The bicycle cut among the slow moving traffic and made its way to the intersection and turned along the crosswalk following it to the opposite side of the street to the main entrance of the campus. Through the one hundred year old brick gateway the bicycle rode down the main sidewalk weaving around the students going to or coming from class as it kicked up the first of the fall leaves that covered the ground. It had rained over night and currently a soft drizzling rain fell keeping everything shiny and clean. On the opposite side of the campus the bicyclist made his way to one area of dorms and pulled up to a bike rack near Magnolia Hall, one of the oldest dorms on campus, and once secured to the bike rack the bicyclist, Eli, pulled his hood back and looked up at the dorm.

It was Eli's junior year and he had never been happier or more confident. The last two years had been the best of his life. For most of his childhood he had felt trapped, never able to be himself for his parents had smothered him, over protected him and used religion to seek solace after his sister's death. Tyler had helped him and now he didn't feel like he stood out, the geeky religious freak who wore ugly dress clothes. Together they began his transformation, one that would eventually let him become one of the guys.

Eli entered his room, tossed his backpack down on his desk and fell down on his lower bunk and closed his eyes, taking a moment to just feel the silence, the repose of his body in a relaxed state and to let his mind go blank. But it never did in moments like this for he found his thoughts circling back to Tyler. Tyler was his best friend, the guy who let him open up and be himself and he loved him more than he could admit. He didn't want to ruin their friendship so he kept his feelings to himself. After that Fall Semester their freshman year a restlessness grew between them and they decided they should date other guys, that they were rushing into something neither of them was ready. So they began to hook up with other guys but over the spring semester and the following fall they found themselves in bed together more often than not.

Eli stood up and went to the window and looked out across the commons between the dorms as he let his mind drift back to last spring when Tyler had met someone he thought was 'the one'. So Tyler and he stopped hooking up and only got together in social settings with others around, somehow knowing it was the safest way. Eli dated a couple of guys last spring and even hooked up with an old high school classmate while home for the summer, but it wasn't the same, and he knew it. As he let his mind round back to Tyler as it often did his eyes followed the football being thrown back and forth by a group of guys on the commons.

Tyler had kept in touch over the summer and when fall semester began they had gotten together as soon as they arrived. Tyler admitted he was no longer seeing Jordan, that they broke up over the summer when Jordan starting to see someone else. Eli suppressed the desire to smile, as he felt an opportunity was available if and when he got the nerve to try for it. But so much time had passed, so much said of moving on, and through it all neither saying the thing that needed to be said to make it real and Eli knew deep down he'd never say those things to Tyler. Eli was afraid to say it, to admit his feelings, for he feared it could destroy what they did have now; their friendship.

Eli's computer beeped that he had a message and he brought the message up. It was Tyler telling him of a party that night and he would swing by to pick him up at nine. Eli wondered what kind of party was happening on a Wednesday night but he felt a satisfaction in knowing Tyler was coming to pick him up...almost like a date.

Five till nine and Eli was in jeans and a steel gray shirt buttoned all the way up the front, sitting at his desk waiting. He knew Tyler typically ran late but he never could make himself not be ready on time even though it meant waiting impatiently at his desk playing around on the computer. His phone beeped and he saw it was Tyler texting.

"N prkg lot C; Com on dwn"

The cryptic writing of a text message but Eli knew immediately where Tyler was waiting and he grabbed his jacket and headed out. Tyler's sports car sat at the curb where the sidewalk came to the parking lot and as Eli came up to the car the passenger door opened as a guy got out and moved the seat back forward to let Eli in.

"You must be Eli?"

"Yeah, and you're..." Eli replied his voice trailing off.


Eli climbed in and as he buckled his seat belt he felt that disappointing feeling of reality not meeting expectations but he looked at Tyler and forced a smile. Tyler knew Eli would be curious about Chris and he turned in his seat as Chris got in and buckled up.

"Chris is an art major and he is renting the apartment below me. This party is some friends of his from the art department."

"Yeah, these guys always have the best parties" Chris interjected.

"Well then, let's go have some fun" Eli replied.

