Part 1: Welcome to Mapleton

Halloween is not Eric’s favorite Holiday of the year. He hates being scared, clowns, and he even hates candy. But one thing that terrifies him the most is Pumpkins. While growing up in the town of Mapleton, which is in Maine, young boys are always told to be weary of the pumpkin king. For Eric that story has haunted him most of his life…until now. Eric now lives in a city away from Mapleton and is doing fine as a magazine editor. Or so he thinks…..

            Eric had just gotten finished with his final magazine article when his phone rang, “Eric is that you?”

“Who is this?”, asked Eric surprised.

            “It’s your old friend Reid. I need to see you urgently….it’s about your mom’s old house.”

“What happened to her house?”

“It’s been condemned. You have till the end of the week to get your stuff. I have the key to the place. I know how much you hate Mapleton but you have a lot of valuables still in there. I just know how much your mom meant to you. Look, give me a call if you can make it. If not, then I understand……Just so you know it’s only a story.” The phone clicked off and Reid’s words were left in Eric’s ear.

            Eric sat in in small studio apartment thinking about what Reid had told him. Sure he loved his mom and sure she had some sentimental items we wish he could have but to go back to Mapleton, that would be crazy. Eric spent the next few days at work still contemplating on going and finally he decided that it was now or never. Eric packed a few clothes and got in his small yellow Volkswagen beetle and made his way to Mapleton. He was in such a hurry he didn’t even realize that he would arrive on all Hallows eve.

            Eric drove all night and arrived at Mapleton at Dawn. He noticed the huge maple trees covering the “Welcome to Mapleton” sign. This town had some intense memories for Eric and he tried to block them out but he couldn’t. When he was 12 years old he went out alone to go trick r treating and stumbled upon a small shrine in the woods. He then began to sing a song and all he remembers is a hand reaching out from the ground and grabbing his leg. He left in such a panic he didn’t even notice all the naked older men, including his now deceased father, chanting in a circle. All he remembers is that while he ran he turned back around and they all had died. Those memories still haunt Eric to this day.

            “You made it!”, shouted a voice from behind Eric. When Eric turned around he noticed his old friend Reid had snuck up behind him. Eric didn’t seem pleased. “What no hugs for an old ex-boyfriend?”

            “Sorry Reid, it has just been awhile.”, said Eric in a soft voice.

“Yeah it has been awhile. Like 4 years long. I’ve missed you. You grew some facial hair!” said Reid as he stared Eric up and down.

            “And you have shaved yours off. Are you a twink now?” asked Eric jokingly.

“Just so you know I can still be classified as a twink. I’m only 26.”

            “I have missed you!” Eric turned and hugged Reid and they both got in the beetle and headed towards town.

            “Mapleton is not what it used to be. The school is the only major thing we have left. The movie theater, skating rink, and even the old bar closed down. After all those stories people have been spinning on social media this town has taken a huge hit. We don’t even do the Hallows eve parade anymore.” Reid stated as they drove through the almost ghost like town. Maple leaves filled the streets and sidewalks were dead with silence. The town was a ghost on its own.

“What about a place to stay? I don’t feel comfortable staying at my moms.”

            “Don’t worry I booked you a room at the Crimson Inn. At least they still get business because they are located further out of town.”

            “Thanks. Are you still living at your old place?”

“You mean our old place? No sadly I’m not. That apartment complex was shut down 2 years ago. It’s just rubble. I live in Grass Hill, It’s about 3 miles away from here. There are barely any places to stay since this town is dying. I give it 2 more years and this whole town will be nothing than a blimp on the map.”

            “I am sorry.” Eric glanced at Reid.

“I know you are. I forgave you a long time ago. I just wish you would have left town with me and not without me.” Reid turned on the radio. Eric knew that the conversation was over.

            In Eric’s eyes he was nervous to even be close to Reid. He had actually changed a lot. He used to be this twig like boy with a small beard and long brown hair but now he has changed into a manlier specimen. Reid had short brown hair, light stubble, pale skin, and he seemed to have toned his body up a little bit. Eric also noticed the great bulge in Reid skinny jeans, Eric knew how much bigger it could grow. He also liked this more outdoors type clothing he was wearing. Reid had on a pair of combat boots, a green flannel shirt, a red puffer vest, and his favorite orange hat that Eric had gotten him for their 1st anniversary.

