they splashed around and through it all Jules would ask Colton about growing up here, and what it was like on a farm. Jules told him his mother was French and his father American and he had lived in Chicago when he was young but his father's job finally brought them to Seattle. When Jules waded out to the sandbar Colton saw how tall he really was, how lean, smooth, fair skinned all the way down to his feet. And his cock hung down large, with the head hooded out of sight. It was the first time he had seen a guy with an uncut dick. Jules caught him staring again.

"You've never seen an uncut cock before have you?"

" I haven't."

"It's a strange ritual I think, as he pulled the skin back revealing the red head of his cock, then working the skin back and forth a couple of times. Colton stood transfixed and even though he was in waist deep water Jules could see Colton's cock was getting erect.

"Why don't we climb up and dive in" Jules asked Colton. Colton could only think how he shouldn't get out of the water until his cock went back down but he also saw Jules was starting to get erect too. He wanted to make a pass at Jules, to touch him. He wanted to put his hands on Jules cock, to put it in his mouth the way he did Tony's cock; taking it in his mouth, then inside of him. Jules began to wade back out and then dove in heading for the opposite bank. Colton followed him and when they got up on the bank and worked their way over to the place they could climb up Jules went first. Colton climbed up clumsily as he kept looking up Jules' cock and balls and at his ass noticing how smooth and round it was that he was tempted to reach out and touch him. When Jules got to the top he held out his hand and pulled Colton up, giving him just enough room to step on the level ground right in front of him. Colton knew he looked scared as he was face to face with Jules. Jules smiled at him and Colton turned and headed for the spot you could dive from. He stood at the top, feeling the hot air blow over him, feeling it made his cock tingle. His thoughts of trying something with Jules made it worse. He was frozen in place and it was totally silent. Jules was behind him saying nothing. Colton heard Jules take a step in the leaves, felt him come up behind him, put his hands on Colton's waist as he pressed his naked body up to Colton. Colton felt the warmth of Jules, felt him wrap his arms around his stomach, nuzzle his face up to his ear, kissing it lightly, kissing down his neck, pushing his growing erection into Colton's ass. Colton leaned back into him and reached back bracing himself by holding on to Colton hips. Jules slid one hand down and grasped his cock, stroking it lightly, pumping it up. His other hand he brought up and took Colton's chin, turned his head and kissed him on the mouth. Jules worked Colton up until he felt him shudder in his arms. He turned Colton around and dropped to his knees in front of him, taking his cock and sucking it into his mouth. Soon Colton was pumping his hips, moving his hands up and taking Jules by the hair, holding his head as he worked his cock through Jules wet hot mouth. Then Jules pulled off his cock and stood up. Colton didn't hesitate to drop to his knees, to take Jules in his mouth, to feel the loose skin move with his movements as he sucked Jules' cock, taking it as far into his mouth as he could. He shifted up close to Jules' legs feeling the light covering of black hair rub over his chest, feeling his cock slap into Jules' legs as he worked his mouth up and down Jules' cock. Jules' erection was thick and long with the loose skin pulled back to just behind the head. Jules pushed his head back.

"I'm close...not yet...I want to fuck you."

Colton watched as Jules stepped back and slowly stroked his cock. He looked at Jules, admiring the beauty of him, and he turned around and got on his hands and knees, offering himself to Jules. For Jules to fuck. Colton didn't turn to watch, just waited anxiously as he heard Jules come up behind him, heard his knees as they settled on the ground between his legs, felt Jules' hand has it rested on his hip, the other rubbing his cock over his ass. Then he felt a finger enter him, working him open, then another, stretching him open. Then Jules put three fingers inside him, twisting them around, prodding his inside. The sensation of opening up, feeling his cock get hard brought him out and he pushed back, pushing his ass back, engulfing the three fingers till they couldn't go further.

"Fuck me...come on Jules, put it in me" he stammered out between panting breaths. He felt Jules' hand run up his spine as the other guided his cock to his opening, pushing against it, until it opened up and let Jules sink into him. Slowly Jules eased into him, pushing into his depths. When Colton felt Jules body come up against his ass, then his chest lay over his back he knew he had all of Jules.

Jules couldn't believe his luck and at this swimming hole in the middle of nowhere, of all places. The rough looking farm boy in jeans shorts and tattered t-shirt had appeared suddenly and when the boy was staring at him, the way he stood transfixed he knew. He knew when the boy stripped those jean shorts off and his half hard cock hung long over his balls, or when he finally got close, and the way he looked at Jules, a hunger he probably didn't understand himself. He was so cute up close; the close cut brown hair, the sparse facial hair and the small line of freckles under each eye. Jules couldn't help but look down his chest over his flat stomach, the line of hair from navel to crotch, and then his cock as it floated out from his body. He wanted to touch him then, but he held back.

Now here he was lying across his back, his cock buried into his warm depths. He smelled his scent in his wet hair as he ran his mouth over his neck, across his lightly freckled shoulders. Jules began to work his hips, working his cock through Colton's hole, feeling it snugness at the opening milk his cock. Getting back up on his knees he began to fuck, to push in and pull out steadily; all the way in and almost all the way out. He held tight to Colton's hips, pulling him back as he slammed his hips forward.