They talked as Tyler drove back into town and to a section of older homes that were mostly rental units for students. The neighborhood was quiet and after a few blocks into its interior they came to a section where the street was lined with cars. Tyler parked on a side street and the three of them made their way to the party. The house was a wood sided structure with a porch stretching across the front and there were several people sitting in chairs or on the edge of the porch with their legs hanging over the side. A scent of pot was in the air as Tyler, Chris and Eli made their up the walk.

Inside, the small living room and dining room were crowded, with small groups huddled in conversations, their laughter and talk filled the small spaces. Chris introduced Tyler and Eli as they made their way around the rooms until they found themselves in the rear yard standing around a fire built in a shallow pit in the middle of the yard. Chris had brought beer and each stood drinking one. When a joint was passed around Eli watched as Chris, then Tyler took a hit and when Tyler held it out to Eli, winking at him, Eli took it and slowly drew the smoke into his lungs.

A couple of hours passed and Eli found himself in a back bedroom sitting on the floor listening to three guys argue about some poem, or story...or maybe it was a novel...Eli wasn't sure, for he found himself inebriated and unable to focus on what they were saying.

"What do you think?" one of the guys asked and Eli suddenly realized everyone was looking at him.

"Ahh...sorry...what do I think about what?" Eli asked.

" you believe it is real?" one of the other guys asked.

Eli looked at them and suddenly his mind wrapped around the word and he found himself smiling at the way they could argue about something like this and he knew, just knew, it had to be real. He looked around the room at the faces all looking at him waiting for his response.

"Yes, I think it is real" Eli finally replied.

"Why do you think that? Are you in love with someone?" the guy who first spoke to Eli asked.

"Well...." and Eli hesitated but his sense of being discrete was impaired and he took a quick breath, "yeah, there is someone I love, but unfortunately they don't love me...not in the same way."

"Oh that is just infatuation..." one of the guys responded and Eli watched as the three of them began debating amongst themselves again. Suddenly he sensed someone else in the room and he looked up toward the door and Tyler and Chris were standing there. Eli felt trapped and he quickly diverted his eyes.

"Hey Eli, you want to come outside with us?" Tyler asked and Eli could tell by the tone of his voice he had heard what was what said.

"No, I'm fine" Eli replied then he looked at Tyler and gave him a weak smile, "I'll catch up you guys in a little while."

Tyler just nodded then followed Chris back outside. Eli suddenly felt the room close in on him and he had to get out. He went to the front of the house and the rooms were even more crowded than before with all the conversations sounding like noise to Eli as he continued out the front door, across the porch and down the sidewalk. He paced in circles not sure what to do, but knowing he did not want to go back inside. He saw three guys come from the house and as they walked past him he thought this might be his chance.

"Hey, you guys aren't going toward campus are you?"

"Yeah" the guy bringing up the rear replied.

"Can I get a ride? My ride is staying for a while and I need to get back."

"Come on" the lead guy replied. They climbed into an old Jetta, the paint faded and the rear covered in bumper stickers. The interior smelled of stale cigarette smoke and the cheap air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror.

"I'm Mike" the guy next to Eli in the back seat said and then he motioned to the driver and the passenger, "and this is Ken and Louis."


They didn't talk a lot as Ken drove back toward campus, letting Eli out near his dorm. Eli made his way to his room where he found his roommate, Robert already asleep. Eli striped down to his boxers and stood for a minute realizing how he could still smell smoke, of pot and of the fire, and he could taste the cheap beer in his mouth. He grabbed up his toiletries and a towel and headed to the bathroom to clean up.

He'd forgot to take a clean pair of boxers so he returned with the towel wrapped around his waist and his hair wet. He tossed the toiletry bag down on his desk, pulled the towel from around his waist and dried his hair as best he could. Tossing the towel over his chair he eased down on his bed and fell asleep. He slept roughly, waking and falling back asleep several times until sometime in the early morning hours he heard his roommate stirring around and then head out. He knew Robert had a lab on Thursdays and Eli didn't have a class till late morning so he rolled over and finally settling into a deep sleep.

The knock was soft at first and he thought he was dreaming it. Then it was louder, more insistent and Eli opened his eyes looking toward the door.

"Just a minute" he called out his voice hoarse and rough sounding. He climbed out of bed and realized he was still naked so he grabbed up the sheet and wrapped it over his shoulders and held it closed in front of his body. He was trying to recall all that had happened last night and why he felt a sense of frustration and sadness. He opened the door and looked up to see Tyler standing there waiting. Tyler had on the clothes he wore last night and his hair was messed up.

