'I can't believe you're actually goin' to do this.' Ricky told Brandon as they drove to Gene's apartment complex.

'Why not?' Brandon asked. 'He wants it bad, it shows in his eyes.'

Ricky snorted, a habit he had when he didn't agree wit The Boss. Ricky wore his usual; His leather vest (no shirt) and black jeans. Brandon, on the other hand, wore Blue jean and a gray flannel shirt. Ricky always cracked that Brandon was a simple country boy, which in reality was true. and Brandon would be country til the day he died.

'But a three way? Boss, you just broke his virgiity not even a month ago. I think you're rushin' it.' Ricky said which was unlike him. Ricky and Gene weren't exactly close, but they didn't hate each other either. He just didn't want the big man takin' advantage of Gene. Both men got out the car and climbed the three floors to Gene's apartment. 'Why didn't they build an elevator?' Ricky complained, his first of the evening.

'Easy, they're cheap asses.' Brandon replied, snickering. He rung the doorbell and Gene appeared, lookin' surprised to see Ricky. Ricky snorted again.

'Where's Brock?' Gene asked.

'He had to go out of town for the family reunion.' Brandon told him. 'He should be back on Thursday.' The whole time Gene had been staring at Brandon's bulge.

'Aw, the poor boy must be horny as fuck.' Ricky said.

'No I'm not.' Gene snapped which more force than needed caause he was now flashin' bright red from embarassment. Brandon and Ricky walked in and looked about. Gene's apartment was well furnished in an old fashioned kind of style. Brandon wondered if Gene did most of it himself. Two Bookshelves reached near the ceiling and Books and porn magazines filled most of the first shelf and textbooks stood at the bottom of the second. When they went into Gene's bedroom, icky changed his tune altogether as that was more organized (if possible) than the living room.

'Nice room.' Ricky said.

'Thanks I'm an orginization freak.' Gene said, once again embarassed. His eagerness could sometimes be a pain in the ass.

'It's pretty hot up here.' Ricky said. 'Shall we shed our clothes?'

'Be my guest.' Gene replied, he pointed to the recliner on the opposite side of the room. 'Just toss them over there.' Ricky and Brandon wasted no time gettin' naked. Ricky whisted at Brandon's hairy torso. Brandon smiled at Ricky's, altho Ricky wasn't as buff as he wanted to be, he was surprised when people noticed him. Gene returned and tried to surpess a smile but it came out anyway. 'Comfortable?'

'Hell yeah.' Brandon replied.

'Join us.' Ricky added.

'No thanks.' Gene replied, still red as a tomato. Then he cracked, 'Is it a dress rehearsal?'

Brandon pulled Gene andkissed him long nd passionately. Gene tried to pull away but Brandon was way too strong. When he finally pulled away he growled. 'You're overdressed.'

'Yeah, come on show us you got nothin' to hide.'

Gene stripped off his clothes and Ricky and Brandon smiled with appreciation. Gene's cock was semi hard as he got between the other two. Brandon got in front of Gene, Ricky behind him. For a full hour the three just explored each other's torsos. Gene tugged at Brandon's beard with his teeth which caused Brandon to moan and growl. Rickyplayed wit Gene's nipples, teasin' them, makin' them hard.

'I'm horny as hell.' Gene moaned, still chewin' on Brandon's bread.

'Well Gene since you're new to this, it's time you learned how to suck cock.'

'How do i do that?' Gene mumbled, not wanting to let go of his beard.

'You have to get go of my beard first.'

Gene reluctantly gave it one last tug before releasing it. Then Brandon leaned back at the head of the bed. He instructed Gene to lay down, his forehead would be just touching his hairy balls. Ricky jumped to the foot of the bed where he would suck Gene's cock when instruccted.

'Ready Gene? Just take it in your mouth and keep your teeth clear from my dick. Geneheld on to Brandon's husky strong legs and sucked on his foot long, which caused Ricky to start his expert blowjob on Gene while he used his free hand to jerk himself. Brandon growled in response.

'grrr.... fuck yeah, keep goin' make Big Daddy Brandon happy, if you make him happy, he'll fuck your horny ass, I know that's what you want ya little cocksucker....' Unsure what most of that meant, Gene did something that guys (and some girls) couldn't do. He swallowed that whole foot long cock down his throat. That made Brandon growl louder almost a roar. Ricky looked up and was even amazed. It was Gene's first time sucking cock and he got further down Brandon's shaft then he could.

'I'm gonna.... I'm gonna.... ah fuck!' Brandon roared out as he came into Gene's mouth. Gene eased to bout near the cockhead just to get it all, he was draining Brandon's balls until Brandon pulled away. Not long after, Gene came into Ricky's mouth. The three naked guys lay beside one other, Gene of course in the middle.

'You're amazing.' Ricky told Gene. 'You're the first man i've seen take all of Brandon's big thick cock, how do you do that?'

Gene shrugged. 'I used to work at a Hot Dog Stand and before everyone got there I'd take a foot long and suck on it for awhile or at least until the rest of the workers arrived, I'd never thought that practice would come in handy.' he moaned. 'Now I'm hornier than what i was, I want to get fucked. I'm tired of using dildos.'

'I know that feeling sometimes.' Ricky admitted. 'But it still feels just as good when one is bound and gagged.' Ricky saw panic - or was it possibly eagerness and lust - come in Gene's eyes. 'Don't worry i'll go that far only when you want to.'

Gene then climbed up on Brandon and sat on his big cock. Brandon grunted as he fucked the hell out of Gene like a wild bull tryin' to throw him off. In the heat of all this, Ricky decided to jerk off Gene and planned to drain him dry. Gene was on a new plane of pleasure he never felt in his life. Brandon decided to change positions. He had Gene got on his knees and Brandon was bout to pound it home. Ricky asked Gene could he suck him like he did Brandon. Too eager to argue, Gene took Ricky's hard cock in his mouth and slid down to his shaved balls and lightly hairy crotch. Ricky was so turned on, heput his left leg on Gene's back, moaning and grunting, half wondering where did all this lust come from? Had both him and Brandon awakened it? As long as he knew Gene, he was the most quiet most boring person of the group, But now all that changed.

'Fuck, I'm gonna cum..... Gene get ready, I... I'm gonna cum!' Ricky shot out the biggest load ever. Gene took every drop just like Brandon's. At bout the same time, Brandon shot his second load.

'Yeah, fuckin' paint my insides, mark me I'm all yours.' Gene moaned. After that the three lays beside each other again, all three catching their breath.

'Thanks for that guys.' Gene told them.

'Figured you need that.' Brandon said.

'Can we stay the night?' Ricky asked.

'Only if we can do this again in the morning.' Gene replied.

Brandon chuckled. 'It's a done deal.





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