The first part of this story was bluntly halted due to an electrical problem in our area of town the lights flickered and went off and when the computer flickered back up It had sent the story thru, unfinished, sorry guys, but here is that final part to the story of 'The Special Encounter with Dex.'

I was setting there on the bed listening to the bed banging loudly against the wall, and Terry's cries, it sounded like someone was being murdered, as who ever it was was fucking the hell out of him, God from the way he sounded this buy must have had a cock the size of 'Godzilla.' Finally there was silence, and I heard Terrys voice saying Oh my poor aching asshole, man you tore it apart, it will take a needle and thread to sew it back up.

Jesus man, that must have been one hell of a cock that guy has.

I stood up and went to the little Ice box to get me some Ice and pour me a drink, there was no ice.

I grabbed that little plastic bucket provided for ice there in the room. I was going out the door when I heard the door open to the next room, I watched as this beautiful black man, in just a pair of thin flimsy sleeping shorts, bare chested, gorgeously built, come out with his ice bucket too.

I smiled and said, 'Damn man that sounded like some serious fucking going on in that room.'

He smiled at me and said, in this deep bass voice, 'Yeah that little fucker can't take a real mans cock,' I looked over to him and said,'A real man?' He took his right hand and grabbed his fantastically big cock in his shorts and pulled it out with his hand wrapped around it as we stood there in the ice room.

I almost swallowed my tongue, it was the biggest cock I had seen on a human being, of any race,I had heard of the myth of black dudes being heavy hung, but this was not myth,it looked like it was twelve inches long and thicker than my wrist, it 'Jinormous,' If thats a word.

I smiled when I saw it and just stood there astonished at it size, thick veiny, very black skinned, and uncut, god it was gorgeous.

I just smiled and said, come to my room, maybe I can help you out with that.'

He smiled, he said, 'Now man,thats an offer I don't think I can pass up.'

It was about twenty minutes later, I had thought he had probably changed his mind.

I was watching the tonight show, when I heard someone knocking on my room door, I opened it just enough to look out, and it was Dex, and Terry was standing behind him. I invited them in and layed back down, Dex started stipping down and Terry was right behind him. I was about to blast off when I saw Dex's cock all hard and flared out skin tight.

It was bigger than I remembered, and I layed back lifted my legs, and I had already shoved some lube up my ass to make sure, if he came I was ready.

Dex pulled my legs up and held my ankles with his hands and having already lubing up his cock he placed his cockhead against my sphincter opening and started the slow steady onslaught of my asshole, by the time he had it completely in I almost couldn't breath.

Dex was bigger than anyman should be allowed to be, but It was awesome.

He began a slow steady pounding of my ass, taking it all the way out and jamming it all the way in.

After about twenty minutes of this phenomional ass pounding, I started feeling the buildup of my climax.

Dex was pouring sweat from his body like a water fall, it was wet all around us as he just hammered away, but it was now feeling like something I had never felt before.

I finally was beginning to tire, I had already busted my nut when I hear Dex start to grunt, and he took one final plunge and suck the Bismark into my deep trench, God I felt so full and I felt his cock emptying into me, I was full filled, or was it filled full, I guess both.

Dex collapsed and we layed there all three of us and slept on one bed together that night.

We got up fairly early and went to a Denny's and had breakfast and chatted over breakfast, Dex told me I was the first to handle his cock all the way.

I told Dex whenever he was in my fair city to look me up and we would get together. It hasn't happened yet but Im looking forward to his calling.

I love my first encounter with a healthy, well hung black man, and that Dex is one out of sight dude, I can't wait till I hear from him again.



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