"I see you had a good time last night" Eli said trying to sound humorous, upbeat, but his voice didn't carry it off and instead it sounded sarcastic.

"Not really" Tyler replied.

"Oh...sorry, come on in" Eli stated as he moved back into the room and sat on his bed.

Tyler followed Eli into the room and stood in the middle of the narrow space between the bed and desk, fidgeting with his keys and running his other hand over his neck.

"Have you not been back to your apartment?" Eli asked giving Tyler a smile trying to show he was just joking around.

"Yes...I went home and crashed and..." Tyler began and he hesitated a moment, "and well, I just crashed on my bed like this."

"Where's Chris?"

"I...asked him not to stay."

Eli felt that sensation of being trapped for he remembered how Tyler had looked at him back at the party when he was standing in the doorway, and sitting here now Eli saw that same look.

"Eli?" Tyler said, the question not yet stated.

"Yeah" Eli responded, nervous where this conversation could go.

"Who were you talking about last know...when you said that thing about loving someone?"

Eli looked down at the floor, afraid to say it, afraid it would be something Tyler couldn't return, this feeling he had for him.

"Eli...were you talking about me?"

Eli just nodded his head yes as he felt his emotions rise up and he fought to control them, afraid to let Tyler see him like this, weak and acting silly. He saw Tyler approach him, standing right in front of him nearly between his feet and then he watched as Tyler eased down on his knees his upper body coming into view. He felt Tyler's hand rub the side of his head, his fingers comb through his hair and he looked up at Tyler and saw him smile at him, small, intimate, and his eyes were bright.

"You're not...I don't think I'm being silly" Eli asked.

"No, Eli" and Tyler leaned forward and rested his forehead against Eli's as he lightly wrapped his arms around Eli's waist. "I thought you were happy going out with other guys, I...thought it was what you wanted."

"What I wanted? But I assumed..." and Eli let his voice trail off. They stayed like this for a moment, neither saying anything then Eli took a deep breath and looked Tyler in the eyes. "Do you have any feelings for know..." and Tyler interrupted him.

"Yeah..." and he moved to Eli kissing him on the lips. They kissed deeply as Tyler hugged their bodies together. When they pulled apart Eli looked at Tyler and gave a short quick laugh.

"What?" Tyler asked.

"Your breath...the smoking and cheap beer, and you smell of smoke" Eli replied and Tyler smiled back nodding his head.

"I know, I should have showered before coming over."

"You want me to get a towel and let you run down and shower here?"

"No...let me go home and clean up" Tyler said as he eased back sitting on his heels letting his hands slide down Eli's thighs, "...and after your classes come on back to my place. Okay?"

After his last class Eli grabbed his bicycle from the rack and headed toward Tyler's apartment. He made himself ride casually even though he wanted to stand up on it and ride as fast as he could. He cut through campus and down the street that led to the apartment complex Tyler now resided. He coasted into the entrance and around the curving drive to Tyler's building.

Bike locked up he climbed the stairs up to the third floor and knocked on the door. Tyler opened the door and Eli immediately saw he was wearing just his bathrobe, the white rob loosely tied in front. Tyler reached out and took Eli by the neck and pulled them together kissing Eli.

"I've been waiting" Tyler whispered as he led Eli in, leading him through the living area and into his bedroom. Standing by the bed Tyler unzipped Eli's jacket and slid it off his shoulders, then he unbuttoned his shirt as Eli watched his hands work each button free.

"Tyler..." Eli started to say something and Tyler shushed him.

Tyler opened Eli's shirt and slid it off his shoulders. Tyler unbuttoned Eli's jeans and eased them down, going down on his knees as he did so. He took Eli's shoes off, then this socks, then worked the jeans free. He reached up and took Eli's boxers and eased them down his legs and off each foot. Tyler stood up and opened his rob revealing his nakedness and he let it drop to the floor as he took Eli in his arms. They pressed their bodies together, the heat trapped between them, the feel of skin against skin, cock against cock as they kissed and caressed each other.