"Fuck me...fuck me hard" Colton begged him. He wanted it bad. Jules' paced quickened, thrusting harder and harder until the sound of their bodies coming together filled the air. Sweat broke out across both of them. It ran down Jules' chest. With one hand he rubbed the sweat around, feeling its slickness over his skin.

Colton dropped down on his elbow, making his ass open up a little more and Jules' fucked him harder until he felt it; he was going to cum. His cock swelled up as he shoved in hard and filled Colton's inside with his load. His final strokes were slow, wet with his cum, until he finally stopped and fell across Colton's back as he slid down flat in the dry leaves.

They laid there for a while, breathing hard at first then settling down to normal. Jules rolled up on his knees, slapped Colton across the ass hard.

"Come on farm boy, lets dive in and cool off a minute, then you can fuck me."

Colton sat up surprised as he watched Jules go over to the spot to dive, look back, smile and then he dove off. Fuck him he thought. Tony had never let him be on top, it was always him on bottom and Tony on top. He got up realizing this was going to be better than he had been fantasying about every since he saw Jules naked body swimming below. He got up and when at the top of the bank he dove in. Jules was floating on his back, his whole body visible along the surface, and Colton couldn't help but to stop and stare at him. The way his hair floated around his head, and his long lean body floated right at the surface, and his uncut cock sticking up out of the water. Colton waded over to him and putting his hand under Jules' shoulder he lifted him up, getting him to stand as Colton came up and began to kiss him. He pushed Jules gradually up to the edge of the water, where the sand bar made it shallow. Jules dropped down on his knees once again and took Colton's nearly erect cock into his mouth. The hot slickness made Colton get fully erect as Jules worked his mouth up and down its length. Jules held Colton by his ass as he face fucked himself on Colton's cock.

"Goddamn" was all Colton said as he was so hard it hurt. He pushed Jules off his cock and watched as its wet hardness bounced up and down in front of him. Jules didn't even move up onto dry ground, he turned in the shallow water and got down on his elbows and knees, letting the cool water flow around his legs and arms.

"Come on Colton, put it in me."

Colton moved down into position and took his cock and rubbed it over Jules opening. Then he pushed against it as he felt Jules push back. He penetrated him, easing in, watching his cock glide into Jules. The heat of his insides as they gripped his cock caused him to keep pushing; to get as deep into Jules as he could get.

"Come on, Colton, work that cock in me" Jules whispered breaking Colton out of his trance. Colton began to fuck, to move his hips, feeling his cock slide through Jules insides, pushing deep inside him and then pulling nearly out. It felt good, too good and he quickened his pace, fucking faster and faster until he had to slow to catch his breath. Jules pulled up letting Colton's cock slide out and he rolled over on his back in the swallow water, raising his legs up, exposing his most private part.

"Colton, back in the saddle ya farm boy, come on; I wanna watch you fuck me."

Colton moved into position and pushed his wet hard cock all the way in, loving the way Jules' ass just gripped his cock as he pushed through. He pulled all the way out and drove it in again, all the way. And he did it again and again until he couldn't take it any longer and he slammed into Jules' hole, and began to hammer his cock into him. He went down on his hands, pushing up on his toes and looked down to watch his cock piston in and out of Jules, slamming down on him, making him grunt. Jules got noisy, really loud, telling him to fuck harder, to fuck him. Colton quickly got ready to cum. He thrust his hips down hard, slamming his cock into Jules, slapping their bodies together.

"Come on Colton, pump it in me" Jules begged him as he ran his hands over Colton's body, feeling the tension, the tighten muscles of his stomach as he pumped his cock into him and came. He slammed down hard each time he ejaculated, pumping his load deep into Jules. When he was done, he fell down on Jules breathing hard.

"Nice fuck, farm boy" Jules whispered in his ear.

They laid there until their breathing returned to normal, then got up and dove into the creek. They came up together, facing one another and kissed one more time.

"I really have to go" Jules told Colton.

"Yeah, I do too."

Back up on the other side Colton picked up his clothes began to dress. He noticed Jules had hidden a backpack behind a tree and was getting into his clothes. On the walk back to their Jeeps, Colton listened to Jules casual conversation but was not really paying attention lost in his thoughts of how to get Jules to agree to meet up again. Maybe even the whole summer while he was home and Jules was here; they could hang out, and they could mess around. Could he just ask Jules if he wanted to mess around again? He was afraid it was just a one-time pick up and nothing more.

When they got to the Jeeps, Jules was messing around in his then throwing his pack in the back. When he was in his seat, Colton came up and looked at him afraid to come out and just ask him if they could hook up again. Jules smiled at him and leaned over, grabbed him by his shorts and pulled him to him, kissing him hard on the mouth. He sat back up and smiled at Colton, waiting to see how he would respond, knowing he was really showing a shyness he thought was too cute.

"Well, I'll catch ya later, farm boy."

"Yeah, ok, I'll see ya around...I guess." He looked dejected as he walked to his Jeep and as he was about to climb in Jules yelled back at him.

"Hey, farm boy, I expect you to call me on Friday."

Colton stopped and looked back at Jules, smiling at first at his luck, then remembering. "I don't have your number."

"Yeah you do; check your pockets. Now let's get going shall we."

Colton found the piece of paper in his pocket with Jules' number and looked back at him smiling. "I'll call you on Friday!"



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