Tyler came up the stairs with Steve, Ricky and Bryan, the four of them coming from a game of touch football with some of the guys from Madison Hall just across the green. It was Thursday afternoon and those finished with classes early would gather on the green and play a friendly game. Tyler enjoyed playing, the exertion of his body, the camaraderie with the guys and the bump and grind of the game against the other guys, the cheap feels and seeing their bodies in those baggy gym or nylon running shorts and those without shirts playing the 'skins' team. Tyler knew he was a little short for the game especially playing against Bryan and Ricky, both of them six three, but he was quick enough on his feet that his five six wasn't a total handicap.

As they went up the stairs Steve and Ricky peeled off on the second floor and at the third floor Tyler exited the stair well and headed to his room telling Bryan he'd catch up with him later as Bryan made his way to the fourth floor. Tyler found his floor relatively quiet, a few doors open with music playing softly from the rooms and he saw Rob, his roommate come out of their room and head toward him.

"Aaron wants to know if you have the assignment for your English class" Rob said as they passed and he looked back at Tyler as he continued down the hall. "He's down in his room now."

Tyler moved on past their room and made his way to Aaron's room. As he moved by the rooms with open doors the innate curiosity made him look, speaking to the guys he had befriended during the semester. It was room 312 that intrigued him the most and he was surprised to see the door open. As he passed he glanced in and saw Eli at his desk, alone, his roommate Joey out somewhere. Joey had complained to the other guys how Eli was a religious freak and such a prude he couldn't stand to be around him, so Tyler wasn't surprised to see Eli alone.

Eli was in a white dress shirt and dress pants sitting at his desk concentrating on something he was typing in his computer and didn't notice Tyler standing in the corridor looking at him. Tyler had seen him all semester, going to and coming from classes, down in the cafeteria or sitting outside under one of the trees reading and each and every time he was alone. Tyler actually felt sorry for him. He didn't know much about him other than he came from a very religious family from some small town and his father worked in some factory or paper mill, Tyler not sure exactly which but he had seen Eli's parents when they had came to visit, his mother in some dress she had obviously made for herself and his father in some cheap dress shirt and pants, the same as Eli wore. The last visit stuck out in Tyler's mind for when Eli and his parents came down the sidewalk leading up to the dorm to drop Eli off he had looked upset, almost disgusted and Tyler had wondered if Eli held to much of his parent's beliefs or attitudes.

Tyler had been naturally curious what Eli looked like without the cheap dress clothes but he had never seen him coming out of the showers. It was the middle of October and he didn't even know when Eli showered and Eli was always dress so Tyler had never seen him out of his clothes, not even shirtless. Now he stood in the corridor and looked at Eli sitting at his desk typing away on his laptop. He knew Eli was taller than he was, probably nearly six feet tall and he had a lean body, probably skinny, but who could tell, and his black hair was such a contrast to his pale skin. Up close he looked so boyish with his rosy cheeks and smooth skin; Tyler wasn't sure he needed to shave as he showed no beard growth, nor any ability to have sideburns.

Tyler stood too long staring and Eli suddenly looked up and saw him. Tyler knew he was busted and he just smiled at Eli and shrugged his shoulders.

"How's it going, Eli" he said to break the awkward silence.

For a moment Eli didn't respond but then in a low quiet voice, barely audible to Tyler he finally replied: "Okay."

"Well, I'll see ya around" and Tyler headed on down the hall amused at how he got caught by Eli looking at him. He found Aaron lying on his bed, earbuds in each ear and his eyes closed. Tyler slapped his foot making him jump.

"Fuck...damn Tyler, can't you knock?"

Later that evening when several of the other guys were going out to watch a football game in one of the sports bars Tyler had to beg off since he had two papers due next Monday. He knew with the guys gone it would be quiet and he could make some headway on them. When Rob left he told him to leave the door open if the corridor was quiet and now, a couple of hours later, the floor was completely silent. He worked tirelessly on one paper then the other pulling together the research he needed to write each one and he had no idea of the time. He leaned back and stretched his arms over his head, arcing his back to get the stiffness out and when he leaned forward to read some more he heard a door close quietly down the corridor. Then it was silent and he sat listening, his curiosity getting the best of him and he kept glancing out the door. It was only a moment and he saw Eli walk by and why he did it he wasn't sure at the time but he quickly turned to his computer pretending not to notice him. Eli passed his door quietly, not bothering to say anything and Tyler felt a little disappointed realizing he was hoping Eli would speak. He leaned back and the mental image of Eli at his door came into focus and he remembered seeing a towel in Eli's hand.

