Part 3:  The origin of the Pumpkin King

            The time was now around 5pm. Eric and Santos arrived at his house. The two men entered the house and got settled in. Santos had called in for work for the remainder of the day and Eric couldn’t have been happier. He really needed someone to be with him on this. Santos went to his room and began to remove his uniform. Eric spied from the hallway. He saw Santos take off his white undershirt to reveal a nice tight body with a hard as steel six pack. He also noticed he had freckles, one by each of his nipples, He also noticed the hair that was spread from the middle of his chest down to his belly button/ pubic region. Eric was extremely turned on.

            “I know you are watching.” Said Santos coyly. Eric froze in horror. He honestly though he was being sly. What should he do he thought to himself. “It’s okay. I don’t mind you watching.” Santos turned his back to where Eric was watching and saw burn marks all down his back. Santos stood still for a moment and when he still heard Eric’s breathing he continued to undress.

            Next to go were Santos’ pants. He revealed to be wearing a pair of white briefs that sculpted his round juicy bum quite nicely. Eric could see Santos’ ass crack through the almost sheer like fabric. Eric’s breathing began to get heavier. Santos finally turned around and showed off his bulge to Eric. Eric could not help but stare at the massive bulge staring him right in the face. Santos smiled and walked away into the bathroom. Eric heard the shower turn on and saw a pair of white briefs fly through the air. Eric knew that this was an invitation. Eric turned a few steps towards the bathroom but turned away. Eric just couldn’t do it. Not anymore. Not after his last few sexual encounters. Eric picked up the pair of white briefs sitting on the ground and put them in his own pants. He would smell them later.

            The tea was finally done. Santos had made a pot of tea for the two of them. This time Eric noticed that Santos was getting a little flirtier. Santos wore his tightest white tank and a pair of white gym shorts, where you could easily spot his tan cock, to distract Eric. But Eric held his own and just smiled at his lovely new friend. Eric drank his tea and tried to hide the boner growing in his pants.

            “Santos I need to be frank with you.”, Eric said as he began to drink his tea.

“What’s the problem? Is it me?” asked Santos with a weary look in his eye.

            “No its not you. In fact, I like you a lot but the thing is…. shit is just weird right now. Stuff keeps happening to me and I’m not sure I want to drag you down with me.”

“I can handle myself you know.”

            “I figured that. But I’m serious about what I said. I think the more we go on the stranger everything is going to become. I don’t want you to get hurt…because of me.”

“Look at me,” Santos moved Eric’s head so he was facing him dead on, “I can protect myself. I want to be in this with you. Let me help you Eric.” Eric moved closer to Santos and began to put his mouth on Santos’s own. Eric loved the way Santos’ mouth felt. The moist tongue in the back of his throat, the fullness of his lips sucking on his, and the passion that he felt by kissing someone he just met a few hours ago.

            After the hot make out session the boys got back on track. Eric had a book and he wanted to know what it was all about. Santos moved closer to Eric as he began to display the book for both to read. The book, called The Song of the Pumpkin King, told of the story of a man and his wife in the 1800’s and it read.

            Roddy Wright and his wife Lexie moved to the town of old Mapleton to settle and raise a family. Roddy believed in hard work while his wife believed in magic. Roddy had married a witch. She could heal any blind person or any ailment anyone could face. Her magic was loved by all. The two had three children and lived very happy lives together. Every Halloween the 5 members of the family would dance and sing by the fire and chant a song together, “We love him, we love him, The pumpkin king, the pumpkin king, sing for him, sing for him, and he will come, he will come, and bless the feast, bless the feast, the pumpkin king” The family lived happily ever after.

            “What the fuck!” shouted Eric loudly. He threw the book on the ground. Santos looked up at him worried.

            “Eric please calm down. What’s wrong?”

“This book didn’t tell me anything. It’s just one page with words and the rest are pictures of pumpkins, candy, and houses. Why the hell is this even a children’s book?” Eric sat on the ground confused. He wanted an explanation and he thought the book would tell him more.

