I had been on the road for almost ten months doing settups and computer installations for large corporations. I work for A Major Oil Company, and go all over the word at different time setting up and installing large computer installations at office buildings connected with The Oil Company that I'm employed with.

I had been running back and forth for the company all summer long and My ass was dragging.

Living outof a suit case and staying in motels really was a bore, I was so used to jerking off, I could do it in my sleep.

I was beginning to have that almost intense desire for some man on man sex, I was about to find a rental service to hire some, damn I was so fucking horney, I got a hardon just from the waiter in the restaurant I was eating at, getting close enough to take my order. I looked up at him and he smiled and aske me the most loaded question I have ever heard, I almost slipped up and said something stupid, not knowing if he was into man sex or not.

He looked at me and smiled and after he took my order, he just smiled and said, 'Would you like anything else?' Oh fuck yeah cutie, would I ever, well that's what I was thinking, I noticed his gorgeous ass, and a fairly nice bulge sticking out in his trousers. It was all I could do to restrain myself from reaching out and grabbing that awesome bulge and biting it, Fuck, I need sex so bad.

I had supper without haveing the 'Dessert' that I really wanted, and gave that gorgeous young waiter a fifty dollar tip for just being so fucking cute and hot looking. O course I walked out of the restaurant with the hardest cock I had had in a long time, and it was tingling so friggen bad, just the pressure of my briefs and trousers rubbing against it was not giving it any freedom to go down, it just was determined to get some kind of attention.

I went back to my motel and I saw this young guy, rather a nice looking guy, looked at him smiled and said Hi, and watched him go to the room adjacent to mine.

Now the motel rooms were nice enough and there was a divider door between the rooms that if it wwere a larger family you could open them up into a two room suite.

I got into my room, decided to take a cold shower, flipped on the television and was watching some 'CSI' or something like that. Who knows?

I got out and was standing in my motel room naked when I heard a knock on the door, I wrapped the towel around my body and went to the door.

I opened and it was this young man, 'Hi, I hate to bother you but, Oh shit, did I interupt something? DAmn you look awesome in just a towel.'

I was a little surprised at his statement, but my cock started to rise, He looked at it and smiled and said,'If I wasn't in this motel with my boyfriend I would take care of that for you,' He shut the door. walked over to me and yanked my towel from my waist and by this time my cock was standing straight out, all seven and a half inches, harder than a hammer head.

He just smiled looked up into my eyes and knelt down and took my cock to the pubic hair into his mouth, I almost fainted, god If felt like heaven had came down and sent this guy just for me.

He hadn't even told me his name, but all I cared about was his mouth was named 'Fantastic,'

It took me all of three minutes and he was gagging as he tried to swallow about a half of a gallon of cum, well it seemed like it was that much, He looked up and said, 'It felt like you needed that,'

'Oh fuck yeah man, I haven't gotten a nut in almost two weeks, god man you should get an award for that, damn man, your fantastic.'

'Thanks, Hey man, my Names Terry, I gotta run, do you know where the Ice machine is My partner needs some Ice.

I told him and he left, I was exhausted, drained, deflowered, heehehe I was feeling awesome, god that blowjob felt so awesome.

It was about ten that night when I was just about to turn the light off and I heard it. It sounded like a sex orgy of the wildest kind, I was listening quietly when I heard the head of their bed in the other room start to knocking the wall, then it got harded, it felt like the wall would cave in, then the sound of someone getting fucked like mad.



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