He jumped up, pulled his shirt off, grabbed his towel and toiletries and took off for the bathroom at the end of the hall. He could actually feel his heart race with anticipation as he went down the corridor. At the door to the bathroom he hesitated holding his ear close to the door listening. He couldn't hear anything and he eased the door open and slipped inside. He saw Eli's little cheap bag sitting on the vanity with its lavatories positioned evenly down its length. He sat his toiletry case down and slipped his shorts and boxers off, picking up his towel he made his way to the showers. He could hear the water running and he hung his towel up a few hooks down from Eli's and eased into the room. Eli was standing just out of the spray of the shower soaping up his body and Tyler gasped, holding his breath to keep from making a sound.

Eli had a lean body, but it was lean like a swimmer or a runner, the muscular definition showing a tight body and his ass was a high round shape that made the suds cascading down part and run down between his cheeks or over to his sides. His skin was as pale as Tyler imagined it would be but without the cheap dress clothes he looked different and Tyler realized he found him attractive.

Eli had soaped up completely and was rinsing off his chest and stomach and Tyler waited anxiously and finally after a few seconds, Eli turned around to rinse his hair out and his back and Tyler saw his cock, the pale shaft with its slightly darker head swinging freely over his sac and he admired the way Eli looked so masculine, his cock hanging long, at least four inches and he wondered how big it would get when hard. Tyler moved to a shower head almost opposite to Eli keeping his eyes on Eli as he rinsed off. Tyler didn't think about the noise of the shower and when he turned it on Eli immediately opened his eyes, his face showing how startled he was to see Tyler across from him.

"Hey Eli" Tyler said in a casual and friendly tone.

"What are you doing here?" Eli asked in a low voice as he turned his back to Tyler.

"Just showering off; I've been sitting in my room so long I feel grubby and so I just came down for a nice hot shower."

Eli didn't respond, instead he turned off the water and headed out and Tyler saw he was struggling with his desire to put his hands over his cock and Tyler noticed how it looked even bigger than before. When Eli was back in the main room, towel around his waist brushing his teeth Tyler stood under the shower, a mischievous smile on his face as he thought about how Eli seemed flustered; embarrassed in some way instead of some prudish notion about nudity and he began to wonder if he could work him, push his buttons a little. Maybe seduce him.

When Tyler came out of the shower area Eli was gone and he knew he would not be seeing him again tonight. He brushed his teeth and went back to his room where he worked on his papers for a couple of hours before calling it a night.

Over the next few days Tyler stayed in begging off going out, telling the guys he was behind on his papers and had to get them done. The reality was he wanted to work out Eli's schedule. He wanted to see if Eli was consistent in showering when everyone was gone in the evening. Friday night he heard Eli go around midnight when the floor was deserted, everyone out at one party or another. Saturday had been the same, then on Sunday he had waited and waited and waited and sometime around one in the morning when everyone else was turned in trying to catch up on sleep and be prepared for another week of classes he heard Eli ease down the hall to the showers.

Tyler had decided not to show up in the shower room again, but he waited a couple of minutes and then made his way to the bathroom. Inside it was like before, Eli's toiletries on the vanity and the shower running in the other room and Tyler went over to a toilet stall and sat down. He didn't have to use it but instead used it to hide and as he sat there thinking about how silly he was being the way he was hiding in this stall, and his thoughts turned to Eli and the way he looked naked. Tyler felt his cock grow hard thinking about Eli's body, especially his cock so he leaned back and undid his jeans and pushed everything down to his knees. He stroked his cock, shamelessly as he thought of Eli and his fantasy of messing around with him. He heard Eli come into the room, towel around his waist and Tyler looked through the gap in the stall door at his back, the way the muscles flexed and moved and he looked at how the towel hung on his hips with his round ass pushing outward. Tyler watched Eli doing his menial tasks as he slowly, quietly, stroked his cock.

'Come on, take off the towel. Come on Eli, take off the towel' he kept thinking over and over and when Eli pulled the towel from his waist laying it on the vanity Tyler could see his body reflected in the mirror and he could see the sparse black pubic hair fanned out over the long thickening cock. Eli tugged on it a few times and it got longer, thicker and Tyler found he was holding his breath. Eli looked toward the door as he stood still, listening, making sure he was alone, or at least thought he was alone and he tugged on his cock again and again, then he stroked it, slowly till it rose up hard and Tyler saw how there was still a few inches visible when Eli's hand was down near the base and he saw how Eli closed his eyes and stroked his cock harder, faster, the muscles of his body flexing as they tightened up and Tyler was trying hard not to stroke his cock in rhythm with Eli's knowing it would alert him to his presence.

