Brock sighed as he scanned the bar. So far nothin' caught his eye as of interest. 'It must be Twinkie night' he hought as no one seemed older than at least 20 walked in and all of them small and skinny too skinny for Brock's taste. He was so deep in thought, he didn't notice the man beside him.

'Hey Brock.' The man said.

Brock, bein' slightly buzzed, didn't answer right away. The man poked his earlobes, then Brock turned in surprise.

'Duke! How's it been boy?' Brock replied, finally reconginizing him. Duke Joshua was Btock's best friend way back in their teens. They lived three houses apart and he was always a bit of a chub, in which Brock didn't care. Duke was bout as tall as Brandon but not as hairy wit dusty brown hair and green eyes that seemed to glow in the dark like headlights on a truck. Duke and Brock chatted a while then Brock figured he'd head home. As he was bout to leave he felt a big hand pull him back and he was staring back at Duke, this time Duke seemed more angry and determined. But bout what? Brock wondered.

'Hands behind your back, boy.' Duke growled.

'What the hell?! Fuck no!' Brock hollered and tried to bolt but Duke was stronger.

'Hands behind your back. I won't ask again.' Duke repeated menacingly, then showing Brock his .38 Brock, not wanting to get shot, sighed in defeat and placed his hands behind him. Then Duke tied his hands behind him with his belt. Makin' sure that Brock wouldn't get loose and kept the gun at the back of his head.Brock sighed as he followed Duke outside to his car. Brock wondered what had happened to Duke in the seven years since they last talked. Duke snatched a spray bottle and he now had on a gas mask.

'What's that for?' Brock demanded.

As if in reply he sprayed Brock's face. Brock strained to keep his eys open, but he was gettin' drowsy and soon after everything went black.

Brock woke feelin' suprisingly okay. No hangover or anything. His hands were now tied to the bed he lay in. The old high school Senior picture on the wall told him it was Duke's house. Duke opened the door and smiled at Brock with lust in his eyes. Brock stared at him in confusion. 'What u want?'

'I want to fuck the hell outta you. I remember seven years ago, you fucked me hard on my birthday. I wanted to return the favor.'

'You didn't need to. It was your birthday and you were horny that night, It was something you told me you wanted for so long.' Brock told him, not wanting to know what was on his old friend's mind.

'I want to fuck you hard, man I want to ride you all night.' Duke panted, his eyes flaring with lust.

'No, I won't let you fuck me.' Brock argued, altho he ouldn't hide his hardening cock. 'I don't want to be fucked.' he insisted.

'I can turn you on, I remember how you get hard and hot and horny, I can torment you and you can't stop me.' Duke argued. 'I'm gonna to get what I want, and maybe you will too if you just admit that you're horny now.' Duke pulled out one of his large dildos and showed it to Brock. 'Like it pal? I'm gonna show you something.' He shoved the dildo deep in his hot ass. He moaned as he pulled it in and out. Brock's mind was blowing as he tried to ignore it, but the memory of seven years before rushed to him. Duke teased him the same way as he was now. Brock had gave in back then, but he didn't want to give in now.

'Fuck man, I want this to be you, I want you to fuck me.' Duke begged him as he continued with his self-fuck, making Brock more horny. 'I can't take it' he thought and he shouted. 'Duke! Stop! I'll fuck you, just untie me and i'll fuck you.' Duke pondered for a long moment then resumed fuckin' himself. Brock struggled even more but got nowhere. 'Duke! Fuck me, please!! Fuck me hard!!' Duke still ignored him. Brockrealized there was one way left. 'Duke! Fuck me hard like I fucked you! Return the favor that you so desperately desire! Fuck me now!' Duke smiled and he pulled out the dildo andsat on Brock's cock.

'Fuck hell yeah, This feels so good, I've been waiting for this day for a long time!' Duke roared. Brock slammed his hard cock into Duke and Duke moaned and groaned tryin' to clench it wit his ass msucles. 'Does this beat your dildo?' Brock asked bout 20 minutes later. 'Fuck yeah.' Duke groaned. 'Man this feels so good. Please don't stop. Don't fuckin' stop.' Brock was pounding it home and Duke's eyes flared more as he panted like a track runner. Give it to me, now' he panted.

'Do you want to feel me cum?' Brock teased.

'Fuckin' hell yeah.' Duke groaned.

'Free me and I'll cum.' Duke freed Brock from his restraints and he kissed him deep, his tongue probing til he found Brock's. Brock shot his load all in Duke. Duke moaned and collapsed on Brock, he locked his arms around him.

'Why didn't we do this sooner?' Duke asked.

Brock shrugged then smiled. 'I don't know, but want to go again?'



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