            “Eric. I am cop you know. I do have resources at my disposal.” Santos pulled Eric up and looked at him in the face. Eric stared back wanting so much to kiss the Latino god in front of him. But he resisted his urge.

“Give me a few minutes. I’ll run upstairs and I’ll find something.” With that, Santos gave Eric a kiss and rushed upstairs. Eric smiled and finished his cup of tea.

            An hour passed and Santos came rushing down the stairs. This time he held his laptop in his hand. Santos waved to Eric to come towards him and the both took a seat on the couch. Santos pointed to an article he pulled up on his computer screen and it read, “The body of Roddy Wright and his three children were found in the woods outside of Mapleton in 2002. Forensic scientist say that the man and his three kids were burned alive and for some mysterious reasons the bodies never decomposed. Investigators are calling this a small miracle and a closed case for the century long case of one of the town’s most mysterious legends. The disappearance of Roddy Wright.” 

“Holy shit!” screamed Eric loudly. Santos was not done, he pulled up another tab from his laptop and it to read something that shocked Eric; “One of the greatest witches of our time, Lexie Wright, is celebrating her 2000-year late birthday. This woman was a huge impact on witches today. She contributed to the harvest being bountiful and her works with sacrifice and rebirth. Commemorate her birthday with an amber pendant at our website www…..” Eric stopped reading.

“Wait a second…do you think she could have sacrificed her children?” asked Eric puzzled.

            “As a matter of fact she did. I found a woman who holds yearlong rituals and tributes to commemorate the passing of ancient witches. She actually has the diary of Lexie Wright on her persons. I had her fax me over some passages and she did. The woman also told me nobody ever talks about her because she has somehow been forgotten in the witch community. Here are the pages, read them.” Santos handed Eric the pages and he began to read.

May 1897,

My dear husband and I have lived in this town for far too long. He wishes I could give him more children but the three I gave him should be enough. He has hired a cute stable boy to work on our land, his youth will be rewarded when I slay him on Samhain. The harvest will be bountiful due to his death. The kids are starting to annoy me.

July 1897,

My husband is barely home. He and the stable boy go to town way to often and I am left tending to the kids. I have begun working on my rebirth spell. I wonder how long it will take before I can bring the dead to life. My powers are not what they used to be…. I will pray in the gardens tonight for strength.

August 1897,

Dear Diary, I suspect my husband is cheating on me. He does not wish to lie with me and is never aroused in my presence. I have placed a couple spells on him and they seem to work most of the time. My powers are getting weaker…….

September 1897,

Dear Diary, my husband has been laying with the stable-boy. I caught them both fucking last night in my pumpkin patch. My husband loves to give and the stable-boy keeps on taking. The two are in love and are planning on leaving me. My husband has no idea that I suspect him and he never will. He can take himself, that boy, and his spawn to hell with him. Just you wait ……

October 1897,

I cast a spell on the stable-boy and made him take my husband to the altar I created in the woods. Samhain is in full effect. I slit the boys throat and my husband bawled in terror. I laughed or is it cackle. I took his three spawn of children and set them on fire. The sheer looks in his eyes is worth it. I finally placed a cursed on my husband and all men like him. They will sing for him, the will dance for him. And he will come for them. I finally set him on fire and danced over his burning corpse. My powers are full again…. I am free.

“Oh my god. This can’t be.”, stated Eric as he began to put the papers down.

            “Wait Eric. The last page is the one you need to read.” Santos picked up the final diary entry and read;

October 1898

Dear diary, I watched from the distance as the men in the village sang a song about their beloved king. I saw them hold hands and undress each other. Finally, I saw a being rise from the ground, it was my husband. He looks like he is in hell. He began to have interactions with some of the men and then one by one he began to devour them. The blood alone covered the whole forest. They call him the Pumpkin King. They worship him and want to die by him. This is the way to purge these impure men. I did notice a few younger children trying to save their fathers…. too bad the king got to the kids first. My poor husband no longer exists. This demon is their salvation. Rot in hell.