Eli leaned forward, putting one hand down on the vanity and Tyler could see how his ass cheeks parted a little, teasing him as he tried to see along the cleft between them. Eli began to pump his hips back and forth, small jerky movements and Tyler looked in the mirror at the blur of Eli's hand on his cock, the long thick shaft curved upward and the head flared out wide. Eli began to grunt, the sound of it stifled as he tried to keep quiet and then he did it, stood up straight, thrust his hips back and forth a few times pumping his cock through his tight fist and he came. Thick wads of cum blasted out of his cock, the first wad spattering on the mirror. Tyler had to squeeze his cock and hold his breath as Eli pumped out his load, the sound of his slick hand still stroking his cock the only sound in the room.

Tyler watched Eli scoop up his cum from the mirror with his finger, holding it up, watching as it dripped off. Then suddenly Eli seemed to wake as if from a trance and he quickly washed his hands and the area where he shot his load and within a few minutes he was dressed and gone. Tyler relived what he had just witnessed, the way Eli had removed the towel exposing his body then masturbating in front of the mirror allowing Tyler to watch Eli's reflection and he began to stroke his cock hard, unconcerned with the noise he was making and within a minute he was pumping his load out letting the first hit the stall door and he watched it run downward as he pumped the rest of his cum out onto the floor. He left it, his cum spattered all over the floor and stall door as he went over to the lavatories where he washed off his cock and hand, fixed his jeans back into place and went back to his room.

Days would go by and Tyler would be frustrated at how Eli eluded him with his secretive ways but he plotted, strategized, and looked for any opportunity. He found one excuse or another to go talk to Joey about some class just to be in the room with Eli and each time he would as friendly as he could telling Eli hello and asking how he was doing. Eli got to where he would answer with more than an 'okay' or a nod of his head, but he didn't open up to Tyler, instead he still seemed like a boy trapped, forced to endure the rough housing and the crude crass joking around and Tyler realized Joey probably made it worse with his snide comments.

Tyler had continued to sneak into the bathroom from time to time and watch Eli as he would come from the showers and brush his teeth and each time, he would pull his towel off and masturbate, hurriedly, like he had to get off as soon as possible, his hand a blur as soon as he got his cock hard and each time Tyler watched intently, holding his breath, his cock up and leaking. Eli always came a lot, cum flying out in thick ropes spattering all over the mirror and vanity and Tyler watched as each time Eli would look at his hand, slimy with his cum, watching it drip off. Then just as quickly Eli would clean up and get dressed leaving the bathroom and unbeknownst to him Tyler in a stall ready to stroke his own cock as soon as he was out the door.

The first Saturday in November the dorm was a hive of activity that morning as everyone was getting ready for the football game, it being a home game. The guys were already drinking, yelling and cutting up as they went room to room. Rob and Tyler were down in Roger and Mike's room, Joey standing in the doorway, as they talked about the game and what they expected. Tyler normally went with the guys to each home game, but today he had begged off claiming he was behind in a couple of classes and had to catch up. What he really wanted was the dorm emptied out with just Eli and him left. Around eleven the guys started heading out and Tyler lay on his bed anxiously waiting for the rest to leave as well. Rob left with Joey, Roger, Mike and a few of the others around eleven thirty. Tyler got up and stood at the window watching the guys from the dorm make their way to the stadium and when the dorm grew quiet, not a sound being made, he smiled at the knowledge only Eli and he was still on the floor.

Tyler didn't know how long he'd have to wait, but he was certain Eli would take advantage of the solitude sooner rather than later. He pulled his t-shirt off and then his boxers, stripping completely naked. He looked in the mirror at his reflection. He had a naturally filled out body and his small nipples rode high on his chest, his torso long for his height with his waist short which let his jeans ride suggestively low when he wanted them too. He looked at his dark skin, the way his brown hair had the same tone to it. He raised his arms over his head stretching out his body and looked at the hair under his arms, the small thin trail from his navel down to his cock where his pubic hair grew thick in a small fan pattern right over his cock. He looked at his body, his mind imagining Eli touching it, caressing his skin and he watched his cock rise up partially hard. He wanted to take it in his hand and stroke it but he knew that could wait. He had brazenly left the door open, knowing Eli could walk by any minute and catch him standing in front of his mirror naked, his cock half hard and it made him smile. But he wanted Eli to find him in a different way and he went over to his bed and lay down, letting the sheet cover just his feet and lower legs, leaving himself completely exposed as he closed his eyes pretending to be asleep.