Tyler led Eli to his bed, the quilt and sheet already removed and they eased down side by side. Eli wanted Tyler, more so than any time before, and he rolled Tyler on to his back. Eli moved down Tyler's body, his lips touching, kissing, and nipping at Tyler's skin. Eli sucked on one nipple, felt it grow erect and he lightly bit it making Tyler moan as he pushed his chest upward. Tyler ran his hands through Eli's hair as Eli moved down, his tongue sliding over Tyler's skin and circled his navel making Tyler breathe in from the sensation. Eli moved further down, his hands rubbing along Tyler's thighs as his mouth and nose raked through the sparse pubic hair fanning our over Tyler's cock. Eli smelled his fresh soap scent and the masculine scent beneath it as he moved onward, sliding his lips over the half erect cock lying to the side. He moved down its entire length and mouthed the head sucking it into his mouth. Tyler sucked in a deep breath as he felt his cock slide into Eli's mouth.

"Oh Eli..." Tyler moaned as he felt his cock become completely enveloped in Eli's mouth. Eli sucked on Tyler's cock as he moved upward, then he pushed back down. He continued to work his mouth on Tyler's cock, felt it grow fully erect, thick and hard in his mouth, and he like the way it filled his mouth, the way it felt sliding over his tongue and he pumped his mouth up and down its length over and over. When he tasted the sweetness of Tyler's pre-cum Eli moved up and lay on top of Tyler kissing him again.

"I want you in me" Eli whispered in Tyler's ear just before he rimmed it with his tongue. Tyler held Eli's ass cheeks in his hands, squeezed them, spread them apart as Eli worked his ear and neck. Tyler slipped his fingers down into the cleft of Eli's cheeks and pushed against the opening feeling its tightness. Eli rocked his body against Tyler's pushing his ass back against the finger rubbing his hole. Tyler felt the way Eli pressed his ass against the finger at his hole and Tyler pushed it into Eli, penetrated him and sinking it all the way in. Tyler worked Eli open, fingered his hole till it loosened with each additional digit he added. Eli wrapped his arms around Tyler's neck and rolled them over till he was on his back and Tyler was on top between his legs, Tyler's cock pushing against his hole.

"Fuck me...fuck me" Eli cried out as he pushed upward with his hips and Tyler pushed forward sinking his cock into Eli. Tyler fucked slowly at first, pulling outward then pushing back in slowly, working his cock in full long strokes and Eli hugged him tightly. Eli's hands raked over Tyler's back, squeezed his ass and pulled him downward hard making him bury his cock all the way in his hole. Tyler felt an urgency, a need to fuck harder and he drove his hips faster, thrusting his cock into Eli as Eli begged for his fuck. The bed rocked and squeaked as Tyler took Eli, slamming his hips downward. Eli wrapped his legs around Tyler's waist turning his ass upward a little more and Tyler drove into him hard, pumping his hips faster and faster as he thrust his cock through Eli's hole. Eli's cock rubbed against Tyler's stomach and Tyler's thrusts made him see stars with each jab into his hole.

Eli felt his need to cum rise quickly and he clung to Tyler's body begging him to fuck harder. He felt the heat of Tyler's body, the sweaty slickness. Tyler thrust into him just right, hit inside him a certain way and he felt his cock flex hard, swell up thicker and his cum blasted out between them.

"Oh god...fuck" Tyler uttered as he felt Eli releasing beneath him, his hole spasm with each ejaculation milking his own cock and he thrust hard into Eli, slammed into Eli's hole till he couldn't hold back any longer and he pumped his cum into Eli, his cock pushing it deep into Eli's hole.

Tyler eased out of Eli and kissed him. He shifted to the side of Eli and moved down, his lips caressing over the hot skin tasting the saltiness of it and he moved on downward till he tasted Eli's cum on his tongue and he scooped it up as he drug his tongue over Eli's skin. He took Eli's half hard cock and sucked the cum from the shaft and head as he sank it all the way in his mouth.

The sun was down and they had been in bed for hours, napping in between the sex. They were exhausted and hungry when Tyler finally reached over and grabbed his phone.

"Who are you calling?" Eli asked.

"The pizza place on Third Avenue" Tyler replied.

Tyler ordered and ended the call, putting his phone back on the nightstand.

"We have about forty minutes before it arrives. You want to shower?" Tyler asked as he smiled at Eli.

"Sure" Eli replied as he followed Tyler up off the bed and into shower, knowing Tyler liked hard soapy cock up his ass.



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