The four strikers we're on a case, There was this bank robbers that seemed to make money disappear cuz he seemed to be in and out in a flash! Not to mention he always left the head honcho and his workers (all of them had male workers) bound and gagged. He was on Texas' wanted list and police couldn't ever find a trace, so they called Txas' best; The Strikers.

The Strikers detective agency consisted of four members,; Brandon Taylor, Ricky Terrintino, Brock Logan and Eugene Kirk. Brandon was the head boss. He looked a little older than 34 years cause of his gray hair he got when he was young, He was hairy too, a Bear of a man and he was married and divorced in less than six months. His trademark was his commanding 6'2' and his bandana that seemed to be glued to his head. Built like a rugby or football player (depending on persception) most guys see him, they just want to drop to their knees and service his massive foot long cock.

Ricky was the brains, spending time gathering info for the gang, He was bout 32 and 6'10' with with dark hair and stone eyes. He was also known as Mr. Leatherman both far and wide. He was without a doubt the kinkiest one of the gang. His trademark was his leather vest and always under his jeans was a mayching leather jock. His cock was bout 9' when erect.

Brock had the easiest and boring of jobs, he drove the vechicles and known for his lead foot. He was 27and same height as Ricky. Also, a bit of a musclehead and thinking is usually not his strong suit, although his 8 inch thick cock is.

Eugene or just simply Gene as he preferd, was the youngest and a jack of all trades in more ways than one. He was only 22 but was lucky when Big man Brandon picked him up and he asked as work availible and since Gene was new to Texas and seemed to just needed someone to show him the ropes, Brandon hired him on the spot. Although from a distance he looked like a twink or the boy next door, but he was really a bear cub waiting to devleop. he was also the shortest of them 5'6' and only a 6 inch dick so he was easily intimidated.

(sorrybout all that, now on with the show, er story)

One night after a week on the case, Gene was hard at work, scoping info since all the others were out cold snoozing, or so he thought. He felt Brandon's thick beard on the back of his back, and he silently nibbled on Gene's earlobe. Gene yawned and turned to face he big man. ':Hey stranger.' ene said.

'Hey buddy, you sleepin'?'

'Not intentionally' Gene told him. He was daydreaming bout one day he coul;d have his first time, out of all of them, he was the virgin. He never gone out or anything in his life and he hated it. Brandon kept nibling on ears, Gene tried hard not to, but a soft moan came out his throat.

'You like it, now come with me.'

'I got finish' he stammered.

'Come with me.' Brandon snarled roughly and pried Gene from his laptop. Gene protested but Brandon put his hand over his mouth.

'It's ok, Gene. I know what you're thinking.'

'Huh' Gene moaned after finally pryin' Brandon's hand away.

'You're a virgin, aren't you?'

'eah' Gene admitted it always haunted him no end.

'I can help you out.'

'But you're thirty-fuckin-five! I'm only 22'

'So?' Brandon showed off his foot long to Gene, and Gene could just sare in amazement as it seemed to turn to rock hard steel.

'You can touch it if you want, cuz it's real.'

Gene reached out and felt for the first time another man's cock. His finger went from the head to the ballsack and it wa hidden under a bush of hair. Brandon stepped closer so Gene wouldn't have to strain t rach. Gene finally manaed to get hisfingers Brandon's hot furry hole. Brandon grunted as his hole was being explored. The grunts soon become moans and even growls.

'Stop trying to make me horny.' Brandon barked but he was enjoying the younger man;'s fingers in his ass.

'I'm not trying.' Gene withdrew his fingers and Brandon was angry. Like someone just left him hung to dry. He glared at Gene and growle again this time more menacing. Gene backed away but Brandon pounced on him.

'You made me horny then you stop' Brandon growled.

'I didn't want to upset you' Gene managed to croak as he put his fingers back into the man's hairy ass. Brandon moaned and groaned and grunted with pleasure.

'Oh jeez stop I'm gonna cum, please stop.' Brandon groaned and Gene stopped fingering him. 'Now' Brandon tried to catch his breath. 'Since I'm the head boss, I order you to strech your arms above your head'

'I'm confused' Gene sighed as he did as instructed. He felt Brandon's fingers p there and he cried out in pain. Brandon clamped his hand over his mouth again. 'Take it easy, the worst will be over in a moment. When I fuck you it'll hurt when I penetrate you, but afterwards the first few moments you'll enjoy inch.'

Gene struggled to pull away from Brandon, but since Bandon played football, rugby and before entering detctive work, he worked on a construction site, he was fat stronger than Gene.

'Don't you want it, pal?' he asked. 'I know you do, I'll bet you dream bout it, I'll bet you're tired of dildos and vibrators, you want tthe real Mccoy don't you? Well yo'll get your chance tonight, I promise' Gene stopped struggling. 'That's a boy' Brandon withdrew his fingers and slowly entered Gene with his hard foot long. Gene howled in agony, Brandon held still a moment until Gene stopped howling, until the howls became moans of pleasure. The pain was over and Gene was beginning to enjoy the feeling. Brandon fucked him slowl;y, Gene tried to rise p, but randon insisted he stay down on his back. Bean don heard moans and groans of pleasure and ectasy. After bout 20 minutes, Gene strarted bcking like a bull.

'What?' Brandon asked.

'I... I think... I...' Before Gene could get any words out, he erupted a huge load all over Brandon. After he realized this, Gene panicked and tried to get away, but Brandon pulled out and climbed till he was face to face with Gene.

'You're incredible' Brandon told Gene

'Thanks i think' Gene said, surprised he wasn't being beat to a pulp.

'Can ride yo?' Gene asked gaining confidence.

'Not tonight my little friend' Brandon replied using his scarface impression.

'When can I then?'

'Brandon kissed Gene long and passionate. 'How's Thursday night?'

Gene kissed him back and tuged on his beard. 'That'll be fine.'



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