Tyler had been right about Eli taking advantage of the empty dorm as soon as he could for within a few minutes he heard the sound of a door being closed softly down the hall. He lay there, one arm over his stomach and the other behind his head, his body stretched out, naked and exposed, and he waited, his ears perked up to any sound Eli might make. The quiet was unreal, Eli not making a sound and Tyler lay there, the feel of the air blowing over his skin and the thought of Eli seeing him, all of him, made his cock roll over and begin to thicken, to stretch out. He hadn't intended to get hard but his cock grew longer and moved upward as he lay there waiting.

It was such a small sound Tyler wasn't sure he heard correctly, but he was sure it was a gasp, the quick intake of a breath and he tried hard to fake the slow breathing of someone asleep, breathing in and exhaling slowly, feeling his stomach move under his hand. Then he sensed it, Eli's presence close to him. He didn't need to open his eyes to know Eli was in his room and he waited, wondering what Eli would do.

Tyler almost moved, had to concentrate on his faking sleep when he felt the touch, ticklish the way Eli's fingers moved over just his pubic hair, gliding over the tightly curled hair. Eli ran his fingers over the hair lightly as he got tantalizing close to Tyler's cock. Then Eli's touch went over his sac barely touching the bare soft skin and Tyler waited, wanting to see what Eli would do next. The touch went over his sac then slowly, tentatively, barely grazing the surface of his skin it moved along the shaft of his cock. Tyler just knew Eli would take his cock, wrap his fingers around it, and he lay as still as he could feeling the finger trace along his cock, slowly, getting close to the head.

Then Eli was gone, the sensation of his touch still tingling along Tyler's cock. Tyler opened his eyes to his empty room and he laid there propped up on his elbows as he heard the door to the bathroom close down the hall. He fell back on his bed, frustrated at Eli's inability to make his move and his own missed opportunity. He should have opened his eyes, grasped Eli's wrist and made him take his cock or just told him in a whisper it was alright to touch him, giving him permission, but he didn't do any of those things. He started to go to the bathroom and realized Eli was probably as confused as he was frustrated and decided to give him time to think about what had happened.

Tyler got up, dressed and sat down at his desk thinking he might as well work out his frustration and do some course work, although he really wasn't behind in any class. There was the novel for English he needed to get through in the next two weeks and he opened it up and began to read. A few minutes later he heard the bathroom door open and he began to glance out the door watching for Eli and a short time later Eli passed his door then surprising Tyler he backed up and stood at his door.

"You reading for class...or fun?" Eli asked his voice nervous, insecure.

"English assignment, but I have to say I'm not able to concentrate" Tyler replied as he looked up at Eli giving him a friendly smile. "You want to come in?"

Eli looked surprised but quickly shook his head, "No...I should go...I have to call home and..." and Eli looked down the hall toward his door then back at Tyler biting his lower lip while his hands fidgeted with the small bag he carried.

"Okay" Tyler replied disappointed at how he didn't seem to be able to break through this barrier Eli had around him. But he saw Eli look back at him with an expression of longing, of wanting to make a connection with someone and he looked down at the floor.

"I'm going to go have a late lunch about one thirty...you wanna...maybe go?" Eli stammered.

Tyler smiled and knew Eli, shy and unable to connect with others, was making an effort. "Yeah, Eli, that'd be great. Come on by when you are ready to go."

Eli looked up, smiling, and nodded his head and as he turned away Tyler heard him say in a low voice "I'll see you in a little while."

Lunch turned into a visit to the coffee shop on the corner as Tyler told Eli about growing up in Tampa, his family of four and his major in Pharmacology. Eli listened, asking few questions with Tyler doing most of the talking but over the three hours they were together Eli began to tell Tyler about his own family, how his parents got religion after his sister died and how they treated him like he was sick too, although there was nothing wrong with him, and he told of growing up in a small town in south Georgia and how his parents struggled to make a living and he was in college on a scholarship majoring in nursing. It all came into focus for Tyler, the reason Eli was the way he was with his over protective parents and their clinging to religion to assuage their hurt. But as they walked back to the dorm, the campus crowded with everyone coming from the game, cheering and yelling out, Tyler realized Eli was still remote, holding back, and he knew he'd have to be patient.