            Reid too had noticed a change in Eric as well. Eric used to be a bit thicker, had longer blonder hair, and dressed up like he was an Abercrombie model. Today though that was all different. Eric had changed his hair to auburn color, he was more muscular than ever, and wore fitted blue jeans and his red leather jacket. Reid tried not to stare too hard at Eric but he was sexier now more than ever.

            “Well we are here!” shouted Eric as he pulled up to the inn. Reid regained his composure and realized that they had made it to his destination. Eric exited the car and Reid followed suit. The inn resembles the motel from Psycho minus the creep house in the back. It was just covered by red maple leaves.

“So here is your key. You are room number 4. I know how you like those even numbers.”

            “Wait do you need a ride anywhere?” asked Eric

“I actually walk everywhere I need to go. It’s how I stay in such great shape. If you need me, you know how to get ahold of me.” Reid turned to walk away.

            “Hey! Would you like to come inside?” shouted Eric

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? I mean I want to but I’m not sure.”

“Get your ass over here now!” Reid walked back over to Eric and he was grabbed by him and pushed into his ex-lover’s motel room. Eric threw Reid down on the bed and pulled down Reid’s pants revealing a pair of black briefs. Eric then undid his own pants and revealed to be wearing nothing. His 9inch uncut cock was staring Reid right in the face. “Bend over!” commanded Eric and Reid obliged him. Eric spit into his hand and rubbed it over his cock and then thrust inside Reid’s tight man pussy. “Ahh!” moaned Reid but the pleasure had taken over him. Eric thrust and thrust and all Reid could do was moan in pleasure. The thick cock rubbed all inside Reid’s inner linings and it made his orgasm that much more special. With a few more thrusts Eric let out a big yell and he came inside of Reid’s hole. Reid spread open his cheeks and let the cum drip down his thigs and legs. Eric licked it up and swallowed his own juices. Eric flipped Reid over on his back and exposed his now 9inch thick throbbing cock. Eric began to stroke it but Reid moved his hand to stop Eric. “Wait!”, shouted Reid.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you want pleasure?” asked Eric confused.

            “I do but not right now. Why don’t you take a shower first? We have plenty of time to do more activities.”

“Okay.” , Said Eric as he kissed his ex-lover on the mouth, “Was I any good for a 34-year-old?”

            “You are the best!” said Reid with a smile on his face. Eric walked toward the bathroom and took himself a shower. Eric was excited to reconcile and rekindle an old flame. He loved being a dominate lover and missed his old ways. While shampooing the cum of his cock he heard a very familiar sound. “Whistle”. Eric turned off the shower and exited the bathroom. When he looked in his room Reid was nowhere to be seen. Eric looked for traces of Reid’s clothes or anything but he was gone. Eric picked up the phone and tried to call the front desk. There was no answer. Eric went back into the bathroom and saw a message on his mirror written in blood. It said, “He loves all of us!” Eric quickly got dressed and ran out of the inn. When turned around to look he saw that the inn was condemned.

            “Excuse me sir! This place is the city property. You are trespassing!”, shouted a local police officer behind Eric. Eric turned around and saw a younger looking man in his early 20s facing him with a gun in his hand.

“I’m sorry officer. Please I need help.” Said Eric frantically. The officer lowered his guard but not his pistol. He approached Eric very cautiously.

“What seems to be the trouble?”, asked the young officer.

            “When did this inn get condemned?”

“About 4 years ago I believe.” Said the officer stunned by the question.

            “Do you know a Reid Abernathy? He lives in Grass hill a couple miles from here.”

“Yes I do.”

            “Have you seen him? He gave me a tour through town and I swear he just had an interaction in this place. I went to take a shower and he was gone.”

“Sir Reid Abernathy died 4 years ago today. He is buried in Grass hill. Grass hill is a cemetery. The inn was condemned years ago. Are you sure you are okay?” Eric stared at the young man in horror. How could this be? He touched him and he touched back. Was he hallucinating? Then he remembered why he left this town in the first place. Reid died 4 years ago today because he was one of the men chanting in a circle. Eric saw the chant when he was a little boy and again when he was older. Eric also remembered a particular face looking at him 4 years ago to this day. It was the face of a pumpkin smiling a devilish smile before it devoured Reid right in front of him.

“Sir!” shouted the young officer. Eric had collapsed on the ground. The story of the pumpkin king was coming true.



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