“That was the last journal entry she ever made. Nobody even knows what happened to her after that.” Santos picked up the diary entries and put them back on the table. Eric just sat in silence. It all made sense now about what he saw when he was child. Now he had to tell Santos the truth.

            “I saw the Pumpkin King when I was a little boy!” Eric shouted loudly. Yelling the words almost seemed to make it more real than ever. Santos looked at Eric and sat down. He was going to be that ear that Eric needed.

“I was a young kid at the time and I didn’t know what was really going on. I heard the song but it didn’t faze me. I can kind of remember seeing my dad chanting something but I could never make out what he was saying. I only remember seeing a figure come out of the ground and kill my dad.”

            “Was that the only time you saw it?”

“No. I saw him in person when Reid died. Reid and I were getting into an argument and then I heard that faint song. I covered my ears but for Reid it was too late. I remember him walking towards the forest and I followed. That’s when I saw it or him. Whatever it was it killed Reid and now it’s come for me.”

            “Why do you think it wants you?”

“Because I am the reason it took so long for it to come back. I destroyed its altar when it killed my father and I thought it had destroyed him. I was young so I can’t remember everything but it went back into the ground and I never saw it again…until a few years ago when Reid died.”

            “How could it come back if you destroyed the altar?” asked Santos.

“Someone rebuilt it. When I followed Reid that night someone had put the altar together again. It killed Reid to get back at me….and now something has brought me back here and I think it’s that monster.” Eric fell to the ground and began to whimper. Santos looked at Eric and had no idea on how to console him. Santos bent down and placed his hand on Eric’s back. Eric looked up at his new friend and smiled, “You think I’m crazy don’t you?”

Santos smiled, “I like your crazy. Trust me there are worst ways to spend my Hallows eve.”

            The kiss that Santos placed on Eric was pure and filled with so much passion it took Eric by surprise. Eric leaned in towards Santos and the two men began to kiss deeper into each other souls. Santos ripped off his shirt and did the same to Eric’s. Both men were left exposed, baring their chests, and then Eric was moved onto the couch by Santos. Eric could feel Santos move his hands all over his body, he was exploring to discover all of what Eric had to offer. “Uh!” Eric let out a soft noise when he felt Santos slip his hand inside Eric’s pants. Santos grabbed Eric’s cock with his hand and began to twist and move the skin up and down. Eric loved the firm grip on his penis that he did not even fight back this time. Santos kept vigorously moving his hand up and down while Eric made soft moans. The more he jerked Eric’s cock the more Eric’s body began to tense up. The feeling was so intense Eric was ready to shoot at any moment. Santos moved faster and faster feeling Eric’s cock get more firm and his cock was ready to shoot. “I’m gonna cum!” shouted Eric in ecstasy. Santos kept the motion going and kissed Eric forcefully. Moments later, “Ah Fuck!” shouted Eric. Eric came inside his underwear and the hot liquid was all over Santos’s hand. Santos removed his cum covered hand out of Eric’s pants and looked at it. Santos licked his hand dry and then kissed Eric again. Eric was turned on yet again.

            Eric pushed back the younger man and removed the shorts that Santos had on. Santos was hiding a thick 8inch shaved cock. His balls were bare and full and his hairless asshole was there for Eric to take in. Eric spread open Santos thighs and exposed a tight little hole waiting to be eaten. Eric drove his tongue deep inside his new lover’s hole and Santos immediately jumped with excitement. Santos loved feeling a warm tongue deep inside him. Eric wiggled his tongue around and began to shove his face further down the hole. Eric loved the way its tasted and Santos loved the way it felt. Eric then began a new trick he learned and started flicking his tongue inside the hole and Santos immediately began to quiver. Eric was not done yet. Eric slowly pulled his tongue out of his asshole and moved it slowly up the hairless taint, sucking and licking his way up. Eric made a pit stop on Santos’ huge hairless ball sack and began to choke one his nuts. “Oh fuck!” shouted Santos as he began to play with his nipples! “Keep sucking on them! It feels so good! How did you learn to be so gooooooo…!” Santos had to moan again because Eric began to suck on each ball while also massaging Santo’s taint and hole at the same time. The sheer joy Santos felt was definitely shown by the pre-cum running down his huge erect cock.