For three weeks Tyler eased Eli into social settings with the other guys, slowly got him to relax, and eventually Eli began to loosen up, although he still held back, always on the periphery. Joey stopped making snide comments after Tyler told him what Eli had said about himself and Tyler got Eli to go grab lunch or dinner on a few occasions even though Tyler knew he was on a very tight budget. The week of Thanksgiving everyone was preparing for the exams their instructors liked to throw at them before leaving for the long holiday weekend. Eli admitted he was staying on campus over the holiday weekend telling Tyler he just did not want to go home, for Christmas was bad enough, and he just wanted a break from how the holidays were at his house. Tyler saw his chance and made plans to stay on campus too, telling his folks he had some papers to get written and he was behind on his research with all the exams that week. He didn't tell Eli he was staying till the Tuesday before, bringing it up casually as if it were no big deal and that maybe they could do something together since it seemed they would be the only ones on the third floor of the dorm.

Wednesday afternoon, around five, Tyler saw the last of the guys on his floor head out for the holiday weekend and he lay on his bed trying to work out how to approach Eli or whether or not he really should for he found he really did like Eli and could see how he was frustrated by the situation with his parents and knowing he didn't really fit in with the way he dressed or carried himself. Tyler wondered if he should just admit how he felt, be bold, and see if Eli was willing or if he was just letting his fantasy of something happening get the best of him. He let this doubt, this line of thought creep in all the time and each time he always remembered the feel of Eli's fingers on his cock, with its light tentative touch and how it made him feel and he knew there was something there and he had to figure out the best approach to make something happen. His mind was racing with these ideas when he was shocked to see Eli standing at his door wearing just his boxers and t-shirt. The boxers were a cheap white pair with fabric so thin Tyler could see the faint image of Eli's cock as it rested against the fabric and he could see the darker shadow of his pubic hair fanned out above it. The t-shirt was also a cheap brand but it looked good on him, the way it fit tight to his body showing off its muscular lean form and the thinness of fabric made his nipples plainly visible. Tyler looked at Eli, mouth hanging open, as he took in the familiar body, for now it seemed different, this display in his underwear and Tyler sat up on his bed shocked to see Eli out of his room undressed.

"I was going down to shower and was wondering if you..." and Eli looked down suddenly his shyness overwhelming, then he spoke quietly keeping his head down, "...maybe afterwards we can hang out or something?" and Eli caught the hint and realized Eli was now making the first move and he smiled at this opportunity Eli was laying at his feet.

"Actually I was about to go shower before grabbing dinner in the cafeteria. You don't care if I go shower too, do you?"

Eli looked up and Tyler saw the smile suppressed on his face as he shook his head.

"No, I don't mind..." and he looked down the hall toward the bathroom and back to Tyler who was getting up to get his toiletries, "...I'll see you down there."

Tyler couldn't believe the way things were unfolding and as he pulled his shirt off and removed his jeans leaving him in just his boxers he kept bouncing on his feet and uttering 'fuck' excitedly. Inside the bathroom it was a familiar scene, Eli's small bag on the vanity and at the door to the showers his towel hung from one of the hooks. Tyler tossed his toiletries bag down, hung his towel near Eli's and went into the shower. Eli was at one of the shower heads at the back of the room, the hot water of his shower slowly steaming up the room. He was facing the wall letting the water hit him on the chest and when he heard Tyler enter the room he turned enough to look back at him.

"Feels good...the hot water..." and Eli was stammering like he did whenever he was nervous, "...with no one around to mess with us...I mean me."

Tyler smiled, knowing what he meant as he took the shower two over from Eli. He saw Eli glance out of the corner of his eye at him, saw how his eye roamed down his body as he let the warm water cascade down his chest, over his stomach and around his cock which was getting half hard with the excitement he was feeling.

"It does feel good" Tyler finally replied as he took his soap, stepped out of the spray of water and began to lather up his chest and stomach. He faced Eli exposing his body to him fully, letting him see how his cock was rising up, let him see how he ran his soapy hands down his stomach and over it, sliding one fist up the shaft soaping it up making it rise up. As he soaped up he watched Eli who stayed facing the wall, letting the soap rinse off as he rubbed it on chest and stomach. Eli would turn and look at him, briefly, just quick glances, with his eyes wide with their indiscretion and Tyler saw each time how Eli's cock was standing out in front of him popping into view briefly with its wide flared head. Tyler turned away from Eli and bent over to run his soapy hands down his legs, slowly washing each one, pushing the soap downward. He looked up around his legs and saw Eli looking at him, looking at his ass the way he knew it had to be opened up to Eli, his cheeks parted and the entry to his body exposed. He saw the movement of Eli's arm and knew he was stroking his cock.

Tyler stood up and turned back to Eli and saw him standing with his back to the wall and his hard cock sticking straight out, with its long thick shaft and wide flared head covered in soap as Eli's hand moved down it. Eli looked at Tyler, his eyes seeming to be pleading and ashamed at the same time and he turned back to face the wall rinsing the soap off.

Tyler stepped closer to Eli holding out the soap.

"Will you wash my back" Tyler asked, knowing with anyone else it would be a lame come-on but he felt he had to get Eli to do something, anything, as long as he made some kind of first move.

Eli turned to him, not saying anything, as he took the soap. Tyler turned his back to Eli and waited, the anticipation too much as he longed for the feel of Eli's hands on his skin. The first touch was tentative, Tyler could even tell Eli's hand was shaking but Eli soon was rubbing his slick soapy hands over his shoulders, along the back of his neck and down his back along his spine. Tyler felt Eli's hands as they moved in circular movements over his back, firmer and firmer was his touch and Tyler reached down and stroked his cock a couple of times shamelessly, even moaning as he did so. He felt Eli moved down and rub just over his ass and his touch softened and his movements slowed and Tyler knew Eli wanted to go further, wanted to touch his ass and he looked over his shoulder at him, the way his eyes were watching his own hands as they moved over Tyler's soap slicked skin. When Eli looked up at Tyler, his eyes glazed over Tyler nodded encouraging him to do it, to touch him, to let him feel the touch of his hands. Eli kept his eyes locked on Tyler's as he rubbed his hands over each cheek, circular motions that soaped each one till the suds cascaded down Tyler's legs. Tyler knew Eli was hesitate to go further, afraid even, as he slowed almost to a stop with his eyes now looking down at Tyler's ass with the look of longing in them.

Tyler turned slightly, reaching back taking one of Eli's hands and he brought it to the cleft between the cheeks of his ass and pressed Eli's fingers to it.

"It's okay I want you to touch me there. I want to feel your finger touch me. I want to feel you...penetrate me" Tyler whispered as Eli's eyes widened at what he was saying and Tyler nodded his head as confirmation of the words he spoke. Eli pushed between Tyler's cheeks rubbing his fingers along the deep crevice of his ass, probing him, touching him along his smooth ass. Tyler felt Eli's finger rub over his hole, press against it and he moaned as he pushed back with his hips. Tyler brought his hands back and rested them on Eli's thighs feeling the warm smooth skin and Eli moved closer to him, his warm breath hitting his neck and his body so close Tyler could feel its presence. Eli's fingers worked over his hole, the soap making it slick and suddenly Eli did it, pressed his finger against the tightness and penetrated Tyler spearing his finger deep into his tunnel. Tyler cried out and it echoed in the shower room as he felt Eli penetrate him deeply with his finger. Tyler felt the way the finger moved in him, pumping back and forth slowly, his hole loosening to the penetration.

Tyler closed his eyes and the room grew hot, the steam filling the small space and he felt Eli's other hand touch his waist, lightly at first then more firmly and it slowly slipped around to his stomach holding him as he felt Eli press another finger into his hole stretching him open further. Tyler slowly moved his hips with the rhythm of Eli's fingers in his hole as they dug deep into him. Eli's breath on his neck grew hotter and his hug tighter. Tyler didn't realize what he felt at first but then he felt it again, the contact firmer as Eli's lips touched his neck and with each touch Eli pressed against Tyler's skin harder.

"Yeah...Eli..." Tyler moaned as he felt Eli stretch him open with a third finger, pushing the slick digits deep into his hole. Tyler felt the way Eli worked him open, slowly, his touch still tentative at times and Tyler used his left hand to take Eli's hand on his stomach and push it down guiding it to his cock.

"Take me Eli...take me" Tyler whispered as he bent over and reached with his right hand for Eli's cock. It was thick in his hand and his touch caused Eli to jerk his hips. Eli felt the way Tyler was guiding him, one hand on his cock guiding it to his hole and the other putting his hand on Tyler's cock and he gripped the shaft stroking it as he felt his own cock nestled up to Tyler's hole and he bore down with his hips, pushed forward and felt the flared out head of his cock breach Tyler and sink into his hole. Tyler's head rose up and he cried out. Eli felt Tyler's hand back on his thigh and it was quivering as he pushed his cock into Tyler, inch by inch, slowly he worked his cock into Tyler feeling the tight ring of his opening milk his cock and the warm soft tunnel envelop his cock.