            After the ball sucking was done Eric began his trek towards the huge cock staring him in the face. The fully erect tan cock was nice and thick. The veins on the cock were definitely prominent. The cock was night and straight and the head was nice and big like a mushroom head. The pre-cum left a trail from the base to the tip. Eric licked his way up the trail while Santos jerked in motion. Eric put his lips on the tip and began to lick inside the penis hole. Eric looked at Santos to see his expression and he was too busy rolling his head back and forth from the pleasure. Eric licked all the sweet cum out of the hole and began his work on sucking the huge cock. With one big gulp Eric had deep throated Santos’ huge member.  

“Holy shit!” yelled Santos

            “Mmmhmmm” mumbled Eric as he kept sucking the huge cock. Eric bobbed his head back and forth only taking a break to get a breath of air. Santos began to play with his own nipples. Eric kept the motion up for a while and Santos continued to moan and groan all over the couch. Eric could also feel the sweat all over Santos’ body and began to massage the sweat near his man pussy. Santos was getting close. His stomach tightened and he thrust his pelvis forward. Eric stuck two finger in Santo’s hole and massage his g-spot and used his other hand to squeeze the balls.

“Fuck!” With those words Santos let out a stream of jizz from his cock and Eric swallowed what he could. The cum was too much that it began to choke Eric just a little. The extra cum fell out of Eric’s mouth right onto Santos’ own cock. The orgasm Santos felt made him twinge all over. Eric swallowed the cum in his mouth and then came back to swallow the rest that had left his moth earlier. After the amazing climax that both men enjoyed they lay on top of each other.

            “That was..amazing.” Santos said almost out of breath.

“Thanks. You having an amazing cock! I’m glad you enjoyed.” Said Eric smiling.

            “Want me to blow you?” asked Santos ready to suck.

“I just came.” Eric stated.

“But you have a boner again. Let me do you.” Santos pushed Eric back on the couch and started to unbutton his jeans. “He’s here”

“Did you hear that?” asked Eric as he stopped his friend from undoing his pants.

            “No I didn’t hear anything. Now lean back.”

“He’s here!” shouted a faint voice.

“Okay now that time I heard something.” Santos put back on his shorts and Eric put his shirt back on. The two men moved slowly toward the stairs and were shocked by what they saw.

            A little boy with no eyes and blood trailing down his mouth was looking in their direction. The two men looked at each other and then back at the little boy. They needed confirmation to make sure they both saw something. Eric moved towards the little boy but Santos pulled him back.

“Do not go up there! It could be dangerous.” Santos exclaimed. But Eric payed him no mind. He moved closer to the boy and followed him to the top of the stairs. Santos looked freaked out while watching his new friend put his life in danger. The little boy walked down the hallway to a room on the left. Eric followed. Santos stood quietly at the base of the stairs. Thud! Santos was knocked out from behind. All he could make out was a hooded figure and not much else before succumbing to darkness. Eric, at the same time, walked into a spare bedroom. The bedroom was covered in by grain stalks and a symbol made in blood was on the wall closest to the hood of the bed. Eric saw the boy disappear into air and turned away to exit the room. The hooded figure came from behind him and put a cloth onto his face. The chloroform had worked its magic on him and Eric too had succumbed to darkness. The last thing he could hear and visualize was a knife being removed from a holster and the hooded figure walking towards him.



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