"Fuck me...fuck me Eli" Tyler grunted as he pushed his ass back taking the last inch of the cock Eli was working into his hole. Eli began to fuck, to move his hips, and this new sensation, this being with another man, his cock sunk into his hole was too much and he soon was fucking hard, driving his hips back and forth as he jerked his hand up and down Tyler's cock, roughly, his rhythm off, his desires getting away from him and Tyler took it, the rough fuck and the way his hand stroked him irregularly for it turned him on, this first time with Eli and he worked his hips with Eli's fuck as he felt his hole loosen and easily take Eli's long thick cock.

There breathing was rough, their moans filled the room echoing off the tile walls and Tyler felt the cum rush through his cock and pump out onto the floor, wad after wad as Eli's hand kept stroking him and he felt his ass spasm around the thick shaft of Eli's cock as it thrust into his hole over and over and over.

"Oh fuck" Eli grunted, the coarse word soft on Eli's lips and he pushed into Tyler all the way hugging their bodies together tightly and Tyler knew Eli was pumping his cum into his hole.

Finally spent Eli pulled back and Tyler turned to him and saw the amazement in his eyes, the look of satisfaction, then briefly, just for a moment he saw the old doubt and fear and he took Eli's face in his hands and kissed him passionately, his tongue working its way into Eli's mouth. Tyler pulled back and saw Eli's face relax, a smile form and he wanted to say something but knew the usual things he usually said about the sex being hot or it being a fun fuck wasn't appropriate and then he knew and he wrapped his arms around Eli and put their foreheads together as he looked up into Eli's eyes.

"That was good Eli, real good" and he knew it wasn't too much, wasn't' too sentimental and yet wouldn't cheapen the moment to just sex and Eli's smile grew.

"Thanks Tyler" he whispered.

Tyler stood up and motioned to the still running shower.

"Let's finish showering and get dressed. I'm starving."

After dinner in the cafeteria they walked back to the dorm, up the stairs and down the hall. Tyler stopped at his door and when he realized Eli was going to keep walking he grabbed him by the wrist.

"Where are you going?" Tyler asked.

"I was going to my room and..." and Tyler interrupted Eli.

"Okay, hurry up and come on back, okay?" Tyler told Eli and Eli nodded his head and headed down the corridor when Tyler let go of his hand.

Tyler was sitting in his desk chair leaned back as his mind raced with all that happened and he closed his eyes and relived the way Eli had taken him in the shower. How long he sat there he didn't know but he sensed Eli at his door and he opened his eyes. Eli was naked, his cock thickening up as he stood there looking at Tyler. Tyler couldn't help but scan his eyes down Eli's body again, the lean muscular build and his skin so fair he appeared to glow in the dim light of his desk lamp. He saw how Eli looked almost desperate the way he was rocking on his feet back and forth and Tyler turned in his chair and faced him.

Eli came into his room and eased down on his knees in front of Tyler resting his arms on Tyler's legs, spreading them apart so he could move up between them. Tyler felt ever inch of his touch, the way Eli's arms rested on his legs and he let his legs spread out. Eli's hands were so close to his crotch with their fingers nervously stroking over the denim of his jeans and he felt every move, each light tap and his cock began to grow hard.

"Tyler..." Eli began but the words seem to fail him.

"What is it Eli? You can tell me" Tyler replied as he put his right hand on top of Eli's arm rubbing along the bare skin and with his other he traced a finger over Eli's chin and brought it upward and combed his fingers through his black hair.

"Will you..." and he looked at Tyler taking a deep breath, "...do me...like I did you...awhile ago...back in the showers...you know..." and Tyler smiled at Eli and put his finger to Eli's lips stopping him from speaking.

"Whatever you want...okay?"

Eli smiled and he moved his hands to Tyler's waist unbuttoning his jeans, pulling the zipper down and Tyler raised his ass up letting Eli pull them down his legs along with his boxers. His thickening cock flopped over his thigh as he leaned forward and let Eli take his t-shirt by the hem and lift it over his head. Tyler reached out and hugged Eli to him, felt his warm body press up between his legs and he kissed Eli on the neck, ran his lips over his jaw and over his cheeks. Tyler moved to Eli's ear tonguing it and pulling on the lobe with his teeth.

"Eli...get me hard" Tyler whispered and Eli moved down his chest, his lips raking over his skin. Eli was a fast learner, suddenly bold and he took Tyler's left nipple in his mouth putting suction on it till the center hardened and stood out and Tyler moaned loudly as Eli bit down on it. Eli took Tyler's cock in his hand and stroked it as he moved his mouth downward over Tyler's stomach, brushed his lips through the soft hair growing over Tyler's cock and then he pressed his lips to the shaft, snaked out his tongue and moved his mouth along its length.

"Jesus" Tyler uttered as he pushed up with his hips and Eli sniggered before moving on down taking the head of Tyler's cock and letting it slip into his mouth. Tyler rested his hands on Eli's shoulders as his cock sank into Eli's mouth. Tyler watched his head move up and down and he heard the sound of his suctioning mouth, the sloppy slick nature of it and he grew hard, his cock fighting to stand upright as it pushed down toward Eli's throat.

"Fuck...get on the bed" Tyler exclaimed as he pushed Eli's mouth off his cock and led him to his bed. Tyler guided Eli down on his back as he moved up between his legs pushing them apart. Tyler worked one hand down between Eli's legs and rubbed over his hole, felt the tightness of it, its resistance to his finger and he pressed harder feeling Eli push upward and when his finger breached Eli and sank into his tunnel Eli cried out, his body shivering beneath him. Tyler worked him open, felt his hole loosen up to his ministrations and with each finger he added stretching Eli open a little more each time the more vocal Eli grew, grunting and moaning, his hips moving with Tyler's fingers as they fucked his hole.

"Do it...do it Tyler...put it in me" Eli whispered and Tyler shifted up and pushed his cock to Eli's opening. Tyler watched Eli's face as he pushed in penetrating his hole with his cock and Eli took it, every inch, as he breathed hard through his open mouth. Tyler eased his cock steadily into Eli till he was buried all the way into him and Eli hugged Tyler to his body grinding his cock against Tyler's stomach and his ass down Tyler's cock.

"Fuck me Tyler...fuck my ass" Eli whispered, the coarseness of his words sharp to Tyler's ears, the way Eli was suddenly so sexual, his desire to be taken so great he lost himself to Tyler begging for his fuck. Tyler began to pump his cock in Eli's hole, pulling upward with his hips and then sinking it back in, all the way, burying it deeply into him.

"You feel...so good..." Tyler whispered just before he began to rim Eli's ear with his tongue and he used his hands to hold Eli's hips firmly in position driving his cock harder and harder in Eli's hole. Eli hugged him tightly, clung to him desperately as he took Tyler's hard fuck, the way he drove into Eli till the bed rocked banging against the wall. Tyler pressed his lips to Eli's and brought his arms up and held them down as he drove his hips faster, pumping his cock till he felt his need to cum and he slammed into Eli with hard jabs, one, two, three times and he came, pumping his cum deep into Eli, continuing to pump his hips till he felt his cock sliding through his slick load he'd just deposited in Eli.

Tyler lay still for a moment and he felt Eli's cock digging into his stomach and he ground his body down on Eli feeling his cock flex underneath him. Tyler moved up over Eli till he was straddling his hips holding up Eli's hard cock, the head wet and slick.

"My turn" Tyler said as he lowered his ass down on Eli's cock feeling it stretch him open. He knew Eli wouldn't last long the way his cock was flexing up and down and leaking so much it was pooled on his stomach and he moved quickly to get all of Eli's cock into his hole, to feel the thick shaft stretch him open and penetrate deeply into him. Tyler soon found himself sitting on Eli's lap with his cock sunk all the way into his hole and he rose up and dropped down, as he began to ride Eli's cock, to fuck his ass on it. Eli watched Tyler ride up and down his cock, watched the thick shaft appear and disappear as Tyler moved up and down. For a few minutes Tyler moved roughly on Eli, fucking his ass hard as he lifted up and dropped down. Eli saw how Tyler's body began to sweat, the skin glisten in the dim light and he reached up and pulled Tyler down on top of him, hugging their bodies together and rolled over till Tyler was on bottom. Eli rose up over him, his cock still buried in is hole and he began to fuck, to drive his hips hard, slamming down till his hips slapped against Tyler's ass and Tyler moaned, grunted obscenities, begged Eli to fuck him harder and Eli thrust his cock into Tyler until he felt his need to cum rise up, his body tense up and he pumped his cum into Tyler, thrusting his spurting cock through each wad he pumped into him.

Eli fell on top of Tyler and suddenly realized he was sweatier than Tyler, it running out of his hair and down his chest and back. Both of them were breathing hard for a few minutes as they lay together. Eli finally moved to Tyler's side and snuggled up to his back wrapping his arm over his chest holding their bodies close.

"This is nice" Eli said as he settled down behind Tyler. The dorm was quiet now with only the sound of the air conditioning breaking the silence and Tyler and Eli drifted off to sleep.



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